1. Why buy flowers when you can “borrow” them from Park Avenue as you’re dragging yourself back home from Central Park after an early morning run? So pretty.

2. Did anyone else have a MAJOR FREAK OUT MOMENT over this peachpluotplumnectarine recall situation?! I only spent all night googling to make sure the nectarines I had on my counter were okay to eat. And tweeted Whole Foods five times. I still have no real answers other than that the label on my fruit says Sunsweet, which is NOT the same as Sweet2Eat. So I think they’re okay.

3. Although last week I totally ate a whole container of Sweet2Eat peaches, so I’m probably doomed.

4. Wedding update – we ordered my bridal shower invitations last night! They have spatulas all over them. So appropriate.

5. The.Boy and I have started watching House of Cards now that we’re done with Breaking Bad. Honestly, in some ways it’s equally as disturbing. Why do seemingly reasonable people feel like they can JUST KILL EVERYONE?! I don’t understand.

6. I went a little squash blossom crazy over at Oh My Veggies this week. Check out my recipe for stuffed squash blossoms. Baked not fried. And goat cheese. Who could resist?!

7. Coming home to find that you left your refrigerator open all day. Non ideal.

8. Getting a phone call from your fiance mid-run to let you know that you left your refrigerator open all day and he was going to up the temperature to FROZEN and there was nothing you could do about it.

9. And then running home to rescue/swaddle/cuddle your zucchini collection. Because, FROZEN.

10. But at least you don’t have to wait for butter to soften.

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40 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Oooooohhhhhhh bridal shower invites! SO EXCITING!! You totally need to instagram these spatulas at the party. Also, I love that you “borrowed” those flowers – we’ve definitely done that!

  2. I ate some peaches last week, too that may or may not have been that brand…. so far, so good though. Spatulas on your invitations sound really cute!

  3. I hadn’t heard about the stone fruit recall! There was a bit of bad publicity on berries here recently, which really freaked me out because I’m eating them in vast quantities, but the message seemed to be wash them first or suffer the consequences. Even I have the patience to wash before eating, so I’m back to the vast quantities consumption.

  4. Can’t wait to see the invites!

    And I definitely need to check out that recipe for squash blossoms. I’ve never done anything but let them bloom into delish squash. Sounds good.

    Oh man….to the fridge. That’s the worst!
    Have a great day Joanne!

  5. This fruit recall is crazy, I’ve eaten many, many of the recalled fruits. Lovely.

    And House of Cards – totally agree! Yay for finally finishing BB!!!

  6. All sorts going on this week then!

  7. i want squash blooms. I mean I want a ton of them to fry and stuff in my mouth like crazy because I just love them:) Yeah for the wedding invites and didn’t hear about the nectarine scare- good or bad not sure bc we sure did have some over the past week??

  8. Daphne says:

    That sounds like a full mid week! At least Friday is nearby 🙂

  9. Omg I left my freezer open all night the other night! I’m so happy someone else feels my pain. Now everything in my freezer is covered in ice ughhhhhh.

  10. Megan says:

    Definitely freaked out over the recall. I had already eaten two nectarines and Jeff had a couple of plums before we heard about the recall. Then we had to throw out the rest. 🙁 We got ours from Wegmans so they were potentially affected.

  11. Beth says:

    I don’t know how I missed that squash blossom recipe, but it looks amazing. Love the photo from your run.

  12. Karen says:

    I had 2 nectarines sitting in my basket. The code was OK. I bought them at my local health food store, but I tossed them just in case.
    Ordered note cards that have a rolling pin on the front with the phrase “Roll With It”. Couldn’t resist and I’m sure your invites are just as sweet! Enjoy this new heat wave…

  13. i heard about that recall!! so bummed, but glad that the only peaches i have now are from the farmer’s market and if they were that brand it’d be totally weird. 🙂

  14. cheri says:

    HI Joanne, oh your invitations sound adorable….did not hear about the recall until this post. Being in a rural town can be or not be an advantage. Love your coffee talk today!

  15. OMG Bridal shower- YAYYYY! Also House of Cards, CRAZY! Your fridge- bummer!! Love these little updates!

  16. elizabeth e says:

    oh no! the fridge! i’ve done that before, and it is the worst feeling to come home at the end of the day and realize that happened. did you save the zucchini?

    i love HOC, but it is crazy violent. as someone who regularly works in DC, it makes me nervous that kind of stuff could ever be considered a part of government work. no metro for me!

  17. Yeah, I don’t like anyone messing with my peaches and nectarines. I wish I lived on my own fruit and veggie farm! Takes care of the problem of where the food comes from.

