I don’t know about you all, but I’m still in this weird phase of post-Thanksgiving exhaustion so I don’t really feel like cooking anything but ALSO we only have a few tawdry leftovers in the fridge so…I really need to cook something. Like, ASAP.

It’s compounded by the fact that I’m on call this weekend and covering all the endocrine needs of three major hospitals. Yesterday I didn’t get home until 7PM, which is pretty much the latest I’ve gotten home since JULY.

Thankfully it’s easy to get your cooking mojo back up and running with just a quick glance at this week’s meal plan. So much healthy goodness! Here’s what we’re cooking:

  • 15 minute tomato soup – SIGN ME UP and bring me some grilled cheese to go with it, puh-lease
  • vegan butternut squash pasta – creamy in the BEST WAY
  • roasted vegetable stacked enchiladas – total comfort
  • easy weeknight kidney bean curry – all my curry-loving dreams come true!
  • easy peanut butter tofu – YES PLEASE

Happy eating!

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A hearty and healthy Tuscan white bean, kale, and farro stew.
Tuscan White Bean, Kale, and Farro Stew

Hi, over here! Buried under a pile of flour and butter and pumpkin pie filling.

I’ve done some prep work to get ready but tonight is when the real baking marathon starts and, wouldn’t you know, MY CHILD STILL EXPECTS TO EAT DINNER. Especially ironic given that she never actually eats the food I put in front of her.


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A walnut baklava slab pie that pairs the gooey deliciousness of pecan pie with the warmth and spice of baklava.
Walnut Baklava Slab Pie

I was going to feel about bad throwing you a pie curveball at the last possible Thanksgiving second, but you really can’t feel sorry about sharing a baklava slab pie with the world.

I mean, have you checked out that gooey dream of a filling??? It would have been so much more of a sin (and kind of a lot for my skinny jeans) to keep it all to myself!

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Anyone else COMPLETELY in denial that Thanksgiving is this week?!?! I feel like this year is just flying by. Wasn’t it just August??

I’m sure everyone has pie on the brain and you don’t really want to be bothered too much with regular healthy dinners, BUT YOU NEED TO EAT!! And fuel yourself for the marathon that is Thanksgiving cooking and baking!!!

Don’t worry – we’ve got options. Here’s what’s on the menu this week!

  • mushroom lentil loaf – you won’t miss the meat!
  • spaghetti squash with vegan spinach artichoke sauce – so creamy
  • butternut squash and yam curry – perfect if you overbought some Thanksgiving veggies!
  • linguine with chickpeas and zucchini – so easy! so delicious!
  • vegetarian cauliflower fried rice – way to pack those veggies in

Happy eating!

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An easy baked ziti filled with all of the colors of the Italian flag – red tomato sauce, green chopped spinach, and white creme fraiche-parmesan sauce.
Italian Flag Baked Ziti

I know what you’re thinking:

does the world really need another baked ziti recipe?!?!?!

And I am here to tell you – abso-freaking-lutely YES!!!

I mean, as a full-blooded Italian I’ve basically had pasta coursing through my veins since before I could speak, so clearly not biased at all on the importance of incorporating it into every aspect of your being.

But, still.

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A sweet and savory caramelized cherry tomato, potato, and goat cheese tarte tatin.
Caramelized Cherry Tomato, Potato, and Goat Cheese Tarte Tatin

Ottolenghi calls this a “surprise” tatin and I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that.

“Surprise” because it’s savory?

“Surprise” because it’s so impossibly delicious that you can’t even imagine how much so until you taste it?

“Surprise” to your self-restraint if you’re able to not eat it all in one sitting?

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