Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- weekly recipes with prep ahead tips, vegan/GF substitutions, and a color-coded shopping list!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! I mean, I still haven’t bought a single gift, but we did buy a tree last weekend and we plan on taking Remy to see Santa today. Fingers crossed she doesn’t collapse into a crying heap when she realizes some weird old guy with a beard is holding her.

In other news, I have an interview free week next week! Which means lots of time for cooking and baking. No time like the present for starting to work on my Christmas cookie menu! If you have any favorites, feel free to leave them in the comments. I am always looking for suggestions.

Happy eating and meal planning this week!

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Browned and bubbling cheese layered with butternut squash, potatoes, and rutabaga make this autumn root vegetable gratin a truly decadent side dish or main vegetarian meal.
Autumn Root Vegetable Gratin

The glass half full side to being utterly and truly and unfortunately late to the Thanksgiving food party is that I am almost a whole month early for Christmas!!

And almost a whole YEAR early for next Thanksgiving!!!

Probably the only time I’ll be early for anything for the foreseeable future, but hey! I’ll take it.

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Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- weekly recipes with prep ahead tips, vegan/GF substitutions, and a color-coded shopping list!

Is anyone else still in a Thanksgiving food coma-induced stupor?

Or maybe it’s just that I’m trying to “sleep train” my child out of our bed and into her own bed so my sleep the past few days has not exactly been what you’d call high quality. Hmm.

Either way, my meal planning mojo is a tad bit subpar so I’m more thankful than usual to have these meal plans at my fingertips. I know I say this every week, but this week is SUCH A GOOD ONE. So many deliciously healthy options to get us back on track after eating pie for breakfast all weekend (<– don’t judge me). I hope you enjoy it!

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The protein powerhouse combination of legumes and grains makes for great vegetarian lentil quinoa meatballs, especially when doused in a savory coconut-fenugreek sauce.
Lentil Quinoa Meatballs with Coconut-Fenugreek Sauce

The family that sneezes together, stays together……right?!

Either that or we’ll all strangle each other in our sleep, especially since one of us wakes up crying because she can’t eat if she can’t breathe through her nose, BUT she also HATES having her nose cleaned so then it becomes a two person job – one to keep her hands out of the way, the other to suction, and then the first one has to console her because she gets mad at the person doing the suctioning.

Not to name any names or point fingers or anything, but it’s a good thing she’s cute. Even with mucous dripping down her face.

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Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- weekly recipes with prep ahead tips, vegan/GF substitutions, and a color-coded shopping list!

Happy weekend, you guys! It’s been a low key one over here, which I am SO thankful for. We definitely needed it given last week’s combination of interview + election + election aftermath. And, of course by LOW KEY, I mean filled with lots of cooking! I made some lentil meatballs in a curry sauce that I am super excited to share with you guys this week (also, Remy LOVED the sauce, so it’s even kid-approved!) and I’m hoping to bake a pie today.

As far as baby feeding goes, we started giving Remy two meals a day this week, usually oatmeal with a sweeter puree in the morning (cinnamon sweet potatoes, butternut squash, applesauce) and a savory puree at lunch. This week’s new puree was a spinach/white bean/lemon/parmesan combo and it was a BIG hit. We also tend to do more baby led weaning-style eating at dinner time, just giving her little bites of stuff off our plate and letting her go to town with it.

This week’s meal plan is a doozy, kicking off the week with a truly luscious creamy wild rice mushroom soup and then going on to include meals with a wide variety of ethnic flavors: Mexican, Greek, Thai, and a couscous salad with some Middle Eastern flair. It’s gonna be a good one!

Happy cooking!

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Fall flavors were made for pizza, especially in the form of this butternut squash pizza topped with creamy ricotta and a sweet tart balsamic syrup.

Butternut Squash Pizza with Ricotta and Balsamic Syrup

I feel like the country could use a giant pizza party right now.

I mean, is there anything more nationally unifying than our love of cheese + carbs +toppings?

Not in my book.

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