Well, we survived!! And, lesson learned, while I actually can survive 24(+) hours without sleep….it is not pretty. I really need to learn how to nap the day before starting nights so I don’t feel like a nauseous/migraine-y train wreck the next day. Remy actually did way better than I thought she would (i.e. you guys were right). She was definitely confused as to why I wasn’t there to nurse her in the middle of the night and she acted a little mad at me when I saw her during the days, but yesterday she was super snuggly with me all day (it was my day off), which was awesome. It was definitely way harder for me than it was for her. Only getting to see her for an hour every day when I was totally exhausted and just couldn’t give her my full attention was not ideal and made me feel terrible. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t even notice, so I probably shouldn’t sweat it as much. Easier said than done.

And then there’s the whole being a doctor part. I’m in the ICU so people are sick and complicated and it is hard! I am so amazed at the second year residents who are infinitely more capable than I am at basically everything. On my last night, pretty much every patient became unstable and we had 5 admissions. It was crazy! I felt like I was completely useless and not really able to help my resident at all (though she was super sweet and promised me that was not the case). But we made it through the night with everyone alive, so I guess I did something right (or at least didn’t do anything too wrong).

As I alluded to earlier, I actually don’t have any weekend days off this weekend – totally bad news bears. But while I’m stuck in the hospital I hope you will all be out doing something super summery and exciting!

Happy eating!

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If you need me, I’ll be emotionally eating all weekend long.

Because starting Monday, I’ll have a three day (night?) stretch of NIGHTS.

Meaning I won’t be home to nurse Remy to bed. Or kiss her goodnight. Or wake up to her attached to my boob at 5AM when Mike throws her next to me on the bed after she wakes up. Or wake up a second time to her trying to pick my nose because she wants me to get up for real.

Oh, and I probably won’t get to see my husband for three days and he’ll be single dadding it BIG TIME.

Somehow I feel like they’ll be totally fine but I’ll be traumatized for life. Seems fair.

Since next week is going to be such a weird schedule (after a hot mess of nights, I have two days off and then switch back to days over the weekend), I really need to get all of the cooking for the week done this weekend. NO EXCUSES.

Let’s get started.

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