pi day

1. This is how we eat pie in lab. Forks? Who needs FORKS?!

2. I mean, isn’t that what fingers were made for?

3. This is a salty honey pie by the way. Google it. It will blow your mind.

4. Today is The.Boy’s birthday!!!! I’m making him approximately twelve cakes to celebrate. No biggie.

5. Mostly to make up for the fact that I had no idea what to get him this year. What do you get for the.boy who just orders everything he wants off Amazon whenever he wants it?! It’s a dilemma.

6. Are you hungover from yesterday’s festivities? ARE YOU?!

7. Tell the truth.

8. I saw more black-out drunk people on the street yesterday before 5:30PM than I remember ever seeing before. It was absurd! Worse than Santa-Con even. Some of those drunk girl shrieks can never be unheard.

9. Can we discuss television and how my life has been taken over by Olivia Pope? I refuse to tell you how many episodes of Scandal I’ve watched in the past 72 hours. It’s obscene. And totally inefficient. But sooo good.

10. When we finish season 4, I’m probably going to cry. Just, FYI.

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39 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Christine says:

    You’re too funny! 🙂

  2. Yay! It’s Wednesday already.
    Yes, shopping can be an issue for the ones you love if they do a lot of shopping themselves. Ahem! I speak from experience.

    I’ve never tried a salty honey pie but it sounds mighty good.

    Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday friend!

  3. Sune Moolman says:

    Oh that pie!
    Can’t wait to see the twelve cakes you’re baking.
    I’m holding thumbs for a vanilla bean one. 🙂

  4. Zainab says:

    hahaha you are caught in the scandal webs!! And season 4 is just amazing girl.

  5. We waited an hour for green beer yesterday — only to find out they ran out of green beer “like an hour ago”. Ughhhhh. So hungover? I wish. (Only not really, lest the internet gods curse me with a hangover)

  6. OK, that salty honey pie? Want it! and happy birthday to your husband!! 12 cakes?! yeah, no biggie. . 😛 My husband is the same way. . like we know our UPS & FedEx guys by name because they are delivering stuff everyday. . Men. I haven’t watched an episode of Scandal yet. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that but I have to wait for a time where I can dedicate like a weekend . . or three or four. everyone I know loves that show.

  7. Salty Honey Pie. Swoon. That sounds just a little perfect. Happy Birthday to the.boy who has everything plus 12 cakes! Have a great day!

  8. Meg says:

    We briefly thought about going out for St. Patrick’s Day to one of the local (Irish, even!) bars around here, but then I thought, meh. It’s Tuesday and I’m pregnant and tired and don’t want to listen to loud, drunk people, which probably means I’ve crossed a new threshold of adulthood? But whatevs. I promised my husband we’d find some corned beef and cabbage this weekend, and that’s the best I can do!


    Happy birthday to the.Boy!

    And I worked yesterday and got poked in the belly by a drunk boy. True story.

  10. Aww, happy birthday to the.boy! Lucky guy with cake from you coming his way. 🙂

    And that pie sounds incredible!!!

  11. Izzy says:

    Haha, I’m the exact same as your husband! I order what I want when I want it and never have any good idea to give my husband when gift time comes a long! 12 cakes sounds pretty perfect though! And going to google that salted honey pie right away 🙂

  12. Heather says:

    I just started watching Scandal and I’m hooked!! It’s so much better than I was expecting and can’t believe it took me so long to give it a chance.

    Happy Birthday to the.boy. I both love and hate Amazon for that very reason… I never know what to get my husband or my brother because they always just order whatever they want.

  13. Omg, I wanted to make a salted honey pie for so long. I would definitely forgo forks :p

  14. Tina says:

    I’ve never seen Scandal but we get all our movie/ TV entertainment through Netflicks Dvd delivery ????

    Happy birthday to your husband!

    I want pie now more than ever.

  15. Rachel says:

    i have been seeing salty honey pie everywhere and now i KNOW i need to have it!

  16. OMG I am also obsessed with Olivia!! OMG, I was soooo sad when I finished all episodes! I did not drink yesterday, I just wore green and ate some shepherd’s pie. I was a goooood girl! LOL!

  17. SallyBR says:

    Looking forward to the cake festival for TheHusband….

    of course, you did not bake A SINGLE ONE for my Bday last week, but I forgive you… 😉

  18. Salty honey pie WHAT?! Googling immediately. Happy birthday the.boy!

  19. Ooooooooo, maybe you shouldn’t have told me about salty honey pie!! love. lol, ‘you can’t unhear drunk girl shrieks’ ;p

  20. Cailee says:

    You’re so funny!! Haha, love how each point lead to the next!! 🙂

  21. i need to investigate this salty honey pie…meaning how soon can i get this in my mouth. I have not gotten into Scandal yet, should I be?

  22. Scandal is sooooo good! It’s handled! Love her and her giant wine pours. Yeah, totally not hungover but after all the bright green clad drunks I saw this weekend, I definitely decided that bright green color def makes people look drunker.

  23. Trisha says:

    The. Boy is so lucky to have you to make extravagant desserts for him. Your cakes and desserts are my favorite!

  24. Susan says:

    Happy Birthday to Your Boy! Looking forward to seeing his treats 🙂

  25. Kelly says:

    Haha yay for salty honey pie and Happy happy birthday to the boy! Maybe he won’t notice if you gave him only 11 cakes and send me one instead ;)))

  26. mira says:

    Happy B-Day to the Boy! Hope he has a great one! Love the pie and no forks necessary of course!

  27. Johanna GGG says:

    birthdays are tough now that amazon has everything at everyone’s fingertips – 12 cakes sounds pretty tough too though sort of fun as well – hope they are mini cakes because otherwise I can imagine there will be cakes all over the house – and that pie sounds amazing – also sounds like st pat’s is a bigger deal in new york than melbourne

  28. Salty honey pie is on my to-make list! I just love the sound of it. Lucky boy to get so many cakes for his birthday! Hope you have fun!

  29. Krista says:

    A very happy birthday to your chap! 🙂 St. Patty’s doesn’t seem to be big over here, so I didn’t even realize it was that time of year until all my American friends started posting about it. 🙂

  30. Salty honey pie… yum! Happy birthday to the.boy!!

  31. Hotly Spiced says:

    Happy birthday to The Boy. I have the same issue with my husband because he goes on line and buys things without letting me know and all these parcels are delivered to the door, usually about a week before his birthday and then I ask him what he wants for his birthday and he says, ‘Oh, these things I ordered will do’. Hopeless. Why is everyone going out and getting drunk in NYC? Oh – St Pats Day? xx

  32. Please no spoilers about Olivia. I’m not sure where we are up to but I’m quite attached to having her in my lounge on a weekly basis as well 🙂

  33. That is so annoying when there is nothing left to buy because it has already been done. cake will just have to do. I would love to see a St Patricks Day in NYC one day

  34. Christina says:

    Mine has the same Amazon ordering problem 🙂 Tomorrow is his bday, and I will attempt to bake. I do not bake…

  35. Happy birthday to the boy! I want to see all 12 cakes 😉

  36. Danguole says:

    I’m such an old lady that I fell asleep shortly after I started hearing the revelers outside. And I stayed asleep, too! (I probably SHOULD lie to you about that.)

    Salty honey pie though! Yes, yes, yes. All about it.

  37. Soooo happy to hear that someone else has been completely ruined by Scandal, in the best way possible!! Welcome to the club 😉

  38. Kate says:

    I think it’s cute you guys have birthdays so close together.

  39. P says:

    Hope you washed your hands though…don’t want any of those lab germs on that delicious pie 😛 !

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