So. Moviegoers everywhere should be pretty happy that I watched Argo in the privacy of the.boy’s home instead of in an actual theater.

Because it was pretty much a two hour panic attack.

Which I stayed awake for every.last.second of.


And by “stayed awake” I mean that I spent half of it screaming into The.Boy’s chest “I CAN’T LOOK” and the other half demanding that he, with his seemingly endless store of useless historical knowledge, tell me the ending.

Which proves, in fact, that I do not “just hate America” (as was previously suggested by my “performance” during Lincoln).  But that Ben Affleck stirs up passion lust a love of the arts in me in ways that Daniel Day Lewis just can’t.  Although, I do find it slightly odd and narcissistic that he repeatedly casts himself as the lead role in the movies that he directs and/or produces and/or writes.  I can’t tell whether that turns me on or off, though…so it’s kind of a moot point.

The.Boy still contends that Lincoln was better.

However, he followed that up by insisting that this cheesecake tasted “too much like cream cheese”.  Which pretty much invalidated his opinions on just about anything ever again.

First of all, what does that even mean?  And second of all – no it doesn’t.  If it tastes like too much of anything, it’s rich chocolate mousse-like filling with a touch of Guinness flavor to deepen it.  Which, really, one can never have too much of.


You should make this for St. Patrick’s Day. (Although if you decide to go with one of these instead, I won’t blame you.)  Or just on a random day that ends in y. I won’t judge.

Speaking of winning, my original winner for the Aida Mollenkamp cookbook giveaway hasn’t gotten back to me so it is time to choose another winner! According to, the winner is number 104 – Reeni of Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice!  Reeni, I’ll be contacting you today!


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Guinness Chocolate Cheesecake
Makes 1 9-inch cheesecake, adapted from Closet Cooking


  • 1 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp butter, melted
  • 12 oz dark chocolate, chopped
  • 2 tbsp heavy cream
  • 3 (8 oz) packages of lowfat cream cheese
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup greek yogurt
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup Guinness


  1. Mix the graham cracker crumbs, cocoa powder, sugar and melted butter together in a medium bowl.  Pour into the base on a 9-inch springform pan and press down into the bottom of it. Store in the freezer while you make the filling.
  2. Preheat oven to 350.
  3. In a double boiler, melt the dark chocolate and heavy cream, stirring together until combined. Set aside.
  4. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the cream cheese on medium-high until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.
  5. Mix in the sugar, greek yogurt, eggs, vanilla extract, chocolate/cream mixture, and guinness, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed.
  6. Pour this mixture into the springform pan.
  7. Bake for 60 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave the cheesecake in the oven, with a wooden spoon in the oven door to hold it slightly ajar. Let sit for 60 minutes.
  8. Allow cake to cool completely and then chill in the fridge overnight before serving.


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93 Responses to Guinness Chocolate Cheesecake

  1. This is just *sigh* AWESOME!! And so proud of you for staying awake during Argo! I watched it with my boy last weekend and loved it! Although I’m sure the history lesson you got at the end was pretty rad! We went on Wikipedia…

  2. I just left a comment that I don’t know if it went thru or not (sorry if you get two) but this is just…stunning. I want to crawl into that sliver of pie and live there!

  3. london bakes says:

    Argo is still on my ‘to watch’ list…I’m so rubbish when it comes to movies. I am, however, very good when it comes to chocolate cheesecake and this looks stellar! Love that opening shot.

  4. Pam says:

    Haven’t watched Argo yet, I am so far behind I am currently watching the 2011 nominations for best picture!

  5. bellini says:

    Erinn go brach! I would have two slices. I can’i imagine it would taste too much like cream cheese:D

  6. Danielle says:

    This looks amazing – I am really regretting giving up carbs 🙁

  7. Audra says:

    Ha. Boys are funny- Andy knows better now than to ever give comments on my baked goods. 🙂 (Unless that they’re delicious of course.)

