New potato and chickpea chaat is a popular Indian street food filled with crispy potatoes, chickpeas, sweet-and-sour date and tamarind chutney, and yogurt for freshness.
New Potato and Chickpea Chaat

Let’s chaat!!

(Get it…chat, chaat. Somewhere Remy’s future 13 year old self is pretending she doesn’t know me. It’s fine, we’re fine.)

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This pasta with burst cherry tomato sauce is ideal summer eating. It’s filled with bright, fresh flavors and an addictive fried caper breadcrumb topping.
Pasta with Burst Cherry Tomato Sauce and Fried Caper Crumbs

The usual fate of my cooking magazines goes a little something like this:

Receive magazine. Magazine sits on my bookshelf for five+ years. Eventually, a decade later, I’ll maybe cook something from it.

It’s bad. I’m trying to be better about it. In part because I’m sure there are a ton of recipe gems hidden away that I could have been cooking for the past ten years. Think of all that wasted time!! I feel especially bad about neglecting my Cook’s Illustrated magazines because I know how much time and energy they spend testing the recipes to discover the perfect strategy for making a specific dish.

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A black and blue pie topped with a brown sugar crumb topping and filled with the perfect sweet-tart combo of blackberries and blueberries.
Black and Blue Pie with Brown Sugar Crumb

It’s Friday so please just hand me the glass (bottle…I mean bottle) of rosé and a slice of pie, and no one will get hurt.

I’ve been waiting all week for this!! The countdown starts the second Remy gets up on Monday (so, at 6AM ugh) and ends at 5PM on Friday when I feel like I’ve been morally responsible enough in waiting to crack open the vino. That’s also about the time I hand her the Amazon tablet and let her go crazy with the PBS Kids app, all under the guise of needing time to “cook dinner” (aka hide in the kitchen and eat pie straight from the pie pan).

(JK, I adore her and can’t get enough of her. Most of the time.)

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A farro and kale salad that is light and refreshing for an easy summer lunch or light dinner. It features, peas, radishes, cucumbers, and a saffron vinaigrette.
Farro and Kale Salad with Saffron Vinaigrette

Anyway else feel like we’re stuck in a weird time warp dream and maybe at some point we’ll wake up and it will be March again?

Yeah, that’s me.

Every week as I’m trying to figure out what to cook, I’m like well, it’s early spring so… BUT GUYS IT’S BASICALLY SUMMER. Like, in five days.

How is this possible?

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Fresh corn grits topped with collard greens and roasted cherry tomatoes make for a hearty breakfast or brunch.
Fresh Corn Grits with Collard Greens and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Making good on my promise to augment my cookbook collection with more black-authored cookbooks, here’s the first in (hopefully!) a series of posts showcasing what I’ve discovered and loved.

This recipe is from the cookbook Afro-Vegan by newly minted James Beard award winner Bryant Terry. He just won the award for his second cookbook, Vegetable Kingdom, which I hope to dive into soon. But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

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Pretty-in-pink strawberries and cream macarons filled with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and strawberry preserves.
Strawberries and Cream Macarons

Nothing like a little extended time at home to work on your macaron technique!

Or you could study for your medicine boards.

Totally your call.

(I chose macarons, can you tell??)

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