If you, like me, are craving a dish that tastes like the tropics but will still keep you warm in this cold weather then head on over to Marcus Samuelsson’s blog to check out my post on this Peruvian Bean Bowl!


Every year right before Valentine’s Day, Chuao Chocolatier releases their holiday boxes and I’ve been lucky enough for the past few years to get to try them.  They are always filled with totally unique and amazing flavor combinations, with each piece of chocolate being more delicious than the last!

I got to try the aphrodisiac bonbon collection this year, which was filled with such sultry flavors as: The Firecracker – chipotle caramel fudge and a touch of sea salt enrobed in popping candy and dark chocolate, Rosemary Salt Caramel – salt butter caramel infused with fresh rosemary in milk chocolate, and Sweet Passion – exotic passion fruit cooked into soft caramel in a milk chocolate heart shell, Nut and Honeylicious – almond hazelnut praline with a touch of honey in milk chocolate, Love Child – port wine-drenched strawberry in a rich dark chocolate ganache, Strawberry Seduction – sweet strawberry caramel with a touch of tangy balsamic in dark chocolate, and Spiced Cabernet Caramel – Napa Valley cabarnet caramel infused with spices in dark chocolate.


These are some seriously high quality chocolates so I would highly recommend them if you’re looking to buy a special something for a special someone this year!


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46 Responses to Peruvian Bean Bowl with a Red Pepper Sauce and Fried Plantains

  1. Boy, do those chocolates look good! And I love the look of your Peruvian bean bowl. I love plantains but don’t buy them nearly often enough!!

  2. Jeanette says:

    That Peruvian Bean Bowl sounds so good – popped over to take a look at the recipe, definitely something I would make.

  3. It’s been so cold and nasty recently, I think the only thing that can make me feel better is that Peruvian bean bowl.

  4. bellini says:

    As long as I can have both it is all good for Valentine’s Day.

  5. Mary Younkin says:

    That bowl sounds excellent. With those chocolates for dessert? I’d be in heaven.

  6. That bowl sounds amazing. I just happen to have dried beans and millet that I’ve been wondering what to do with. Now I just have to remember to soak them the night before, which I never can seem to do!

    Also, those chocolate flavors- yum. I’m going to assume you and your man will share them together 😉

  7. Those chocolates sound amazing! Especially the last 3 you mentioned. If you need a chocolate taste tester, I’m your gal 😉

  8. Ania K says:

    Those chocolates look amazing! I don’t know if I could share them — they look too tempting!

  9. marie says:

    Honestly that dish looks like my perfect meal. I love plantains but I never cook with them, what is wrong with me? And black beans I always cook with because I love them so much. I have about 100 lbs of dried black beans canned in my garage. I usually cook a ton at a time and put them in ziplocs and freeze them. All my kids will eat them and they make a fast meal. Obviously I add them to dishes but we also many times just top with cheddar cheese and call it dinner 🙂

    And how lucky are you to get sent chocolates? Have you tried See’s candy? In my humble opinion they are the best!

  10. Man, everything looks good! The peruvian bowl looks amazing and the chocolate, oh don’t get me started! Yum!

  11. cquek says:

    OMG.. that’s ultra sinful and I LOVE it!!!!

  12. Love your version of the Peruvian bean bowl! So colourful! Totally craving warming stews and a tropical flair never hurts. 🙂

  13. I am ready to try this recipe once it warms up down here a little. I love beans and I’d love to try something more authentic than what I usually make. I applaud your admiration towards classical bonbon for the 14th. Both together is a clasical velantine meal , but then, qué será, será

  14. I am ready to taste the tropics! it’s SO cold here. Heading over to check out the recipe now!

  15. ROSEMARY SALT CARAMEL. must try to make that.

  16. Sweet passion and strawberry seduction sound amazing. Wow!

    (And how do you get the little pin buttons on your photos?)