    I’ve been dying to see this cheesecake ever since you posted it on insta. It looks rich and creamy and perfect!

  8. Tandy says:

    Oh my, heaven on a plate!

  9. This cheesecake looks so good! I need to learn how to make cheesecake one of these days!

  10. At least he isn’t afraid to you his honest opinion, woohoo! I’ve learned that Rob and I do have different tastes, so if I think it tastes good, that wins the veto. The best part is when I don’t like but he does… then I don’t have to eat it! (That happens mostly with too Indian-like curries, gah)

  11. OMG this cheesecake… I have no words.

    And I was the same way with Argo, was definitely on the edge of my seat the entire time!

  12. Holy decadent! This looks incredible, Joanne! We love a good cheesecake!

  13. Way to make the PERFECT cheesecake! And I totally agree with you on “Argo”… most intense two hours of my life lately. I’m very exciting. 🙂

  14. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god. I just want to put my whole face in that cheesecake. I want to make one and stash it away and eat it in the dark alone in my room. I can’t even describe to you how much I actually want this for breakfast. Right now. I’m going to stop now because this comment is getting out of hand.

  15. Your Friday posts are always the best. I can never wait to see what amazing treat you’ll have for us! I figured it would be some decadent, drool-worthy St. Patty’s Day recipe this week, and I was right. This is fabulous, Joanne!!

  16. Karis says:

    My husband loves chocolate and Guiness, while I like neither, so I’d like to make this for him to see what he’ll do for me in exchange 🙂

  17. I loved Argo and have yet to see Lincoln. I am hoping to catch it in the theatre before it leaves!

  18. sandra says:

    I’d just like to say – and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but – your photography has improved so vastly from 2010 to now! You are an amazing photographer. I continually aspire to make my food look as good as yours and now seeing that you improved so quickly I have hope that I too will continue to make better and better shots, recipes be damned.

    I am also secretly craving making these delicious concoctions that are not in my repertoire any longer (sigh).

  19. Victoria says:

    I loved Argo as well! Definitely edge-of-your-seat entertainment! This cheesecake looks amazing, of course. How can it not with chocolate and Guinness inside??

  20. I slept during Lincoln as well. Haven’t seen Argo yet, but it’s on the list. This cheesecake sounds freaking amazing! Chocolate and Guinness are a winning combination!

  21. Hey, I posted cheesecake today too! Twinsies!

    Then again, yours has Guinness, so you win!

  22. Ashley says:

    Ummm…yeah. I volunteered to bring a dessert on Sunday and this just may be it. I have a Guinness sitting in the fridge waiting to be used anyhow…it’s totally a sign, right? 🙂

  23. Karen says:

    Mmm, that looks so rich and creamy.

  24. Kim says:

    I haven’t seen Lincoln yet, but I really loved Argo. Ben looks so good in a totally retro 70’s kinda way.

    There is no such thing as tasting too much like cream cheese, just like there is no such thing such as “being too peanut buttery” as my husband once suggested. Men! This cheesecake looks heavenly. Perfectly dense and delicious.

  25. We watched Argo but it was after Jeff watched a documentary about what happened. I was still on the edge of my seat, but he was able to answer all my questions about what was going on, so that helped. I still need to see Lincoln.

    And I definitely need to make this cheesecake. I’m debating making it for this weekend. I want to make something without alcohol (even though I know it probably bakes off) because my little nephew will be around, but maybe I can make two different things. 🙂

  26. Pam says:

    I haven’t seen either movie yet but I can’t wait to watch them both. I just took my kids to see Oz and it was WONDERFUL!!!

    The cheesecake doesn’t look to “cream cheesy” to me… it looks utterly perfect.

  27. I watched Argo just the other week for a “relaxing” movie night in, and it was SO STRESSFUL. Good movie, though!

    This cheesecake looks incredible! There’s no such thing as tasting too much like cream cheese, haha.

