Layers of almond-kissed whipped mascarpone, chocolate ganache, and espresso-dunked ladyfingers make this chocolate almond tiramisu ultra decadent.
chocolate almond tiramisu

I may think Valentine’s Day is for the birds, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate.

Not by going out and donating half of our income to Zales, Hallmark, Russell Stover (<– WHYYYYYYY), and random overcrowded overpriced prix fixe dinners that don’t even taste good. Because that would be silly. (and stereotypical.)


You probably could have guessed this, but I’m all about saying “I love you” through FOOD.

Maybe it’s the future Italian grandmother in me, but it just feels good.

In my belly and in my heart.

I’m pretty sure your Russell Stovers can’t do that.


Tiramisu is often my go-to when I’m looking to slather someone with my affection. With layers of mascarpone alternating with ladyfingers drenched in espresso, it’s a veritable dream. I would like it to be noted that I’ve been entranced by it pretty much since the day I was born, and I can’t help but want to share it with(/force it upon) others.

Unfortunately, there’s one glitch in these best laid plans, which is that the.boy. hates. coffee. It’s disturbing. Really disturbing.

Especially given that I liivveeee for coffee. It’s my life force.

But, all good relationships are about compromise so I made tiramisu! With coffee! AND chocolate. LOTS of chocolate. (That’s the compromise part.) A layer of chocolate ganache in the center and espresso diluted a bit with International Delight’s Fat Free & Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Biscotti creamer take this tiramisu up a few notches. In fact, I’m pretty sure they make it even more Valentine’s-worthy…if that were even possible.



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Chocolate Almond Tiramisu
Layers of almond-kissed whipped mascarpone, chocolate ganache, and espresso-dunked ladyfingers make this chocolate almond tiramisu ultra decadent.
Yield: 1 9x9-inch pan
  • 6 oz semisweet chocolate chips
  • 2 cups heavy cream, divided
  • 8 oz mascarpone
  • ½ cup confectioner's sugar
  • 2 tsp almond extract
  • 1 cup strong espresso
  • ½ cup International Delight Fat Free & Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Biscotti creamer
  • 35-40 ladyfingers
  • unsweetened cocoa powder, for dusting
  1. Place the chocolate chips in a heatproof bowl.
  2. Heat 1 cup of the heavy cream in a heavy-bottomed skillet on medium-high heat until bubbles appear on the sides of the pan, but it is not yet boiling. Remove the cream from the heat and pour over the chocolate chips. Let sit for 1 minute and then whisk until the chocolate is fully melted and even incorporated into the cream. Place in the refrigerator and let cool until it thickens to the consistency of soft peanut butter.
  3. Meanwhile, beat the remaining cup of heavy cream, mascarpone, confectioner's sugar, and almond extract together in a large bowl until they form stiff peaks.
  4. In a shallow bowl, stir together the espresso and International Delight creamer. Dunk a ladyfinger into this mixture so that it is fully submerged, and then layer it into the bottom of a 9x9-inch square baking dish. Repeat until the bottom of the pan is covered in a single layer of ladyfingers.
  5. Spread half of the mascarpone mixture over the ladyfingers. Top with all of the chocolate ganache. Top with another layer of espresso-dunked lady fingers and the remaining mascarpone. Sprinkle with the unsweetened cocoa powder. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or for at least 6 hours.
An Eats Well With Others Original
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 scoop



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

chocolate almond tiramisu
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59 Responses to Chocolate Almond Tiramisu

  1. June Burns says:

    Oh wow that looks amazing! I used to love tiramisu…never tried it with chocolate before! Will have to bookmark this 🙂

  2. Sune Moolman says:

    That layer of chocolate ganache is absolutely thrilling! Can’t wait to make this! 😀

  3. Johanna GGG says:

    I am with the boy – hate coffee so I never have tiramisu – when I see it on a menu I go straight past it – I have even tried chocolate covered coffee beans and the coffee still makes me feel queasy. (which is a shame) – so I really wanted to hear if the boy had a taste?

