Sweet and spicy join forces in these addictive ancho honey roasted sweet potato and black bean tacos.

ancho honey roasted sweet potato and black bean tacos

It’s only right that we kick off this new era of “recipes for people who don’t want to spend 3 hours in the kitchen every night” with TACOS.

AKA the ultimate “anything goes” meal.

AKA my weeknight meal S A V I O R.

Also, it was National Taco Day this past Sunday, which was when I originally made these. Soooooo not intentional because I don’t have my life together like that, but kismet nonetheless.

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Cacio e pepe is a classic Italian pasta sauce made from grated pecorino romano cheese, grated parmigiano reggiano cheese and loads of black pepper! This version adds roasted cauliflower for a healthy seasonal twist.
roasted cauliflower cacio e pepe

You guys! We didn’t order takeout EVERY night last week! (::cue downcast shameful eyes::)

Apparently in the medical school world, that’s considered a win.

I’ll take it.

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Soup season is starting and this roasted tomato soup with mozzarella toast dippers and hearty salad is the perfect way to welcome it!

roasted tomato soup

I’ve been a full blown medical student for exactly 24 hours now, and my caffeine intake has already reached an all-month-high!!

That’s not saying too much because, let’s face it, I’m pretty generous with my coffee intake as it is…but maybe it’s also saying a lot because for me to have topped myself in one day….sheesh. Someone needs to restrain me.

Or develop a caffeine patch for those of us who can’t be trusted around liquid stimulants. (I’m just saying, it could be lucrative.)

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Chocolate lovers, gather round, because this quadruple-chocolate chocolate pudding is rich, delightful, and like music to your taste buds!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by TruMoo Chocolate Milk! As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep me inspired in the kitchen!
quadruple-chocolate chocolate pudding

Well, that was an unexpected and unprecedented break.

First vacation! In all of Eats Well With Others history! I feel like maybe I should have granted you all the week off from work to mark the occasion?

Between you and me, between my thesis prep and just a general creeping feeling of overwhelming ennui…I needed it.

But now I’m back and ready for ACTION.

Quadruple chocolate action. Is there any better kind?

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It’s almost time for soup season, so I’m stocking my fridge with this hearty and healthy quinoa and vegetable stew!
healthy quinoa and vegetable stew

Because Murphy’s Law is ever present around here…I HAVE A COLD!! Two days before my thesis defense!!

This is not me panicking. At all. Not even a little bit.

I mean, obviously it’s no big deal that in my current foggy-minded state I have to cram as much about cell biology and insulin-regulated glucose transporter trafficking into my head as possible. And memorize an hour long presentation. And figure out how I’m not going to cry in front of everyone I know as I go through my acknowledgments slide.

Oh, and did I mention I saw a mouse run through my bedroom on Friday? Yes, things are just PEACHY around here.

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Both apple butter and grated apple add rich sweet flavor to this double apple bundt cake with lemon glaze.
double apple bundt cake with lemon glaze

An apple a day they say?

Well there are TWO in this cake, and that’s not even counting the apple butter!!

We are well on our way to a life of eternal health. I can taste it.

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