Happy Friday everyone! This morning I woke up praying to the rain gods – not to make it rain but to beg them to hold off for a few hours so I could do my 11 mile run. They held off until the last 2-ish miles, at which point it started misting. By then, I was already at the point in my loop at which it was faster to just finish than turn around and head back, plus the rain felt kind of good. In the end, I completed 11.19 miles in 1:38:24, which comes to an average speed of 6.9 mph.

Now you may be concerned about the fact that I burned approximately 933 calories doing this run (according to Runner’s World’s calculator). I mean, that is actually a LOT of calories to eat back. But have no fear, I am attending not one but TWO formals this weekend, both of which will feature catered three-course meals. Will I be having dessert at these events – you betcha, I think I earned it. The first formal is tonight and it’s actually a pretty low key dorm formal. The food will be catered by a local Italian restaurant chain called Bertucci’s (they have the BEST rolls in New England) and we will get as much free champagne as we can drink. I love champagne. Definitely my favorite alcoholic beverage aside from Original Sin Cider Ale. And coconut rum. Anyways, the second formal is tomorrow and is my Senior Ball – think prom but for college seniors. I will be wearing this dress:

I bought this in October for my cousin’s wedding and haven’t put it on since. Hopefully it will still zip up. ;P
So I was watching The Biggest Loser this week (but I was watching the episode from last week, I’m always an episode behind because I watch them online from the NBC website) and Bob had his team videotape everything they ate in a day so he could assess their diet. In the end, he was furious with them because they focused on eating as few calories as possible rather than trying to fuel themselves with good, nutritious, whole foods that would get them through the intense exercise regimens that the show puts them through. I think this is really important and something that many dieters tend to forget. Many times, the lower the calories you eat, the more weight you can GAIN. Your body starts going into starvation mode and stressing out and so it stores everything you eat as fat instead of using the energy as fuel. No female should eat below 1200 calories a day (really, I think all female dieters who exercise can manage to lose weight while still eating at LEAST 1500 calories) and no male should eat under 1500.
Another common pitfall of dieters (and I admit, I was guilty of both of these things but after reading up a lot on nutrition, changed my ways) is to stop eating fats entirely. This is also bad because your body needs fats to make hormones and different structural components of your cells. In addition, all fats are not created equal. It is critical to eat healthy fats like Omega 3’s and 6’s since your body cannot produce them on it’s own. Some great places to find these fats are in salmon, nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pecans, etc.), and avocados.
Speaking of which (haha! what a PERFECT lead-in) I had half of an avocado left in my fridge from my jicama salad, and I thought I would turn it into a sandwich. What would be perfect with avocado, one of my absolute favorite fruits – barbecue sauce! This sandwich was super good and the fats in it kept me full for a very long time. I swear I could feel the Omega 3’s coursing through my veins with their superhuman strength. Or maybe I was just delirious from how good it tasted.
Avocado and Barbecue Sauce Sandwich
Serves 1

2 slices whole wheat bread
1/2 avocado
barbecue sauce
1. Layer the bbq sauce and avocado on bread. Eat.
This would probably also be great with some cheese but I didn’t have any on hand.
I am submitting this to Souper Sundays (now salad/sammy/and soup(er) Sundays), an event created by the lovely and talented Deb of Kahakai Kitchen.

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14 Responses to Avocado and Barbecue Sauce Sandwiches

  1. Reeni? says:

    I am going to start calling you Wonder Woman. What an amazing run! I’m so impressed. And you look so pretty, the dress is gorgeous. Have fun at your formals! Your sammylooks yummy-when I get some avocado I’m going to try it.

  2. i love this sandwich
    i wish i could eat so simply more often
    (life used to be like this for me; what happened along the way>!)

  3. girlichef says:

    What a crazy idea…just avocado and barbecue sauce…crazy, but good! I’m definitely going to try it next time I have an avocado, too! I love avocados on sammies…all kinds! Your dress is beautiful 🙂

  4. Pam says:

    The dress is so cute! I like the idea of avocado and barbecue sauce!

  5. burpandslurp says:

    avocado and BBQ huh? interesting! I think I might actually like that, because the BBQ should complement with the rather blandness of avocado!
    girl, you look smoking hot! SSSsss!

  6. Donna-FFW says:

    You look great in your dress!! So pretty! Sandwich has me intrigued. I would like to try it.

  7. Debinhawaii says:

    The sandwich looks delicious and I love that dress! Thanks for sending it to Souper (Soup Salad & Sammie) Sundays! Just got the round-up posted.

  8. Eleven miles, I am way beyond impressed. I had to chuckle at your avocado and bbq sauce recipe. One of my SECRET indulgences is similar. I spread a thin layer of I can’t believe its not butter on whole wheat bread + sliced avocado + mustard. I love that sandwich but have never admitted it to anyone LOL. Thanks for the BBQ sauce hint, I’ll try it.

  9. Natashya says:

    You look so pretty! What lovely shoulders you have.
    I admire your ability to run.
    What a unique sammie, I cannot even imagine the flavour. You might have to make me one if I am ever in town. 🙂

  10. Joanne says:

    Reeni – Thanks, I could use a good nickname! My last bf called me Will Hunting after the character in the movie (Good Will Hunting) since he goes to MIT. That just doesn’t have a good ring to it.

    Mediterranean kiwi – I think us bloggers like to overcomplicate our food. We all crave simple recipes every once in a while though.

    girlichief – Thanks so much! I love bbq sauce, so avocadoes seemed like the perfect combo. Definitely give it a go!

    Pam – Awww, thank you!

    burpandslurp – That was exactly what I was thinking (about the avocado+bbq) although I have been known to eat avocadoes plain for breakfast…

    Donna – Definitely give it a shot, and thanks for the compliment.

    Deb – Great round-up and event! I will definitely be participating frequently.

    Coleen – I don’t like mustard but I bet the avocado and butter is good. I also really like avocado and cheese, although you really can’t get a fattier sandwich than that!

    Natashya – Thanks! I think you need to come to town just so I can make you this.

  11. Jeff says:

    I always joke the only time I run is if the cops are chasing me.

    Hopefully you had a great time at your formals and was able to survive free champagne.

  12. Cool sandwich and a really pretty dress. you and your friends all look great.

  13. ttfn300 says:

    awesome run 🙂 now avocado and bbq sauce? i dunno about that one!

  14. Joanne says:

    Jeff – Well, hopefully the cops aren’t chasing you very often ;). The free champagne was the highlight! And I fared much better than at the last formal, which ended quite tipsily on my behalf.

    The Food Hunter – Thanks so much, I’m always trying to think of new sandwich ideas.

    ttfn – Haha, I swear it tasted good, although who knows I might have been so hungry from the run that my opinion was skewed.

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