Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans

What’s new this week?! Well, for one thing, I am DONE with my sub-I!!

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry, because while this means that I’m done with (arguably) the hardest part of my last year of med school, it also means that I’m one step closer to residency interview season. YIKES.

And one week closer to having a 5 month old. DOUBLE YIKES.

We’re starting to toy with the idea of giving Remy some tastes of solids. I can’t say she’s super interested yet, but she also chews on pretty much everything within arm’s reach and is getting not one, but TWO teeth. Part of me is really excited because I love food so much and can’t wait to share that love with her, but also kind of sad because I also kind of love that the only thing she’s ever eaten so far in her life is breast milk. Very mixed emotions over here.

Anyways, fall continues to pervade our healthy vegetarian meal plan this week and that is one thing I am undoubtedly excited about. Sweet potatoes, butternuts, soups, stews….BRING IT ON.

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Imagine a big baked pancake studded with figs…and you have this fig clafoutis! Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or all day every day snacking.

Fig Clafoutis

There’s nothing better than a fridge full of figs.

Said no one’s wallet. Ever.

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Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans

As much as I’ve been trying to fight it with my berries and my corn, fall is FOR REALSIES in the air. I mean, Remy had to wear a hoodie when she went outside this week.

(As a side note – hoodie on a 4 month old = CUTEST THING EVER.)

She’s also growing two teeth at the moment, which is another (tear-filled, for all of us) story for another day.

Anyways, FALL. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for pumpkin yet, but I AM ready for this week’s meal plan, which is filled with soups, chilis, curries, and all sorts of coziness. Hope you enjoy!

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A healthy vegetarian meal plan to make weeknight meals a cinch!
Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans

What are you all up to on this late summer Sunday?!

We had been considering taking Remy to her first major league baseball game, but with temps in the high 80s, I think it will a bit too much for her especially since it’s a pretty long subway ride to and from the stadium so we couldn’t even easily get home if we needed to. So instead, I have heavy duty plans to churn up my first ice cream batch of the season (better late than never, am I right?) and do a whole LOT of cooking to stock up the fridge because I start kind of a crazy rotation this week (my sub-internship) and it’s 100% unclear that I’ll be getting home early enough to get anything done during the week.

This week was BIG in Remy-world, namely because it’s the first week that she really mastered the back-to-belly roll! Before, she was kind of dabbling in it but it took a whole lot of effort and as of this week, she’s been doing it like it ain’t no thang. She’s also (finally) laughing on the regular and seeing her face light up is all kinds of BEST.

As for this week’s healthy vegetarian menu plan, you guys are in for SO MANY late summer treats. Happy cooking!!

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