1. Week ONE of the new year and I have not totally fallen off ย any bandwagons yet. How much longer do we think I can keep this up?

2. Also, if you think I finished everything on that to-do list, you are sadly disillusioned. Maybe one third. Maybe.

3. My friends Liz (of The Lemon Bowl) and Dara (of Cookin Canuck) are hosting a Healthy New Year 6 Week Challenge. It starts TODAY, so you still have time to join in if you’re interested! The group is already super supportive and I can tell it’s going to be a lot of fun!

4. First season of Scandal DONE. Onwards and upwards.

5. And that is the reason why I have been a sleep-deprived zombie this week. #sorrynotsorry

6.ย I need a new cell phone (mine is really loving shutting itself down for no apparent reason) and am totally undecided on what to get. I currently have the Galaxy S3. Probably want to stick with Android, but other than that I have no idea. Guide me.

7. I made the ugliest cookies yesterday. You guys are going to LOVE THEM. Maybe even more than I am going to LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING THEM. Doubtful.

8. This week is kicking my butt. I mean, FIVE DAYS OF WORK.ย So unreasonable.

9. If you need me, I’ll be counting down the days until MLK Jr. Day.

10. OMG I almost forgot that we have to talk about Downton Abbey! What did we think? Did it live up to our expectations? I still can’t get over The Proposition. SCANDALOUS.

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46 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Sune Moolman says:

    Five days of work. Totally unfair.
    We’ve been watching Sonic Highways. Soooo brilliant!
    Looking forward to those cookies.. hehe.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’ll eat the ugly cookies!! I’m in it for the recipes anyway, but you’ve got mad camera skills so I just know you’ll be able to make them look awesome! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Sues says:

    My Day Designer is saving my life this year. All to-do lists, all the time!

    5 days of work is feeling ROUGH. And I have to wait until President’s Day for my next holiday.

    We’re halfway through the week (kind of)!

  4. This full week is such a bummer! Why are ugly cookies always so delicious anyway??

  5. Yes! Go us for conquering Week 1 – though I will warn you that prolonged Scandal-watching is detrimental to Thursday evening productivity once it comes back this season.

    And I intentionally over schedule my calendar so I can only realistically get 1/3 of it done – the pressure helps me work hard <– weirdo!

  6. Joanne, thanks for reminding me about the Healthy New Year 6 Week Challenge!! Smart phone: I’m an iPhone girl all the way. . maybe you should look into an iPhone since your Galaxy S3 is on the fritz? I did hear that the Galaxy camera quality is better (and of course this was from the Galaxy S3 sales guy) but I really do love my iPhone. and I haven’t watched the Downton Abbey premier yet. . can’t wait!! Thursday night, after the kids are in bed, is going to be awesome! thank God for my dvr!

  7. I only have a 4 day work week, wooo. The first two days have flown by — hopefully the rest of the week follows suit. I have a Galaxy S5 and I love it. I heard that sales were kind of a flop though, so maybe I’m the only one. I felt like Downton had a lot more going on than a usual episode – I was pretty pleased. Sometimes you’ll watch an episode to realize that nothing really happened. Not the case this time!

  8. Oh my gosh. I haven’t started watching Scandal yet because I’m afraid of getting sucked into a worm hole and never re-emerging. I fear it’s too good!

  9. A 5 day week is the most unreasonable things I’ve ever heard of. Doesn’t 4 / 3 sound so much more reasonable?

  10. Eee! I haven’t watched the premiere of DA yet, but you just reminded me that I have to! Can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Andreea says:

    I love your blog!! It’s so girly. You should buy Samsung Note 3 I have it and it’s good. It takes awesome pictures.

  12. I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 as well. It’s been great to me. Should it die I’d definitely go with the Galaxy 5. Good luck choosing!
    Day Designer….love but went with something different. Hopefully I love it as well.
    I totally can not participate in the rest of this conversation as I’m behind on Downton Abbey. I’m out here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Wednesday!

  13. Stefanie says:

    Downton was sooo good. Is it me or has Edith’s ugly cry gotten uglier? I just looooove Daisy and I want her to have a good story this season. She needs a win!

  14. Mira says:

    I can have some ugly cookies! 5 days of work sounds a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ Phone – I just got a new one, but I use iPhone so I kind of don’t have enough experience with other brands to recommend. DA – I have to watch it !

  15. Rachel says:

    ugh 5 days. the worst.
    i also recently jumped on the Scandal bandwagon and am of course, obsessed! i’m in the beginning of season 3 and just never have enough time to watch ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Ugly cookies most of the time mean beyond delicious cookies. I cannot wait.

