appetizer lunch at the smith

1. You guys need to remind me that from now on, I probably want to only order off the appetizer menu when I go out to eat. That’s where all the fun stuff lives. Like, for instance, the artichoke chili flatbread and cheddar cheese SMOTHERED tomato soup seen above that I got when I went to The Smith with Heather, Bea, and Susan last week.

2. But really, why can’t all my lunches be covered in broiled cheese?

3. I bought this Red Velvet Emulsion to use in all my future red velvet cakes because my baking idol said I should. Anyone ever use it? It gets very mixed reviews on Amazon and very rave reviews on King Arthur Flour. I’m nervous. Though I feel like so long as I smother whatever I bake with it, with cream cheese frosting, everything will be okay.

4. Bedazzled pumpkins as wedding centerpieces. Just try to talk me out of it.

5. If we somehow managed to ship all the East Coast snow over to California…would it end the drought?

6. A certain someone thought it would be a good idea to watch Fox News after the State of the Union address. Uh, buzzkill. I think I lost a few brain cells because of it.

7. One of my coworkers is moving to Saudi Arabia to start his own lab at the end of the week. We might have bought him feminist propaganda as a going away present(/passive aggressive disapproval of his leaving).

8. I refuse to be surprised if it doesn’t make it through Saudi Arabian Customs. (Except that I will probably be irate in a very vocal way.)

9. We met with the third and final caterer this weekend. If I don’t have a decision for you by next week, then please send tequila shots.

10. My first Stitch Fix came! Honestly, none of these were things I would have chosen for myself. But I did keep one item. Guess which! And ignore the photo that’s only of my chest area. This is what I happens when I tell the.boy to take pictures for me.

stitch fix 1

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61 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Von says:

    Here I was thinking that I was the only person who loved the appetizer menu more than the mains 🙂 it’s always so much more interesting…and they’re in smaller sizes so you get to choose more of them haha!

  2. I second your broiled cheese idea. But this is America, so I’m sure that there’s a restaurant somewhere that does indeed cover everything in cheese. But where?

  3. gloria says:

    I love the appetizers menu.:)
    I love the size and love the food.
    oh I love all with cheese of course oh my but I try really try don’use often.
    Love your pictures and the boy is funny:)

  4. I’ve never heard of Stitch Fit – so funny … men…always have one thing on their mind LOL! Glad to hear your wedding plans are coming along.

  5. Ordering off the appetizer section is ALWAYS a good idea!
    Love the pieces you got from Stitch Fix! I’ve been wanting to try it but just haven’t convinced myself yet that it’s worth it….but I know so, so many people who are lovin’ it. I’m not sure which one you chose though – they all look great on you!

  6. I hope you kept that blue and red top – SO cute! Curious to hear how the red velvet emulsion works out…but you are right, lots of cream cheese icing really does fix anything

  7. why WOULDNT you have bedazzled pumpkins?! i’m in love with the idea.

  8. Susan says:

    Keeping the turquoise top? Also I need to get back to the Smith asap for that soup!

  9. yay wedding planning stuff lol. and oooh now I’m curious-what DID you keep? The blue & red top looks really cute on you

  10. Beth says:

    Fox News after the State of the Union – somebody has a sense of humour.

  11. Meg says:

    Yay for Stitch Fix! I’m guessing you kept the multicolored tank (the largest photo in that grouping, haha!). I really loved my first fix and can’t wait for the next one. I kept my favorite item: a blue dress I couldn’t live without.

    Also, bedazzled pumpkins? Totally cool with that. I really, really, REALLY wanted a very fall wedding with pumpkins, gourds, etc., but we ultimately went with the books-and-science motif. I don’t regret it, but I just think pumpkins as centerpieces would be awesome!

  12. I really need to try stitch fix! And apps are the best 🙂 P.S. Let’s grab brunch SOON!!! xo

  13. margarita says:

    I’m totally cheap so appetizers work for me. Plus, they come in small servings and I can try two or three different ones instead of one, big, (may or may not be) boring dish.
    Good luck on choosing a caterer!
    Did you keep the blue top? That one is cute. And yeah, DFJ likes taking pictures of my butt when he gets ahold of the camera, totally normal.

  14. You need to replicated that flatbread – yum! Got my first stichfix last month – so fun. I love that red & blue top and really hope you kept the grey dress – you look fab in it!

