Everything you love about brunch in one pie! This lower east side brunch tart pairs a creamy custard with smoked salmon, capers, onions, tomatoes, and cream cheese bits.
Lower East Side Brunch Tart

Oh, hi. I’ve made brunch plans for you this weekend.

And they are allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll about this tart.

Let’s be real – if it were up to me, I would eat brunch every day!!! Some might argue that might make it less special and I’d get bored of it, blah blah blah. Impossible!!! There are definitely enough brunch options to keep me occupied for all 365 days of the year x MANY YEARS. Unfortunately there’s this pesky thing called work that stands in my way of my brunch-all-day dreams. My solution – put all of my favorite brunch things in one tart!!!!

And here we are.

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These tahini and halva brownies are insanely rich with a gooey chocolate filling that is mixed with nutty halva chunks and a tahini swirl on top.
Tahini and Halva Brownies

Allow me to introduce you to basically the best brownie I’ve ever eaten.

Just in time for Mother’s Day!!!

*hint hint hint hint hint hint hint*

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We celebrated Remy’s birthday at her daycare on Tuesday and, let me tell you, after this week that feels like a LIFETIME ago! Her party is this weekend and I’m sure it will be mayhem but also a lot of fun getting to see her run around with her friends.

I probably won’t have a ton of time to cook this weekend, but hopefully you will! Here’s what we’ve got on this week’s meal plan:

  • buddha bowls!! with roasted sweet potatoes, spiced chickpeas and chard (mmmmmmm!)
  • gnocchi pizza bake with white beans (def going to try this)
  • avocado egg salad (such a fun twist!)
  • mango, wheat berry, and arugula salad with cilantro lime dressing (love this idea)
  • charred white bean, broccoli, and lemony freekeh salad (a favorite!!)

Happy eating!!

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A richly spiced slow-cooked red bell pepper and paneer curry.
Slow-Cooked Pepper and Paneer Curry

Can I tell you my big life achievement of the week?????

Lest you think I saved any lives, resuscitated anyone from the brink of death, etc. Uh, NO.

But I DID get my child to eat asparagus – willingly¬†and with excitement on her face and that is so much more momentous. She actually happily shrieked, “ASPARAGUS!!!!” when she saw it, as if she’d been loving it her whole life (<– false) and then grabbed it by the fistful to shove it in her mouth. It’s not like I’ve served it to her at least eight times in the past month and each time she’s shoved it to the side in disgust.

So that’s basically the only vegetable she’s eaten in the past year. Yay!!!!!

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Roasted salmon topped with a sweet and spicy glaze served over a bed of creamed hominy.
Roasted Sweet Chipotle Salmon with Creamed Hominy

The weird/awesome thing about having a food blog for ten years is getting to look back at the written history of your life – the good, the bad, the ugly.

Like, in 2009 I could write a post about putting tomato on grilled cheese as if it were a serious recipe and then take a picture of it on the one green plastic plate I owned in college, with a point and shoot camera. And that was considered acceptable!!! A complete stranger even commented on it.


Pretty sure if I did that now, this site would get pushed so far down on Google’s rankings that it would never see the light of day.

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Hi! Happy weekend!

In four days I’m going to have a three year old. ISN’T THAT CRAZY. She’s still requesting a pink cake for her birthday so I’m thinking of making the strawberry cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction for her actual birth DAY. And then the funfetti sheet cake I already have on the blog for her birthday party. And then WHO KNOWS WHAT for her family birthday party. The sky is the limit.

This weekend we’re going for a run and then to a birthday party for one of Remy’s daycare friends. And then tomorrow I’m doing a 24 hour call. YUCK, but it’s my last one of residency so I’ve just got to power through.

Here’s what we’ve got on this week’s meal plan!

  • chickpea flour crepes – brunch for breakfast!
  • quinoa “fried” rice – takeout at home but HEALTHY
  • zucchini arugula feta frittata – love for lunch or dinner or breakfast!
  • loaded pinto bean tortilla soup – tastes like nachos but in soup form
  • veggie stuffed delicata squash – still craving all the squashes (it will never end)

Happy eating!

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