What To Cook This Week collage 6-5-21

Ohhhhhhhh boy am I excited about this week’s meals!

And just the week in general. We are having DOUBLE ninety degree days this weekend and I’m a little scared, but also pretty excited. Summer feels like it’s finally here! Tomorrow we’re heading to my mom’s house to celebrate hers and her husband’s birthdays (but really to greedily sop up as much pool time as possible). I’ll be making an insane cake (even for me) that I can’t wait to share with you guys! You can follow along on Instagram for a sneak peek.

Okay let’s dive into the meal plan. Here’s what we’re cooking this week!

  • Sunday is all about INDULGENCE. We’ll be cooking fettuccine with asparagus and parmesan fonduta, which is basically a fancier (but also easier) version of fettuccine alfredo. Bring you stretchy pants.
  • Life is all about balance so on Monday we’re eating dhal-baked eggs. It is full of protein and healthful ingredients, along with delicious spice and flavor.
  • Tuesday’s summer corn, monterey jack, and brown rice stuffed peppers are my favorite summery stuffed vegetable. I’ll be making these on Instagram stories this week, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!
  • Spinach and white bean veggie burgers are coming in hot on Wednesday and for all of our summer bbq needs. Highly recommend serving these with sweet potato fries and/or grilled veggies.
  • We’re closing out the week with a salad, but not just any salad – my zucchini, bell pepper, and HALLOUMI panzanella. This is filled with Middle Eastern flavors and it is just so good. You won’t feel like you’re eating rabbit food with this one.
  • For dessert, we’re making my double chocolate zucchini cake. It’s the perfect way to use up any zucchini excess you’re already starting to harbor (or that your greener-thumbed neighbors are already starting to foist on you).

Happy eating!

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An almond poppy seed bundt cake that is deceptively simple but will soon become one of your favorite cakes! It is rich with almond flavor, moist, tender and one of the best cakes you’ll make all year.
Almond Poppy Seed Bundt Cake

Are there laws about marrying a bundt cake?

Asking for a friend.

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Pasta with zucchini, tomatoes, pistachios, and feta cheese is a simple pasta dish with Sicilian roots that is full of bright, fresh flavors – perfect for summer eating.
Pasta with Zucchini, Tomatoes, Pistachios, and Feta

Lightly tomato-sauced pasta with melt-in-your-mouth zucchini and a topping of feta and toasty pistachios is something that I am never disappointed to eat, whether it be a brisk spring day or a sweltering summer eve. 

In fact it’s extra perfect for this time when I feel like we have been cooking every meal forever and some days I just don’t think I can do one more. I’m bored of all my usual meals but also all of our takeout options and I also don’t feel like embarking on new exciting gazillion step recipe adventures. It’s so disheartening and uncharacteristic of me, I know, but there it is.

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what to cook this week

Hello hello and happy memorial day weekend!!

Of course we’re having one of the rainiest and coldest weekends of the past few months. Womp womp. I’ve resigned myself to being inside for three days (also I’ve put a lot of white wine in the fridge), so I’m feeling moderately prepared. Hopefully the weather is behaving where you are because we have a few recipes in this week’s meal plan that are perfect for some outdoor celebrations!

Here’s what we’re cooking this week:

  • A blueberry, nectarine, and burrata salad that is absolutely perfect for this time of year! The fruit adds such nice sweetness but there’s also white beans, burrata, and almonds to make it a bit more hearty. It’s dressed in my favorite (and super easy) maple balsamic vinaigrette – I recommend doubling this recipe and using it for side salads throughout the week!
  • Monday (especially if you’re going to be rained in, ahem) is looking like it needs a big pan of mac and cheese. This week we’re cooking a more sophisticated “adult” version that is filled with cauliflower, capers, and fresh herbs.
  • So excited for Tuesday and the fresh matar paneer that’s on the menu! This is a healthier and more produce-heavy version of the classic Indian recipe and it’s perfect for spring. I’ll be cooking through this one on Instagram Stories, so keep an eye out for it there!
  • A little comfort food to get us through hump day in the form of asparagus and potato chowder. This is so richly flavored and hearty in the best way.
  • It wouldn’t be a holiday weekend without a pesto pasta salad, so we’re closing out the week with one. You can switch these around and move this to beginning of the week if you want to make it for a barbecue. This recipe is full of roasted veggies and relies on premade pesto to save time and energy (though you could totally make your own if you’re so inclined!). I used mini raviolis for the pasta, but you could really use any tubular pastas, farfalle, or even tortellini.
  • For dessert we’re flexing our pastry muscles and making strawberry shortcake cream puffs! These are the perfect bite sized spring treats – a pate a choux shell filled with homemade pastry cream and fresh strawberries. YUM.

Happy eating!

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