A lovely sweet roasted pepper, kale, and goat cheese shakshuka that is richly spiced and a great option for brunch or breakfast-for-dinner.
Sweet Roasted Pepper, Kale, and Goat Cheese Shakshuka

I was hoping that by having our entire family glued to each other’s hips for going on two months straight, some of my food preferences would have started to rub off on my extremely opinionated peanut gallery.

Yet, NO.

My husband still needs his egg yolks to be fully cooked through and Remy will only eat eggs “the way they make them at school”, which I think is cheese omelet that’s been reheated in the microwave-style, but who can say for sure. Whenever I try to ask her any specific questions about it, she tells me we will just ask the school lunchlady when she goes back and I don’t have the heart to tell her she probably won’t.

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A hearty pot of borracho beans is perfect for a simple meal of rice and beans or for use in tacos, enchiladas, tostadas…the options are endless!
Borracho Beans

One of my favorite (even pre-pandemic) pastimes is to cook a big pot of dried beans on the weekend. They make for such a healthy, inexpensive meal and can be used for so many diverse meal options, such as tacos, pasta, salads, soups, curries…the list is truly endless.

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A light and tender pistachio and raspberry crumb cake that is just the thing to get you out of bed in the morning.
Pistachio and Raspberry Crumb Cake

Let’s just call this Mother’s Day brunch goals, and by that I mean please hand me this cake, a fork, and lock me in the bathroom alone for the WHOLE DAY (and then, yeah, just throw away the key).

Can you even imagine a better Mother’s Day gift than that?

Husbands/children of the world, I hope you’re listening – cake and total silence. That’s all we need.

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A Persian inspired green bean frittata (based on the dish kookoo loobia sabz) made with finely chopped green beans and flavored with sumac. Great for any meal of the day.
Persian Green Bean Frittata (Kookoo Loobia Sabz)

So tomorrow I’m hosting my first (hopefully only? is that too optimistic??) toddler quarantine birthday party.

Remy will be FOUR at exactly 4:30AM tomorrow morning, and as she keeps telling me that means she will get to do big kid things like “wear a mask when she goes outside”.

How….lucky?? Also, please no one tell her that has nothing to do with her being 4, it’s just the way of life for the foreseeable future. And yes, I’m planning on capitalizing on that mask wearing excitement for as long as possible.

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A super simple summery meal: whole wheat pasta and summer squash with tomatoes, basil, and pine nuts. It is full of fresh flavors and comes together in around 30 minutes.
Whole Wheat Pasta and Summer Squash with Tomatoes, Basil, and Pine Nuts

There’s a time and a place for challenging yourself in the kitchen, but Monday after being quarantined in an apartment with a toddler for coming on six weeks is NOT IT.

You just focus on the cocktails (if you’re not having midweek alcohol, are you even quarantining right??!?!?!) cause I’ve got dinner covered: the absolutely SIMPLEST pasta ever.

If you’ve ever cooked anything before, you probably don’t even need a recipe for this. In fact, you’ve probably already made something exactly like this before.

But sometimes, in the middle of the weekday haze, we all need a little bit of a reminder to K.I.S.S. At least, I know I do.

(Maybe my new daily wine habit has something to do with that??)

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