Okay, I stand corrected from my last post where I said it wasn’t salad season.

IT IS TOTALLY SALAD SEASON. 30 degree weather and all.

And I say this because this week’s meal plan features TWO salads and I’m not even sorry about it. In fact, I’m basically overjoyed because I’ve been striving to live a salad-every-day kind of lifestyle and this is totally helping.

In ADDITION to salads (because let’s be honest, we can’t live on leafy greens alone), we also have black bean tacos with mango salsa, creamy dreamy polenta with an onion/pepper/mushroom ragout, and fancy pants portobello steaks with a basil aioli. So excited.

Happy eating!

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Celebrate winter’s best citrus before it goes out of season with this winter citrus and avocado salad! It combines sweet tart grapefruit, blood oranges, and tangerines with decadent burrata and a dazzling Alessi balsamic reduction drizzle.

Winter Citrus and Avocado Salad with Burrata and Balsamic Reduction

It feels too early for salad season, especially with a foot of snow on the ground, but what if I told you that this “salad” was really just an excuse to drown your winter blues in burrata and balsamic reduction???

I knew you’d be with me on this.

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The flavors of a classic New York breakfast get baked together in this bagel, egg, and cream cheese breakfast casserole. Prepare it the night before and throw it in the oven in the morning for an easy and hearty breakfast!

New York-Style Bagel, Egg, and Cream Cheese Breakfast Casserole

The bagel store up the block is a constant source of eternal inner breakfast conflict.

Do I want an egg and cheese sandwich?

Or a cream cheese and lox sandwich?

Or a side of bagel with my tub of jalapeno/scallion/strawberry/blueberry/INSERT MY FLAVOR LOVE OF THE MOMENT schmear?


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These spinach and pinto bean enchiladas are stuffed with handfuls of cotija cheese and topped with an easy homemade enchilada sauce. So delicious!

Spinach and Pinto Bean Enchiladas with Cotija Cheese

I would like to be able to say that I gave birth to a good eater, but the truth is that 95% of what I attempt to serve to Remy gets thrown onto the floor in protest unless it’s mango or strawberries.

And she’s not even in the terrible two’s yet!

Thank god for breastmilk or I swear this kid would attempt to subsist on air alone.

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Popping in briefly because it’s the the.boy’s birthday today (his 30th!!!) so I don’t want to divert too much attention from him just to say HAPPY WEEKEND and to let you guys know the results of The Match yesterday!

I am super excited to tell you that I’ll be headed to NYU for my Internal Medicine residency!! I matched into their research track, which means I’m also guaranteed a fellowship position in their endocrinology department. This is extra awesome because it means (a) I won’t have to apply for fellowship in 3 years, but also (b) that we’ll definitely get to stay in the same place for the next 6-7 years. Given that we have moved 3 times in the past 4 years, this is definitely welcome news.

Now, onto the food! This week’s meal plan has a great mix of light spring-fresh options along with some comfort food! There are Thai-spiced quinoa “meat”balls, taco-infused chickpea lettuce wraps, one-pot tortellini primavera soup, super green vegetable curry bowls, and a hearty mushroom tofu chili. Happy eating!

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