  28. Lora says:

    I think I loved the real story of Argo more than the movie but thought it was well done. Beautifully shot and acted. Beautiful chocolate cheesecake.

  29. Eileen says:

    Aren’t cheesecakes supposed to taste like cream cheese? I think this looks great–super rich and full of chocolate and rich stout flavor. Hooray!

  30. I’m glad you, er, enjoyed the film. Kinda. I can’t believe he didn’t like the cheesecake! It has booze and cheese in it, what’s not to like?

  31. oooh- this cheesecake looks amazing!!

  32. Chocolate cheesecake always gets my attention! This one sounds wonderful, rich and well, cream cheesey 🙂

    I’m still with you on Lincoln!

  33. Juliana says:

    Joanne, another awesome dessert…your chocolate cheesecake looks awesome, creamy and moist. I love it!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  34. That cake looks wonderful! My husband’s opinion does not count either. He only eats 5% of what I cook. He actually prefers fast food, yes you heard that right! He’s not a bit overweight but, I think I have heard his arteries screaming at night 😉

  35. Kevin says:

    Your cheesecake looks amazing! I am so craving a slice right now!

  36. P says:

    I haven’t seen Lincoln, but my dad and sis saw it in theaters and left with two contrasting opinions. Dad went away loving it, and my sis was absolutely bored to tears. Based on the opinions of these two, not sure if I would like it :P!

  37. Kari says:

    You have convinced me that Argo is *definitely* not for me.

    You have also convinced me that I need this cake right now. And I don’t even like cheesecake, so that is quite the achievement! Your pictures are beautiful.

  38. Lori says:

    I have been dreaming about this since I saw your IG picture. Complete perfection. It looks amazing!

  39. Kathy says:

    OMGosh!! Guinness and chocolate, can it get any better? Just luscious!!

  40. Carolyn says:

    This looks so good, Joanne! But now you have me worried about seeing Argo, since I am often very moved by movies. Yikes!

  41. Geni says:

    Holy WOW! This looks incredible! I’m so in. What did you do while watching Lincoln? I am intrigued. Please share!

  42. Beth says:

    I loved both of those movies, but might have a slight preference for Lincoln. The best thing about Argo was how the movie inspired a complete sense of anxiety in me, even though I knew full well that the hostages got out!

  43. This is decadent and irresistible!

  44. Velva says:

    This cheesecake looks amazing- it can’t possibly just taste like cream cheese .

    I loved the movie Lincoln and have yet to see Argo.

    Have a great weekend.


  45. Oh man. This is freaking perfect for the final house party before I’m off to Ireland. Come on down to the Bull City and tell me if mine matches up to yours 🙂

  46. Colynn O says:

    You’re so tempting me to eat dairy! Lol. This looks so delicious. I may just have to come up with a vegan version.

    Also, I watched Argo a few weeks ago and loved it. It was a little over-the-top dramatic in a few scenes, but I still liked it. I agree with how you feel about Ben Affleck, but I feel like he did an awesome job in the movie. 🙂

  47. This is THE MOST PERFECT St. Patrick’s Day dessert! Or you’re right, any day dessert 🙂

  48. teresa says:

    woo hoo reeni, go girl!

    i need to watch argo now, it won a ton of awards didn’t it? i’m going to watch it with a huge slice of this in hand because there can’t possibly be anything better than chocolate cheesecake.

    ps, i’ll probably be back in nyc in april. if you’re available, even for a few minutes, i’d love to run to your neighborhood to say hi! i’ll keep you posted 🙂

  49. Christine says:

    Hey, so he says it tastes like cream cheese. You’re lucky, at least it’s not like he said it tastes like soap. Yes, the fool I used to be married to said that about a pork chop recipe I made. I laugh now but back then would have liked to cream him! 🙂 Men….
    The cheesecake looks heavenly and so easy!

