1. I have a Pier One problem.

2. Scratch that. My credit card has a Pier One problem. I have a Pier One love affair. When they rewrite the nursery rhyme about the woman who lived in her shoe to one about a woman who lives in her food props…that will be me.

3. This weekend is sari-wearing wedding weekend!! As the maid of honor, I kind of have a speech to give on Saturday and I kind of haven’t started writing it. I just feel like I still have a lot of ruminating left to do, and I need to figure out the right angle to come at it from. Plus, I write better under pressure.

4. Don’t tell the bride.

5. The.Boy and I went out for impromptu margaritas last night. It’s been one of those weeks. And it was only Tuesday. Hold me.

6.Β I’ll be headed to New Hampshire for five days next week to talk about lysosomes, endocytosis and vesicle trafficking for 120 hours straight. It you don’t know what any of those words mean, consider yourself lucky. And if you do, well.Β I’m sorry.

7. I foresee myself taking a lot of naps. Hopefully notΒ during lectures, but we’ll just see where the wind takes me.

8. Unpacking all my summer clothes has made me realize that I am desperately in need of new summer running pants. Normally, I’m a Brooks girl all the way (and no one is paying me to say that), but I’m open to new things. What are you favorites??

9. These are my life. I will not rest until I have them.

10 Also, these. When do I get to turn 5 again??

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43 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Tina says:

    Coffee Talk is one of my favorite themes. Would love to see the sari you picked.
    I love Pier One too! I can’t take a chance and go in there…not for a bit…credit card issue with some things too πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your nice comments at my site, I appreciate that. I posted a vegetarian pasta dish you may like, if you like eggplant.

    Will look at Brooks line of clothing, ya know, I don’t think I have seen it here,

  2. Yay! It’s Wednesday. And guess what? I’m actually drinking coffee at the moment. πŸ™‚
    Pier One….oh my. That’s why I stopped going to that store. Enough said.
    Have an awesome day!

  3. Please post some photos! I would love to see this wedding! It sounds beautiful πŸ™‚ I loved having my morning coffee with you, Joanne!

  4. Megan says:

    Those hat cakes are adorable!! I love Pier One too.

  5. Good Morning! I am happy to get a chance this morning to have some coffee and enjoy your Wednesday coffee talk too! Pier one is a dangerous place for us too! The wedding sounds lovely, and I am sure your speech will be sentimental and probably very funny too! Have a great day Joanne! xxoo Anna and LIz

  6. Simply Life says:

    would love to see pictures of the wedding!

  7. Just got a Pier One giftcard for my birthday. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to spend way more than the giftcard is worth. Too many shiny, sparkly, perfect things!

  8. Meg says:

    My credit card has a HomeGoods problem . . . one greatly exacerbated by the fact that now I have an entirely empty house to furnish and no idea where to start. I basically troll the aisles, do some math, decide we’re still broke and go back to fantasizing. But I never, ever come out completely empty-handed! πŸ™‚

    Hope the wedding is wonderful, and I’m sure your speech will be fantastic! I write better under pressure, too. It’s the newspaper columnist/blogger/deadline-lover in me.

  9. Margaritas mid-week? Sounds like a dream!

  10. I’m with you on the cakes and macarons, Joanne! Yum yum yum!
    Don’t forget to tell us how the speech went … wonderful, I’m sure!

  11. I love Pier One and Home Goods – good luck with your talk!

  12. SallyBR says:

    Very excited for your Gordon participation… I’ve been to a few, the only bad part is the HUGE egos walking around making sure they are noted, crack the best jokes, pose the most inquisitive and mind blowing questions. It gets old after a while. Some will show a slightly different personality late at night when the alcohol is flowing… he, he, he… I say no more

    have a blast with the wedding, the meeting, and tell us all (or at least some) about it

  13. Haha you sound just like me, Joanne! I probably buy more food photography props than I do clothes for myself! LOL. Have a great Wednesday! πŸ™‚

  14. Lecture series sounds like fun! Booooo! But I see your Pier One problem and raise you a HomeGoods issue!

  15. I have a pier one/crate and barrel/homegoods/cb2/dollar store/ fish’s eddy problem so yeahhhhh I feel ya.

  16. Kinsey says:

    Have fun at your medical conference! If you have the chance to swing over to VT for a few hours, make a beeline to Norwich for the King Arthur Flour baking headquarters–they have a super cute shop with every baking good you could ever need.

