A lovely Keralan spring vegetable coconut curry that is full of gentle spice and bright, fresh flavors.
Keralan Spring Vegetable Coconut Curry

Are you guys still ordering takeout??

We’ve been getting it about once a week. You know, to support local small business and all that jazz.

But ooohhhhhh the production that comes with a takeout order is kind of hilarious. Basically we stand by the door assembly line style with the front line person washing all the packaging down with lysol wipes, the next person pouring all the food into our own bowls and transferring it to the table, and Remy trying to “help”, which basically means touching things she shouldn’t and then being forced to wash her hands every three minutes.

What a circus.

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A decadent strawberry pistachio tart filled with layers of sweet tart dough, pistachio frangipane, pastry cream, and fresh strawberries.
Strawberry Pistachio Tart

I guess we’re out of actual holidays to celebrate, but I’m thinking the self-made holiday of “I survived this week without strangling anyone I’m quarantined with” sounds pretty promising.

Especially because we can observe it EVERY WEEK. With cocktails and fancy (or not) desserts. I’m into it!

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A grilled zucchini, hazelnut, and basil salad that is filled with fresh, simple flavors.
Zucchini, Hazelnut, and Basil Salad

Our quarantine eating thus far hasn’t been, how should I put it….healthful.

At least not in the usual meaning of the word.

It has been (in this order):



ice cream-y



So, healthful for the soul perhaps but not for the coronary arteries.

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Crispy cauliflower and shells mac and cheese is a hearty pasta bake with bright, fresh flavors and lots of melted cheese.
Crispy Cauliflower and Shells Mac and Cheese

Weird stuff is happening around here, like for instance Remy just walked out of the room where I’m working, dragging her father with her, while telling him to “give mom some privacy to work” (if you’re a mom, you know how momentous this is when you haven’t peed by yourself in four years) but also last weekend she ATE A VEGETABLE and this cauliflower mac and cheese is wholeheartedly to thank for it.

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Addictive sweet and salty double chocolate chewy cookies – these are the ultimate chocolate cookie!
Sweet and Salty Double Chocolate Chewy Cookies

So we’re all going to a spa this mother’s day?


Maybe if you count your four year old walking on your back every day because she thinks it’s SO HYSTERICAL as “a spa experience”.

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A lovely sweet roasted pepper, kale, and goat cheese shakshuka that is richly spiced and a great option for brunch or breakfast-for-dinner.
Sweet Roasted Pepper, Kale, and Goat Cheese Shakshuka

I was hoping that by having our entire family glued to each other’s hips for going on two months straight, some of my food preferences would have started to rub off on my extremely opinionated peanut gallery.

Yet, NO.

My husband still needs his egg yolks to be fully cooked through and Remy will only eat eggs “the way they make them at school”, which I think is cheese omelet that’s been reheated in the microwave-style, but who can say for sure. Whenever I try to ask her any specific questions about it, she tells me we will just ask the school lunchlady when she goes back and I don’t have the heart to tell her she probably won’t.

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