polar vortex 2

1. I am so over PV2. It can take its snow and wind and thunder (yes. this happened) and go back to the Arctic Circle. Not kidding. But in the meantime, I’ll be consoling myself (and my wet sneakers) with cookies. (<–silver lining)

2. And by cookies, I mean cookie. Because I tried on The Dress this weekend and it is increasingly apparent that if I gain even a SINGLE OUNCE between now and November, it will not zip. And that would be unfortunate, though I don’t doubt that the.boy would be very happy if I walked down the aisle in an unzipped dress. Easy access and all.

3. The good thing about having a little brother who makes more money than you do is that he buys you whatever you want for Christmas. This year I requested a Fitbit, but it was crazy backordered so it just arrived last week. I let it sit around in the box for a few days before I worked up the courage to open it and now I’m obsessed. The thing is basically a pedometer combined with a calorie counter and sleep tracker. It made me walk 20 blocks for a lunch date and back just so I could reach my 10,000 step goal. And it didn’t even care that I almost lost a nose-tip in the process.

4. The.Boy and I have this goal to watch as many of the Academy Award-nominated movies as possible before the awards. However, a certain person in this relationship detests seeing movies in theaters (weirdo), so we’ve actually seen none of them. So unless we want to spend every single waking second that we’re together in front of our television, we need to make a shortlist. I know you’ve seen them. What should we watch first??

5. No matter what The.Boy says, Meyer lemons are a real thing. And I want to turn them into this, this, this, and this. And maybe I won’t even share.

6. Can I get a hallelujah that I haven’t gone over our grocery budget in THREE WHOLE WEEKS. And that’s even considering the aforementioned overconsumption of Meyer lemons and ALL THE CHEESE. World record in the making.

7. We missed Downton Abbey this week because someone had to watch football. I was not pleased. Can we just get this dang Superbowl thing over with already??

8. I had my family over for Sunday Dinner on, uh, Sunday and it was kind of the best. I made this lasagna even though my brother hates capers and eggplant, and the.boy hates olives. It went over really well.

9. But seriously, to those of us with normal taste buds, it was awesome. The other two just be hatin’.

10. I lost all my brain cells on Monday watching the Kardashians and #RichKids of Beverly Hills. It was the best/worst. And I will never get those hours back.

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44 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. debbie says:

    As far as the movies are concerned I loved the Wolf of Wall Street. Great movie! Maybe he would enjoy going to the movies in the morning when they are less crowded? Some movies you just HAVE to see on the big screen!

  2. Beth says:

    I’ve seen and liked both American Hustle (funny!) and Gravity (but you have to see that one in the theatre). The next ones on my list are Her and Philomena, both of which I’ve heard good things about. I love seeing movies at this time of year – there’s so many great ones to choose from!

  3. I watched the Kardashians on my entire flight back from the West Coast… couldn’t stop! Dangerously addicting.

  4. I can’t wait to see the dress!! Your brother sounds friggin awesome. PV2 is not ok and I’m mad at all this dumb snow. Aaaand obvi the Kardashians are awful but I can’t stop waaaatching!

  5. Simply Life says:

    Impressive that you’ve stayed in your grocery budget! It’s always the fun cheeses that puts me over!

  6. Meg says:

    Love your coffee talk! Funny story about grocery budgets: my husband and I just sat down to make ours a few weeks ago and settled on $100 a week. Though not fanatical about tracking what we’re throwing into the cart as we go, we’re pretty good at guesstimating. Last week? Our bill was $99.99. This week? $99.71 — I kid you not. We were high-fiving like a couple of maniacs, haha. 🙂 The poor kid behind the register . . .

  7. Uhh…Wednesday coffee talk is the best. I have SO MUCH to comment on.
    1. I need a fitbit and a brother with money
    2. I can’t freaking wait to see pictures of you in your dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Watch Her first. Again, if you don’t like it don’t tell me….it’s like, my fav.
    4. I love you!

