If you had to sum up the feeling of summer in one taste, this summer on toast would be it! Topped with heirloom tomatoes, basil, ricotta, and a poached egg it brings the essence of summer to the table.

summer on toast

New rule.

You are not allowed to make ONE SINGLE PUMPKIN RECIPE until you get this summer on toast in.your.mouth.

So it shall be written and so it shall be done.


This is for our own good!!! I promise.

I look at those people buying Halloween candy in August and think to myself that they are just jumping from season to season without really celebrating LIFE.


They’re certainly also not stopping to smell the basil, chop the tomatoes, or throw it all on a toasty English muffin with a ricotta schmear and calling it brunch.

Basically: they’re missing out on everything.

We don’t want to be those people.


Aside from the fact that I never want this barrage of produce to end, can I tell you what else I’m going to miss about summer when it’s gone?

Easy entertaining, that’s what.

In what other season does having people over for a meal not require you to slave over an oven for hours?! Exactly. Only in the summer is it totally possible to not turn on your oven at all, keep things simple, and still serve a meal that feels five-star-high-class. The proof is in these toasts.

So, longtime readers will know that I am crazy about brunch. It’s my favorite meal to eat, cook, and host, so it’s no surprise, I’m sure, that when my friends and I get together to celebrate something, it is almost always over brunch. Normally I spend hours stressing over what to make, but not this summer.

Because this toast. Is. Everything.

It is impossible not to love, it’s fifty shades of awesome, and it packs so much veggie punch that you can’t help but feel good about eating it.

Also, it takes less than 10 minutes to make. So you also can’t help but feel pretty good about making it. Over and over and over. (And over.)


Another summer(/all the time) get-together staple that I can’t live without?

IZZE. I have been a HUGE fan of their sparkling juices for a while now (their peach flavor is my spirit drink), so I was thrilled to find out that they are releasing a new line of sparkling waters! Unlike other sparkling waters I’ve tried, these really pack some true-to-the-fruit flavor punch, and come in Blackberry Pear, Mandarin Lime, and Raspberry Watermelon. They are perfect for when you want to drink something with a bit of flavor, but not be overwhelmed by sweetness and come in at around 10 calories per 12-ounce serving, with just a hint (1-2 grams) of organic cane sugar to make the fruit flavors pop.

That, my friends, is my kind of sparkling drink.


So, my brunch invitation is forthcoming……..right?

Summer On Toast
If you had to sum up the feeling of summer in one taste, this summer on toast would be it! Topped with heirloom tomatoes, basil, ricotta, and poached egg it brings the essence of summer to the breakfast table.
Yield: 8 breakfast toasts
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 40 oz small heirloom tomatoes, coarsely chopped
  • 2 oz basil, thinly sliced
  • salt and black pepper, to taste
  • 4 sandwich size English muffins, split and toasted
  • 1 lb ricotta
  • 8 large eggs
  1. In a large bowl toss together the olive oil, tomatoes, and basil. Season to taste with salt and black pepper.
  2. Spread about 2 oz of ricotta onto each English muffin half. Top with a few spoonfuls of the tomato basil mixture.
  3. To poach the eggs, fill a medium pot with water so that it is about half full. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and add 1 tbsp vinegar. Break each egg into a small ramekin and pour it gently into the pan, only adding 2-3 eggs at a time depending on the size of your pan. Cook for 3 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and serve the tomatoes.
An Eats Well With Others Original
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 breakfast toast



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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45 Responses to Summer On Toast

  1. Krista says:

    Absolutely fantastic, Joanne, and oh so summery. 🙂

  2. Love this summer on toast. So summery and delicious. Basil and ricotta sounds like a great combo. Fabulous share, Joanne! 🙂

  3. Zainab says:

    Agreed! No pumpkin until all the tomatoes are gone!! Love this summer perfect toast.

  4. I am crazy obsessed with poached eggs! And on top of fresh summer tomatoes, cheese, and toast? Even better!

  5. I just want summer to stay forever!!! I need to make this immediately.

  6. Pumpkin? What is pumpkin? Meanwhile, you have genious-ly figured out how to get all my favorite things onto one piece of toast – and even the toast is my favorite kind (yay nooks and crannies!)

  7. I want it. I want the toast, and the pumpkin. It’s this weird transition period where I’m craving fresh summer flavors, but am also giddy excited about fall. So much flavor, so little time 🙂

  8. I know we have more tomatoes coming in this week’s CSA so this needs to happen!

  9. Heath says:

    I’m so not ready for Fall. I went shopping this weekend and saw way too many pumpkin flavored items. No thank you! Not yet!

  10. Sues says:

    Hi, dream brunch. I used to hate ricotta (what was wrong with me??), but now that I’m a fan, I’ve been craving it SO much lately. Plus, those tomatoes.

  11. That poached egg is everything! I love everything about this toast! and the flavored line of sparkling waters!

  12. SallyBR says:

    I simply cannot believe summer is almost over.

    You don’t want to be around me in a few weeks. Just warning you… (sigh)

    great toast, though – poached eggs are ZE best thing in the universe!

