Green angel hair pasta with garlic butter is a vibrant dish made with a spinach, roasted garlic, and butter sauce. It’s an easy and family-friendly weeknight dinner.

Green Angel Hair with Garlic Butter

Yesterday I finally got around to making my holiday prep list, and let me just say this one thing: it’s long.

Like “how can a full time working human with two children possibly complete all of this in the next four days and still make dinner every night” long. There’s baking and cleaning and cooking and wrapping and DID I MENTION DINNER EVERY NIGHT.

It’s very unclear how all of this will get done, but with a little Christmas magic and the brute force of a mother unhinged (aka with a LOT of coffee and very little sleep), it will.

Oh. It. Will.

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Festive red velvet crinkle cookies with soft and fudgy interiors that perfectly capture the essence of red velvet flavor in cookie form.
Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

Hi hi hi hi. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Life + babies + board exams + trying to find my first real job after more than a decade of the medical school/residency/fellowship train + probably a gazillion things I’m not even thinking of. It’s just kind of been a lot and though I’ve been cooking, my photography and post writing mojo has been way down.

It’s a cycle of life and I remember feeling this way after Remy was born as well. This time around it’s nice having the hindsight to know that things will get better if I just give it enough time.

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A brightly flavored roasted sweet potato and halloumi salad filled with fresh herbs, sweet cherry tomatoes, and a lemony vinaigrette.
Roasted Sweet Potato and Halloumi Salad

My husband recently suggested we go on a salad a day diet in anticipation of all of the feasting and holidays that are coming up, so I said sure as long as that salad includes roasted sweet potatoes and fried cheese I’m in!

I’m not sure that was exactly what he had in mind, but I’m the one who controls the cooking around here, sooooooo……..roasted sweet potato and halloumi salad every day it is.

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Spiced maple cookies that are made with maple sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom for a warm fall flavor.
Spiced Maple Cookies

A few weeks ago we went to our first (hopefully of MANY) cookie swap of the year. Perhaps a little premature being that it was only September, but start ’em early I say!

After all, you can’t ever have too many cookies (unless, of course, said cookie swap is at lunch time and you thought there would be real food but there definitely is NOT and so your child eats boatloads of sugar in lieu of a real meal – not that I would know anything about that).

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Weeknight friendly mouth-numbing chile crisp peanut noodles are completely addictive! They are topped with a quick pickled cabbage and cucumber salad for a crisp, refreshing contrast.
Mouth-Numbing Chile Crisp Peanut Noodles

When I need more than two hands (and, if we’re being honest, two feet) to count the number of times I’ve made a recipe then it means it’s probably time to share it with you.

Enter my latest obsession: CHILE CRISP PEANUT NOODLES.

A weeknight dinner hero if ever there was one.

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Cranberry pear pie combines the tart flavor of fresh cranberries with sweet seasonal pears and warm fall spices.
Cranberry Pear Pie

I’m either just on time or fashionably (365 days, YES I MADE THIS LAST YEAR) late, but fall pie season is here and I am not mad about it.

Of course, I could have gone with something more traditional like a variation on pumpkin or apple pie, but no no no.

Today is all about the pear!

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