I’ve felt these past two weeks as if I were starting life over again.

One of my friends noticed the difference the other day when he saw me in our lobby.  “You look…happy?”, were his words.

I had no real answer other than that I happened to wake up on the right side of the bed that morning, but that really if he had seen me the day before I probably would have been a full force kind of disaster.  Category 5 hurricane-esque.  Good days, bad days.  We all have ’em.  So who knows.

But then I thought about it.  And you know?  I have been happier lately.  (Aside from Saturday, of course, when I saw the cutest little two year old at Starbucks and almost started to cry after my ovaries exploded in my peritoneal cavity.  That was fun.)


Maybe it’s the fact that I can feel myself starting to be able to run again. Not perfectly or entirely pain-free or quickly.  But I don’t feel like I’m lopsided anymore.  I ran a 10K on Saturday (even though my physical therapist threatened me with his eyes when I told him I was going to do it.  Psshhhhh.  They don’t scare me. I can take them.).  Really ran it.  And it felt like I was being reborn.  And the more I can run, the more I want to do good things for myself and my body.  Eat better.  Be kinder.  Not look at myself with denigrating eyes (the kind of eyes that will take this outside and then kick you when you’re down.  Now those…those scare me).

Maybe it’s the fact that in a week I will be headed to San Francisco to see my best friend.  She is going to make me feel whole again.  Completely.  Entirely.  We are going to laugh so hard that our stomach’s hurt and I am going to cook her deliciously healthy food (what, did you people think I was going to go on vacation and not cook!  What kind of a vacation would that be?) and walk everywhere and visit the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market every day and spend so much money there that I can’t afford to come home and thus will have to stay forever.  Oh and we are going to eat mass amounts of Bi-Rite ice cream.

And I want to see you.  Yes.  YOU.  If you live in and around SF please please please email me and we can make a date!  I haven’t been on dates in a long time.  So I should warn you, I’m a little out of practice.  But you’ll think it’s cute and charming and endearing, right?  I hope so.


Really, though. I think this newfound happiness of mine likely has something to do with the fact that I discovered good feta cheese.  Real feta cheese.  The Whole Foods container even goes so far as to call it “authentic Greek feta cheese”.

Okay so maybe it’s not the most real authentic serious feta cheese in the world.  But compared to the pre-crumbled stuff that I used to buy…I promise there’s no comparison.  That cheap-o stuff was dry.  And so tangy and powdery that it hurt to eat it.  (Though that never really stopped me.)

But this feta cheese?  It’s creamy.  Addictive.  It melts in your mouth.  It’s everything you never knew that feta cheese could be.  You’ll somehow find yourself in your kitchen mindlessly cutting slices off the block of it while you wait for your cauliflower to cook.  Oh and yes, you’ll be making this recipe while you’re doing it (duh).  Because though the components of this sound very plain Jane boring.  Their whole is so much greater than the sum of their parts.  The tangy acidic white wine vinegar combo is cut beautifully by the fatty walnuts and feta cheese.  And the cauliflower and pasta just soak it all in.  Bask in it.  Really, it’s glorious.


Today at Eat.Live.Be. we are looking back at that habit we were going to try to break two weeks ago.  Remember that?  You thought I wasn’t going to hold you accountable for that, didn’t you?  Well, I am like an elephant. I never forget (unless we’re talking about embryology, autonomic drugs, or how to tell the difference between nephrotic and nephritic syndrome…then I forget within hours. Apparently.)

So first I’ll tell you how I did.  My goal was to try to stop seeing food in such binary terms.  Good v. bad.  Black and white.  Not even a speckle of gray.  In the hopes that this would cut down on the guilt and berating and subsequent binges as soon as I “messed up”.  While I did have some slip-ups along the way, I would say that on the whole I’ve done pretty well.  Sure, I taste tested a few cheesecake bars and a brownie or two but I didn’t let it ruin the rest of my day.  There were a few hours of self-denigration, to be sure.  But then I did something completely novel. I moved on. Without trying to nibble on everything else in my kitchen.  It was weird.  And awesome.  And has certainly contributed to my current state of happiness.