  17. Meg says:

    Yeahhh, a five-day work week after the fun — and goofing off! — of the holidays is rough. But today is Wednesday! Halfway! And I’m going to meet my brand-new baby cousin this weekend, so I’m totally ready for Saturday to get here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Pam says:

    I missed last week’s Downton Abbey… so bummed! Looking forward to seeing your ugly cookies!

  19. I must be one of the only people that doesn’t watch Downton Abbey, and I am from England haha.

  20. OMG – I couldnt agree more “FIVE DAYS OF WORK. (IS) So unreasonable”!!!! I’ve been counting down to MLK too! Now, I am gonna have to try to catch up with those bandwagons you haven’t fallen off of ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. That planner—I need one of those! I’m such a list fanatic. Hehe, looking forward to your ugly cookies! And, finally….OMG you don’t know how difficult it was to avoid Downton spoilers when I was in the UK the last two weeks!!

  22. Bring on the ugly cookies… I’m feeling like I’ve really missed out having not watched Downton Abbey –

  23. Heather says:

    I am beyond thrilled that Downton Abbey has started up again. One thing I found annoying about this first episode, however, was how dumb everyone was. Poor Daisy is too dumb to do anything, apparently the tenant/farmer’s wife is too dumb to realize that Edith is clearly overly interested in Marigold for obvious reasons, and so on. I’m glad Mary isn’t rushing into marriage, and love the proposition!

  24. This was a tough 5 day week to get rolling! My kids are counting down to MLK day too! Happy new year!

  25. I’m probably the last person on earth to not be watching Scandal or Downtown Abbey…on the other hand, I would totally be down to watch both in a marathon run while noshing on your “ugly cookies” because I bet they taste phenomenal!!

  26. elizabeth e says:

    This week is rough; I went through most of the morning thinking that it was Thursday, so to realize it was only Wednesday was a little heartbreaking. Not a good sign only a week into 2015.

    I’m intrigued by these ugly cookies!

  27. Kelly says:

    My husband had the S3 and it just died on him too so he got the Sony Xperia Z3 and he likes it so far. I’m definitely dragging this week – wishing Friday would come sooner.

  28. Kate says:

    A week of resolutions sounds pretty good to me!

  29. Your brief recap of Downton makes me want to get back into it! Also, what type of planner is that?? I love the layout!

  30. Just can’t wait to see those ugly cookies!
    Aaaand … know how you feel about this week. Is it the weekend yet?

  31. Hotly Spiced says:

    Downton Abbey doesn’t start here for at least another month. I can hardly wait. I’m so looking forward to seeing your ugly cookies. And I would go with an i-phone but that’s just me! xx

  32. Sarah says:

    Ooo the new day designer! Your day looks beautifully planned in the picture – and this week sounds like a great week!

  33. debbie says:

    I love cookies – ugly or not! As far as a cell phone goes I haven’t a clue…Mine is 5 years old – can you believe that? My hubby has the S5 galaxy and loves it. My son has the iphone. He says it’s ok but nothing special. I’m also on the lookout for a new one.

  34. I just love your planner! Is that the same one you posted on IG the other day? It’s so perfect for organizing the chaos I call my life.

  35. Zainab says:

    second day of work today was brutal. Ugh not sure how the week will be completed. Also scandal yay!! It really gets much better than that first season!!

  36. Emily says:

    Ugh I’ve been meaning to watch Scandal for the longest time. Everyone seems to love it! Too many shows to watch, not enough time…

    Have you tried Homeland yet?

  37. I’ve been a blackberry girl since the beginning but I’m thinking of switching to Android for the apps and the new Samsung looks good to me.

  38. 5 days of work after a break is definitely a torture. I’m curious about the ugly cookies ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. I have no idea where the UK is in Downton Abbey airing relative to the US and Australia. But I love it always! I love your amazing To Do list as well…frankly if you achieve a third, you’re doing well ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Johanna GGG says:

    I need a list system like that – mine is on little bits of paper that constantly get lost – and can’t wait to see your ugly cookies – sounds like fun

  41. Christina says:

    Five days of work is right! Who does this? ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Mmm Scandal… enjoy every minute of it, Gladiator!

  43. P says:

    My phone is a hand me down smartphone which surprisingly still works, but there are some apps I can’t get because it’s “too old”…haha.

    On a totally random note, I love your handwriting ๐Ÿ˜›

  44. Reeni says:

    I’m so bummed I missed Downton Abby! Scandal’s on my list! It takes forever to get through entire seasons of things. . . I’ll get to it some day.

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