  13. I am so excited I don’t even know where to start, lol! First of all, I LOVE your new rule (it’s totally necessary). And those tomatoes…gahhhh! I die. And brunch – totally the best meal, ever. And IZZE. I can’t stop/won’t stop with their sparkling water! <3

  14. Rachel says:

    this is so lovely! we have been eating so.many.tomatoes. this summer, mostly served with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil from our ‘garden’ and balsamic glaze. even my 2 year old is obsessed. she keeps asking for the tomatoes with cheese and ‘sauce’. ha!

  15. Mira says:

    This toast looks fantastic! Love it! Need to try the izze water!

  16. Thank you for this! I am holding on to every inch of summer. It breaks my heart that it will be over soon. I still have tomatoes coming out of the garden. I’m putting them to use for this recipe and calling it a day.

  17. Seriously, this toast is everything. We just moved, so the cupboards and fridge are bare, so I’m having serious FOMO over these toasts!

  18. Lori Rice says:

    Got it. Absolutely no pumpkin until I check off all the summer tomato creations. This is such a great idea!

  19. Pam says:

    Summer on toast – it looks incredible! Great job on the poached egg. It looks perfect.

  20. Christina says:

    “they’re certainly also not stopping to smell the basil, chop the tomatoes, or throw it all on a toasty English muffin with a ricotta schmear and calling it brunch.” Yes yes yes to all of this! Agree agree agree!

  21. Cailee says:

    Ahhhh!! I LOVE this! …and I love the name! “Summer on toast!” How cute! Such a lovely recipe… so healthy, nourishing and colorful! SUCH a win! 🙂

  22. Kate says:

    I see your ricotta, and raise you burrata. Next time, ‘kay?

  23. This is just stunning- love the concept and the photos. Pinning!

  24. There’s so much summer on toast you almost can’t see the toast! The sparkling water sounds great too.

  25. Brunch is totally EVERYTHING! Along with summer! AND everything on toast! AND poached eggs! Naturally I’m totally smitten with this Summer on Toast Deliciousness!!! Fantastic concept and I totally need this. Pronto! I’m totally with you on the no pumpkin ANYTHING until everyone tries this… but can we take it one step further and say NO pumpkin anything until October? I feel like people need to eat this every day for a month straight and LIVE in summer before we can hit play on autumn. 🙂 Pinned! Cheers, girlfriend! <3

  26. I refuse to accept that summer is over. So I am celebrating heirloom tomatoes and this salad with every ounce of my being. And that runny egg!!

  27. Please don’t start talking about summer ending. I’m already having a crisis because I know bad weather is coming lol. But until then, I plan on enjoying this weather and I’d love to make this for breakfast or even dinner. Hey sometimes, I love brunch for dinner :).

  28. grace says:

    this looks delicious! from the glistening tomatoes to the perfectly poached egg, i could eat this every day.
    no pumpkin recipes allowed, at least until summer’s officially over!!

  29. Eileen says:

    You have to love the simplicity of toast and beautifully ripe veg with a single egg on top. So good! I can just imagine the excellence of that runny yolk. 🙂

  30. Love the first picture of that beautiful egg! I agree – summer’s the best time for TOT – tomatoes on toast. I’m doing EOB too (eggplant on bagels) over on my blog!

  31. Izzy says:

    So, I maninly love Izze sodas because of the name, haha, but they really are so good! And this toast, it looks like the perfect bite of summer! I’m ready for pumpkin weather, but not ready to give up cherry tomatoes and basil just yet 🙂

  32. This literally is summer on toast and that is one perfect looking poached egg.
    To me, tomatoes and basil just sum up summer eating.

  33. This looks amazing Joanne! Great way to use up the last of my tomatoes in the garden!

  34. This is absolutely stunning!! So fresh and oh soooo summer and I got the home grown tomatoes to make it happen!

  35. Your toast sounds great! Love the new sparkling waters here and would love an invitation to your brunch one day! 🙂

  36. Reeni says:

    Summer on toast – I love you! When you said ricotta schmear I was hooked. This is pretty gorgeous to look at too.

  37. Oh, summer tomatoes – I LOVE tomatoes and I miss them soooo much through winter – bring on summer:-)

  38. This would be the perfect breakfast for me 🙂

  39. easypeasy says:

    I like this rule, couldn’t agree more! Summer on toast before anything pumpkin! And this sounds divine for breakfast!

  40. […] Summer on toast– that’s got to be the prettiest name for food ever! […]

  41. Kelly says:

    I am trying to hang on to all the summer produce for as long as I can too and this toast is the perfect way! Mmm love love love the poached egg!

  42. Susan says:

    That is gorgeous! I love your perfectly poached egg oozing its delicious yolk over your sandwich. I agree – lets keep enjoying the summer harvest as long as possible.

  43. Kim says:

    What if I promise to eat my Dove Chocolate Eyeballs after I enjoy some of this summer toast? That sounds like a win/win in my book. This toast looks glorious, Joanne! All the colors and flavors of summer that are soon to be disappearing until next year. We have to make the most of it while we can.

    My 14 year old daughter loves those Izze drinks. I’ll have to buy her those sparkling waters.

  44. Emily says:

    Just made this, very good and refreshing.

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