The vegetables outnumber the pasta in this cheesy spring vegetable rigatoni bake, filled with asparagus, Swiss chard, and peas.
spring vegetable rigatoni bake

If there’s one thing my week-long stint as a third year medical student taught me, it’s that when I actually do go back in the fall, throwing together big meals that can feed us for weeks on end but take minimal time to prepare are going to be key.

(Also, venipuncture is scary and potentially life threatening. BE SAFE.)

All of the moms out there along with anyone else who doesn’t have the time or the energy to dirty every single kitchen appliance they own on a near daily basis are nodding their heads vigorously and saying, “Um, YEAH. THAT is real life.”

I feel you guys. I really do.

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Deep fried nutella s’mores dumplings stuffed with everyone’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread, sprinkled with a cinnamon graham cracker crumb crust and served with marshmallow fluff for dipping.
nutella s'mores dumplings

In a world where it seems like so few things are spared from a deep fried fate, I never thought I would be That Girl.

You know, the one who swears up and down for half her life that she would never ever fill a pot with hot oil and dip things in it, SO HELP HER.

And then goes and adds one more thing to the list of Stuff We Probably Should Have Never Dipped In Hot Oil, Except We’re REEEAAALLLYYYY Glad We Did.

Can you forgive me? Let’s go with yes.

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Fluffy vegan white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes made extra decadent with a drizzle of coconut-maple syrup.

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white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes

I like to think I get pretty hangry after a long run, but I’m learning that it is NOTHING compared to post full-day-of-med-school hunger.

I get home and I literally rip my apartment apart trying to shove all the things into my mouth.

It’s not pretty.

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greek easter

1. I think there might actually be more sweets than vegetables in our apartment at the moment, which, contrary to popular belief, is pretty rare. Not pictured: a tupperware full of orange syrup-soaked semolina cake, two extra large milk chocolate Easter bunnies, and a whole bag filled with Easter candy.

2. Greek Easter: keeping dentists in business since 33 AD.

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Juicy sweet blueberry vanilla cream hand pies with the flakiest of crusts and fruitiest of fillings.
blueberry vanilla cream hand pies

The other day I was waxing poetic about blueberries (we’re kind of having a moment) when the.boy interrupted me mid “Why Blueberries Are The Be-All And End-All of All Things And Why Don’t We Have Them At Every Meal?!?” rant and was like, “You are going to have the weirdest pregnancy cravings.”

Who? Me?

The girl who never succumbs to any food impulses ever ever ever?!


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Chocolate and caramel create a sweet harmony in this delicious caramel mocha latte.

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caramel mocha latte

My first day of school deserves an extra special (highly caffeinated) beverage, don’t you think?

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