What To Cook This Week - 11-13-21

Happy weekend! For anyone wondering, Remy did great with her vaccine last weekend. She didn’t have a single side effect, not even a sore arm, and we are grateful for every little bit of extra protection.

This weekend is starting out fairly warm so we are planning to spend some time outside today. It may be one of the last good weather weekends and we need to make the most of it while we can!

Here’s what we’re cooking:

  • Starting off the week with crispy gnocchi with roasted winter squash, cherry tomatoes, and ricotta. One of my favorites!
  • Next up – a hearty and wholesome vegan black-eyed pea and cauliflower chili.
  • On Tuesday we’re making Indian roasted chickpea and sweet potato curry. It bakes in one pot in the oven and is so warming!
  • Butternut squash pizza with ricotta and balsamic syrup is the perfect middle-of-the-week pick-me-up.
  • Finally, we’re ending the week with rigatoni with spicy pumpkin cream sauce.
  • For dessert we’re making TRIPLE chocolate cookies.

Happy eating!

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A rich cranberry orange bundt cake that is perfect for weekend or holiday brunches! The cake has a lovely dense crumb with the tart citrus and cranberry punctuating every bite.
Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake

If you’re getting a little tired of pie and pumpkin, then do I have a bundt cake for you!!

Full disclosure that I could NEVER be bored of pie but I’m also never going to be mad about breakfast cake, especially one that’s as stunningly delicious as this cranberry orange bundt cake! It combines cranberries and burst of citrus flavor into a dense buttery pound cake base to make a cake worthy of your holiday celebrations.

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A cheesy, comforting, exactly what you’ve been craving one pan rice and bean enchilada casserole! It’s basically all of your Tex Mex cravings come true.
One Pan Rice and Bean Enchilada Casserole

Hello new favorite (and possibly easiest) dinner EVER.

Not an exaggeration, I am in love with this meal. After one bite I literally rushed over to the pan for seconds before I’d even made a dent in my firsts.

Excessive? Perhaps, but I couldn’t risk letting my husband get there before me. IYKYK.

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What To Cook This Week - 11-6-21

We are (literally) running out the door this morning to get Remy to her appointment for her first Covid shot! So let’s just get to the food, shall we?

Here’s what we’re cooking:

  • Starting off the week with the ultimate Sunday meal – tomato and brown butter ravioli. I think even my Italian grandma would approve of this one.
  • Next up – Indian butter paneer burritos! A fun fusion take on one of my favorite Indian dishes.
  • On Tuesday we’re making Thai-inspired tofu rama with peanut curry sauce. Feel free to use whatever veggies you have in the fridge to bulk this up.
  • Butternut squash and caramelized onion galette is one of my favorite fall meals! It’s also a great vegetarian option for the holidays.
  • Finally, we’re ending the week with a truly delightful roasted butternut and brussels sprout pesto pasta salad. So tasty.
  • For dessert (or brunch!), we’re making pumpkin chess pie bars. The best!

Happy eating!

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A warmly spiced pear bourbon crumble pie made with an all-butter crust and topped with a delicious oat crumble – perfect for your holiday table!
Pear Bourbon Crumble Pie

Let’s hear it for the underdog of the fall fruit family!!

The underappreciated and, in my opinion, completely misunderstood PEAR.

If I’m being honest, even I did not fully appreciate the beauty of a good pear until fairly recently. For the longest time I was scarred by the memory of all the mealy, grainy fruit cup pears I was given by my grandparents in childhood, convinced that I would never – COULD never – love a pear.

All it took was my husband’s law firm sending us a gift box of Harry & David pears at the holidays for the past four years to convince me that maayyybeeee I should give them another shot.

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Eggplant dumplings alla parmigiana are a game-changer when it comes to vegetarian meatballs! They are vegetable-based, hearty, and bursting with Italian flavor.
Ottolenghi's Eggplant Dumplings Alla Parmigiana

Every time I look around, I swear there’s a new kind of vegetarian meatball or artificial meat substitute on the market. They are all the rage among anyone trying to reduce their animal product intake who still craves the flavors of actual meat. Even my husband says they are pretty close to the real thing, and he is fairly picky when it comes to that kind of thing.

As someone who really does not like the texture or taste of meat, I can’t stand any of them! Not to mention the fact that they have just about as many artificial ingredients as a pack of Skittles. Not interested.

I so much prefer vegetarian meals that are delicious in their own right, not trying to mimic something else, and are made from real (pronounceable) ingredients.

Eggplant dumplings alla parmigiana deliver on ALL FRONTS.

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