1. BREAKING NEWS: the mouse is STILL AT LARGE. I repeat, the mouse is STILL AT LARGE. Please stand by for further instructions.

2. To be honest, I’m not really sure if I’m more scared to come home and find the mouse dead…or not. I’m really going to have mixed feelings about this.

3. You really don’t realize how unused you are to writing until you have to write 50 thank you cards. It felt really weird to hold a pen for that long.

4. Can we talk about Pinterest and this new feed algorithm thing that doesn’t just show pins as they’re pinned in real time anymore? And how I used to pin things and they actually showed up in people’s feeds, but now I pin things and they show up in NO ONE’S feeds. Not even my own. WTF.

5. Pinterest, we’re fighting.

6. This creme brulee. Whoa.

7. Any excuse to whip out the old blowtorch, eh? (*that’s what he said*)

8. I hope we’re still friends after that.

9. I think the.boy and I have finally nailed down the limo/party bus situation for the wedding. Which means if the florist would EVER give us an estimate, we would finally know just how overbudget we are. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

10. For those of you who got your hair/makeup done by someone else for your wedding, did you go to them or have them go to you? And which do you recommend? I have an option for either and can see pros/cons to both. Heelllppp!

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41 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Lol about the mouse (but yeah, I’d be a little scared too!). Agreed about Pinterest (so frustrating!). And friends forever, blowtorches or not. 😉

  2. I am mad at Pinterest too! There is a particular individual (not you obvi) who keeps pinning her own blogs recipes and ONLY those pins seem to be showing up. I HATE IT!!!

    And as a newly married lady I must advise you to have the hair and make up people come to you. That morning is SO CRAZY…you don’t want to be driving around the city. Also, it allows for you and your bridesmaids to get hair and makeup done at the same time. This way you can have little snacks out and not feel so rushed! xox

  3. Have them come to you!! You have so much else to deal with / worry about the day of. Just make sure you schedule them for early in case they run late. Plus, if the weather isn’t great, less chance to have a frizz interference or anything!

  4. Pinterest is being very silly these days!
    I’d say have the hair/makeup people come to you. It’s sooo nice, and you can be more relaxed with your gals and save a little time since you don’t have to travel to them 🙂

  5. Not married, but when my friend got married she had the salon come to my house to do her + bridesmaids’ + MOB’s makeup and hair. It worked out FANTASTIC. In part because we could drink a million mimosas, but also because everyone got to be together and chatting/having a good time. Emily (the bride) was near all of her things so someone could check when she inevitably had a panic attack about losing her garter (she didn’t) or not having the right necklace (she did). I also tend to ruin my hair the second I go outside or get in a car, so you alleviate any extra travel.

  6. I haven’t been on Pinterest for ages, but that sounds annoying!! And I hope your mouse has gone off to bother someone else’s apartment. That’s possible, right???

  7. Eeeeeep! I used to have to deal with mice and just….ugh. I do not envy you right now. Poor thing.

    I can’t believe your florist is taking so long with an estimate! When I interviewed florists that was the thing that I used to help make me decide! (and omg…don’t even get me started on all the debt we’re going into for this wedding…oi)

    annnnnd I’m having someone come to me to do my hair & makeup because 1. less back and forth means less likelihood of my hair getting messed up by wind or whatever. 2. I can just relax at my mom’s house and less work on the day of just seems like a good idea.

    I’m sure either way though it’ll work out wonderfully!

  8. You should hire me to help with your rodent problem. We had a major one last year in our old rental house and I became quite the exterminator. Eww!

    Have the makeup people come to you. And also I am sure you know this but make sure you do a test run before hand. I told them what I liked and wanted and luckily we did a test run bc it made me cry – that’s how bad it was. haha

  9. SallyBR says:

    Not sure what type of trap you have for the mouse – peanut butter and ham together seem to be quite hard to resist. now, if you have one of those humane traps that just lock the beast inside, make sure to check daily. It is beyond cruel to let the beast starve to death – how do I know that? Oh, well

    I really hope you can get rid of the monster – I know how horrible it is to be in constant hyperventilation in your own sacred home…

    good luck!

