A sweet and savory caramelized cherry tomato, potato, and goat cheese tarte tatin.
Caramelized Cherry Tomato, Potato, and Goat Cheese Tarte Tatin

Ottolenghi calls this a “surprise” tatin and I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that.

“Surprise” because it’s savory?

“Surprise” because it’s so impossibly delicious that you can’t even imagine how much so until you taste it?

“Surprise” to your self-restraint if you’re able to not eat it all in one sitting?

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Happy Saturday!

We got our first glimpse of really cold weather this week and I am NOT here for it. It’s too soon!! Like, if I’m already wearing my heaviest winter jacket in November, then what am I going to wear in January?????

The only benefit to this cold weather is that I’m majorly craving cozy food, and that’s always the best. I have plans to make chili and pie and big pans of roasted veggies this weekend. Mmmmm. Plus we’ve got lots of cozy options on this week’s meal plan!

I’m talking:

  • cheesy (vegan) lentil chili casserole – basically a big warm hug
  • tempeh and kale enchilada casserole – sign me up!!
  • roasted garlic kale spaghetti squash with sun-dried tomatoes – looks dreamy
  • moroccan spiced chickpea and carrot ragout – all the best spices in here!!
  • fall pasta salad with butternut squash – butternut and pasta are meant to be

Happy eating!!

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These pumpkin chess pie bars combine the best of both pumpkin and chess pies to make the ULTIMATE fall dessert!
Pumpkin Chess Pie Bars

Because clearly what the internet needs right now is another pumpkin dessert.

But wait wait wait!!!!

This is not just any pumpkin dessert. It is actually the BEST version of pumpkin pie you can get without actually having to make pumpkin pie.

So basically, magic.

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Rich and spicy shakshouka gets poured into a bread bowl of focaccia and then baked to perfection in this recipe for shakshouka focaccia.
Shakshouka Focaccia

Nothing like a little midnight AND 3AM vomit clean-up sessions to get your adrenaline pumping on a Wednesday!!!

Awkward to be talking about vomit on a food blog, but hey. REAL LIFE.

Also: I am so very very tired.

Little kids really should not be allowed to have stomach bugs until they are old enough to recognize the pre-throw up sensation and can run to the bathroom in time. The clean-up situation after something like this is just unreal. This has been our first real experience with it and I pray that it is our last. Just setting realistic expectations over here, as usual.

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A warm and spicy recipe for Indian roasted chickpea and sweet potato curry.
Indian Roasted Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry

There has been so much sweater weather happening and I can’t really say that I LOVE it, but I do love an excuse to crank up my oven and get my whole house smelling like curry. It’s one of the coziest smells!!!

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Hi! Happy weekend!

We have a packed day today, mostly because we’ll be traveling to NJ to go to my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. Not to brag, but I baked ONE HUNDRED cupcakes for it last night and my back may never be the same. Also, I suspect I’ll be finding sprinkles on my floor for at least a decade. In case you’re wondering, I made the white cake and Devil’s food cake topped with the marshmallow buttercream (both vanilla and chocolate variations) from the Bravetart cookbook, as well as the maple cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting from my blog.

After seeing how much butter went into the buttercream (errr TEN STICKS), I need a hit of some health food and am SO EXCITED for this week’s meal plan!! Here’s what we’re cooking:

  • balsamic glazed sheet pan tempeh – obsessed with sheet pan meals!
  • VEGAN cream of broccoli soup – totally slurpable
  • roasted winter vegetable quinoa salad with cider vinaigrette – eat the rainbow
  • curried chickpea stew with rice pilaf – so cozy
  • gnocchi lasagna bake – yessssssss

Happy eating!

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