So how have you guys done?  Leave a comment or write a post about it!

And be sure to see how all the other Eat.Live.Be-ers have done!


Pasta with Cauliflower, Walnuts, and Feta
Serves 3, adapted from Chez Panisse Vegetables

1 head cauliflower
1 medium onion
4 cloves garlic
1/2 lb whole wheat pasta
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
red pepper flakes, to taste
3 tbsp white wine vinegar
1/2-1 lemon
1/4 cup toasted walnuts, chopped
1/4 cup parsley, chopped
2 oz GOOD feta cheese (no crumbles!)

1. Put a large pot of salted water on to boil.  Chop the cauliflower into small florets.  Peel the onion and slice it very thin.  Peel and finely chop the garlic.  When water comes to a boil, cook pasta until al dente (or to desired consistency).

2. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat.  Add the cauliflower and saute.  When it begins to soften, season with salt and pepper and add onion and red pepper flakes, cooking until the veggies are brown and tender.  Add the garlic and remove from the heat, tossing and stirring so the garlic will cook but not burn.

3.  Add 1/2 lemon’s worth of juice to the veggies to start and the white wine vinegar.  Add the walnuts and parsley. Mix and season to taste either more salt, pepper, vinegar or lemon juice.

4. When the pasta is done, drain it and add it to the cauliflower.  Taste again for vinegar and lemon juice, as well as salt and pepper.  Serve with the cheese crumbled over the top.

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114 Responses to Pasta with Cauliflower, Walnuts, and Feta…Eat.Live.Be!

  1. Can you please bring me back some bi-rite ice cream?! Ah so jealous of your upcoming trip!!! This looks delicious and you are so right about good feta… it is just SO good!!!

    Oh and reading how happy you have been makes me happy:-) Hope your legs continue to cooperate!

  2. Simply Life says:

    Looks like I see to start finding a new feta brand – this looks wonderful!

  3. I’m actually not a big fan of feta but I am certainly glad it has brought you this happiness. I get that something seemingly insignificant CAN bring happiness and almost change your whole mood and outlook. Even if it is “just” cheese.

    I’ve actually had a horrible 2 weeks. Can I start over? I feel renewed now and want a do over. 🙂

  4. I am not a feta person but I could see myself substituting it with something like smoked mozzarella? This looks to good to pass up just because of my cheese preference! So excited for your trip! Its going to be awesome!

  5. bellini says:

    Eating healthily, taking care of yourself, and not being so hard on yoruself are good ways to lead a very happy life Joanne. I am trying for all 3.

  6. Very inspiring! I am feeling totally bread-ed down this week. Too much bread, too much pizza. I need some more dishes like this to perk up!

  7. You cannot imagine how I wish i had this salad in front of me right now. It has all my favorites in it and so healthy too! Great photos!

  8. sofia says:

    yay for acknowledging happiness (and unhappiness, for that matter)!! we all get so caught up in the day to day stuff, it’s hard to take time and reflect on how we’re feeling (says the social worker). i’m glad you’re already feeling joy before your cali trip. enjoy it, lady!

  9. Johanna GGG says:

    firstly I think colours and it does seem all too beige but then I think textures and flavours and I find myself regretting my initial judgement – I am sure I would love it esp with a good creamy feta – they are the best – I am lucky enough never to have heard of the crumbled type – sounds horrid – though have had such hard blocks I can hardly crumble it. Glad to hear you feeling good about life – seems like you have earned it

  10. Claudie says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling happier! 🙂 And to see you be more positive! I’m sure these improvements will start showing in all the other aspects of your life.
    As for the feta: I know what you mean. I can’t really understand why there are so many crumbled versions, and why they don’t sell real feta in blocks more often… such a difference! By the way, if you really enjoy feta, you should try the Bulgarian “feta” — “sirene” once 😉 (or more than once hehe)
    PS: I will be emailing you!

  11. Joanne says:

    I believe that running contributes to making you feel happier. I’m a walker, and if I’m away for it for any length of time, I get very antsy to get out there and start moving!

