A healthy vegetarian meal plan to make weeknight meals a cinch!
Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans

What are you all up to on this late summer Sunday?!

We had beenĀ considering taking Remy to her first major league baseball game, but with temps in the high 80s, I think it will a bit too much for her especially since it’s a pretty long subway ride to and from the stadium so we couldn’t even easily get home if we needed to. So instead, I have heavy duty plans to churn up my first ice cream batch of the season (better late than never, am I right?) and do a whole LOT of cooking to stock up the fridge because I start kind of a crazy rotation this week (my sub-internship) and it’s 100% unclear that I’ll be getting home early enough to get anything done during the week.

This week was BIG in Remy-world, namely because it’s the first week that she really mastered the back-to-belly roll! Before, she was kind of dabbling in it but it took a whole lot of effort and as of this week, she’s been doing it like it ain’t no thang. She’s also (finally) laughing on the regular and seeing her face light up is all kinds of BEST.

As for this week’s healthy vegetarian menu plan, you guys are in for SO MANY late summer treats. Happy cooking!!

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Summer vegetables and an ultra creamy cheesy sauce make this stovetop enchilada mac and cheese a comfort food favorite.
stovetop enchilada mac and cheese

My mission for the rest of the summer (should I choose to accept it), is to eat CORN.

All the corn.

So much corn.

Can’t. Get. Enough. Corn.

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A perfect mix of late summer veggies, this Indian ratatouille is flavored with rich and warm spices as well as a touch of heat from jalapeno chiles.
Indian Ratatouille

In case you were wondering if I was going to cook anything other than pasta ever again.

Trust me, my husband is as shocked as you.

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Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- an entire week of quick, easy and nutritious meals that the whole family will love! (with vegan and gluten-free options)


So, this is my favorite meal plan yet.

Stuffed peppers AND pizza on a Monday (!!!) AND tostada Friday AND so much stone fruit AND kale salads. It’s seriously a smorgasbord of so many of the best things in life. Combine that with the fact that my next two week rotation is pass/fail with NO final at the end…golden.

I might even have time to get a not-pasta recipe on the blog this week. Here’s to hoping.

Happy week ahead!

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A simple sauce made from sweet cherry tomatoes makes this garlicky fettuccine with tomatoes, white beans, and mascarpone a summer favorite.
Garlicky Fettuccine with Tomatoes, White Beans, and Mascarpone

It’s a good thing you guys are pasta fiends like I am, otherwise I highly suspect you’d be rioting.

Not only have I barely posted in the past few weeks, but it’s been all carbs. All the time.

It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore.

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