  10. Meg says:

    Agree on having the makeup/hair crew come to you. I actually went to a salon that morning for my hair, which worked out just fine, but I would have been stressed to the max if my nice makeup lady didn’t meet us at the venue for everything else!

    On being overbudget, well . . . yes, ignorance can certainly be bliss! 🙂 By the time I figured out where we stood, financially, it was far too late to turn back. Ha! To be fair, we came in very close to what I’d planned for, though there are always last-minute issues and expenses. It’s all good. You’re going to have a fabulous day!

  11. I will echo everyone to say have makeup come to you – one less thing you have to go to/worry about 🙂

  12. OOh yeah – pinterest currently is boggling my brain up too..and my feeds…oh well…hoping Ahalogy knows what’s going on as that’s what I use to pin.
    My sis had a mouse in her Manhattan apt for the longest time – it got to a point where all attempts at capturing it were failing and she started leaving a block of cheese out for it on her counter…then she started referring to it by name…hmm…hoping you solve your mouse woes before it gets to this point…:)

  13. Heather says:

    I didn’t have a professional do my hair and makeup, but if I had – I would have definitely wanted them to come to me. It was much easier to do my hair and makeup at the location we were getting married than at home or anywhere else.

    Is it even possible to be under budget when planning a wedding? I don’t think I’ve met anyone who actually came in under their original budget… there always seems to be something that wasn’t accounted for or ended up being more expensive than originally thought. Ah well – it’s a one time thing, right?

  14. My coworker had 4? 5? Mice in her apartment. Some she caught and released, some she killed. I think she’s mouse free now.

    I’m not liking the new Pinterest. I don’t actually have time for pinterest much anymore anyway, but I still use it for recipe storage.

    I had my hair done for my wedding, oh, 18 years ago. I went to her.

    In 2008, I was in a wedding, and I had my hair and makeup done, we went to the salon. (Interestingly, I’m becoming decent friends with the makeup artist now, because it turns out that she lives down the street and her boys go to my son’s elementary. Small world.)

    I have no experience with them “coming to me”. Going to the salon was fine, the lighting was perfect.

  15. Kathleen says:

    For the love of God, Joanne! Have the hair and makeup people come to you! I won’t go into details, but I did it the other way, and 24 years later I still get stressed just thinking about it!

  16. Sues says:

    Ugh to the mouse!!

    For our wedding, we went to get our hair done in the morning and then back at the hotel the makeup lady came and we took turns while hanging out, drinking champagne, etc. 🙂 However, it was super easy since the salon was a short walk from the hotel in Boston. So exciting you’re getting so close!

  17. OMG the writing, so many cramps in my hand- OUCH!

  18. danielle says:

    They need to come to you – the less stressful the day is the better.

  19. Having a mouse running around is NOT THE BUSINESS. I wish you the best of luck!!

  20. Sarah says:

    Good luck on the mouse! I know how it feels to have a mouse around ><

  21. Rachel says:

    eek to the mouse! I hope he finds somewhere else to hang out, and soon!

    I would have them come to you. So much more fun, you can drink champagne and have snacks!

  22. Kate says:

    I had someone come to me, but I had a morning wedding at a hotel, so it was much easier to have her come to the room while we were getting ready, then just head downstairs when it was time to walk down the aisle. Personally, I’d rather be at the destination so I don’t have to worry about getting TO the destination.

  23. iscribbler says:

    Had a mouse problem myself last winter and peanut butter did zilch. The trap (the one with the little door) stood empty for days. I then placed a small cut piece of snickers inside in place of the peanut butter and bingo! Caught 4 mice using snickers each and every time. 🙂 Trust me. Snickers is like crack for mice.

  24. I’m made at Pinterest too. it seems really glitchy at the moment.
    I so know what you mean about holding a pen. It feels so weird after typing all the time.

