bridal shower

1. In an ideal world, my table would always be covered in three different kinds of cupcakes.

2. And in case you were wondering, yes, I am that crazy food blogger bride who made cupcakes for her own bridal shower. Triple chocolate, funfetti, and brown butter pumpkin. Recipes to come!

3. Yesterday morning, the worst thing happened. I was sitting at my table, having breakfast, minding my own business when a SILVERFISH BUG decided to waltz it’s way across the table, right in front of my eyes. Like it owned the place. Newsflash silverfish bug…that table is ALL MINE.

4. So then I smused it with a coffee filter. I showed him who’s boss.

5. Also, the.boy did not even run out of bed to save me when he heard me shriek. Which just seems preposterous.

6. Can we talk wedding shoes? I am positively DYING for these but I don’t think they’re being sold anymore. I could possibly settle for a pair of these if only I could learn how to walk in that heel!

7. If I wore bedazzled running sneakers under my dress, would anyone judge me?

8. So, I broke out the butternut squash and pumpkin this weekend. There is no coming back from this.

9. Bringing home all the gifts from the bridal shower was like moving ALL OVER AGAIN. This time without movers. I think my calves might never be the same…

10. But all my Fiestaware is just so pretty. #worthit

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52 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Sune Moolman says:

    One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was getting married in cute comfortable pumps. Think about it…
    Also, those cupcakes! YUM!

  2. Baby June says:

    Ah yes! Those cupcakes look amazing! Can’t wait to see the recipes. And maybe that Thai butternut squash soup too, because yum. 🙂

  3. oooooooh so exciting!!! I’m super jealous that you made cupcakes for your shower-I don’t know if anyone will let me make anything for any of mine! Pretttyyyy shoes–the shoes are killin’ me because I need 1/5-2 inch heels (for the dress mostly. and for Michael, too lol)-which I don’t love. But i’ll prob. just settle for shoes that I like lol

  4. I love that you made your own cupcakes for your shower! They look amaaaazing.
    And I remember all those wedding shower gifts…it really does feel like you’re hauling all of your belongings all over again! We just did that this past weekend with a bunch of baby gifts from our shower 🙂

  5. Brown butter pumpkin cupcakes?! I’ll just be over here, dying of hunger, until that post goes up 😉

  6. OMG those shoes, both are so gorgeous! I remember trying about a billion pairs before finding a pair that was “comfortable” enough. The wonderful surprise was finding that to be the least expensive pair:-)

    The worst part about leaving the shower early was missing out on those cupcakes!

  7. Susan says:

    I wore sequined chucks under my wedding dress. I say wear what you want!

  8. Emma says:

    Brown butter pumpkin cupcakes? Please get that up asap lady… don’t tease! Also, Fiestaware <3

  9. Meg says:

    I wore ridiculous heels to my wedding after worrying endlessly that I would hate life at the end of the night, but I was so happy and in the zone that I completely forgot about the flats I’d stashed under our couples table. 🙂 Wear whatever you want and rock it — bedazzled sneaks would just add personality to your day!

    And totally feel you on moving/unloading gifts, because WOW. I had a double bridal shower with my sister and the sheer amount of generous stuff was crazy. Not complaining in the least — how could I?! — but holy cow, it was quite the ordeal getting all of that loaded and unloaded at our respective residences. Sheesh!

  10. Stefanie says:

    Wear bedazzled sneakers you’ll be like Annie in Father of the Bride took cute! Also silverfish and earwigs are the worst! Ew!

  11. Reeni says:

    I say go for the sneakers! Then you can dance the night away without aching feet!

  12. Kinsey says:

    The bridal shower sounds so fun! I’m eagerly waiting all of the cupcake recipes–I’m drooling just thing about the triple chocolate one.

  13. Heck yeah – bedazzle them running shoes lady! I don’t see anything wrong with that! 🙂
    Looking forward to those Triple chocolate, funfetti, and brown butter pumpkin cupcake recipes!

  14. danielle says:

    I cant wait for that brown butter pumpkin cupcake recipe – yum!

  15. Lori R. says:

    Brown butter pumpkin cupcakes? Cannot wait for those! No way could I do heels at my wedding (those are so pretty though!). I wore about 2 inch heels and the second the ceremony was over I switched to some New Balance for the reception. No one could see them, I was super comfortable and it made for some fun wedding photos. Do it! 🙂

  16. Heather says:

    As far as wedding shoes go – I vote that you go comfy!! Find a killer pair of flats – those Jimmy Choos are amazing if you can find something similar at the very least. (I just wore blue Converse sneakers under my dress). 😉

  17. Those Jimmy Choos are delightful!!! And you could definitely wear them post-wedding. That silverfish story is terrifying. I hate bugs. I actually just moved into my own apartment and am dreading the day I see one and have to kill it myself.

  18. Daniela says:

    My best friend got married in cute super high heels but for the reception she changed to white sneakers with satin ribbons and danced happily after until dawn….

  19. cheri says:

    Hi Joanne, go with the fancy and bedazzled, that way you can switch off. Love the cupcakes, not surprised you made your own and then 3 different kinds. Can’t wait for the recipes!

  20. Sarah says:

    My classmate just got married and wore nikes under her gown! 🙂 You can wear whatever you want, plus if it’s a long dress most likely people won’t see the shoes much.

