Buttery pound cake made extra rich with high fat European butter is topped with a salted caramel glaze that you’ll find yourself licking off your plate.
Buttery Pound Cake with Salted Caramel Glaze

The extreme sport that is caramel-making, and on a Sunday no less!

Hey, it’s my first work-free weekend in a month and I am hellbent on getting wild with it.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh, you guys.

I think I forgot what a weekend feels like.


I will never take for granted having two days off in a row ever again. And you shouldn’t either.

We are actually heading to NJ today for my cousin’s wedding and then tomorrow I am going to COOK and snuggle my baby. And hopefully eat some pancakes somewhere in there.


Have a good one and happy eating!!

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Head to your local farmer’s market, pick up all the veggies, and then turn them into this cheesy farmer’s market skillet lasagna! You won’t be disappointed.
Farmer's Market Skillet Lasagna

Remember how Jessica Seinfeld wrote a whole cookbook series on how to sneak vegetables into your kids’ food so they would eat them?


This is kind of like that. But in reverse?

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You guys must be tired of hearing me complain about having to work on the weekend (harumph) so I’ll keep this short and sweet!

Thankfully I’ll have the next two weekends completely off, which is much, much needed.

I am so tired. And I just want a Saturday to feel like a Saturday, you know?

I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Have a good weekend, you guys! And as always, happy eating!

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