  8. Stay warm!!!!!
    And nice work on the grocery budget!
    I am enjoying your Wednesday coffee talks 🙂

  9. Wait, it’s Wednesday? I’m all screwed up because the kids didn’t have school on Monday. While I wouldn’t trade our weather for yours…um NO…we are in a drought. And the idea of not being able to take long hot showers is making me cranky.

  10. SallyBR says:

    American Hustle is a great movie, superb acting. Gravity sucked, I know I am in a minority but I pleeeease… too many inconsistencies. I can see why Clooney decided to depart early.

    You think THe Boy is strange? Get this, I generally do not watch any movie that is longer than 2 hours. Well, I do, but I complain and complain and complain. Yes, Phil is a saint. To me, any story can be told in less than 120 minutes. But, I loved Avatar. I am not a very consistent person 😉

  11. Josie says:

    I really enjoyed your post today from here in sunny and snowy Philadelphia, PA. That Meyer Lemon creme brûlée looks like it is to die for!

  12. I’m loving your Wednesday Coffee Talk! I’m always on a mission to see all the Academy Award nominated movies prior to the show too and so far, only seen one. American Hustle – it was amazing acting (Christian Bale – amazing and Louis CK playing a straight man – hilarious.) Thought it could been shorter but worth a watch. Heard Waiting for Mr. Banks was awesome. The Wolf on Wall Street seems to have either lovers or haters.

  13. I am so over this PV2 as well urghh! It’s making me watch all these movies and eating cookies. Saw gravity, wolf on walk street and American hustle. Will definitely recommend them all. I’m looking forward to August Osage and Her next. Ps: I’ve never tried Meyer lemons. I’m with boy…are they real?? Lol!!

  14. Oh My Gosh – this cold weather is for the birds – so not for me!
    I never thought I would be referring to 40 F as “warmer” temps! GAH!
    Joanne – I will help you fit into your dress- the next time and everytime from now till November I will volunteer to eat every cookie you make! Clearly keeping them around the house for the boy – might not be ideal – but keeping them with me in Atlanta would guarantee you would be able to stay away from them 😉
    Love this feature of yours!

  15. Rachel C says:

    Both Philomena and Dallas Buyers Club are must sees. Jared Leto is incredible. Gravity was, well, meh. Kind of a lot of plot holes. I am totally trying your lasagna by the way: sounds like heaven!

  16. Loving this series, Jo! And Meyer Lemons are soooo a real thing. We should start a club =)

  17. Kate says:

    Being removed from the snow and cold makes it very romantic to me. Cuddling by the fireplace while the wind whips the snow outside the window. I think I’ve officially suppressed every memory of the miserable, wet, cold, grey feeling that actually comes along with winter weather.

  18. sandra says:

    I always make that bet with myself – to watch all the academy award nominated movies before the award is, well, awarded, and I never get anywhere near completing them, largely because, like you fiance, I do not like watching movies in theaters.

  19. umm i wish i had been invited to sunday dinner! that lasagna sounds fab–just saved the recipe!

    and no comment on 2014 movies…we were all about the 2013 selection but for whatever reason haven’t been into 2014 so i haven’t really seen any nominees! let me know what’s worth seeing though 😉

  20. My..lots of snow…stay warm and eat a few more cookies, Joanne. No worry about the weight, you are a runner, losing a couple of kilos before the big day shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  21. I’ve seen no movies and I too hate seeing them in the theater. And we don’t have a theater nearby, so that solves that problem. Winter…so over it. And you’re the second person in 24 hours that has talked about fitbit obsession. I want.

  22. Hope the cookies are helping you survive the cold! I recommend American Hustle. Definitely worth seeing before the Oscars.

  23. I’m super impressed that you’ve stayed within your grocery budget that many weeks running. I’ve resorted to carrying only the cash my food budget allows in an envelope with me to the grocery store, and leaving the card at home. That’s the only way I can manage to restrain myself.

