chai latte

1. You guys, I am siiiiiiccckkk. Like, I had a legit 101F fever on Sunday. It’s no fun.

2. Right now it’s mostly an uncomfortably sore throat that ails me, and I’m not even exaggerating, but the only thing that makes it feel better are chai lattes. Something about all that hot spice. I swear it has palliative powers.

3. And if you think I’m not the kind of person who makes curry when I’m sick because I’m convinced that all those spices will cure what ails ya…well. You’re wrong.

4. So….the topic that’s on everyone’s lips this week. Caitlyn. Jenner. Now, I don’t want to get controversial on here or have a comment war of people voicing their yays and nays BUT I hope we can all agree that it is not our job in this world to judge anyone. We are all human. And I think in the end that’s the most important thing to remember.

5. HOWEVER I do find it interesting that it’s Caitlyn with a C and not Kaitlyn with a K. Total statement.

6. I haven’t really talked about this at all, but…on Friday I’m going to Boston! For a work conference (the science kind). I am SO excited to be headed back there, even if it’s only for a few days. Just the thought of getting to run around the Charles…ugh, can’t wait.

7. So…where should I eat while I’m there!? I haven’t REALLY been back since 2009, so I’m sure a lot has changed! Obviously, Flour Bakery is a must. I think we want to go to one REALLY nice dinner and then a few nice but not TOO nice dinners. If you know what I mean.

8. That reminds me that I also have stock the fridge before I go, because if I don’t cook, WHAT WILL THE.BOY EAT?!

9. I’m concerned. The last time he made scrambled eggs for me, he burnt them. This is going to be interesting…

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43 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Feel better soon!
    Yay Boston! You should eat at Ten Tables (prob need to make a reservation). I favor the JP location because I loooove JP, but there’s a Cambridge location too 🙂 Enjoy being back!

  2. Sorry to hear you are still unwell 🙁
    Caitlyn with a C is actually a pretty popular way to spell it here in the UK.

  3. Shannon says:

    ooh, you’re heading to boston?! too bad I will be heading out of town for the weekend 🙁

  4. Marina says:

    Feel better, Joanne!! Have fun in Boston! 🙂

  5. Hope the spice gets you feeling better before Boston! When I leave Josh alone, he mostly eats Taco Bell 😡 Hopefully your boy has better taste in quick food.

  6. You need to feel better right now – that’s an order! As for what our guys eat when we are not there – I find an awful lot of KFC boxes in the trash when I get home. Hmm. Have fun in Boston! Xx

  7. 1) You poor thing… feel better! Being sick like that is just so sucky.
    2) Totally agree about #4
    3) Go to Harvest! Food is amazing and desserts extra amazing.

  8. I just buy Michael frozen dinners for when I leave–and sometimes I make and freezer lasagna lol.


  9. Johanna GGG says:

    hope you recover for your boston trip – as usual I am behind with the news and saw something about caitlyn jenner but still haven’t worked out what the story is – maybe it is about how you spell her name. And don’t worry about the boy – am sure he will have plenty of great takeaway nearby and wont starve 🙂

  10. Turmeric and coriander fix everything. For real. Get bettah!

  11. Zainab says:

    Feel better!! Hope you have fun in Boston. A Gordon conference? Wish I was going again.

  12. Emma says:

    LOL I thought the same thing about Caitlyn. Nice to see you are also a husband enabler, I’m sure my husband could cook when we first met, but I have since ground him down to a needy skill-less dude.

  13. Feel better!! Ian is sick with a crazy high fever, too. His doctor said it’s going around. I haven’t tried making him a chai latte though… 😉

  14. Beth says:

    I had the same thought about using C vs K. Have fun in Boston!

  15. Yay! Boston!! My home! I have some restaurant suggestions for your special meals: Sam’s at Louis is the best and has one of the best patios in Boston. Sam’s has some amazing meat-less & vegetarian options for you. The staff (& cocktails are fantastic). Asta is also one of our best for creative menus. The chef was a James Beard semi-finalist so you’d need a reservation there. If you cross the river, I love Bergamot. Let me know if you want some ideas for every-day suggestions to have up your sleeve!

  16. hey girl, so much to say. . first off, hope you get better soon!!! and YES, I swear by kimchi soup whenever I am sick .. !!! love it! and yes “it’s not our job in this world to judge anyone. We are all human.” couldn’t have said it better!!! I agree!!!!