  12. OohLookBel says:

    Well, you’ve certainly sold me on this ‘glorious’ dish. I can only hope to be as happy as you after making it =D

  13. Pam says:

    I’ve found that feta cheese too! I love it. And apart from the WW pasta (hate the stuff), this looks great!

  14. I love feta, I’ll have to make this recipe for just me and I will love it! We part ways at happy to run. I am thrilled to just schlep along. Or drive 🙂

  15. janet says:

    Happiness is bliss! Glad things are going well and hope you enjoy your vacation in SF. 🙂 Be sure to pick up some Rancho Gordo heirloom beans if you make it to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Terminal. Very jealous of all people in SF. 🙂

  16. Oh that precrumbled stuff is so dry compared to the fresh blocks! Nice stuff. I’m jealous of your trip to see your friend…with the baby I think…will I ever see my friends again?

  17. That was exactly how I felt the first time I made Feta at home…what an amazing difference! I love this dish, too…perfect combination of goodies coming together.

  18. I love cauliflower! I feel like it’s not always the most sought after veggie by most people, but I think it’s yummy. And paired with feta? Even better!
    Congrats on the 10k! Hope you have fun in SF! 🙂

  19. Barbara says:

    A lovely light and healthy dish, Joanne. I wonder if roasting the cauliflower would make it even better?

  20. Faith says:

    I hope you have an amazing time in SF…with lots of relaxation, down time, and FUN!! 🙂 The pasta looks phenomenal, I really love the nutty crunch from the walnuts.

  21. This looks terrific, and your trip to SF sounds amazing. Funny, what sounds the best to me is that daily trip to the farmer’s market. Why oh why do I live on the east coast???

  22. Shannon says:

    Oh wow… I want to run to WF right now and buy a block of that “good feta”. I know that would be dangerous though. I am a cheese fiend.

    Love the simplicity of the dish yet I’m sure the flavors together are amazing.

  23. Danielle says:

    Now I’m a mission to find some good real feta – I can’t wait to taste the difference.

  24. Mo 'Betta says:

    I’m glad you are happy! And now I want some real feta cheese. Do you think this would work with roasted cauliflower? Enjoy your trip!

  25. polwig says:

    Looks so good… Maybe you are happy because the semester is almost over? Nah… have fun in San Fran and if you ever feel the urge to “play” with 2 year olds when you see one, I will drive to NY with my 3 year old twins and you can babysit. Believe me after few hours of that “cute” mayhem you will be even happier you are single.

  26. Greenderella says:

    Haha, you’re very funny! And your food looks delicious!! I’m happy to have found your site!

  27. Amy says:

    You talkin’ ta me? I know you’re talking ta me. Still trying to figure out how we can hook up. I’m on mommy duty during the days and the weeknights are full with post-preschool obligations. See, you only think you want a baby…but if you had one, you wouldn’t have time to run anymore, and your mission to find a cure for cancer would turn into finding a way to trade shifts with another doctor so you can attend your daughter’s preschool scrapbooking event (which you don’t even care about.) Now, how do I get you to come to my house and cook this pasta for me. Hm.

  28. I’m so glad you’re feeling happy and not berating yourself for taste-testing a brownie! And laughing until you hurt with a friend is one of the best things on the planet. I have a friend coming to Chicago this weekend, and that is the plan: to laugh. To drink coffee. Maybe to cook . . . but maybe to just eat sushi on the town, heh heh.
    (Side note: I must get my hands on this real feta that you speak of–I also find the pre-crumbled stuff a little painful on the tongue).

  29. Marisa says:

    Love this use of cauliflower. Especially since it’s cauliflower season and I just never know what to do with ’em.

  30. I wish I lived in SF — it might be my favorite city in the world!!! enjoy it for me! if you’re looking for a fun (albeit pricey) place to get a drink, I really loved the hotel I stayed at years ago – The Clift. there’s an Asia De Cuba inside, which is far from indigenous to SF, but the decor was really fun and funky.

  31. MM says:

    Joanne- I think you are absolutely cute and charming and endearing! And your pasta dish ain’t to shabby either!