  50. LOL, yeah I can see how Ben Affleck in Argo would be more incentive to stay awake than DDL in Lincoln! This cheesecake is amazing, chocolate and Guinness is such a classic combo but I’ve never seen it in cheesecake before!

    PS – good luck in your race tomorrow 🙂

  51. Amazing cheesecake – I would willingly die for a slice of that, though hopefully that won’t be necessary 🙂

    I’ve yet to see Argo, but it’s right at the top of my list. Don’t think it’s actually hit cinemas here yet, but should be any day now I think.

  52. Barb Bamber says:

    That young man can just send me his slice of cheesecake next time.. it looks absolutely dreamy! Argo was just incredible.. I had a panic attack the entire time. Wasn’t that strange, even when we knew the outcome?! I guess that’s why it won:) xx

  53. Cathleen says:

    Hahha, too much like cream cheese.. I would gladly have eaten his slice, this looks fantastic!!

  54. Lynn says:

    I still need to see that film. And I wouldn’t have thought to put Guinness in a cheesecake – looks good. I think. 🙂

  55. Wasn’t Argo ridiculously suspenseful despite knowing how it ended?! I’m with you and agree it trumped Lincoln big time. I think this cake would have been ideal to take the edge off while watching the drama unfold!

  56. Mary says:

    What a perfect way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. Be sure to see Zero Dark Thirty. Your head will never leave his chest :.). Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings…Mary

  57. Chris says:

    I just came from For The Love of Cooking who did one of Kevin’s recipes and now you. I didn’t get the memo that we were all supposed to cook from his blog this week, lol.

  58. Candace says:

    Tastes too much like cream cheese? Like that’s a bad thing? This looks amazing. I need a slice of it in my life this afternoon….right now in fact would not be too soon. Awesome photos, Joanne. I know this must have been delicious.

  59. That Girl says:

    I’ll admit, I don’t like chocolate cheesecake as much as regular cheesecake, but beer makes anything better.

  60. good lord woman!
    is that not a heavenly combo or what?
    is there any left?
    how much did you eat after the run today?
    or rather what did you eat after the run?
    I know you pig out a bit after each run, and I love that about you

  61. Geez Louise! says:

    It’s been awhile, but do you remember me? I will be seeing you at Big Summer Potluck! I’m so happy to meet you in person.

  62. I’ve seen lots of recipes for desserts with chocolate and Guinness but this is the first time I’ve a cheesecake with that combination. Looks fantastic!

  63. Argo is an amazing suspense thriller. I was on the edge of my seat for the most part of the film. I’m actually thinking of watching it again and this chocolate cheesecake will be a great film snack.

  64. Emily says:

    I’ve been waiting for this. The pictures on Instagram looked so good! This cheesecake looks amazing.

    Don’t hate me but I think I know what the Boy was saying. I always taste the cream cheese too much when I eat cheesecake. I guess that’s why I don’t like cheesecake that much. It’s just not my favorite. But I love beer and chocolate!

  65. grace says:

    a fine and festive use for guinness (and greek yogurt!). 🙂

  66. I still have to watch Argo! Jason and I said we’d watch it together when he’s back in town. Hopefully I don’t have a panic attack!

    And wow, this cheesecake – YES! I’m all for rich chocolate mousse-like filling!! Is there anything better?

  67. Johanna GGG says:

    My dad insists he only drinks guinness because it is good for you so this cheesecake must be too – sounds delicious and decadent but and such treats should be on hand after the tension of Argo – I saw it on the plane and was riveted but so so so tense (which you don’t need on planes)

  68. Remind me to never watch a movie with you. 😉 Also, I’m drooling over this cheesecake. And, here’s the thing, I’m not even a big flavored cheesecake fan. I like the basic kind… the one that’s just cheese. No chocolate or cherries or any of that. Maybe some fresh strawberries on top. But, you know what, you’ve totally won me over with this recipe. It looks incredible.

