The ULTIMATE veggie burger, these jalapeno popper black bean burgers are stuffed with a roasted jalapeno-infused cream cheese that brings the heat.
jalapeno popper black bean burgers

Veggie burgers are a dime a dozen but a GOOD, FOOLPROOF veggie burger that doesn’t fall apart the second you try to flip it.

That’s more like a needle in a very very very large haystack.

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A play on the favorite Girl Scout samoa cookie, these caramel coconut cluster bars have a shortbread base that is topped with a coconut-filled caramel, MORE coconut, and a chocolate drizzle.
caramel coconut cluster bars

You know what’s a lot of fun?

Making babies.

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Why restrict your vodka sauce consumption to pasta? This penne a la vodka pizza combines this creamy sauce with zucchini, red bell peppers, and burrata to make an awesome pizza.
penne a la vodka pizza with burrata

….and pretty much all of our favorite summer veggies.

But that would have made for a REALLY long title. And you know I am nothing if not concise. (In opposite world.)

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