  32. You make the most fabulous dishes and desserts, you should Never feel guilty for not only taste testing what you make but eating it as well. And it is all very nutritious anyway!
    I live just an hour and 15 minutes from San Fran in Davis, Ca. If you have time (and it can be hard), I would love love love to meet up with you!!
    Im glad you have been happier lately!

  33. Ruth Daniels says:

    Have I told you lately how much I look forward to your posts… even if I don’t always leave a comment? Well I do! They’re smart, funny, gorgeous and delicious. Thanks for sharing this one with Presto Pasta Nights.

  34. Your pasta dishes are always so scrumptious and creative.I m not a feta person but mozarella & cauliflower do the trick for me here.Love the recipe.
    Live these happy moments Joanne..they are worthwhile.I m so happy read something upbeat this morning!

  35. Catherine says:

    Dear Joanne, I love all of the ingredients in this dish. I would have to change the cauliflower to perhaps broccoli, since my son can’t eat cauliflower. It would still work though, I am sure. Blessings and have a great day. Catherine xox

  36. I recently made pasta with roasted cauliflower, topped with feta and it was sublime. And yes those blocks of feta are much better than the crumbles!

  37. aipi says:

    I am so ready to jump and grab that platter, looks simply mouth watering.
    US Masala

  38. 1 head cauliflower for 3 persons? I am presuming its a small head. Never tried cauli and feta, curious

  39. MeghanM says:

    I treat your blog like a trip to the grocery store: I always have to eat right before I come or I’ll be miserable…lol. Always LOVE your posts.

  40. I know what you mean about finding a good feta. I am so lucky to have fresh made feta available at Max’s Market…where I buy my gas. She makes feta and sells it at the gas station, along with her spinach pie, gyros and much more. Her kids go to the school where I work and she even delivered lunch for me. The feta is so creamy and delicious! I will have to stop and pick up some more so I can make this! I love how you can eat healthy and not give up flavor!

  41. Megan says:

    I love that really salty, briny Greek feta. Have fun in SF. I am so jealous!

  42. Congrats on the 10K! This pasta looks great. Good feta is very important…we Greeks know that for sure 🙂

  43. theUngourmet says:

    Hope you have a terrific time visiting your best friend.

    Real feta rocks! 😉 Your pasta looks amazing!

  44. That Girl says:

    it’s awesome to have those feel good days, and even better when they outnumber the no good horrible days!

  45. Pam says:

    If you have a layover in Portland, let me know and I’ll come have coffee with you at the airport. You really, really should visit the Pacific NW – the food would make you so very happy and the people are cool too!

    Anyway, I am glad you are happier! The pasta looks fantastic and creative like usual.

  46. Suman Singh says:

    I am big pasta fan and this dish looks incredibly delicious..can’t wait to try this!

  47. This does not sound plain Jane at all. In fact, nothing with good feta can ever be plain Jane. Not even the feta by itself. This sounds so delicious, I can’t wait to try it!

  48. love this 🙂 yay for running again! And I totally wish I lived in SF. Maybe you’ll come through Virginia someday!

  49. What a wonderful looking combo of flavors 🙂

  50. So glad you can be running again. This walnut feta dish looks simple but perfect. I don’t think I have ever tried the non-crumbled Feta so now I must. I am on a mission. How was the bake sale?

  51. BigAppleNosh says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better! That looks like a wonderful dish 🙂

  52. Shanon says:

    yes! i just recently took the plunge to buy the real (more expensive) feta at whole foods too. i can’t believe the difference it made! it actually wasn’t even that THAT much more expensive. i need to cook more with cauliflower. did you by chance ever reheat this to eat as leftovers? whenever i make a pasta with lemon, i can’t stand it after it is reheated. this would probably be good as cold leftovers tho too.

  53. Swathi says:

    cauliflower and feta make nice combo thanks for introducing to me. Enjoy the days with your friend.

  54. Light and healthy! I really should incorporate more healthy stuff in my diet.

  55. That is wonderful that you are feeling happier! The upcoming trip will surely make you feel amazing!! Hopefully you get to meet up with some equally joyous bloggers 🙂

    I love cauliflower pasta, but haven’t had it in ages. I’ll have to try this with a dairy-free feta.