  15. Jordan says:

    I love these Wednesday coffee talks! 1) Those appetizers look AMAZING. I’m hungry now. 2) Bedazzled pumpkins – YES. and 3) I think that multicolored tank top is really cute on you! I’m guessing that’s the one you chose.

  16. bellini says:

    It has been a busy week. I think you have pet the blue “chest shot” top from Stitch Fix.

  17. Bedazzled pumpkins!!!!!! Lol, your wedding is going to be the freaking best. ALSO! So excited that you got Stitch fix…I am totally living through you. xoxo

  18. Yay, Stitch Fix! I’m guessing you kept the multicolored top. I’m getting my 4th delivery soon, and I will say it usually takes 2-3 boxes before they get your style down. So curious about this red velvet emulsion!

  19. Megan says:

    I’m guessing you kept the blue shirt. It’s really cute! And I say go with those bedazzled pumpkins. Good luck with choosing a caterer!

  20. I’ve been thinking about trying stitch fix, but I’m afraid I’d either want to keep all the items or be too lazy to return them! I love that blue tank!

  21. i do like the tribal shirt on you! perhaps you kept that one? or the blue tank?!

  22. I am so intrigued with the whole Saudi Arabia situation! And I fully appreciate the passive aggressive gift:) #womenpower Also, I need to get on the Stitchfix bandwagon. Fo’ reals.

  23. SallyBR says:

    Saudi Arabia is attracting a bunch of scientists with easy funding money – and loads of it. The way funding in the USA is going (and boy, do I think Obama messed up on this point, even though I love the guy!) – it is not surprising that some are opting to move there. A friend of mine has traveled to give talks twice – interesting how in the plane they serve alcohol until everyone is just about to go into alcoholic coma, and then have to stop serving it and remove all the glasses when they cross into Saudi Arabia air space. The opposite happens on flights back.

    good luck to your friend, I doubt I would go…

    (I had to laugh at the photos carefully centered on your chest. One wonders. Phil does similar stuff and then he doesn’t understand why I don’t like when he grabs the camera!)

  24. I laughed out loud about shipping the snow to CA! I could definitely live with that. Our local meteorologist said someone wrote and asked why we couldn’t have a Miami or Aruba clipper instead of an Alberta clipper. We can all dream, right?

  25. Bedazzled Pumpkins – hooray! 🙂 + Appetizer menus rock. Then you get to order more than one thing…

  26. LOL at the Fox News comment, hilarious. Love broiled cheese! Need more of that in my life!

  27. Broiled cheese – yes. Always yes.

  28. Pam says:

    I love ordering appetizers for meals! The thought of bedazzled pumpkins makes me happy. 🙂 I think you look cute in all of the new stuff they sent you.

  29. Eileen says:

    I would like a n order or two of that flatbread, please! And re: ending the CA drought: HA HA HA HA HA. One of my friends works in watershed management here, and things are Not Good at all. Goal for this summer: figure out how to garden with restricted water?

  30. Appetizers are totally the best part of the meal. That’s why Super Bowl parties are so EPIC. It’s like an appetizer sampler platter times a thousand. Jon Stewart is pretty much where I get all my news now–everything else is far too depressing/frustrating/anxiety producing. I hope you kept the shirt on the left! You look super cute!

  31. Abby says:

    If you do end up doing Tequila shots, def don’t watch fox news it only gets worse…or maybe better? Anyways, love the tops! Did you keep the turquoise one?

  32. Red velvet emulsion? Is this real life?? I feel like I could just drink that, straight up (probably gross… but maybe delicious).

    Also, bedazzled pumpkins: DO IT. 😉

  33. Wait, is it NOT acceptable to eat nothing but appetizers? I never thought I’d day this, but….SEND THE SNOW! I can’t bare the thought of not taking loooooong hot showers.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Ok, theme splicing here – wedding meal of all appetizers?!? I would be ecstatic to go to that wedding…

  35. I too, would love every meal to be covered in broiled cheese! You look adorable – I think you are keeping the turquoise shirt!

  36. Kate says:

    I love appetizers! Sometimes we go out for just drinks and appetizers. (Or we used to before we had a kid!)

