One of my go-to dinners for when I need an easy and stress-free dinner is homemade black bean tostadas with peppers and onions. They’re fresh, tasty, and a family-friendly meal!
Quick Black Bean Tostadas with Peppers and Onions

Like it or not, we’re diving headfirst into back-to-school season and with a child who is *I pray* going into a real physical school for the first time in her life, I am hellbent on gathering all of the easiest dinner ideas for when we’re both exhausted after a day of school / homework / drop-offs / pick-ups / work and just need to veg on the couch for a while. 

Moms out there – you with me?

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Summery ravioli with zucchini, corn, and a crispy buttery pine nut crunch – a new summer weeknight staple!
Ravioli with Zucchini, Corn, and Buttery Pine Nut Crunch

Here we are. Mid-August, fully in the thick of summer, the world seems like it’s exploding (again) but farmer’s markets are actually bursting at the seams with all of their goodies and I am here for it.

I won’t tell you how many tomatoes I bought in my last run because you would send a search party, but it was a lot and that’s not even mentioning all of the zucchini, corn, berries, sour cherries, I could go on.

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Still in denial that it’s August. WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE.

Time to start speed eating all of the tomatoes, stone fruit, corn before they’re gone. Challenge accepted. Let’s do it!

Here’s what we’re cooking this week:

  • Kick things off with a healthy but SO delicious stir fried tofu with summer squash, basil, and coconut. Perfect for the tofu skeptics out there, it has so much flavor and is a great way to use up your bounty of summer squash.
  • Next up – fresh fig salad with basil, goat cheese, and arugula. This is incredibly simple but the fresh figs really add something extra special. If you can’t find figs, feel free to substitute them with dried figs or your favorite stone fruit.
  • Easy stewed chickpeas with peppers, zucchini, and Israeli couscous is the perfect middle-of-the-week meal. It’s comforting, hearty, but quick to get on the table.
  • Summer corn and heirloom tomato fettuccine takes all of the things we’re craving right now and combines them in one pasta dish. PERFECTION.
  • Finally, we’re ending the week with cheesy zucchini quesadillas topped with heirloom tomato salsa. This is another one that includes all of my favorite things and feels so fresh and right for this season.
  • For dessert, we’re making a scrumptious peach ginger crumb cake – my favorite!

Happy eating!

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Fruit-filled blueberry peach cobbler bars with a an easy one-bowl shortbread crust and topping – the perfect dessert to celebrate summer fruit.
Blueberry Peach Cobbler Bars

One of our favorite vacation activities this year was to scope out a local farm and go peach picking. The farm we went to was pretty empty so we had the whole place to ourselves and had the pick of the peaches! They also had blueberry bushes that were begging to be picked, which ended up being even more fun than peach picking.

If you haven’t had a freshly picked blueberry before, then you need to put that on your MUST DO list immediately. I tend to think storebought and certainly frozen blueberries taste a little bit like nothing, but these berries picked straight from the bush were so intensely delicious. Deeply sweet with an edge of tartness.

I was in awe. I had no idea a blueberry could taste so good!

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These spicy paneer stuffed peppers are a delicious dinner idea for any weeknight! Indian spices, grated paneer cheese, and tomatoes are all stuffed in sweet bell peppers and roasted. Yum!
Spicy Paneer Stuffed Peppers

Paneer stuffed peppers coming in HOT!!!

Literally. Hot, cheesy, spicy, insanely flavorful little bowls of goodness is what these are.

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A light tomato and plum salad tossed with a sweet ginger dressing and topped with a briny nori and sesame salt.
Tomato and Plum Salad with Nori and Sesame

I mentioned that we had french fries at literally every meal on vacation, right? I have no regrets about that, but man, I am craving a SALAD.

Something light, refreshing, quick to prepare, full of contrasting and complex flavor elements that make you raise your eyebrows in happiness as you’re eating.

Basically I want the FULL PACKAGE of salads, not to be completely high maintenance or anything.

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