  17. I’m so in need of a taste of summer right now. This weather is getting depressing! I love how colorful this is.

  18. Barbara says:

    Sometimes when I look at photos like these, I wish I liked chocolate more! Well, I make up for it with ice cream, so I guess it’s a blessing.
    I DO like the bean bowl, although those plantains are calling me the most.

  19. This looks so awesome! I loooove fried plantains. Great idea, friend!

  20. Dining Alone says:

    I don’t think I have ever tried a plantain before, but that dish looks delicious. The chocolate with the rosemary sounds really interesting!

  21. Nice score on the chocolates! Although, I’d happily eat every one of those fried plantains! Yum!

  22. these so much going on in that bowl…sounds amazing! and don’t even get me started on how good plantains are….

  23. Gwen says:

    I can’t wait to try these chocolates….. I mean the healthy dinner!!!!!
    {chipotle caramel fudge w sea salt? Oh My!}

  24. Geni says:

    The original Chuao store is near my parent’s beach house. I have been going there since they first originated and fell in LOVE immediately. They have some of the most original flavors and such a high quality. Glad you showcased them!

  25. Hotly Spiced says:

    I haven’t heard of this brand of chocolates before and I’m not sure we can buy them here but they do look very, very good. I’ll give them a google xx

  26. Eileen says:

    That bean bowl sounds so spicy and filling. It’s definitely a great way to use adzuki beans–which I’m excited about, since I for one have had a huge bag of them hanging out in the freezer for way too long. 🙂

  27. That Girl says:

    One of these days you should come out here and try Chuao fresh!

  28. I love that all those different flavors live in that one bowl. I imagine there are some wild textural combinations going on as well (I can almost taste it right now). I will def. be looking into those chocolates..Happy Vday, Jo!! =)

  29. When my boyfriend and I go to the Red River Gorge to climb, we stay at an awesome little place that features not only camping, but the best pizza restaurant. ever. And one of their other specialties (which is what I always get) is the bean bowl – basically beans baked with whatever toppings you can imagine and a healthy dose of fresh marinara. Your version sounds mouthwatering! I love that you used coconut milk – I can’t get enough of that stuff. Ever!

  30. daphne says:

    I have never seen peruvian bean bowl so off to have a look.

    and how gorgeous those chocolates look- u r very lucky to taste them!

  31. Ashley says:

    This bean bowl looks fabulous! I love me some plantains…and don’t even get me started on those chocolates.

  32. Candace says:

    I wish I had a piece of that Firecracker chocolate for dessert tonight. Mmmm! Your bean bowl looks fantastic. I absolutely adore plantains. I’m heading over to check it out now.

  33. well i was hoping we could see the inside of one of the chocolates?
    the char on that fried plantain looks so good.

  34. Blond Duck says:

    I’ve always wanted to try plantains!

  35. There is something in the air – this is the 2nd delicious Peruvian recipes I have seen today.

  36. Is it wrong if I but the chocolate for myself? 🙂

  37. Katerina says:

    This is such an interesting combination of flavors!

  38. Those chocolates sounds freakin’ amazing. My kind of foodie flavors!

  39. Reeni Pisano says:

    Lucky girl! They sound heavenly.

  40. Katie says:

    This looks incredible! I love plantains and I had totally forgotten about them recently. How lucky for you with the chocolates!

  41. Johanna GGG says:

    I love a coconut lime flavour combo – and hearty summer food sounds great on a day like today – it has been hot then cool then raining with sunshine – just can’t make up its mind!

  42. Hannah says:

    The fact that Peruvian flavors are so completely foreign to me makes this bowl extremely appealing. Finally, something truly different! I may even push past my plantain prejudice to really try the full recipe as written.

  43. Chris says:

    I was just about to say that I don’t care for sweets or desserts but then I saw the description of The Firecracker. Holy mother of chocolate that sounds great!

  44. Having just returned from Puerto Rico, these fried plantains are totally speaking to me. Yum!

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