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1. They say you can never go prom dress shopping again, but oh. You can. When your sister is almost a decade younger than you, you may just find yourself in Macy’s at dinnertime on a Sunday surrounded by dresses that are too short/tight/sparkly/bedazzled/revealing trying to decide whether a gray/silver or salmon pink high low dress goes better with the hair color she hopes to have by June.

2. Spoiler alert – we decided to go with the “buy both, return one later” method of decision-making. Otherwise known as the “procrastinate making important decisions” method. I’m such a good older sister influence.

3. The best part of going into the Macy’s in Herald Square (yes, the Thanksgiving Day parade Macy’s) on a weekend? The flower show. I’m a little flower obsessed at the moment in general and keep buying them for myselfΒ on a weekly basis. But that mannequin above takes it to a whole new level of love.

4. Sometimes my day job gets in the way of all the fun stuff. Remember last year, when I participated in a fabulous baking/chocolate-centric fundraiser to benefit C-CAP (Careers through Culinary Arts Program) – a program that works with public schools across the country to prepare underserved students for college and careers in the restaurant industry? Well THIS year I got invited to attend their annual culinary competition, in which students have to prepare a two-course French meal FROM MEMORY to compete for a culinary college scholarship. I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, so kudos to them. I was super psyched about going because I figured it would kind of be like Top Chef – “The Adolescent Addition”, but alas, work. Maybe next year!

5. I kind of have a basal level of peanut butter addiction going on in general, but this cake. I die.

6. Do you think we can get the.boy to celebrate his birthday again so I have an excuse to make it? Or maybe I can try to convince him that he got our anniversary all wrong and it’s actually this weekend and thus I must make this cake. Hmmm.

7. I just got this cookbook to review and I seriously can’t put it down. I’ve been reading it as a pre-bedtime story to calm myself down after an episode of Breaking Bad, but I think the contact sugar high is probably not helping. Imagine what’s going to happen what I finally bake from it…

8. The.Boy, my mom, my brother, my sister and I went to go see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden on Friday! That man is a musical god. And so I felt really justified in shaving my legs and washing my hair beforehand. He deserved it.

9. Speaking of music from the 90s. Have you heard the rumor that The Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls might have a reunion tour together?! I would wait in line FOREVER for tickets. Except people don’t do that anymore.

10. I will get CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME clicking FOREVER for tickets on Ticketmaster. So there.

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47 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Ah New York – only there would you find such a mannequin! I love Billy Joel! Did not know he was playing at Madison Square Garden. We just went to see Michael Cavanaugh, the guy who played Billy Joe’s music in Movin’ Out on Broadway a while back.

  2. Omg, that cake you linked to?! Woweee!
    And I love that you saw Billy Joel! So fun.

  3. Simply Life says:

    yes, I also was just looking at prom dresses with a teen – my, how things have changed πŸ™‚

  4. My sister is 7 years younger than me and went shopping for her prom dress last weekend — I feel like there are lot more dresses covered in big chunks of shiny, and I’m SO jealous. When I was in high school, everything was sequins and tacky beadwork. These are like huge fake gems and, for some reason, I’m a fan. I already have plans to swoop in when they’re on clearance, buy one, and then convince someone to have a prom-themed house party lol

  5. Meg says:

    This BSB/Spice Girls potential reunion is definitely getting us all whipped into a frenzy — myself included. Though I was totally an *NSYNC girl (Justin 4 life!), I can’t resist the allure of a giant ’90s party. I will totally break out my jelly shoes and stirrup pants and neon, which is totally in again. Or was neon in last year . . . ?

  6. Haha! I always say this, but I LOVE reading Wed. coffee talk! That is so fun you did prom dress shopping with your sister, and delaying the inevitable decision is totally what I did – it’s so hard to choose! That cookbook, I definitely want one!

  7. Sounds like you had a great time; like your procrastination method too!

  8. SallyBR says:

    I would have appreciated a little heads up on the fact that you had Marcus Samuelsson’s photo embedded in your links. I don’t deal well with sudden raises in blood pressure when I arrived in the lab before 7am for a long experiment and was just taking a little tea break with your Wednesday Coffee Talk…


    Hyperventilating Sally

  9. I kind of miss the days of waiting in lines FOREVER for tickets. Sigh. I’m old.

  10. That is the coolest flower display I’ve ever seen. Awesome!
    I’ve got a new cookbook coming in the mail this week and I’m just a bit over excited. Total nerd alert.
    Have a beautiful Wednesday!

  11. Omgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee The Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls together in concert?????!!!!!! I think that alone requires you make that peanut butter chocolate cake from Pintrest! Or maybe the fact thatyou are celebrating Chocolate – pb day a few days later? No matter your excuse, I will volunteer to take some of that cake off your hands and spare you a sugar coma!
    The dress on that mannequin is amazing – all those flowers!!! Love your Wednesday coffee talks Joanne

  12. Jordan says:

    Backstreet Boys + Spice Girls = SIGN ME UP. I’ll be clicking right along with you!

  13. YAYYYYY Billie Joel!! That is awesome! Love him! Also WOAH those flowers- amazeballs!

  14. I might even consider getting waxed for Billy Joel!

    Also my sister is a decade older than me and suffered through reliving her high school years thanks to me. I think she still holds a grudge…

  15. I have been buying tulips galore lately! I blame it on the crappy weather outside. At least in my house it is springtime!