  4. Love you back! 😉
    Hubby loves tiramisu and if chocolate is involved, yes, please! What a great dessert!

  5. Monica says:

    Oh boy – I love this! Food is definitely the way to show love and chocolate and almond tiramisu is just the thing! I want this so much for my V-day treat! : )

  6. *sends empty bowl for a serving*. This is yum!

  7. Mira says:

    You know how much I love tiramisu and this one looks fantastic JOANNE! Love the idea of chocolate ganache layer!

  8. Oh my…loving the chocolate ganache layer! Just when I thought tiramisu couldn’t be improved upon…

  9. Good gosh Joanne – this is too much! I got caught licking the screen! I am all about “saying “I love you” through FOOD” – and this chocolate-almond tiramisu is totally unconditional, forever and ever love!

  10. A friend requested that I make tiramisu for their upcoming birthday and this would be perfect! All of the flavors sound incredible!

  11. This looks SO yummy. Luckily Josh and I are both coffee fiends – I’m not sure it’s human to not like it! Valentines day must be the one upside to not living in a big city: everything is actually incredibly cheap on V-day here. Even fancier restaurants do bogo deals, and there’s always free dessert (I’ll never pass on free dessert!)

  12. Ummmmm…your man hates coffee?! Wow, did you know this before you married him?! You must really really love him because, like you, I live for the java!! LOL
    I surely “liked” this on Instagram and would like it on Facebook (but I’m not a FB member) cause this is AH-mazing!!! THIS is a great valentine treat. Well done.

  13. OMG this sounds soooo good and pretty damn easy! LOOOOVE it!

  14. But Russell Stover is all I want for Valentine’s Day………………….. said no one ever.

    It’s a good thing the.boy. approved of this or I would have promptly offered to replace him as official “coffee-containing-recipe tastetester.” I am, of course, willing to do this anyhow, because having a second opinion is always a good idea.

  15. I’m w you on V Day. We do like to have a nice dinner at home & my husband always brings home my favorite dessert, tiramisu!!!

  16. oh my gawd, Joanne! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more amazing batch of tiramisu! Damn! looks so good! My husband sent me some roses this year . . and although I was surprised and happy. . I was like, dude, dont ever do that again. It’s way too much $$ and not worth it. I’d rather he just go to the neighborhood grocery store for roses if he wants to get me roses. 😛

  17. This tiramisu is perfect in every way, Joanne! There’s no better way to say “I love you” than with a decadent dessert. Pinning!

  18. This is a great V-day dessert! I shall make one for my husband too.

  19. Zainab says:

    Hhahah Vday is for birds lol! I do want this tiramisu and get all lovey with it!!

  20. We have dinner at home on Valentine’s day. It’s much more romantic.
    This looks amazing and reminds me of an incredible tiramisu I had in rome. So good!

  21. Pam says:

    We had tiramisu as our wedding cake. Yours looks pretty and delicious!

  22. Love tiramisu so much! This looks amazingly good, as ever!

  23. Deena kakaya says:

    Oh Joanne, you provide us with so much temptation..,chocolate and almond! Mmmm c

  24. Meg says:

    Ooh, yes — this looks awesome. Tiramisu is the best!

  25. Mmmm – Tiramisu – definitely worth including in the Valentine’s at home dinner – we are like you will have a nice home cooked meal tonight:)

  26. Pam says:

    Joanne, you’re right—Russell Stovers couldn’t, but your Tiramisu surely could! It looks delicious and without a doubt, tastes delicious. Years ago, my boss’ Italian husband made Tiramisu and brought in to work to us every now and then. I’ve not had it since that ever tasted like his so I’m thinking this recipe just may be the one! Thanks!

  27. Kate says:

    Tiramisu is my all time favorite dessert!

  28. Danguole says:

    I adore coffee, but totally understand why it’s not everyone’s bag–although what’s interesting is that everyone, whether or not they like the way it tastes, loves the smell of coffee. Aren’t smell and taste basically the same?

    Anyway. Thoughts to ponder as I stare at this lovely dessert!