  21. Beth says:

    I am dying for those brown butter pumpkin muffins! And every fall, I look forward to a whole new set of sweet potato (and butternut squash) recipes from you. Can’t wait!

  22. elizabeth e says:

    The mental image of you walking down the street, juggling cupcakes and fiestaware has made my Wednesday morning! Thank you for that. (I hope you took a cab).

    Re: wedding shoes, one of my bffs got married in cowboy boots (under a formal lace wedding dress), so I say you do you.

  23. YES WE CAN talk wedding shoes!! Although the ones you posted are completely different…so I don’t know how to help you, lol. Also, I want all those cupcakes. So nummy!

  24. I love that table.

    I think I finally found someone with more cookbooks than me. It’s hard to tell. I have a 3 shelf bookcase that is only cookbooks. If I buy a new one, I try to get rid of an old one. But I will admit, there may be one or two cookbooks on a different shelf.

    Totally wear the bedazzled running shoes – ever see Father of the Bride?

    I cannot look at your shoes, work blocks those links. So sad. 🙁

  25. Well, I had tissue grafting done on my lower gums yesterday. 5 teeth. Top that! I look like I was in a bar fight. Brutal.

  26. OMGeeeee happy Brida shower! XOXO! I LOOOOOVE the cupscakes MUST HAVE BROWN BUTTER PUMPKIN!

  27. Monica says:

    That must be the big farm table and the new apartment with all those great books?! Looks great…and the cupcakes are just gorgeous (you could give Baked a run for their money!).

  28. Those cupcakes looked absolutely gorgeous!!

  29. Not crazy at all! I made food for my own baby shower because I couldn’t help myself 🙂

  30. JenG says:

    wearing gym shoes is the one do-over i’d do for our wedding. my super cute blue python shoes that i broke in for 6 months were not worth losing my 2 big toe nails at all. and they were only visible in one picture. go with the gymmers!

  31. SallyBR says:

    What’s with the.boy? At least while you are engaged he absolutely MUST jump off the bed and save you from all things with more than four legs and crawl on walls, floors, and tables. I am shocked and appalled.

    I had to google silverfish bug and almost passed out. No bueno.

    Shoes. Definitely go for comfort. If you have any doubts about being able to elegantly walk on those stunning white high heels, pick something else. I love the first one, too bad you seem to be unable to get your hands in a pair… they are lovely!

  32. Can’t wait for the recipes for those cupcakes! They sound great!

  33. Juliana says:

    Yes, go with the sneakers…the cupcakes look fabulous…looking forward to the recipes.
    Have a beautiful week Joanne 😀

  34. Sues says:

    I think bedazzled sneakers would be SO cute!! I got those Jimmy Choos but with a small heel and peep-toe for my wedding and they were actually really comfortable. I wore them from about 2-midnight with no problem at all!

    Those cupcakes look incredible. I LOVE that you made your own bridal shower cupcakes!

  35. Natalie says:

    cannot wait for those cupcake recipes!!…and could really go for funfetti right about NOW!

  36. Erica says:

    Go with blinged up running shoes for the wedding! I had my pretty satin pumps off immediately after the ceremony and danced the night away in my stockinged feet.

  37. Eileen says:

    You can wear anything you want under your wedding dress! If it’s sufficiently long, no one will even notice, let alone judge. 🙂

  38. Kelly says:

    Those cupcakes are gorgeous and omg brown butter pumpkin??? Can’t wait to see all the recipes – they sound heavenly! Yay – bring on all the butternut squash and pumpkin dishes 🙂

  39. alyssa says:

    I love those white shoes – they are amazing. But in all seriousness, you need to find a balance and be comfortable! It will be a long day on your feet 🙂

  40. marcela says:

    I really enjoyed this post–both the writing and the photos!

  41. Kate says:

    I love flats. I am wearing flats right now. But I think at least a little bit of heel on your wedding day. It will make you look floatier in your wedding dress.

  42. All the cool girls wear comfy shoes under their dress, do it!

  43. I changed into high heel slip slops during our wedding, and into sneakers when I was a bridesmaid. So if you ask me, just start off that way 🙂

  44. Can’t wait for you to post those yummy sounding cupcakes.
    I totally agree with others about wearing a comfy footwear. Wish I had someone to tell me that when I was getting married 😉

  45. Hotly Spiced says:

    I can’t believe you cooked for your own bridal shower! I would have thought you had the perfect excuse for a day off. I think wearing upmarket sneakers under your wedding dress is very, ‘Father of the Bride’ xx

  46. Both of those shoes are gorgeous. And as for running shoes…I wore plain white ballet flats under my dress, which is kind of in the same spirit 😉

  47. Katerina says:

    These cupcakes look terrific! Buy your bridal shoes the day you will have the most tired feet. That’s my advice!

  48. Johanna GGG says:

    I can see why the silverfish is on your table – hoping for three types of cupcakes – look great

  49. P says:

    Those heels are pretty!

  50. Rachel says:

    I don’t think anyone will see your shoes! I went barefoot on the beach and then wore wedged flip flops for the reception. Just be comfy!

  51. Megan says:

    There was a huge one in the sink this morning and I screamed. Luckily Jeff came in and took care of it for me. Those things are so gross! Brown butter pumpkin cupcakes on the other hand… I want those. Can’t wait for the recipe!

  52. I would suggest not wearing those heels for you wedding, you want to be comfortable. The first shoes or the sneakers will be much much better.

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