There’s no better way to greet those you love after a three day hiatus than with a kitchen covered in flour.

I promise.


Here’s the thing.  After eating 300 pounds of Godiva pumpkin pie truffles in California and complaining about how there was nary a veggie in sight for all seventy-two hours that I was on the west coast (okay…fine.  There was nary a veggie that I chose to eat. Semantics!)   I needed something seriously homemade in my stomach.

And so I came home and made pizza.

(Because it’s so figure friendly.)




You have your doubts, I know.  But hear me out.

(a) Your roommates will learn to love the flour that has somehow stuck itself on your ceiling.

(b) Maybe love is too strong a word.  They’ll learn to live with it.

(c) Gorgonzola dolce is everything you ever wanted from a bleu cheese.  Because it tastes like brie.

(d) Carb-on-carb pizza is a known cure for jet lag.  And Daylight Savings depression.  And it goes really well with a side of McDreamy.  (Swoon.)


And really, it’s not that un-figure friendly.

One-sixth of a pie paired with a deliciously autumnal spinach radicchio apple balsamic salad.  We can totally do that while wearing our skinny jeans.  I just know it.


This week all of us ladies cooking through Gourmet’s list of Women Game Changers in food are whipping up recipes from Nancy Silverton, the founder of La Brea bakery and author of about a gazillion cookbooks.  This recipe was inspired by one that is in her newest cookbook, Mozza. I don’t have the cookbook but I saw the recipe title in the index and decided to make it based on the list of ingredients.  All in all, I really enjoyed it – the earthy potatoes and rosemary pair really well with the brie-like gorgonzola dolce and mildly bitter radicchio.  For more Nancy Silverton recipes, check out these blogs:

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Gorgonzola Dolce, Fingerling Potatoes, Radicchio and Rosemary Pizza
Serves 4-6,  crust adapted from Mark Bittman, pizza toppings inspired by Nancy Silverton


      For the crust:

    • 3 cups bread flour
    • 1 tbsp instant yeast (1 package)
    • 1 cup lukewarm water, separated
    • pinch of sugar
    • 2 tbsp olive oil
    • 2 tsp sea salt

For the pizza:

  • 12 oz fingerling potatoes, sliced thinly
  • 1/2-1 cup radicchio, sliced thinly
  • 2 oz gorgonzola dolce, crumbled
  • 1 large sprig rosemary
  • salt and black pepper, to taste



      For the crust:

    1. In a small bowl, mix the yeast with 1/4 cup of the lukewarm water and a pinch of sugar.  This should start to foam within about five minutes.  If it doesn’t, then your yeast has probably gone bad.  Try again with some new yeast.
    2. In the bowl of your stand mixer, combine the flour, olive oil, salt, and remaining water.  Add the yeast mixture.  Stir on speed 2 with a bread hook until combined.  Stir for 2 minutes on speed 2 to knead.  Place in a greased bowl, cover with a damp towel, and allow to rise for 2 hours.
    3. After two hours, cover it in flour and form it into a ball.  Allow to rest for 20 minutes.  Roll out onto a pizza peel if using a baking stone or a greased pizza pan.

For the pizza:

  • Preheat oven to 500.
  • Cover dough with potatoes, trying to place them in a single layer as much as possible.  Top with radicchio and gorgonzola crumbles.  Sprinkle with salt and black pepper.
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the bottom of the pizza is light brown.  Let rest for five minutes before cutting.  Serve with a salad.  I made a salad of spinach, leftover radicchio, apple chunks, and pistachio nuts in a balsamic dressing.


This has been yeastspotted!


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85 Responses to Gorgonzola Dolce, Fingerling Potatoes, Radicchio and Rosemary Pizza

  1. Lori says:

    Pumpkin pie truffles? Oh, I have been missing out! When I saw this recipe I was completely (and pleasantly) surprised by the word pizza at the end. Sounds so good!

  2. Julie says:

    Have you eaten at Mozza? My son lives in LA. We ate there for his BD a couple of years ago. One of my favorite restaurants of all time. I’ve been waiting for two years for this cookbook!

    Your pizza looks soo good! I love potatoes on pizza. Delicious.

    Happy weekend.

  3. Jeanette says:

    I haven’t tried gorgonzola dolce before, but it sounds heavenly – beautiful toppings and that salad sounds super too!

  4. Lea Ann says:

    spinach radicchio apple balsamic salad??? mmmmmmm man does that sound good.

  5. This sounds unique. For some strange reason I have a feeling that you didn’t really eat 300 pounds of Godiva pumpkin pie truffles:)

  6. I need gorgonzola dolce in my life pretty much immediately! Homemade pizza cancels out any care about flour all over the kitchen.

  7. Its like the super-star pizza! All glammed up and no where to go except my tummy! How beautiful and fun and simply delicious!

  8. Danielle says:

    ooh! this sounds great I love making different pizzas.