  69. Patsy K says:

    I just watched Argo this past weekend and was thinking the same thing about Ben Affleck and the way he’s always in a lead role when he’s directing or producing… kind of weird. It worked, but I wondered about it.
    That cheesecake looks incredible! I’d love a slice right now!

  70. I haven’t watched Lincoln yet, but I absolutely loved Argo! I love Ben, narcissistic or not ;P And I totally love this cheesecake in all of its cream cheesy glory! I want it.

  71. This cheesecake couldn’t look any more delicious!

  72. Amy says:

    Ben Affleck. Ack…I can’t stand him. And also? Most actors are miserable when directing himself. Another perfect example – Kevin Costner. Every movie he ever produced and directed (and of course stared in) was horrible. All the movies he just acted in? Brilliant. Regardless, how did I miss this cheesecake on Friday? Holy heaven.

  73. Annie Patz says:

    This looks delicious! I have added Guinness to cupcakes before and it really does enhance the chocolate flavor, definitely going to try this recipe 🙂

  74. cindspectus says:

    Oh my gosh, that looks fantastic. Good thing I enjoy Guinness all year round, so I can make this even though St. Patrick’s Day is over.

  75. Reeni Pisano says:

    I will gladly eat his share! Which I hope is 1/2 the cake. Heehee. It looks completely irresistible! I e-mailed you back! Thanks again!

  76. tigerfish says:

    You just reminded me that there are a number of movies I have not watched – Argo and Lincoln included. I have not tried a beer-infused cheesecake too. I am so behind, huh?

  77. This looks awesome! Love it. I made a Guinness chocolate cake on St. Patrick’s Day and always make a Guinness gingerbread at Christmas. But, a cheesecake with Guinness?! Yum!

  78. My stomach literally growled looking at those cheesecake pictures. Loudly! Yum, yum, a thousand times yum.

  79. haven’t seen argo yet, but i did stay awake for lincoln, so hopefully i’ll stay awake for that! this looks amazingly yummy and reminds me of the chocolate-pb pretzel one i made… too long ago! and tell the.boy that cheesecake is made of… wait for it… cream cheese 🙂

  80. I have tried this before and I can say its delcious.

  81. Aggie says:

    I want to see Argo so bad!
    I love cheesecake, I cannot believe you thought to put Guinness in it, you are brilliant!!

  82. What could be better than chocolate-Guinness cheesecake? It looks like a dessert lover’s dream. I just found your site and I’ve already bookmarked it. Your photography and recipes look delicious!

  83. What could be better than cheese and beer….chocolate cheese and beer. Brilliant!

  84. Faye says:

    Your chocolate cheesecake looks wonderful!

  85. Laura says:

    Too much like cream cheese? With 12 oz of dark chocolate? He’s crazy! And now I am seriously craving chocolate cheesecake. Am intrigued by the Guinness, which I don’t love but could imagine being tasty in this…

  86. Elizabeth says:

    I’m totally intrigued. If it’s even half as good as chocolate guinness cake, it has to be heavenly.

  87. I’ve been getting cheesecake inspiration everywhere recently. Yours looks absolutely fantastic! I’ve made chocolate guinness cupcakes before and I am a HUGE cheesecake lover. I might just have to have a cheesecake baking weekend!

  88. […] Guinness Chocolate Cheesecake on Eats Well With Others […]

  89. Hailey says:

    I am seriously drooling, this looks absolutely divine!

  90. Brenda says:

    Hi Joanne, this looks amazing. Thought of trying it out today but a question though, for step 4, instead of mixing with a stand mixer can I heat the cream cheese on low heat then add step 5? Eggs will be added once it cools down?

    • joanne says:

      Hi Brenda, I think part of the utility of step 4 is to lighten and aerate the cream cheese to make it fluffier, which helps to make the cheesecake not as dense. I don’t think that just heating it over the stove will have that same effect. If you don’t have a stand mixer, you can definitely use a hand mixer instead!

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