  25. Joanne, oh my gawd. You have to get the boy to catch that thing. Do you have mouse traps set up? I know they might seem inhumane and gross but it has to be done. For my wedding, when I got my trials done for hair and make-up, I went to my make-up person’s house but on my wedding day, I had a hotel suite for my and my bridesmaids and she went there with her team and they did everyones hair and make-up there. I highly suggest having the person come to you on your wedding day . . so you don’t have to drive back and forth the day of. . you’ll be stressed out enough so the last thing you will want to do is drive back and forth to get your hair and make-up done. Just my 2 cents. and for the florist, make sure you have a back-up. if they are late in giving you an estimate, that’s not always a good sign. Hang in there, yo!

  26. Hotly Spiced says:

    So the mouse lives another day. I use Send Out Cards to save me from having to write cards by hand, stuff them in envelopes, address them and hike to the post office. It’s all done on-line and is a great service and they have a system where it types in your handwriting so it looks like a hand-written card! I would recommend having the hair and make-up people come to the home – you don’t want to be stressed with traffic and subways etc xx

  27. Hey thanks so much for the shout, Joanne! And oh no, mouse. I think I’d probably prefer alive but yikes!

  28. alyssa says:

    I would have the makeup people come to you – much more relaxing than having to rush around and (maybe) fight traffic!

  29. Emma says:

    Wait, pinterest are doing what now! Boo pinterest! I’m fighting with you too pinterest! Also, we had a mouse last year and (stupidly) bought a “humane” mousetrap. Anyway, the mouse got quiet and we thought (again, stupidly) that he had just decided to move on to a cozier home. A couple of weeks later we found the deceased mouse in the humane mousetrap… not a very humane way to go at all. I advise against those… Good luck!!

  30. P says:

    Uggh…mouse troubles. I hope the issue dissolves itself soon!

    #9 – LOL! I would consider ignorance IS bliss in this situation 😉

  31. I once had a mouse in my house. Not fun times. My cat would just watch it as it scuttled across the floor. Useless little bugger. But I think we left the door open for long enough that it eventually went outside But that was during summer when it was ok to leave the doors open. I wish you luck!

  32. One of those little rodent critters took up residence in our attic. We had to set a trap. It worked.

    Get someone to come to your house to do hair and makeup. It will make your life a little easier.

  33. Reeni says:

    I had a baby mouse once in my apt and couldn’t bear to hurt it. It was so stinkin cute even if it did make me shriek like a banshee. We used some kind of trap that catches them alive and then we let it go out in the country.

  34. Zainab says:

    Save the mouse brains for me!! And please let them come to you. SO MANY things can go wrong on traveling that day so you want to minimize your movements lol! I had hair and makeup lady come to a hotel suite to have everything done. Was a fun morning of drinks, chatter and girl time.

  35. Christina says:

    Hair and make up come to you 🙂 so much better! Poor mouse….

  36. Joanne, with the gorgeous looking and (obviously) delicious smelling things you cook you can’t blame the mouse for wanting to linger! 😉

    now seriously, hope you get rid of that mouse soon!!

    I have never gotten married but I’ld say let them come to you too. You will already have to be moving all the time, and you’ll be getting too tired, I think it’s got to be great to have something that you don’t have to bother with so much 😉

  37. Lauren says:

    I was about to tell you to have the hair stylist & makeup artist come to you, but then I realized that’d already been said… a million times. I just got married in September and had both come to my hotel room. I stayed there the night before with my sister then had all the other girls meet there in the morning. This ensured that A) I could just roll out of bed and not have to go anywhere and B) That I could make my bridesmaids bring snacks & mimosas when they showed up 🙂

  38. I hope the mouse is gone by now!! I think you should have hair and makeup person come to you. When my daughter got married we went to the salon and it went fine, but I think that it would have been easier to have them come to the house.

  39. Kelly says:

    Oh no about the mouse. Boo to Pinterest. I vote for hair and makeup come to you. So much easier and more relaxed 🙂

  40. Megan says:

    My hairdresser and makeup artist came to me, and I think it’s easier that way. I brought in a bunch of food from my favorite bakery and did a breakfast spread for my bridal party so we could all eat and get ready at the same time.

  41. Wait . . . no one is seeing my Pinterest pins??? Well that just made my day. And though I have not been married . . . or had a real boyfriend, I would think you want hair and makeup people to come to you. One less thing to worry about.

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