Homemade salmon burgers seasoned with fresh herbs and topped with an avocado and Greek yogurt-based green goddess sauce. Serve as burgers or sliders depending on your mood.
Green Goddess Salmon Burgers

Otherwise known as:

any excuse to eat a pretzel roll.

Or a really really good excuse to eat a pretzel roll.

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A brown butter caramel pumpkin pie that is perfect to get you in the fall spirit. A sultry, sweet, and lightly spiced pumpkin filling is baked into a flaky all-butter crust – it’s a pie to remember!
Brown Butter Caramel Pumpkin PieIt’s only the first week of October and ALREADY The Thanksgiving Negotiations have begun.

If you’re married or in a committed relationship, then you know what that means:

A lot of bickering.

A lot of bargaining.

A lot of “I guess we can go to your mother’s on Thanksgiving but only if we see my mother on Christmas”.

Some may call it “compromise” but when your ultimate goal in life is to host both/all holidays and no one will let you because they actually want to eat Turkey on Turkey Day (like, seriously…WTF. I thought we all mutually agreed the sides were the best part of Thanksgiving?!?!?)….well. That means war.

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From the Bravetart cookbook, these brownies are THE ULTIMATE. They are impossibly fudgy and absolutely decadent. The best brownies you’ll ever have!
Bravetart Brownies

Sorry to be intrusive, but I made weekend plans for you.

They clearly involve laying on your couch in stretchy pants, watching back episodes of The Office (or catching up on This Is Us!!!!), and baking up a batch of the best brownies you’ll ever encounter.

Strong words, but I stand by them.

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A meatless lentil bolognese that gets a fall makeover with seasonal vegetables from the farmer’s market and is perfect for a weeknight dinner. This butternut squash and lentil bolognese will quickly win your heart and become one of your go-to meals, plus its locavore roots will have you #TrendingInTheKitchen.

[Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pompeian. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep me inspired in the kitchen.]
Butternut Squash and Lentil Bolognese with Mascarpone

You know you have a squash problem when you ask for “one of each” on your first fall trip to the farmer’s market.

At every farmstand.

Yes, that’s approximately….twelve squashes in one shot.

Or so I’ve heard.

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Happy fall!!! I’m celebrating by being sneezy, and throat-achy, and drippy, and ugh. BUT it’s my last night shift of this rotation and that is something to be excited about.

Here’s what we’ve got on the menu this week:

  • VEGAN spaghetti squash with cashew alfredo
  • super easy Greek salad bowls
  • hearty vegetarian sweet potato chili
  • enchilada stuffed peppers with avocado cream
  • roasted veggie teriyaki bowls

Happy eating!

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