Hi friends!!

What does your weekend look like? I have to work today but we are going to my in-laws tomorrow for second Easter (aka Greek Easter) and I am bringing a strawberry tart in absolute rebellion against this eternal winter. If ever there was a testament that Disney movies are real, THIS. IS. IT.

Elsa, I’m coming for you.

Thankfully we’re going on vacay to Florida in two weeks, so maybe I’ll get to feel the sun on my skin sometime this year. Here’s to hoping!

Have a good one and enjoy this week’s meal plan, which is filled with goodies like roasted veggie quinoa meal prep bowls, my fave spin on avocado toast, enchiladas, a mega veggie stir fry, and a POWER mac and cheese. Happy eating!

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The pungent and salty flavor of Pecorino Romano paired with sharp black pepper makes this asparagus and white bean cacio e pepe pasta extra delicious and the perfect pasta recipe for spring.
Asparagus and White Bean Cacio e Pepe

Someone needs to pitch a tv show to The Food Network called “Cheese Wars” in which Italian women battle it out over the virtues of Parmigiano Reggiano v Pecorino Romano. It would rival The Real Housewives for guilty pleasure entertainment!!!!

I’m absolutely sure of it.

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Breakfast sandwiches are going green this season with these spring vegetable egg bake breakfast sandwiches served on the lightest and fluffiest cream cheese biscuits.
Spring Vegetable Egg Breakfast Sandwiches on Cream Cheese Biscuits

No, YOU procrastinated figuring out your Easter brunch situation until the last minute.

Oh, good. It’s not just me.

We are actually celebrating on Saturday (ummmmm….tomorrow?!?!?) this year and I’m hosting, so probably not ideal that I haven’t figured this out yet. My mom called me yesterday to see what I was making and I’m preetttyyyy sure my answer was a grunt and an “IERNO”.

She did not take that well.

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If you’ve ever had food from a halal street cart before, then you know how addictively delicious it can be. These halal street cart chickpeas are a vegetarian take on those flavors, served with turmeric rice, tahini yogurt “white” sauce and a harissa oil drizzle.

[Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pompeian. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep me inspired in the kitchen.]
Halal Street Cart Chickpeas with Turmeric Rice, Tahini Yogurt Sauce, and Harissa Oil

My Monday mornings smell like spiced meat on a makeshift griddle.

It’s a strange scent to take on at 6AM when you haven’t eaten animal protein in a decade, but it’s also warm and heady with cumin, coriander, and cardamom (so unlike all the other typical NYC morning smells, which are all entirely inappropriate for a food blog), and I’m almost never mad about it.  It’s the smell of street carts getting ready for the day on my walk to work and it is downright delightful.

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