  56. yasmeen says:

    i was so happy to see this recipe and read your story.

    the recipe looks lovely – light, textural, savory, whole food.

    on a more personal level, i’ve just started jogging again after fracturing my kneecap last year (which came after a longstanding back injury, yippee!). i completely understand the joy and freedom that you’re experiencing. i’m only up to 3-4K at a time, and i’m going slowly, and it hurts, and i have to ice and soak after, but i’m moving again!

    so cheers to you and me for our progress, and for an excellent meal to fuel up for the next run 🙂

  57. Mary says:

    What a gorgeous looking pasta, Joanne. I wish I were in the SF area. I’d love to meet you. Is school finished for the summer or is this just a short break before returning to the grist mill? Have a good evening. Blessings…Mary

  58. This world truly is not fair!! How can it be that I live close to San Francisco for 8 years and now that I’m in Washington you choose to visit??!! Tis not right, I say! Hope you have a marvelous time with your bestie in one of my favorite cities in the whole world. 🙂

  59. Kristin says:

    Yummy Yummy Yummy. Give me a bucket of this stuff and color me happy. I wish I had a Wonka machine so that I could shrink myself into the computer screen and start chomping away on this!

  60. Claudia says:

    Well, we could meet up, you’d just have to hop over that puddle called the Pacific though. Luckily all it takes is a bit of nice feta to cheer you up. That’s a cheap date.

  61. If you have a chance… go to Tartine, NOPA, and Arizmendi Bakery. We’ll be there in a few weeks and I can’t wait! Have a fantastic trip, darling!

    Great pasta dish that is quick, easy, and full of flavor!!!

  62. Claire says:

    Yum! THis looks so good!!!! And that blueberry cheesecake in the previous post…yum!

  63. Lori says:

    So glad to hear you are easing back into running and feeling good! There is nothing like best friends (or San Francisco) to put a smile on your face. That shot of the full head of cauliflower looks so great. Picture perfect.

  64. Hannah says:

    Ah, how I’d love to take a vacation to SF! Lucky girl… Hope you eat tons of fantastic food and take a million pictures so I can relax and indulge vicariously! Enjoy, you deserve it. 🙂

  65. Thi post couldnt have come at a better time. My mum was trying to palm off some cauliflower to me the other day and I refused. We’re headed over there tonight so I might nab it and make this for Thursdays tea 🙂
    Glad you are feeling better! We all ahve our good and bad days but hopefully your good’s vast outweigh

  66. Damn, my stomach is growling now. This protein berry smoothie is not cutting it, now I want PASTA!!!!!

    HOORAY for feeling awesome! Just talking to my bff on the phone makes my day so much better, I can’t imagine actually getting to see her lol. Glad you’re able to run without as much pain, sports injuries are the absolute worst!!

  67. You’ll be two hours north of me The temptation to meet you at the Ferry Building is certainly on my mind. How fun to be with your Bestie in my favorite City! As for the pasta, I know I’d love it. I love cauliflower. Love Feta. I’m trying to bond with whole wheat pasta, but I have to get past that gritty texture. I know. It’s better for you. I’m on Day #1 of a week’s vacation in the Gold Rush Hills of California. Hubs and I are SPLITTING our meals. My appetite has waned, which is a good thing. Tomorrow, we hit the pool for some laps. Still, I have to splurge and have a bite of something sweet. You’re right. I need to move on. I look forward to hearing about your time in San Francisco. I’ll be waving at you from Monterey.

  68. Allison says:

    This looks wonderful. What a fun trip to SF. I lived a few blocks away from the Ferry Building for 7 years. I miss my mornings there. Actually made me a little weepy reading that you were going to be there. I will live vicariously through your visit. Enjoy and please eat lots of Bi-Rite … guilt free! I have always been told vacation calories don’t count.

  69. Kimberley says:

    Girl! Should we do it? Go on an awkward date? Have you been to Gracias Madre? Kinda seems right up your alley. Let me know if you’re game. We can excuse ourselves for being awkward. I love food adventures of all stripes.