  9. Mmmmm….gorgonzola dolce…. This sounds flippin’ amazing. Flippin’. ha ha ha.

  10. I love pizza with super unique toppings like these! And this pizza is so pretty too 🙂

  11. I’ve never heard of gogonzola dolce but I think I’d prefer it to its more pungent brother. And on top of a carby pizza sounds delightful!

  12. I’ve recently discovered that I’m mad about any cheese with the word dolce in it—they’re so creamy and delicious. This pizza is a work of art, that texture is awesome.

  13. Lora says:

    What a fantastic pizza. Mouth. Watering.

  14. bellini says:

    Back in the 70’s I was rocking my skinny jeans. If I followed your philosphies I could rock them again and still eat my pizza too.Gorgonzola Dolce is something to watch for.

  15. I think this is God’s way of telling me I need pizza this weekend.

  16. Big Dude says:

    That is for sure the most unusal collection of pizza toppings I’ve ever seen – you are so creative.

  17. What a unique pizza! Looks absolutely delicious!

  18. polwig. says:

    This looks so good… I used to work in italian restaurant in college and they made one very similar, so yummy. So when are you posting the recipe for McDreamy?

  19. Ranjani says:

    I think a potato pizza is the perfect thing to follow up the potato pasta I posted recently! Love it

  20. Mo 'Betta says:

    I’ve never thought about potatoes on a pizza, but you make it look amazing!

  21. Ooh, it looks GREAT! I, too, felt the need to come home from SF and make something homemade and with tons of veggies! I went with a curry full of spinach, veggies, beansprouts, and, okay, noodles.

  22. This looks fabulous! I have had potato pizza and I must admit, it is very good! I need to give this recipe a try!

  23. I love homemade pizza. Your topping combo is making my mouth water…and it’s only 8:30 am.

  24. brocstar says:

    Vacations are not for eating vegetables! Potatoes are great on pizza.

  25. Miriam says:

    Love the pizza! What’s wrong with flour on the ceiling? :), [email protected]Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  26. Catherine says:

    Dear Joanne, Whats not to love!! Gorgonzola is one of my favorite cheeses. I could just nibble until it is all gone! I would love to walk in and have this pizza being made for me. (As for the side of Mr McDreamy…well the calories will be burned off just dreaming about him!!) Blessings for a beautiful day, Catherine xo

  27. Jenna says:

    The blue cheese sounds dreamy, and the pizza crust looks perfect.

  28. MM says:

    Carb on carb action makes me happy. I like that the potatoes look like chips sitting on top of the pizza. Reminds me of adding chips to my sandwich last week…I mean…when I was a kid.

    Still trying to figure out how you ended up with flour on your ceiling. Did you toss the dough too high?!

  29. awesome post, love.
    (a) Your roommates will learn to love the flour that has somehow stuck itself on your ceiling.” feels like the beginning of a poem 🙂

    xo Alison

  30. What a delicious pizza! And I totally agree that homemade pizza with salad is a healthy meal. 🙂

  31. Mary says:

    I loved the presentation and creativity of your pizza. The cheese is a treasure. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  32. Barbara says:

    That is one fabulous pizza, Joanne. The toppings are absolutely perfect.

  33. Cate says:

    Considering that gorgonzola and potatoes are two of my very favorite things, I’m ALL OVER this pizza (even if it won’t help my figure)

  34. tigerfish says:

    I was reading and scrolling down the post then saw so much ‘ginger” for the pizza..alas, they were fingerling potatoes….LOL

    have a great weekend!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    LOVE potato pizza. Radicchio too.

  36. geni says:

    This pizza looks crazy delicious. The potatoes?! I have not tried that on pizza but I think I must! Pumpkin truffles sound like the perfect substitute for vegetables to me.

  37. Rachel says:

    I’d have no problem enduring the flour on the ceiling for this pizza. Another cheese that tastely like brie? Card-on-carb pizza? Could life get any better?

  38. I’m all in with potato on pizza and any kind of blue cheese. This restaurant I used to work at made a perogy pizza and surprisingly it was delicious. Yours is WAY more gourmet but I can vouch for the who potato and dough thing. Awesome!

  39. Nicole, RD says:

    Mmmm….Godiva. Swoon.

    The carb-on-carb action has got to be amazing. And then the cheese as you described. Oy vey!!

  40. Carolyn Jung says:

    I was gonna say…if you couldn’t find veggies on the West Coast, something must be seriously wrong! LOL Glad you got your veggie pizza fix when you got home. Nothing like pizza to make you feel like everything in life is good.

  41. Amy says:

    I’ve never heard of Gorgonzola dolce! But there is no doubt I would love it. Oh yes. I would most definitely take a slice…or 3…of that.

  42. Ben says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Sorry I don’t know what else to say :-p

  43. So what’s wrong with flour on the ceiling? The pizza looks great, and that salad looks like just the thing to offset the effects of all of those pumpkin truffles (which sound amazing,btw.) Love the toppings! 🙂

  44. Gloria says:

    This is a yumm and nice pizza, gloria

  45. That first picture made me drip drool over my chin =P YUM!

  46. vianney says:

    300 pounds of truffles, why didn’t you call me?
    I must find this gdolce, looks amazing!