  18. Freaked a little over the recall. I googled the heck out of them too. I’m safe…i think. The refrigerator situation is a bummer but unfortunately happens often. I once came home from work to find our front door wide open. Talk about freaking out!

  19. Heather says:

    Thankfully my fridge makes a beeping noise if you accidentally leave the door open – a must with kids.

    Complete panic when I heard about the fruit recall! Thankfully I think we’re in the clear, but now I think I want to replace all my nectarines just in case. 🙁 Ack!!

  20. Whoops on the fridge. You know, I’m not a huge stone fruit fan, so I wasn’t affected by the recall. We get them from the CSA depending on the year (some years? 12 peaches or apricots a week for weeks. Some years? Nothing.)

    And sometimes at the farmer’s market I get a hankering and buy them for $2.50/lb.

    But I never buy them at the store.

  21. Trisha says:

    I got totally sucked in House of Cards. Be warned. Also, those stuffed zucchini blossoms just made my life. Big time.

  22. Pam says:

    Spatulas on the shower invitations is so YOU. I am very thankful that I bypassed the stone fruit and TJ’s this week – phew! Leaving the fridge open all day would give me a stress headache. I hope your zucchini made it.

  23. I especially love these posts, Jo! You are just a hoot. So exciting that your wedding plans are reeeally coming together! Would it be possible to “borrow” flowers for the day? LOL!

  24. House of Cards is THE. BEST. SHOW. I can’t even deal with the fact that we have to wait until next January for the new season. *cries*

  25. Kate says:

    The fruit recall made me glad my farmers’ market is overflowing with stone fruit right now!

  26. Ya’ll are progressing through Netflix shows the same way we did. Breaking bad…then house of cards. Now that we’re done with those we have no idea what to watch next. Just can’t get excited about anything. Tried Orange is the New Black for awhile but just wasn’t feeling it.

    Totally agree that house of cards is as equally disturbing as breaking bad!

  27. Joyti says:

    So pretty (the Central Park flowers). AND OMG!!! Spatula invitations…eeeeepppps – so adorables!

  28. Roz says:

    Lots of things to discuss today! Didn’t hear about the peach recall, they seem fine down here. I’m on my way over to read your recipe on stuffed squash blossoms. I make them every years, but with prosicutto, they aren’t vegetarian. Trying to include more non-meat things in my life, I’m sure I’ll love your recipe.

  29. P says:

    I tried watching House of Cards, but it just wasn’t my kind of show. Your wedding invitations sound so adorable, and fitting 🙂

  30. alyssa says:

    I equally freaked out about the fruit recall but realized I didn’t have any (thankfully!). Let me know how House of Cards is – I am so torn about getting into another series but so many people have been saying how much they love it!

  31. sandra says:

    As a matter of fact I did have a freak out about the recall – we have peaches on my island right now – and we’ve definitely eaten our fair share of plums, peaches and nectarines so far this summer!! Scary!

    You are following my path – I also watched House of Cards once done with Breaking Bad and became just as immersed in it.

  32. Ooh, now I am going to go and Google the peaches thing! Don’t worry, though, I’m sure there are so many things we’ve eaten/done in our lives that was totally not OK from a health perspective but we didn’t even know about it. Oops, sorry that was supposed to be encouraging but it doesn’t really sound it, does it?
    We loved House of Cards, too, but yes … those people are WICKED!

  33. ooooh your bridal shower invites sound awesome!

    and eeeeep refrigerator open! I’ve done that with the freezer *le sigh*

  34. The refrigerator is my worst nightmare, except maybe the peach thing. I buy in bulk at Costco, because I literally challenge myself to eat as many peaches and nectarines a day as possible, and they called and left us a message about the recall. I had just finished eating a white peach (amazing btw) and broke out into a sweat. Luckily all of ours come from Mountain View and are safe. Crisis averted!

  35. Kelly says:

    Yum, stuffed squash blooms sound fantastic! Yay for your bridal shower invites, that’s so exciting!!! Boo about your fridge door open though:(

  36. If you are ordering bridal shower invitations the wedding is getting close, how exciting. I like the spatula theme on the invitations. I heard the recall on the peaches, but can’t say that I freaked out.

  37. Reeni says:

    I’m still freaking out a little over the recall! I put off eating my nectarines but couldn’t wait any longer. I’ll say a prayer before I go to sleep. 🙂 I bet those invitations are adorable!

  38. spatula on invite sounds fun….i was so nervous about the recall too – thankfully those peaches frm TJs were long gone, and im still alive, so i guess we are okay.

  39. Ohhh I’m sure that your invites look lovely! Also, bummer about the peaches awh ;(

  40. Ha! My hubby left the freezer open overnight last week. Just a crack though…and I think all of the things I hoard in there are still fine. *crosses fingers*

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