It’s not easy being green, unless you’re these matcha white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies , which are soft, chewy, and totally delicious.
matcha white chocolate macadamia nut cookies

Um, by the far the best way to eat your greens?

In cookie form, obviously.

And – good news – I didn’t even do anything weird like put kale in them!!!!!

(Or did I?)

(No, I really didn’t.)

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Whether you’re celebrating Chinese New Year or just craving a take-out favorite, these spiced up vegetarian dan dan noodles will hit the spot.

Fiery Vegetarian Dan Dan Noodles


Haaaapppyyyy nneeewww yeeeaarrrr!!!!

Things just got weird.

No, I don’t have internal medicine-rotation-induced amnesia (though sometimes it does feel that way, like when I’m trying to remember anything about anything)…


AKA any excuse to eat all the dumplings, all things spicy noodles, all the mooncakes, and all of my favorite Chinese red bean or sesame paste-infused sweets == I’M THERE.

Join me?

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Vegetarian chipotle tofu, plantain, and refried bean tortas: upping the veggie sandwich game one bite at a time.
Vegetarian Chipotle Tofu, Plantain, and Refried Bean Tortas

All it takes is one trip to your local deli to know that the vegetarian sandwich market is desperate at best. Whoever thought that throwing undressed raw veggies between two slices of bread without even a hint of seasoning (or even salt!) was a good idea…WHY?!?!? Also, we’re fighting.

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Kale and three cheese calzones stuffed with a hint of spice, ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and sweet golden raisins.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Blue Apron. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Keep reading to find out how you can get an AWESOME discount on your first order!
Kale and Three Cheese Calzones

When my kid pops out shaped like a ball of mozzarella…I feel like none of us are going to be surprised.

Am I right?

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Vegetarian Sushi Rice Bowl

I generally don’t like to play favorites with my food, but if I had to be stuck on a desert island with only one food trend from the past year….Bowl Food would be it.

Not only is the concept so simple it’s almost silly (I mean, eating a whole bunch of food out of a bowl is not exactly rocket science), but it’s also so open to interpretation that you can really go anywhere with it, and any trend that fosters food creativity is a trend worth following in my book.

Another thing to love about Bowl Food is that if done right it can be really good for you; after all, it’s basically just salads made a bit heartier by adding a whole grain base. While you can put pretty much anything in a Bowl, one of my favorite things to do is to re-imagine some of my favorite non-Bowl foods in Bowl form, which brings us to these vegetarian sushi rice bowls!

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