  37. The flatbread at the smith is unreallllll. I miss that place. Used to live half a block away!

  38. I want everything to eat in that photo! Broiled cheese, that sounds pretty perfect to me.

  39. Hotly Spiced says:

    You are too funny. That artichoke flatbread looks really good. The new clothing looks like you must be expecting warm weather any day now xx

  40. FIRST off, I am so bad when it comes to restaurants and appetisers. I tend to ask for an ‘entree’ size of the appetiser *covers face*. But really, they’re all amazing!! Also, I LOVE Sweetapolita. Thirdly, am I the only one not on Stitch Fix?! I love the tribal looking print and the top right one on you! Which did you keep?

  41. Christine says:

    Like the outfit in the largest pic. Very cute! Nice photos of you despite aiming at the chest…sigh, men. Oh, and I’ll take a bowl of that soup right now pls, yum!

  42. Melissa says:

    Hmm, you have some “low brain cell” readers, then. It may surprise you to know that there are some Republicans, including me, who read your blog (and generally enjoy it, I might add!) and may find your statement a little snarky. Joanne, your cooking is awesome, but I would appreciate it, as I’m sure would others, if you kept any slightly rude political comments to yourself (although obviously this is your blog and you can say whatever you want).

    • joanne says:

      I’m so sorry if I’ve offended you in any way, as that was never my intention. I try to not mention anything political on my blog (especially since I’m really not politically inclined at all). My entire family is Republican, as is my fiance`, who I obviously love and respect, and I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But you’re right, a blog about food is definitely not the place for it. I can occasionally put my foot in my mouth and this was definitely one of those occasions! To be honest, I think pundits on both sides of the political spectrum can be a bit ridiculous/hyperbolic in the things that they say and I often wish many of them (both Democratic and Republican) would think before they speak, and if my fiance` had put on a more liberally slanted news channel, I probably would have made fun of them as well. So, again, I’m really sorry and I hope you won’t let my indiscretion stop you from reading! I promise it won’t happen again.

  43. Definitely go for the bedazzled pumpkins! I like all the pieces but think the black dress is the best 🙂

  44. Joanne, Joanne, Joanne… Fox News? Were you asking for punishment? Ha 🙂

    In other news, broiled cheese ftw.

  45. Kelster says:

    I am intrigued by the red velvet emulsion. Amazon folks either hate it or love it – no in between.

  46. I hope you tell us what you kept from Stitch Fix – I just clicked across to see what it is and am really impressed with the idea!

  47. This is so weird, I was just listening to this podcast and they mentioned Stitch Fix. And it’s so true, I just went out to eat a few days ago and all I wanted were the appetizers :p

  48. debbie says:

    The appetizer menu is usually always a good choice….many times I’ve ordred nachos for a meal off the appetizer menu (don’t tell anyone though!!!)…..

  49. I gotta try stitch fix! hmmm did you keep the one on the left? Love the bright and funky colors on that one! Congrats on wedding planning 🙂

  50. Erika says:

    1. You are hilarious 2. I want to eat everything on The Smith’s menu (but especially your picks) 3. Yayayay I want to hear all the deets on your caterer!!

  51. Just came across your blog- looks great! I love to order appetizers too! Delicious and it reminds me of my time in spain- where Tapas were all the rage. I always say….if they do it in Europe….then it classy 😉 lol

  52. Good luck with making a decision on the caterer.

  53. You look beautiful in all of the options. 🙂 I’ll get the tequila shots ready. 😉

  54. Rika @ VM says:

    Haha on bedazzled pumpkins…oh no on #8! Awww your boy is so funny!

  55. Cheese covered everything is a winner in my book oh yes!
    Everything looks fab on you, but the turquoise one is my favorite so I hope you kept that one! Also, the boy is so funny haha ;–)

  56. Sarah says:

    Love your stitch fix fix!! That blue shirt is gorgeous.

  57. Christina says:

    Cheese could be a food group for me 🙂 my second Stitch Fix was disappointing… not sure what happened??

  58. Reeni says:

    I’m thinking you kept the colorful one in the biggest picture – it’s really cute and looks good on you! Or maybe the one in the bottom corner? The chest one. 😉

  59. Ha, you are so gracious (just read your response above)!! My hubby and his entire family are always on Fox News. I’m always biting my tongue on that one. Did you keep the teal top? It looks great on you! PS: We have the same baking idol!!!

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