Runny egg yolks serve as a rich and creamy sauce in this recipe for spaghetti with fried eggs, cherry tomatoes, and roasted red peppers.
Spaghetti with Fried Eggs, Cherry Tomatoes, and Roasted Red Peppers

You people who do kitchen remodels and renovations must have NERVES. OF. STEEL.

I’m packing up ninety percent of my pots and pans today and I’m basically a basket case over here.

If you need me over the next ninety-six hours, I’ll be bawling in my kitchen.


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Frozen cherries double as ice cubes in this totally refreshing summer cherry rosé sangria.
Summer Cherry Rosé Sangria

No, YOU try packing an entire apartment with a 1 year old under your toes without opening up the nearest wine bottle and chugging.

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This samosa potato salad takes on the flavors of the traditional Indian appetizer and is loaded up with green peas, chickpeas, rice, cashews, and toasted coconut shavings.
Samosa Potato Salad

I have to tell you the story of the time my mother tried Indian food for the first time.

You might be wondering how it’s possible you haven’t heard this juicy little tidbit before….and well.

That’s because it was last week.

LAST WEEK!!!!!!!

I’m in shock, too.

Primarily that we even got her to try it after many many many years of failed attempts. But also that she’s lived an unspoken number of years without tasting some of the best tastes on this earth. It’s astonishing. Truly.

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It’s Saturday!!! One week and two days before our move!!

Many inquiring minds are probably wondering if I’ve started packing.

What I tell my husband: Errrmmmm sort of obviously because what kind of CRAZY person would not have started packing yet?!

Truth: Heck no not at all even a little bit.

In my defense, we decided to order those rentable reusable boxes that are all the moving rage these days and they are coming this afternoon. At which point the packing can officially commence!!

Maybe. If I feel up to it. (Probably not.)

Actually, I feel like a real priority over the weekend and at the beginning of the week should be COOKING and stocking the fridge with dinners so that I can actually pack all of my cooking stuff later in the week and not, like, the night before at 2AM. Lest we starve in this city full of infinite takeout options. Obvs.

ANWAYS. We’ll see how that shakes out.

Regardless, YOU should get lots of cooking done this weekend! Because it is prime cooking time, folks. Not so hot that you feel ill when considering turning your oven on and just warm enough that all the best produce is coming into season. We’ve got lots of great inspiration in our meal plan this week, ranging from crispy black bean and sweet potato tacos, some mega gorgeous Mason jar salads, a veggie-full Thai peanut sauced stir fry, pretty-in-pink beet patties with vegan tzatziki, and a super seasonal blueberry, nectarine and burrata salad.

Happy eating!!

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Salmon and red bell peppers are roasted in a Thai sweet chili peanut butter sauce and then incorporated into cheesy quesadillas. Such a great fusion of flavors!
Thai Sweet Chili Salmon and Roasted Red Pepper Quesadillas

I told you guys that the.boy is under the (false) impression that we eat Mexican food every night, right?

He thinks it’s hilarious.

(I think it’s delicious.)

Apparently the gazillion times a week we eat pasta/curry/soup/salad don’t count or something?! And so the, like, once or twice (okay, four) times a week we eat something Mexican-ish I don’t hear the end of it.

I can’t even with him.

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