We are on a crazy heat advisory this weekend. I think it’s supposed to feel like 110F!! So we will be alternating between standing in the sprinklers at the kiddie playgrounds and sitting at home in front of an air conditioner. The other day Mike actually suggested that we go for a run one of the two days and I laughed at him. NOT HAPPENING.

This week’s meal plan is full of summer favorites. Here’s what we’ve got!

  • kale pesto pasta with burst cherry tomatoes – so pretty!
  • zucchini, goat cheese, and tomato frittatas – totally making this for breakfasts this week.
  • soft corn tacos with roasted sweet potatoes, poblanos, and corn – one of my favorites
  • thai peanut noodle bowls – super fresh
  • vegan power mac and cheese – total comfort food

Happy eating!

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Make this peach ginger biscuit pie with the sugary sweet peaches that abound right now and you won’t be sorry. It will be your favorite summer pie!
Peach Ginger Biscuit Pie

My personal goal for the summer was to bake through all the summer pies in the Sister Pie bakebook, so now you can understand why I’m working out and walking around like a maniac and all of my jeansĀ juuuuuusssttt baarrreeelllyyy fit.

I’m halfway through (not to mention all of the cookies I’ve also made from this book) and let me tell you it has tasted so good.

I have no regrets.

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I’m still running a “kidney stone and its aftermath” infirmary over here, which has been *so fun* but seriously can it stop now because I’m over it.

Let’s just say that having your husband moaning around the apartment does not exactly make for fun times. Really hoping he’s on the upswing this week because I need him to be more functional! And also because it can’t be fun to be in pain all this time.

I firmly believe that food is medicine, so we’ve got a lot of delicious meals planned for this week’s meal plan!

  • gluten free falafel with lemon yogurt sauce – can never turn down falafel
  • vegan red curry zoodle bowls – would love to slurp those down
  • fried halloumi, asparagus, and roasted cherry tomatoes with basil oil – all of my summer favorites!
  • instant pot pad thai stir fry – love a good veggie IP recipe
  • pesto gnocchi with white beans and broccoli – total comfort

Happy eating!

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These plum, cinnamon, and almond muffins are filled with rich almond flavor from a hefty amount of almond paste in their batter and then are stuffed with a refreshing plum compote.
Plum, Cinnamon, and Almond Muffins

Stone fruit season is now, and I am HERE FOR IT.

I *may* have five plums and six apricots in my fridge right now, along with a peach pie, and more coming with the groceries today.

And it somehow still feels like not enough.

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