  17. Tricia says:

    Hungry Mother in Cambridge! The chef is a recent James Beard award winner, and the restaurant is sadly closing in July.. The coziest space, classed-up southern comfort food, and amazing cocktails to boot.
    Oleana is another favorite, and it’s the perfect time of year for their patio. Both are well worth the trip over to Cambridge (though I may be biased, living in the heart of it 🙂 Oh! and find a Clover for breakfast or lunch. Excellent coffee and house-made sodas, all locally sourced vegetarian food. All around tasty, and quick!
    Enjoy your trip!

  18. Joanne! I hope you feel better!! Hope you will be ok for your trip on Friday! And OMG, my man is the SAME WAY. I went away this weekend, and he couldn’t even go out to buy his own milk! Oy.

  19. Annie says:

    Oh no! I hope you feel better by the time you go to Boston. And YES on the CJ thing.

  20. Joni says:

    Have fun in Boston. Definitely try The Helmand Restaurant in Cambridge ( It’s Afghani food that is to die for – seriously a vegetarian’s dream come true. The roasted pumpkin is a must. Enjoy!

  21. Christine says:

    Joanne, 101F? You need to get better before traveling, poor thing! How will you enjoy a wonderful dinner or two if you don’t feel well? That said, hope you have a great time in Boston.

  22. Noooo … hope you feel better soon, Joanne! That stinks to have a fever in the summer …
    A bit envious of your trip to Boston. Never been there, but I bet they have an amazing food culture!

  23. Heather says:

    I get why it’s a C over a K. I also love that we live in a time and place where the majority of people are supportive of Caitlyn being true to herself.

  24. Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy the conference in Boston! Flour bakery is an absolute MUST! 🙂

  25. Kate says:

    Well I am doing Channa Masala tonight. You might not be making curry, but should I send you some?

  26. i hope you feel better..Flour Bakery is an absolute MUST, last time I went to a hot pot place in China town that was delicious too. here is my post from 2013 if you are interested

  27. Kelly says:

    Oh no, hope you feel better soon and well enough for your conference.. Have a great time in Boston!

  28. Katie says:

    get well soon!! and enjoy your conference 🙂

  29. feel better soon! and enjoy your trip 🙂

  30. Kinsey says:

    Huge yes for clover–try the fries! And anything by Barbara lynch is a go. For great breakfasts, try any one of the Tatte bakery locations. And have fun at the conference–I bet you’ll see a bunch of my profs there! Feel better!

  31. Ughhh so sorry you are NOT feeling well, that in this time of year SUCKS! Hoping you have the most amazing trip! XOXO!

  32. Claudia says:

    May the spices be with you, and do the cure by Friday! I had a Malay Indian tell me that “hottee” foods were good for colds. He included chocolate and fried chicken in that category.

  33. I hope you get better! My daughter is a bit sick too. At first I wasn’t sure, but she turned down a doughnut so it must be true. Boston is going to be so much fun! I want to do some east coast traveling while I can and Boston is top of the list!

  34. Hope you are feeling better soon. As far as burnt scrambled eggs? The best way for a man to appreciate you is to go away for a few days. They either learn to cope or they learn to cook. Or they go out.

  35. Sarah says:

    Hop you feel better for your trip! Here’s to the power of Indian spices curing everything, lol!

  36. Oh no, hope you get better in a hurry. I am glad you asked about places in Boston because I will be asking you when you come back- I’m coming to New York and Boston in July. Will be leaning on you for some suggestions. Take care, spice up and get well.

  37. cheri says:

    Hi Joanne, hope you feel better soon, enjoy Boston!

  38. Pam says:

    I am struggling with a terrible sore throat and exhaustion – no fever yet. Fingers crossed! Hope you feel better soon. I think Caitlin Jenner is brave & beautiful. I also love that she spelled it with a C instead of K (although, I wonder if her ex wife is pleased – HA)! Have fun in Boston.

  39. If you’re sick, I think The..Boy can have burnt scrambled eggs if needed! I hope you’re feeling better and that you have a great time in Boston.

  40. Hotly Spiced says:

    I hope you are feeling better now. It does seem a strange time of year to be getting sick; normally those sorts of viruses attack in winter. Have a great time in Boston. I seriously wish all those Kardashians/Jenners would go away and live their lives privately xx

  41. Reeni says:

    Hope you’re feeling better! Have fun in Boston!

  42. I hope you are feeling better! What you said about Caitlyn … so true. I am judged a lot. Like seriously a lot, and it sucks. I accept Caitlyn for who she is and applaud her for being her. We should all be okay with people being themselves.

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