Crispy baked zucchini fries coated with seasoned breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese make for the perfect filling for these cheesy zucchini parmesan sandwiches.

Zucchini Parmesan Sandwiches

If there was one Italian dish I would happily never see on a menu again, it’s chicken parm.

My husband orders it ALL. THE. TIME. and it drives me bonkers!!!!

I’m like, I could make that at home! With my eyes closed! Why are you paying $$$ for it?!?!?!?

(I mean, I wouldn’t because, POULTRY. But it’s the principle!!)

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Richly spiced braised lentils are simmered with tomatoes until tender and then topped with a toasted coconut and mustard seed topping.
Spiced Braised Lentils with Tomatoes and Toasted Coconut

So, I’m the weirdo serving you a big steaming bowl of lentils on the second official week of summer.

But for me to stray so far from everything that is zucchini and corn and cherries and seasonal you know it has to be good!!


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Ish is getting REAL.

One more week of “freedom” (i.e. training sessions, paperwork, orientation, and did I mention PAPERWORK), getting to cook dinner at a reasonable time, and having two full weekend days to spend with Remy at the park.

I feel like I need to hold on tight to every minute! But I’m also getting a bit stir crazy and kind of just want to start and be a doctor already. (<–Basically, I’m feeling ALL THE MIXED FEELINGS.)

Also, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but…we have a walking baby!!! Mostly, anyway. She gets into moods where she kind of runs around the whole apartment (especially into places where she’s not supposed to be, naturally) and then she has moods where she absolutely refuses to walk unless you’re holding her hand. She definitely knows when she’s done a good job walking and absolutely beams with pride in herself. It’s SO CUTE. Gah. I love that kid.

Knowing how busy I’m going to be in the impending future, I’ve been trying to get into the groove of prepping meals ahead. It definitely requires some intense planning, but it’s so worth it!! Plus seeing a fridge full of prepped meals on Monday morning is super satisfying.

Speaking of meal prep, this week’s healthy vegetarian meal plan is HERE!! And it’s a good one, featuring vegan bulgogi lettuce wraps that look TO DIE FOR, hearty crispy potato tacos, one-skillet Sicilian baked eggs, the ULTIMATE colorful detox salad, and super easy vegan black bean burgers. Enjoy!!

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Cool off with these honeydew basil popsicles! Filled with fresh summer melon, bright basil, and sweet-tart lemonade they are super refreshing.
Honeydew Basil Popsicles

Say hello to my new favorite way to eat my greens.


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These polenta bites are a fun and easy summer appetizer! Creamy polenta is allowed to cool and then baked until crispy. It is then cut into bite-sized squares and topped with a spicy blueberry jalapeno corn relish.
Polenta Bites with Spicy Blueberry Jalapeno Corn Relish

Brutally Honest Truth:

If I invite you over for food it’s prroooobbabbbllyyy so I can try out a new appetizer recipe.

And maybe I like you.

(But mostly, I just really like appetizers.)

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