  17. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to Pier One before. I feel like I should check it out this week/mayhaps today??

  18. Emily L says:

    I actually really like the Gap Fit running/workout capris! I have two pairs that have lasted for a while and they are still awesome.

  19. Pam says:

    The birthday party hat cakes looks AWESOME! I too love Pier One and Cost Plus World Market is my downfall. It’s a serious addiction.

  20. awww have so much fun being a maid of honor! I’m sure it’ll all go great!

  21. The women are pier 1 know me, is that sad? Not by name… but as the crazy lady who buys 20 unmatched plates.

  22. Meg says:

    Brooks has definitely been my long-time go to. I have a pair of their light winter running pants, and frankly, if I could run in them all the time, I probably would. Any thoughts on good running shorts? (I’ve been wearing Nike for years, but all of a sudden they’ve started chafing me, and that is no good in my book).

  23. Leah Davis says:

    wedding speeches are so tough – the good news is most of the time people are imbibing heavily so they aren’t really paying much attention to what is being said anyways πŸ˜‰ I don’t think you need a special occasion for a margarita – they are my favorite!!

  24. I like Pier One too, but obviously not as much as you. Ha! I also wanted to comment on the banana foster pudding. I love that dessert and pudding. To make this version for breakfast, oh my, oh my I would feel like a decadent lady. Yay!

  25. Danguole says:

    More like… Pier 99 Problems, say whaaaat? (I’m sorry)

  26. Zainab says:

    I have more than a pier one problem. I’m not allowed in that store unsupervised. It’s bad for my marriage :p
    Post pictures of the sari please!!! And have fun with lysosomes. I took a nap everyday that conference. It’s needed to survive all that science.

  27. It’s only Wednesday? I think I need a margarita or two. Lysosomes, endocytosis and vesicle trafficking sounds quite interesting. What kind of work do you do?
    Oh and yes Pier 1…I love too. I can spend hours in that place. Totally dangerous, but love it!

  28. P says:

    Um, now I want a birthday party hat cake…if only we lived in a non-judgemental world πŸ˜›

  29. Min says:

    Pier 1 imports! I would be able to afford margaritas every night if it wasn’t located 10 minutes away from our house. Can’t wait to see you in a sari! Pictures please. Unfortunately, I do know what all those terms mean…that used to be my world many years ago.

  30. Haha. I am imagining that nursery rhyme. Can you believe I have never been to Pier One?

  31. cheri says:

    HI Joanne, I do so much better under pressure, so I know you will be just find, what a cool wedding, love your coffee talk!

  32. I will assume Brooks is a brand of clothing? I use the term for underwear πŸ˜‰ Have fun at your lecture week, and at the wedding!

  33. Somehow, the sleep during lectures is the BEST kind of sleep! HAhaha!!! I would find myself fighting my urge to close my eyelids and just go into some trance! Daydreaming at its best! Hope you have a GREAAAAT time! :* I love Elizabeth’s hat cakes!!!! Makes me want to revisit my childhood too! <3

  34. OMG those party hate cakes… so cute! Wish I could be joining you for those margaritas:-)

  35. Heather says:

    I loooove Pier 1. It’s probably a good thing I’m not close to one anymore. Ack, speeches make me nervous. We didn’t even have speeches at our own wedding because I didn’t want anyone to feel pressured to give one since I hate giving them myself. Ha ha. :p

  36. Christine says:

    I have to avoid Pier 1 and Cost Plus like the plague. Truly happy that both are located a ways from me. Whew!

  37. I always wanted those party hat cones but alas my mom never made them for me. And virtual high five for the bio science nerd terms! I was a biology and public/environmental health major. Woo woo!

  38. I love Pier One too. I hope you have your speech ready for Saturday.

  39. sandra says:

    I’d love to hear all about lysosomes, endocytosis and vesicle trafficking for 120 hours straight. Sounds fascinating.

  40. Reeni says:

    I love Pier One too! And World Market. And the Christmas Tree Shop. You’re going to rock that sari! And the speech too. We NEED pictures!

  41. Xanthe says:

    Are you off to a Gordon? I was lucky enough to fly over one year ago from Adelaide (australia) to talk for hours about tissue regeneration. I fell in love with New Hampshire! I’d be happy talk about Lysosomes (one trafficking method of my protein of intrest) just to get back there (& away from winter here) again!

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