Crispy chickpea and farro tabbouleh bowls that are positively bursting with flavor! A hearty farro base is paired with fresh veggies, a lemon vinaigrette, and topped with a tahini-yogurt sauce.
Crispy Chickpea and Farro Tabbouleh Bowls with Feta and Tahini-Yogurt Sauce

Oh, HELLO!!!

Crispy harissa-laced chickpeas, sweet roasted red peppers, crunchy cucumber bites, juicy tomato nibbles, hearty farro, all the feta cheese, so many fresh herbs – a perfect combo all on its own if you ask me. BUT we’re taking it a step farther (of course we are) and adding the BEST swoonworthy tahini-yogurt sauce drizzle. This stuff – I could drink it.

I have drunk it.

(No one is surprised.)

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Smoky blistered asparagus topped with a spicy, nutty, and completely addictive gunpowder masala.
Blistered Asparagus with Gunpowder Masala

Are you ready to be wow-ed?

Like, jaw-dropping, mouth on the floor but also LICKING YOUR PLATE CLEAN wow-ed?

That’s what this recipe is about to do to your asparagus game. Seriously, it should be illegal for something to taste this good.

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Hey Saturday-ers!

I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news – this will be the last day of meal plans in this incarnation. The lovely Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan ladies and I have decided to disband for a few reasons including time constraints, some back-end blog concerns (it’s complicated), etc. I’ve been doing these meal plans for a long time – at least five years! – and they have gone through many iterations of blogger contributors since then. It’s time for a change!

Which brings me to the good news, which is that I still plan to provide weekly meal plans, but they will include only recipes from my site for the most part. If I stumble across a recipe from another blogger that I really love, I may include it, but the majority of the plans will be all Eats Well With Others all the time. As part of that, I’m thinking of doing a weekly cook-through of one of the recipes either on Instagram or Facebook (whatever platform is more appealing to you guys!) so that you can see me make the recipe and even cook along with me! I’ll do a poll on Instagram Stories and Facebook later this week, so follow me on those platforms if you don’t already!

Onto the meal plan! We’re going out with a bang and some great recipes this week:

  • crispy tofu tacos – sign me up!
  • feta and orzo pasta salad – simple comfort food
  • artichoke and quinoa enchiladas – a unique but delicious enchilada filling
  • one pan veggie red curry – perfect weeknight meal
  • easy vegan black bean tacos – yes please!
  • AND salted peanut blondies for dessert!!

Happy eating!

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A blueberry slab pie for a crowd!! This slab pie is made in a half sheet pan and is perfect for any outdoor spring or summer get-togethers. It is perfectly spiced and bursting with berry flavor.
Blueberry Slab Pie For A Crowd

Blueberry slab pie for a crowd!!

Like, a large crowd.

Maybe even a small army? 

Or you could just horde it to yourself and eat it for every meal for a week!! No one would blame you.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Truly Grass Fed. All opinions are 100% mine.

This spinach and artichoke quiche is perfect for any spring get-together, whether that be an outdoor picnic or a Mother’s Day brunch! It is made with a super flaky all-butter crust and a creamy veggie-filled custard filling.
Spinach and Artichoke Quiche

It is finally finally finally warm enough for picnic season and I am HERE FOR IT!!

Lazing the afternoon away on a blanket in the park, wind in your hair, glass of something fruity and sparkly in one hand, a plate full of food in the other, children playing in the background – that’s the life. 

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Crispy Thai fried fish is paired with a sour green mango salad that is a flavor explosion of tangy, salty, and sweet in every bite.
Crispy Thai Fried Fish and Green Mango Salad

Look, I love a sticky sweet juice-dripping-down-your-chin mango as much as the next gal, but you truly haven’t lived until you’ve had a sour mango eating experience.

Now this is not at all the same as eating an almost-but-not-quite-ripe mango, which I have done many a time either when I’ve misjudged a mango’s ripeness or had my hand forced by a toddler who insisted on mango NOW despite my warnings that they weren’t quite ready yet. It is disappointing at best and unpalatable at worst.

This is different. It is a celebration of the sour mango in its own right! Embracing its mouth-puckeringly tart qualities and letting them shine by layering them with flavors that will truly make them sing. 

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