The epitome of summer: heirloom tomato and burrata caprese with homemade pesto.
Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Caprese

This is not so much as a recipe as it is a nudge.

A (not so) subtle reminder that it’s the last week of August so please please please get thee to a farmer’s market and buy all of the heirloom tomatoes!!!!


Leave no survivors.

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Spiced salmon skewers topped with parsley oil make for a quick and healthy weeknight dinner!
Spiced Salmon Skewers with Parsley Oil

Back to school might be a state of mind this year rather than an actual pilgrimage to somewhere that is not the living room couch, but we still need to eat!!

Or so my family keeps telling me.

Meal after meal after meal after meal after meal after meal after meal after.

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Happy Saturday!!

We survived week 1 of home school! Only….30 gazillion more to go. School doesn’t officially start here in NYC until after Labor Day but we started early because, well, Remy was in desperate need of a schedule and routine and SO WERE WE.

Let’s get meal planning! This week have some real gems (no, I’m not biased at all, why do you ask?): guacamole tostadas, teriyaki veggie stir fry, pasta alla norma, chickpea salad sandwich, southwest white bean veggie burgers, and my favorite summer grain bowls. Check it out and happy eating!

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Flaky, tender sour cream and onion biscuits that are begging you to make them for weekend breakfasts (or just everyday snacking!).
Sour Cream and Onion Biscuits

Now that I no longer have the weight of my entire career on my shoulder (buy bye Internal Medicine Boards – hopefully I passed haha) I am in the mood to bake all the things!

Seriously, I have homemade puff pastry, homemade pizza, tartlets, AND scones planned for this weekend. It’s going to be…calorie-dense. And I’m going to luurrvvee every second of it.

Oh, and BISCUITS. Because there is always room for biscuits.

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A sweet summer corn, tomato, and crispy bread salad with a simple red wine vinaigrette, mozzarella, and lots of fresh herbs.
Corn, Tomato, and Crispy Bread Salad

Unlike the rest of the internet, which seems to have moved onto all things FALL, I’m still here.

Still summering.

Totally not wishing away the days of achingly warm weather because the cold and being stuck inside and FLU SEASON on top of ETERNAL CORONA SEASON is going to be a total s***show.

Let’s not make winter come any sooner than it has to, mmkay?

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