A simple but delicious side dish of crispy smashed potatoes topped with fried onions and fresh parsley.
Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Fried Onion and Parsley

I’m going to say something really controversial right now.

Maybe this stems from the fact that my mother regularly served mashed potatoes made from a box when I was growing up…but yeah, I could totally live without eating a mashed potato ever again and be totally fine.

Wouldn’t bat an eye or feel like there was some potato-sized hole in my life AT ALL.

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HELLO, I’ve turned into a CNN addict, can you tell?

Like, I really want this election to be called BUT I’m also really going to miss my new best friends John King, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, Van Jones, Anderson Cooper, etc. I would ask them to move in with me but, you know. Corona.

How are you all faring during this strenuous time?

Here’s our meal plan for the week! It features: an autumn arugula salad, cauliflower parm, vegan pumpkin curry, warm halloumi and apple salad, slow cooker quinoa chili, and Tuscan farro and white bean kale stew. Stay safe and happy eating!

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Classic apple pie gets an upgrade with a rose water infusion, which adds a hint of floral flavor while bringing out the sweetness of the apples.
Apple Rose Pie

Apple pie, but make it F A N C Y.

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A fall-inspired version of the classic Middle Eastern fattoush salad, this fall-toush salad combines roasted brussels sprouts, roasted delicata squash, and homemade pita chips with a tangy sumac vinaigrette.
Roasted Delicata Squash and Brussels Sprout Fall-toush Salad

Now that Halloween is over, it is officially the best time of year for parents.


Aka when you can use the fact that Santa’s watching to threaten/bribe your children into doing just about anything.

Who’s with me??

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Happy Halloween!!

Let’s keep things short and sweet (get it?) today and dive right in.

This week’s meal plan features:

  • vegan pumpkin curry
  • rustic minestrone soup
  • quick and easy vegan pho
  • quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes
  • chipotle butternut and swiss chard enchilada casserole
  • Israeli power salad

Happy eating!

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