  70. Dana says:

    OMG, you are only going to be 1,000 miles from Seattle. Sure you can’t swing a side trip? 🙂 Also, good feta cheese was probably #1 or #2 on all time greatest cooking discoveries. Finally, cauliflower – yes. In pasta – double yes.

  71. I am always amazed by your pasta dishes: inventive, healthy and with amazing combinations of flavours! This one is again perfect!

  72. megi says:

    I LOVE feta and there is a huge difference between good feta and the crumbly stuff from the grocery store. Have a wonderful trip!

  73. marla says:

    Joanne, love this flavor combo. I eat huge amounts of cauliflower every day. With feta even better. With walnuts & pasta even better than that. Wish I could see you in SF, love it there 🙂

  74. When I first saw the photos, I thought you had used tofu in your pasta dish… maybe that should be a thought, I am going to see if I can find a tofu pasta recipe. Although I cannot understand why running can make you so happy but I am happy for you that it does 🙂

  75. Greg says:

    My wife hates cauliflower and I bet even she would love this. Feta and pasta is such a great combo! Wonderful recipe.

  76. Lea Ann says:

    Wave as you fly over Denver! 🙂 I’m loving this recipe. I’m a cauliflower freak.

  77. Lenna says:

    I will omit the feta cheese but other than that this looks totally amazing and I am going to make my vegan-version of this tomorrow! I am making a dinner for a couple of meat-eating friends, so i hope they will appreciate this awesome looking meatless dish:)

  78. tigerfish says:

    I seldom prepare dishes with feta but I have seen it here, at your blog, a couple of times. And I know this is something I want to try.

  79. I see I am a day behind on this one! Wish I were going to be in SF! Hope you get tomeet up w/some blogging buddies! One day when I get back to NYC We may have to meet up!

    It makes me happy, you feel happy! I do think the running thing (pain free) is a huge factor! It feels good to be able to do what you love to do! XO

    This pasta dish makes US ALL HAPPY!

  80. Tasha says:

    I’m soooo jealous of your trip to SF. My best friend lives there too, and I wish I was going to see her. Instead I will have to settle for scheduled phone dates. Not quite the same.

    I have a slight obsession to feta, and with other favorites like cauliflower, pasta and walnuts, this sounds delightful.

  81. Glad to hear you are feeling happy. SF is such a fun place to visit and to be with good friends is just wonderful!

    This dish looks so tasty and healthy. Do try out Bulgarian feta if you can get a hold of it. It is much creamier and really good stuff.

  82. That feta sounds amazing. My local Greek pizzeria uses feta like that on salads and it’s to-die-for. So, now I am going to have to make the long trip to Whole Foods just to get some of my own. And a huge, amazing head of cauliflower too.

    And YAY! on feeling happier and renewed. That’s great news.

  83. Nadji says:

    Un mélange délicieux.
    J’aime beaucoup.
    See soon.

  84. Kristen says:

    Have fun in SF. There are so many bloggers in the bay area, I hope you get to meet many of them. It’s sort of how I feel about moving to FL. There are a ton of foodies there, too, and I hope to actually get to meet some in person.

    I love the pasta dish. I love the tang of feta and the crunch of walnuts paired with pasta.

  85. Gloria says:

    Joanne what nice and yummy idea! Love it! gloria

  86. Miriam says:

    Great combo with the food! [email protected]Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters
    P.S. I am SO glad that you’re happy, I am too 🙂

  87. This looks great. My husbands favorite meal to make is very similar. It uses brocolli instead, and the nut and brocolli are roasted in the oven. I’m sure it’s wonderful with cauliflower.

  88. Mo Diva says:

    Love this! that feta looks amazing.
    I recently had a life changing dish of burrata. I cant even drooling.
    (yeah i had the burrata in California)
    Im happy you are happy!
    IM happy too… but i think im happy more times than not. Food=instant happiness.

  89. ((Joanne)) I’m so glad you’re happier and running. Just be careful. Beautiful meal as always. I’m printing this one to try, it’s new for me!


