This pasta alla pomarola is a great way to preserve all of those end-of-summer tomatoes for use all winter long! It is full of fresh tomato-basil flavor and freezes well so you can enjoy it even when tomatoes are out of season.
Pasta alla Pomarola

A homesteader I am decidedly not, but if there’s one thing this quarantine has taught me it’s how to stock my freezer to save myself from having to make dinner a few times a month.

When you’ve been making three meals a day for going on six months…every little bit helps.

Moms out there everywhere are nodding their heads in aggressive agreement.

I see you. I am you.

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

We have no plans. But with a kid and in these crazy times, sometimes (okay, most of the times) that’s the best.

Yesterday I had a lazy work-from-home day and made my first loaf of truly good crusty bread. I made the decision to start baking my way through Flour Water Salt Yeast, which I have had for YEARS but have never baked anything from. Why not now, during a pandemic when I have nothing to do but sit at home and watch dough rise anyway?? It was my first time using the Dutch oven method to bake bread and let me tell you – IT WORKS. I’ve never been able to get a really good crust on my breads before, but this one was perfect. Highly recommend.

Do you guys have any fun weekend plans? Whatever you’re up to, please keep yourself safe and WEAR A MASK!!! Oh and WASH YOUR HANDS.

This week’s meal plan is full of delicious things: pesto quesadillas, roasted sweet potato and kale salad, grilled portobello burgers, Korean tempeh bowls, super creamy noodles and veggies, and vegan lasagna soup!! Oh plus a single portion apple crisp that looks to die for.

Happy eating!!

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A lovely, seasonal spiced plum fig pie with a crisp and flaky all butter crust and a sweet-tart fruity filling.
Spiced Plum Fig Pie

You didn’t think I would miss this opportunity to combine two of my favorite things in life, did you?!?!

I mean, other than my child, but I can’t eat her.

Or so she keeps telling me when I try to nibble on her cheeks. (They just look so TASTY!)

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This olive oil and sea salt focaccia is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and completely addictive. Use it for sandwiches or serve it alongside your favorite Italian meal!
Olive Oil and Sea Salt Focaccia

Are we ready to bake bread again?

Maybe this time without the looming threat of empty supermarket bread aisles and flour shortages. Like, just because we actually really want to and not because if we didn’t we would have nothing to make our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches out of.

Cool, cool.

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Happy weekend!

I think our heat wave is finally starting to break here (at least, it will be in the high 70s this weekend) which I am very grateful for. You know I am super PRO mask wearing, but it is so hard to be outside for long periods of time with one on when its in the 90s with a gazillion percent humidity. We still do it, obviously, but it just means we can’t stay outside for as long.

On the other hand, if this means the start of fall, I am so not ready!! How about you guys? Are you secretly wishing I’m going to post a pumpkin pie recipe next week? Tell the truth.

Our meal plan this week is still all SUMMER, featuring super easy chickpea gyros, one pan red curry, kale caesar pasta salad, cajun sweet potato (and fried okra!) salad, grilled avocado quesadillas, fresh tomato sauce pasta, and my absolute favorite chewy chocolate cookies that are perfect for after school/work snacking. Happy eating!!

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