  16. I have NEVER gotten to go prom dress shopping!! So sad. I grew up in a small town where we just had a party after grad. I can’t wait until my child graduates high school just so I can go with them….but I guess wedding dress shopping is just as fun, no? Also, that flower show looks unreal! So cool.

  17. Ah prom dress shopping!!! The buy 2, return 1 is my favorite kind of decision making.

  18. Kate says:

    Billy Joel was the first concert I ever went to!

  19. sandra says:

    “goes better with the hair color she hopes to have by June”??
    Spoiler alert would have been to let us know what color that was.

    All I can say is it is a good thing you are not getting married in June.

    So great you got to go shopping when the flower show was up – I’ve never been.

  20. Wow, I think the flower show would be worth a trip to Macy’s on a weekend! (And, I hate shopping in crowds.) You should definitely make the peanut butter cake. I know you can come up with an excuse for it!

  21. cheri says:

    New York sounds like such an amazing place to live, I’ve visited there once and there was so much energy and things to do. Great coffee talk as usual!

  22. Danguole says:

    Um, I would totally go see BSB/The Spice Girls. I specifically recall having a conversation with my sister (she’s older, so it’s more embarrassing for her, HA) about which BSB would date which Spice.

  23. These are always my favorite posts! I’m a little jealous that you get to do the whole prom dress shopping thing again. Sometimes I look at all the pretty sparkly things and I think, I will never have an excuse to get that dressed up again…ever. Depressing right? But then I see how short/poofy/irresponsibly sequined they are and I feel glad I’m an adult again.

  24. P says:

    I’m sure you’ll find a reason to make that PB cake…there’s always the “because I deserve it” one πŸ˜‰ !

  25. I love your spunky, independent streak, Jo!

  26. Christina says:

    Love your Wednesday series! I have fresh flowers in every room at the moment… overkill??

  27. Johanna GGG says:

    I never bought a ball dress – despite going to a few as a student – but I did find someone who was willing to loan them. Love the flower dress more – extraordinary. And I would love to see billy joel – he was one of my first musical loves

  28. Christine says:

    Had to laugh at the pic of the mannequin. Looks like part of a Rose Parade float! πŸ˜‰ I would be seriously bummed about my day job if I were invited to compete in C-CAP and couldn’t and I don’t cook nearly as much as you! Love to see Billy Joel live, glad you had fun.

  29. Sounds like you’ve had an exciting week! Love that you went prom dress shopping with your sister and saw the flower show. And I’m sold on any book with the title “Sweet”!

  30. gloria says:

    Joanne Im really impressed with the dress lol
    But sure you had a fun time with your sister:)

  31. love the flower show, I’m also obsessed with that cake, and OMG BACKSTREET BOYS AND SPICE GIRLS!!!!!!!!

  32. Oh peanut butter, my friend and nemesis. I eat it every day and am fairly certain I couldn’t live without it.

  33. Monica says:

    You make me want to go to Macy’s at Herald’s Square…okay, maybe not looking at that crowd! : ) The PB cake is insane and I can’t wait to see what you bake up from that sweet cookbook (I love “reading” a good cookbook, too).

  34. That mannequin is so beautiful! I love that Macy’s – good memories. Did you decide what your wedding flowers will be?

  35. I didn’t know Billy Joel still performed! Love all the sweet stuff in your life πŸ™‚

  36. Veronica says:

    The piano man! Oh that’s a concert I would love. So are you hiring someone to make your wedding cake or are you making it yourself? B/c you could make the peanut butter one for it. πŸ˜‰

  37. That peanut butter cake…wow. And the flower display in Macy’s…wow. Lots of wowness in excellent ways!

  38. Heather says:

    I love this time of year and that everyone is slowly starting to bring the flowers out! I bought a bouquet at Trader Joe’s just because I firmly believe you should buy yourself flowers whenever the feel the desire to.

  39. I can never get enough flowers – so pretty! But BSB and the Spice Girls together??? I’ll wait in line with you πŸ˜‰

  40. Lynn says:

    I’ve been to that Macys – and that’s a very cool flower dress.

  41. last weekend i saw the dress that one of the little girls i used to babysit for is going to wear to prom and i was like WHOA. different from the good ‘ol days πŸ˜‰

  42. It is a lot fun to go shopping for prom dresses. I had a great time going with my daughters when they were in school.

  43. When I have 1 container of peanut butter jar in the house that means I’m running low. AKA I always have to jars! Yup, I might have a problem. πŸ˜‰

  44. Can I go prom dress buying and cake eating with you??? I also need to buy mine soon hehe ;–)

  45. Reeni says:

    Dress shopping at Macy’s sounds fun! Especially if I can have a big slice of that PB cake afterwards! πŸ™‚

  46. Omg, I am so behind. It’s almost Wednesday again. HELP.

    I always forget that your sister is so much younger. Sort of reminds me of how some of my friends were scoping out colleges for their kids last year…while I was registering Trevor for Kindergarten!

  47. Remember when we prom dress shopped, and all the dresses were long and formal? Now they’re SO short.

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