  90. teresa says:

    this post made me so happy! don’t you love it when things start looking up and up, it’s so wonderful.

    i have got to find that feta, i’ve been buying the cheap stuff too and i have a feeling i would love that stuff.

  91. Maria says:

    Joanne, you and I think alike, I absolutely adore both walnuts and feta. This dish sounds so perfect! 🙂

  92. Shannon says:

    real feta is amazing. and i love this pasta dish. i’ll come to san fran, sounds like the perfect vacation 🙂

  93. “Aside from Saturday, of course, when I saw the cutest little two year old at Starbucks and almost started to cry after my ovaries exploded in my peritoneal cavity.”

    This line made me laugh, and maybe it shouldn’t have since it made you cry.

    Have fun in SF. I went there once, almost 10 years ago, and I LOVED it. Must find the money to go back and take The Husband this time.

  94. Peggy says:

    Only you could make a cauliflower look so beautiful! This whole dish sounds absolutely fantastic, and I must definitely rush to my Whole Foods to find this amazing feta that you speak of!

    Have a safe and fun trip in San Fran!

  95. Julie says:

    i’m holding you to the rainbow cookie cakeeeeee! we’re almost done with the semester woo hoooOOOO!!

  96. Reeni says:

    You took everything I love and mixed them together! That makes me happy! Deliriously happy – this pasta is in my near future. I’m glad you’re happy-er. You deserve it!

  97. Victoria says:

    Glorious!! I’m glad you are in a better mood and looking forward to your trip! Also, I highly recommend Bulgarian and even better yet French feta if you can get your hands on them (it’s not that hard). I highly prefer these to Greek. Trust my Armenian intuition. I’m a feta whore 😉 Love you! Let’s catch up as soon as you’re done with “school.” My interviews were eh. One was a total waste of time, the other was partly a waste of time, lol.

  98. Love discovering new way to cook cauliflowers. Thanks for sharing.

  99. Carolyn Jung says:

    You’ll have a great time in SF. Don’t forget to check out Dynamo Donuts and Humphry Slocumbe ice cream, too, while you’re at it. 😉

  100. Monet says:

    I hope you have a wonderful time in San Francisco…and I know you will! This cauliflower and pasta looks perfect. I have a head in my fridge right now. Thank you for sharing this tasty eat with me tonight. I’ve missed you and your lovely blog! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Love from Austin.

  101. Little Inbox says:

    Oh my! I wish I can have this for lunch now. 🙂

  102. Natalie says:

    so glad to hear you have been happier lately!!

    and i am even gladder to hear that youre coming to SF! emailing you right now…

  103. I love how you post all these combinations I’d hardly think of myself. I just bought some whole wheat pasta to give it another try. Accompanied by so much other deliciousness, there’s no way it wouldn’t taste great!

  104. I love feta..French feta is actually my favorite. Hope you are having a great vacation.

  105. Velva says:

    Awesome! Your baby brother likes to get your goat (smile). This is a fabulous, can I say it again…FABULOUS Dish!!!

    Good luck on your exam in a few days.


  106. Cara says:

    I recently tried an Israeli feta from Trader Joe’s. I wasn’t sure how Israeli feta was supposed to differ from “other” feta but it actually tastes a lot like what you described – so good!

    Glad to hear the update on your habit-changing-endeavor. We all struggle at times but it can be truly uplifting to eat three godiva truffles – after your planned healthy dessert – and move on without guilt. Not that I’ve done that recently 😉

  107. Bizzy says:

    Nice flavors, mixed together.

  108. Lynn says:

    Mmm, Joanne, this dish looks really interesting.

  109. Cassie says:

    Thanks for submitting to PPN! The roundup is posted. What a unique and interesting combination for pasta!

  110. I Wilkerson says:

    I just took a cheesemaking class where we made feta (among other cheeses)so this recipe is a great find! Not just for Greek Salad anymore!

  111. Ah, there is nothing better than truly fresh, good feta and this looks like the perfect use for it. Love the combination of ingredients. 😉

  112. That chard cranberry walnut pasta was so amazing that I completely trust your opinion when it comes to pasta so I definitely will be making this soon!

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