In the midst of all this blog redesign/migration business, I didn’t get a chance to share with you what else I’ve been doing around the internets. First up, is this egg sandwich with green bean slaw that I posted over at Marcus Samuelsson’s blog. It requires zero oven time and comes together in as long as it take to hard boil an egg. Plus after eating that green bean slaw you might never eat any other slaw again. It’s that good.

parsley pesto

You should also head on over to Culinary Covers to check out this spaghetti with parsley pesto, which is the latest and greatest in the world of summer pastas.

whole foods ice cream

And now what you’ve REALLY all been waiting for. Ice cream.

One of the major perks of blogging is that sometimes people offer to give you stuff. Sometimes that stuff is stuff you would never buy if your life depended on it. And sometimes that stuff is stuff you salivate over/covet every time you pass the freezer aisle in your local Whole Foods.  This is the latter kind of situation.

So when my favorite Whole Foods PR rep asked me if I would like to sample and review five pints of local ice cream that are available at Whole Foods this summer…there was no way I could say no. And every way I could say yes.

First up, Steve’s, which is made in Long Island and obtains it’s dairy from Hudson Valley Fresh, located in upstate New York. I got to try their Brooklyn Blackout which is milk chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate stout cake pieces and dark chocolate pudding. Now, to be honest I’m not a big chocolate ice cream fan but the.boy is and he was in heaven. This was chocolate TO.THE.MAX. In a really good way.

Phin & Phebes is based in Brooklyn and prides themselves on producing flavors that are fun enough for kids to want them, but also delicious and complex enough for adults. We tasted their Coconut Key Lime, which is basically a coconut lime ice cream with graham cracker crust bits mixed in. One bite and I felt like I was on a tropical aisle. For. Real.

The Van Leeuwen  was another favorite of The.Boy’s, since it was Mint Chip. His favorite by leaps and bounds. This ice cream is also made from scratch in Brooklyn and features only hormone and antibiotic free dairy, cane sugar, and egg yolks.

And now I saved my two favorites for last. The Adirondack flavor we got to try was their Kulfi-Pistachio Cardamom. Just upon hearing the name, I knew I would love it since I’m vaguely obsessed with cardamom-infused sweet treats. And it delivered in a super delicious way.

Last but CERTAINLY not least was my favorite of all favorites…Mr. Green’s ginger ice cream. All I have to say to this is wow. This ice cream had the perfect amount of ginger bite, partially from the bits of crystallized ginger that are scattered throughout, and partially from the ginger infused into the custard base itself. And it’s just so creamy. I couldn’t get enough and almost cried when I finished it.

If you’re in the NY/northeast of the US then definitely head on over to your local Whole Foods and check some of these out! They are well worth the splurge. And even if you’re not in the northeast then I’m sure your local Whole Foods has some crazy awesome flavors/local ice cream options available. If you’ve tried some of them then tell me about them in the comments!

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41 Responses to Egg Sandwich with Green Bean Slaw, Spaghetti with Parlsey Pesto, and Ice Cream, Ice Cream Everywhere

  1. Sam says:

    Is it bad that I have three of those ice cream brands (Steves–BK Blackout, Phin & Phebes–Ginger Cookie Snap, and Adirondack–U-Pick Cherry Chocolate Chip) in my freezer right now? I’m obsessed with all three. And I stopped at the Van Leeuwen on Smith on my way home from Trader Joe’s yesterday…I may have an ice cream problem. I’ll have to give the Mr. Green’s a try!

  2. From the title, I totally thought there was going to be spaghetti and ice cream in a sandwich, and then…nope…which is probably a good thing, lol. Everything looks great!

  3. If you ever need help sampling ice cream, I’m your girl!!! The Kulfi-Pistachio Cardamom from Adirondack is one of my favorite ice creams ever!!!

  4. sandra says:

    I am with you – Kulfi-Pistachio Cardamom?? That sounds amazing!
    A tropical aisle for sure. We should all have those in our grocers.

  5. i agree with Kelli – I love that kulfi pistachio cardamom ice cream it has everything I dream about 🙂

  6. Kelster says:

    I am almost ashamed to admit the number of cartons of ice cream that are in my freezer right now. I am also almost ashamed to admit how quickly I ate 6 pints of ice cream. I would seriously eat ice cream for every meal. And I have. I had to cut back on my 2 pint per day habit. It was getting out of control.

  7. I have been making the parsley pesto for a few years now, how funny its popular these days. LOve the ice cream review. By the way who won the last give-away? Did I miss that? Have a great day Joanne!

  8. Shannon says:

    those ice creams sound delicious- especially the cardamom pistachio one! maybe a trip to nyc is in store?

  9. Abby says:

    I’ve been on vacation so I’m super late on this, but I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!! and now I’m off to make some parsley pesto 🙂

  10. cquek says:

    What a fabulous sandwich , i am going to have all of them

  11. Oh my gosh, free ice cream?! AWESOME! And this sandwich looks pretty great too 🙂

  12. I LOOOOOOOVE the new look over here, love!!! And we need to get some ice cream asap 🙂 xo

  13. Beth says:

    You’ve been eating some wonderful food! Hope all that ice cream is helping you keep cool….