  29. Tiramissu is the perfect way to smother someone with affection. And tiramissu is just not tiramissu without a good espresso. Looks great!

  30. Did someone say tiramisu… yup I think you did. I am sooooooo making this. Sooooo making it lol

  31. My boyfriend hates coffee too!!! So sad!! This looks like the perfect compromise 🙂

  32. Hates coffee? Whattttt? I’ll take traditional tiramisu any day but a massive slice of this would make me happy too:-)

  33. Ala says:

    Tiramisu is my go-to for slathering with love, too! And seriously, who wouldn’t want to be slathered with this creamy, chocolatey goodness?!

  34. Wow this looks amazing Joanne! I am a sucker for tiramisu it is one of my favorite desserts. I love your version especially with the almond!

  35. Paul knows not to waste money on flowers or chocolates…cuts into my grocery budget! I know, I’m such a romantic. Although I think I’d get behind Valentine’s Day, if I got to eat this tiramisu. DUDE.

  36. Ummm…HELLO!!! I love classic tiramisu, but this version sounds incredible friend! Yum!!

  37. George in Quito says:

    I am so glad I hooked up with your blog. This is the best, simply the best. I’m making it soonest. Isn’t it cool how bumps in the road make us more creative? Great pix, too!

  38. I recently made my own ladyfingers for a dessert and they taste so much better than store bought ones. Your dessert look so rich and delicious- I’m sure ‘the boy’ has now overcome his dislike of coffee taste!

  39. Lynn says:

    My coworker and her husband celebrate Groundhog Day instead of Valentines Day. I like that. 🙂

    And I would like to eat that tiramisu – looks quite decadent.

  40. This is pure heaven! LOve-love-LOVE tiramisu! This is the best dessert ever! …and yours looks so good we could eat the entire pan in one seating.

  41. I’d completely forgotten about lady finger biscuits – I used to love them! This looks very valentine’s day appropriate 🙂

  42. Mary Frances says:

    Girl I liveeeee for coffee too. I feel you completely on this one! Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts to serve – it is so elegant! Throw in almond biscotti and yesssss I’m on board all the way!

  43. Beth says:

    Wow … this dessert looks seriously brilliant. Well done, Joanne.

  44. Christine says:

    Like the.boy, I don’t like coffee, never tastes like it smells which is a shame. But I do love espresso and tiramisu! Adding chocolate is a great way to tame the coffee beast for anyone. Glad the.boy liked it!

  45. Seriously, about Russell Stover – waxy and too sweet.

    Beautiful Tiramisu, Joanne – one of my favorite treats and yours looks perfect.

  46. Cailee says:

    This is the best way to celebrate Valentines day!! Looks delicious! Great recipe!

  47. Betty says:

    I love the chocolate layer! I can’t imagine not loving coffee. 🙂

  48. Absolutely delicious and decadent, Joanne 🙂

  49. Corina says:

    I love the look of this but my husband hates desserts flavoured with coffee. I’d have to make it just for me!

  50. Kelly says:

    Getting slathered with tiramisu is the best way to celebrate any occasion. Tiramisu is one of our favorites! Yours looks beyond incredible and I love the chocolate coffee addition!

  51. Krista says:

    What a scrumptious and gorgeous way to say I love you. 🙂 xo

  52. What a gorgeous dessert! It looks delicious too. I keep meaning to try to make Tiramisu, but I haven’t been brave enough yet.

  53. grace says:

    awesome. i really like desserts that improve over time. 🙂

  54. Heather says:

    Why has this flavor of creamer not made it to any of the stores I shop at?? I’ve always been intimidated by the thought of making tiramisu… it’s one of my absolute favorite desserts, though.

  55. elly says:

    I know this is crazy, but I’ve always been sort of meh with tiramisu. HOWEVER. This looks ridiculously amazing. Ridiculously.

  56. […] Le tiramisu est une de mes passions, alors s’il est à l’amande, ça doit être encore m… […]

  57. Sarah says:

    This is beautiful! 🙂 Celebrating love with good food is the way to go!

  58. That looks like my kind of valentine!

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