Summer farro bowls topped with spiced beans, fresh corn, and a sweetly spicy peach jalapeno salsa.
Summer Bliss Farro Bowls with Peach Jalapeno Salsa

We got the funniest message from Remy’s daycare teacher yesterday.

The gist of it was basically “Sometimes Remy only eats the fruit and avocado you send for lunch and just picks at the main course. We are concerned and have been giving her extra fruit/food from the school lunch.”

I had to laugh because, uh, yeah. Sometimes Remy refuses to eat meals and just wants to snack all day.

Momma aware.

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Let’s just call this the week that got away. My fever is long gone (and GOOD RIDDANCE) but I still feel like I’m in a bit of a fog and I could basically go to sleep at 5PM every day. Mike claims this is really not that different from my norm, but I haven’t even felt like working out again yet and I ate quite a bit of pity ice cream this week. It’s high time I got back into my groove, whatever that may be.

So probably not buying fancy chocolate bars from the hospital cafeteria and then eating them as a midday snack. Hrmph.

We’re headed to NJ tomorrow for a double Father’s Day celebration (first Mike’s friends and then his family) and then on Sunday we’ll hopefully just be relaxing at home while my family comes over to entertain Remy. That kiddo has been a trip lately. She’s started imitating the way I speak to her when I’m trying to be firm and sound like I’m mad at her, like really enunciating and pausing after each word. So when she wants us, she yells “COME. GET. REMY. NOW.” It’s hard to describe, but just imagine a 2 year old trying to sound intimidating. Hysterical.

Also, it is now apparent why my tactics don’t at all work since she obviously finds them more funny than anything else.

Ohhhhhhh that kid.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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A one-pot meal of curry-spiced rice, sweet peas, and smoked salmon with a dollop of refreshing cucumber raita on top.
Smoked Salmon and Curried Rice Bowls with Cucumber Raita

The flu in June, you guys.

One of the innumerable gifts that come with having children.

5:30 AM kisses, the sweetest “I love you mommy!!” voices as they head out the door to daycare, and THE FLU.

Ohhhhhhhhh Remy. Love that girl.

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Happy Saturday!

I’m here sweating away with a fever of 102. FUN.

But we all know that moms aren’t allowed to get sick, so Remy dragged me out of bed at 5:30. On the bright side, because she’s the one who got me sick, I don’t need to quarantine myself from her. Also on the bright side, I know it’s just a virus and will go away on its own. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Enjoy this week’s meal plan, featuring some super yummy crispy baked tacos, a one-pot taco skillet, veggie-full breakfast burritos, a light thai zoodle soup, and curried chickpea salad. Happy eating!

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