  14. Kate says:

    What a neat (and messy looking) sandwich!

  15. Veronica says:

    I’ve not been digging eggs lately but you’ve inspired me to hard boil some b/c that sounds delish, as does your sandwich. And the ice cream of course! duh.

  16. Sara says:

    Those all sound amazing! I don’t know if it can strictly be called local any more, but Jeni’s out of Columbus, OH is FANTASTIC. Their salty caramel is delightful, but their tangier pairings are really where it’s at–the juniper and lemon curd is summer in a pint jar, and the goat cheese with red cherries disappeared so fast that I pretended I hadn’t even bought it. Last fall, I shared their sweet potato with torched marshmallows with a transitioning-vegan friend who cursed me out when I told her the marshmallows weren’t vegetarian. (I didn’t know about her dietary choices until she told me–there was no trickery intended, I swear!)

    They ship their ice cream, of course, but they’ve also got a cookbook, which is probably the more economical option. And no, they’re not paying me for any of this, though I’d never turn down a free pint here or there. 🙂

  17. Eileen says:

    Green bean and hard-boiled egg is one of my favorite salad combinations ever! Somehow I’ve never put them in a sandwich together, though. Must try!

  18. Pam says:

    The sandwich looks tasty – I’ll be off to check out that recipe! The pasta also has me drooling and so does all that yummy ice cream!!!

  19. Emma says:

    Love the new blog-look! Very cute indeed.
    5 pints of ice cream must be the best delivery ever! If only they were vegan and available over here…Mint choc-chip, ginger and pistachio are all favourites.

  20. Foodiewife says:

    I’ve been MIA, while licking my surgical wounds and trying to regain my appetite. Wow! Look at your new digs. I like! You’ve been been a busy girl. Yes, it’s a fun perk when we get to sample goodies that appeal to us. Too bad I’m too far away to try these ice creams, but I can enjoy them vicariously through your words. I have some reading to catch up with (on your new blog).

  21. Hotly Spiced says:

    How timely to be given all that ice cream while you’re in the midst of such a heat wave (it’s been on our news). I love the look of your parsley pesto pasta (that’s hard to say!) xx

  22. I’m heading to Brooklyn in early September, so I’ll be sure to visit Phin and Phebes for their coconut key lime ice cream! And, maybe I can find a fire hydrant to cool off with!

  23. ugh, it’s 10pm and now all i want is ice cream. thanks alot. 🙂 but seriously–i want to try that ginger so baddddd. i’ll have to look for a local alternative because indiana and new york aren’t exactly close. 🙂

  24. Monica says:

    Oh boy – Van Leeuwen will be sold at WF?! Wow – I had it once in Soho from their truck and the mint chip was amazing. Can’t wait!

  25. Um, beautiful blog redesign, honey! Also, am ever so jealous of you at all this ice cream. Those flavours sound incredible, I love that there are so many small companies out there doing their thing. Do you think it would make it in one piece if you sent some through the mail to New Zealand?

  26. Tahnycooks says:

    I have to seriously try hard boiled eggs together with green beans!!! Hellloooo???!!! Looks delish!!! Love your site, btw!

  27. Johanna GGG says:

    you have been busy – and isn’t life great when tasting ice cream makes you busy – they all sound great – the key lime pie or the chocolate black out would be my choices – and that pasta is an amazing green too

  28. Your title made me laugh. Before I clicked over, I seriously thought you had made an sandwich with eggs, spaghetti, and ice cream. I was wondering how you were going to pull that one off!

  29. Headed to check out that green bean sandwich. I have a whole bag of beans I need to use, with very little time to do so, so this sounds perfect!

  30. Jeanette says:

    Joanne – I LOVE the new look of our blog!! Now I just need to get some ice cream!

  31. Oooh this slaw! The Brooklyn Blackout ice cream sounds DELISH. I’m obsessed with Toscanini’s Burnt and Salted Caramel flavors right now.

  32. Chris says:

    Love the new look! Very sleek and fast loading too.

  33. That ice cream sampling job sounds pretty fantastic! Love the simplicity of the egg sandwich too!

  34. I love when you post about a bunch of different things. I get to be in awe of how much you do in any given day and also confirm my need to come eat dinner at your apartment 🙂

    That pasta looks to die for, and I’m also loving that green bean slaw! I bet it’s amazing on a sandwich! xo

  35. Ashley says:

    These all look great, but that sandwich… WOWZA! Gorgeous, Joanne!

  36. Reeni says:

    What a unique sandwich! You infuse everything so deliciously with vegetables! All that ice cream – I wish I could of helped with the taste testing!

  37. Nessa says:

    That pasta looks great!

  38. Phebes says:

    Hey Joanne, thanks for giving us a try – very happy to hear you enjoyed our Coconut Key Lime along with some other great flavors! We launched two new flavors a few months ago:

    Happy eating!
    – Phin & Phebes

  39. Nutmeg nanny says:

    Oh man! That egg sandwich is incredible, I have to have it asap 🙂

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