Happy Saturday!

I’m working this weekend, so excuse the brevity but I need to be inserting a coffee IV into my veins and chart reviewing all of my patients.

Let’s talk meal plans! This week we’re eating:

  • pinto bean taco lettuce wraps – SO easy and healthy
  • vegan chickpea curry – yup, pass a bowl
  • black-eyed pea stew with green herb smash – so much color and fresh flavor
  • mediterranean vegetable pasta – total comfort food
  • tofu broccoli pasta – wow

Happy eating!

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A beautifully spiced banana bread cake roll filled with cream cheese frosting – a fun alternative to banana bread!
Banana Bread Cake Roll

Banana bread cake roll!!!

Striking fear into the hearts of former Great British Bake Off contestants everywhere. 

To all the rest of us “normal bakers”, don’t you fret. I made this at 9PM on a Friday after a glass of wine and lived to tell the tale (and gleefully eat it the next morning). SO CAN YOU!

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A cheesy roasted brussels sprout and ricotta pizza that is topped with sweet and spicy jalapeno honey – each bite is full of flavor and just incredible!

Roasted Brussels Sprout, Ricotta, and Jalapeno Honey Pizza

My favorite part of pizza night?

Getting to make all sorts of out there, kinda weird, mega delicious pizzas that you could NEVER find in your neighborhood pizza joint. 

Ironically, that may be husband’s least favorite part. He reserves a *lot* of skepticism for my homemade pizza experiments. Not gonna lie, there have been a few misses, but also a whole lot of WINS. 

Like this!

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These frigid weekends at home with nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to see are starting to get to me. I was never someone to really be affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, but there’s a first year for everything. Maybe I need to buy one of those lamps?

The other mom in our pandemic homeschool pod and I were reminiscing this week about what we were doing last year at this time. It’s so weird to think back to those early coronavirus days knowing what we know now. We were so blissfully naive. I remember thinking it was probably all going to be over in a few weeks. Hah. Famous last words.

No point in dwelling on the past, though. Let’s dive into this week’s healthy vegetarian meal plan! Here’s what we’re cooking:

  • BBQ chickpea veggie rice bowls – perfect way to eat the rainbow
  • chipotle black bean burgers – love the smoky spice
  • roasted veggie fajita lettuce wraps – such an easy meal!
  • lentil soup – can be made in the instant pot (<– winning) or stovetop
  • sun-dried tomato quesadillas – very into these
  • and for dessert – CARAMEL BLONDIES, YES PLEASE

Happy eating!

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A decadent chocolate covered raspberry pie that starts with an all-butter chocolate pie crust that is filled with a rich chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries, then topped with a sweet and tart raspberry coulis.
Chocolate Covered Raspberry Pie

Can you even handle the decadence??!!

There is some serious chocolate on chocolate on raspberry madness in here. 

Making it was one of those times where I alllmmmoosssttt wished we could have people over again so I would have someone to share it with. 


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