  47. Love gorgonzola and radicchio as the topping. The pizza crust looks great.

  48. That Girl says:

    Really there’s no better way to greet anyone after a hiatus than with pizza.

  49. kankana says:

    This is one creative Pizza you shared. All the flavor combo would make every bite delicious.

  50. Big Dude says:

    Since I know you like winter squash, thought you might like this, if you haven’t tried it. It’s a link for baked butternut squash fries courtesy of Hungry Girl on The Cooking Channel –

  51. Christine says:

    Oh this looks and sounds heavenly! Great photos, I may just have to break down and make it. Since I’m cooking for just one, I usually don’t make a whole pizza, but this looks so worth it! Thanks for explaining what gorgonzola dolce is!

  52. Pizza for jet lag? That’s something I could get into. I can see how it could work for depression.
    Great choice!

  53. Sweet Kiera says:

    Not fair. I want to eat this pizza right now! Tease! Also, I’m now considering now naming my first born Dolce Gorgonzola. What’d you think?

  54. Sweet Kiera says:

    or, Gorgonzola Dolce. Whatev.

  55. sally says:

    What a great combo of pizza toppings! I love the carb-on-carbs!

  56. Kerstin says:

    What a unique pizza – love all those toppings!

  57. Have I ever missed you! Not only are the reads compelling and always get a grin or more out of me… the photos and food ideas are so lovely. Just returned from Italy, and this pizza takes me back there immediately. I cannot wait to try it. Love the combination of flavours – or, know I will!

  58. betty says:

    I love the whole combination!!! it looks so decadent and delicious

  59. Miranda says:

    We love pizza around here and the whole thing sounds great!

  60. teresa says:

    oh wow! you had me at gorgonzola dolce, i’ve never tried this wonderful sounding cheese, but i must!

  61. The peppery radicchio must taste wonderful with the gorgonzola! I’ve never had gorgonzola dolce. It sounds wonderful and I must find some.

    Carbs are a wonderful cure-all for many ailments 😉

  62. First time for me to see Potatoes on pizza… that’s alot of carbs…no? I don’t think I can fit into my skinny jeans… but I have given up on that long ago….

  63. Reeni says:

    This is gourmet pizza compared to the traditional cheese pizza my family insists I make them. Over and over again, when what I really want is this one! The gorgonzola sound super delicious paired with fingerlings!

  64. This is like the rock star of pizza world…
    So good and delicious, it is really calling me….

  65. Glad you made it back in one piece! Carb-on-carb pizza is totally acceptable, especially in the wake of jetlag and airplane confinement. Sometimes, you just need it… especially covered in gorgonzola and rosemary!

  66. daphne says:

    I love it! That’s good carbs right there… isn’t it? Love this version of comfort food..cheese and rosemary. oh yum!

  67. Wow! What really amazing pictures! What kind of camera do you have?

  68. Chris says:

    Love gorgonzola but I’ve never had the dolce. Potato pizza is definitely unique, I like that idea.

  69. Hannah says:

    I’ve always been a fan of pizzas with less tomato sauce, even before I learned how to eat real food as a picky little kid, so this looks like a serious treat! Plus, the carb-on-carb action of potatoes on pizza = edible poetry. This is making me so hungry!

  70. Fantastic pizza with delicious topping!

  71. Had my first taste of gorgonzola dolce a couple of weeks back and it was delicious! So creamy and perfect with a drizzle of honey and some pears. Ugh my breakfast seems so uneventful now

  72. Beth says:

    When it comes to your recipes, I NEVER have doubts! This pizza looks amazing.

  73. Potatoes, gorgonzola, and pizza?? Yes please.

  74. Deborah says:

    I’m all for carbs on carbs!!

  75. Dana says:

    I made pizza on Friday night and, while I knew I should be making something awesome and sexy like this stunner, I stuck with good old Margarita. I did make the sauce and included fresh cherry tomatoes and basil, but I also couldn’t help but feel like there was something more exciting I SHOULD be making. I just didn’t have the inspiration after a long week. Next time!

  76. Marisa says:

    Now I really realy really want some carb-on-carb action! That cheese just takes it to the next level of awesome.

  77. This looks so good! My Rosemary is still producing so I have been trying to use it all I can before a freeze gets it for the Winter!

  78. Mary says:

    This pizza looks so fantastic! I simply must try a potato one sooner than later. And that cranberry curd in the latest post?! You are killing me. I think I’m going to start only visiting your blog on a full stomach.

  79. I think I might be in love with this pizza–I love every ingredient on it and would find it hard to eat just one piece. 😉

  80. Cara says:

    ‘fess up, did you really eat just one slice? It looks way too good for that 😉

  81. Shannon says:

    i’ve been meaning to do a potato pizza….

  82. Johanna GGG says:

    nothing wrong with a pizza and lots of salad on the side – my problem is I don’t have much time for the salad – though I need to remember KISS keep it simple stupid

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