Preparing fresh wholesome food for your family doesn’t have to be hard! This 6 ingredient one pot tortellini primavera soup is filled with vegetables and so easy to prepare – it’s a dish the whole family will love.

Easy 6 Ingredient One Pot Tortellini Primavera Soup

We’re talking big bowls of back-to-your-roots, just plain good wholesome food today.

And we’re only dirtying one pot as we do it.

Yes, we’re ALL shocked.

Mostly my husband who stood over the sink in disbelief, eyes scanning the rest of the kitchen trying to figure out where the rest of the dirty pots and pans must be hiding because he knows I cook like a tornado passing through.

Nope. Not this time.

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These salted caramel pudding parfaits are incredibly rich and perfect for a special occasion dessert. You won’t be able to resist the alternating layers of salted caramel and salted caramel pudding!

Salted Caramel Pudding Parfaits

Disclaimer: all of my new year’s resolutions intentions were slaughtered in the making of this post.

Like, I watched them spiral down the drain…..

…and I didn’t even care!

I might have even kind of smiled while I did it. Waved goodbye. Cackled.

And then walked away smugly with a parfait and a spoon in each hand – double fisting as nature intended.

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Everyone’s favorite bagel toppings get turned into some seriously awesome smoked salmon and egg breakfast quesadillas that are simultaneously cheesy and healthy thanks to some mixed greens that scrambled in with the eggs. Served alongside everything bagel fries they are truly the perfect way to wake up!
Smoked Salmon and Egg Breakfast Quesadillas with Everything Bagel Fries

Fine, I admit it.


Mostly salmon. Mostly sushi. Sometimes smoked salmon because I’m a New Yorker and I have a pulse and it’s just good.

There. I said it.

Fish. Is. Just. Dang. Good.

(Mostly salmon.)

Can the vegetarian police just come and arrest me now and get it over with?

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Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- easy and flavorful meals for every night of the week! Prep ahead tips + vegan and gluten-free substitutions!

You guys, I am a free woman!!! I had my last residency interview yesterday and it is SO LIBERATING.

Cue mega dance party.

I might just have to celebrate with something really decadent this weekend (there are salted caramel pudding parfaits on my mind…), BUT DO NOT FEAR. There are going to be so many vegetables involved as well. Pinky swear.

I’m sure you’ve got vegetables (and hopefully something sweet!) on your mind as well, so get excited for this week’s meal plan, which features the most beautiful roasted winter veggie bowls I’ve ever seen, a LOADED lentil salad, crazy awesome veggie tacos, one of my most favorite soups ever with a crunchy chickpea topping, and chickpea salad sandwiches that are so perfect for healthy lunch leftovers.

Happy weekend!

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This hearty and healthy pasta is a perfect dish for winter. It is sauced in a black lentil, carrot, and chard ragout that practically melts in your mouth.
Hearty Pasta with Black Lentil, Carrot, and Chard Ragout

Is it too early to call this THE pasta of the year?!

Because I really think it might be.

And this is not just some “guess what, we hired a new nanny!” high-induced pasta love. (As an aside, guess what! We hired a new nanny! Cue a million sighs of relief.)

We ate this when I was still in the throes of nanny interviewing with nary a viable option in sight…so when I say that this pasta was love at first bite, know that it was true true love.

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Banana and chocolate were made for each other, and you’ll see why when you try this black-bottomed banana cream pie! A piece of good old-fashioned heaven in every bite.
Milk Bar Black-Bottomed Banana Cream Pie

Moment of truth: Milk Bar recipes scare me.

Like, keep me up at night,

prevent me from sleeping even more so than Remy who thought it was a really good idea to wake our entire building me up at 3AM last night so that she could give me kisses for twenty minutes straight.

Not even joking.

It was sweet, but you know so would have been getting more than two hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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