  24. Joyti says:

    Wait dress, whoa, I haven’t visited your site in too long – how exciting!
    You can send some of that winter over here to me in California – we’re having an “emergency drought” because there’s no rain (or snow) at all (like NONE), just sunny days. I miss winter.

  25. I love this post! I am so ready for warm Spring weather! We really haven’t seen any of the nominated movies so I can’t be of much help there.

  26. Wait, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is a real show? Oh boy. And watch either American Hustle or 12 Years a Slave; I watched both – both fantastic movies! LOL at #2 and easy access!! But how exciting Re The Dress!!

  27. I want a Fitbit too, they sound so cool!
    And it sucks to miss Downton Abbey to watch football. Downton Abbey >>>>>>>>>>>> stuff.

  28. Take the heatwave in Australia my friend! And missing Downton Abbey? You poor thing! I think you should eat the meyer lemon creations to get with it 🙂


  29. Hotly Spiced says:

    That sure is a lot of snow! How exciting that you already have your dress. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble zipping up your dress because you’ll have so much nervous energy in the lead-up to the day that the pounds will just evaporate. And then you’ll be like me – rushing back to the dressmaker to have it taken in the day before the wedding! xx

  30. I feel your pain about Downton Abbey. I usually have to wait until the video’s posted on pbs.

  31. Tara says:

    Yay for an almost wedding! I might be selfish but can you please make a meyer lemon creme brulee? Oh, pretty please!

    PS: Karma is a bitch for me gloating about how beautiful San Francisco weather is lately because our governor just issued a drought warning.

  32. P says:

    Love the post! I think the last movie I saw in theaters was Monsters University….yeah.

  33. Reeni says:

    I have a fitbit too! I love it! I’m in the same boat and haven’t seen ANY of the movies yet either! Boo.

  34. Congratulations on your engagement!! I say eat as many cookies as you want during a blizzard. You’ll have the summer to work it off when NYC returns to that steamy heat.

  35. Pam says:

    You crack me up. I grew up in the mountains and miss the snow terribly… I don’t miss plugging in my car, frozen locks, and frozen nose hairs, but I do miss the snow. 🙂 Downton Abbey was amazing – I hope your recorded it. If not, watch it on PBS.com. I can’t wait to see pictures of THE DRESS!

  36. I also don’t like going to movie theaters! And your pedometer sounds amazing 🙂

  37. I hear you about the pv2, I am so ready for spring. Great stuff here.

  38. You found The Dress!! How exciting, Joanne! So happy for you. If I were you I’d be wishing the Superbowl would just be over already too (I mean, I am anyway). All that delicious temptation!

  39. I should really start budgeting my groceries too. It’s just so hard! Hahaha, I love that you made something with ingredients your guests “claim” to hate. I do it often with Nate and he usually likes it. Ignorance is bliss 🙂

  40. What a fun post. Yay, for a wedding which is nearing. I am so excited for you. Can’t wait to see your lovely dress.
    The weather there, oh, feel so sorry.

  41. gloria says:

    Love your coffe talk Joanne! (and yesterday I forget sorry:( )
    I understand how you feel with the snow, the picture is really amazing!
    I love cold time but I understand a lot of snow is terrible too!
    here hot time, yes And Im bored with it. You will remember this when you will be in summer, lol
    Im sure the dress will be perfect, dont worry,
    Love Dowton Abbey too:) and the football..,agh!

  42. My parents got fitbit’s for Christmas too and they sound like lots of fun! Perhaps helpful in distracting from extra cookies too, given your dress dilemma. Although like you say, I am sure your husband to be wouldn’t mind an unzipped dress at all 😉

  43. This weather is just totally unacceptable. I also hate seeing movies in theatres so I watch them OnDemand. I’ll see some before the Oscars, some after, but rest assured, that doesn’t stop me from talking about all of them like I’ve seen them 😉 I also am not a fan of capers, eggplant, or olives.

  44. Totally laughing because I love making things that people “hate” and then watching them enjoy them. Hi-five!

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