Crispy roasted cauliflower tossed with a mouth-numbing chile butter that will have you coming back for more.
Roasted Cauliflower in Chile Butter

The real question here is what can’t cauliflower florets do?!

Somehow they can be pizza dough and tortillas and I’m sure there’s a recipe for cauliflower ice cream out there. 

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What To Cook This Week 9-18-21

We survived! First week of kindergarten is in the books. Remy comes home every day saying it’s awesome, so I think it’s going well? The weird thing about going from home schooling and even daycare to actual school is that you get so little information about what is actually happening during the day. I have to rely on Remy’s account of things and let’s just say….it’s not always accurate. Or based in reality. Oh well, I suppose no news is good news.

Let’s eat! Here’s what we’re cooking this week.

  • Starting off the week with my most hearty and comforting fall pasta – butternut squash and lentil bolognese. This sauce is so toothsome and hearty. I can’t wait to make it this week!
  • Next up – the easiest black bean, poblano, and smoked mozzarella quesadillas. Family friendly and so simple to prepare!
  • On Tuesday we’re making a vegan sopa azteca with red lentils and baby greens. This is so chock full of veggies – it’s a real feel-good food.
  • Spicy Thai noodles with peppers are here to get us through Wednesday’s mid-week slump with their big flavors. Here for it.
  • Finally, we’re ending the week with za’atar crusted halloumi and sumac roasted vegetables. I can’t think of anything I want more.
  • For dessert, we’re making birthday cake pie! There is nothing better.

Happy eating!

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If you’re a sweet and salty lover, then this salted maple pie is for you! It’s filled with a decadent maple-infused custard and topped with sea salt flakes making for the perfect bite.
Salted Maple Pie

One of my favorite flavors of childhood is the combination of maple syrup and salted butter.

There is something so magical about it – it hits that perfect balance of sweet and salty and just makes the world feel better.

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A creamy spinach gnocchi bake that is rich mascarpone and parmesan cheese with a nutty crunch from a toasted pine nut topping.
Creamed Spinach Gnocchi Bake with Toasted Pine Nuts

Super tender gnocchi pillows blanketed in a mascarpone-parmesan cream sauce (<– talk about the DREAM TEAM), packed with fresh spinach, and then topped with a crisp golden cheese lid and buttery pine nut crumble! 

I mean, SO MUCH YES to this.

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What To Cook This Week 9-11-21

Keeping things short and sweet and heading right to the food – here’s what we’re cooking this week!

  • Starting off the week with a big pot of pasta pomarola. This is a super simple tomato sauce that will make a huge batch – make sure to store any leftovers in the freezer for future pasta nights.
  • Next up – pimento stuffed black bean burgers aka BEST VEGGIE BURGERS EVER. Kind of obsessed with these.
  • Korean tempeh bowls with sriracha mayo are an Eats Well With Others reader favorite! If you’ve never had tempeh before, THIS is the recipe that will get you to fall in love with it. Promise.
  • Health quinoa and vegetable stew is just simple, chock full of nutrition, and GOOD.
  • Finally, we’re ending the week with a cheesy eggplant, mozzarella, and saffron rice bake. It has similar flavors to eggplant parm, but without any frying involved.
  • For dessert, we’re making maple-glazed pumpkin scones! 

Happy eating!

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After school (or work) snacking doesn’t get better than a slice of salty caramel peanut butter cake! This is incredibly easy to make and a real treat.
Salty Caramel Peanut Butter Cake

Can we for real make Snacking Cake Fridays a thing?!

Life would be so much happier!

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