Banana bread scones topped with a chocolate tahini frosting – the perfect indulgent weekend breakfast!
Banana Bread Scones with Chocolate Tahini Frosting

Buckle up kids, I’m about to blow your banana bread-loving minds.

No one can deny that 2020 was alllllllllll about the banana bread. (Okay, AND the sourdough but I’m just not there yet, despite having bought all the sourdough-making supplies and swearing that I’m finally going to get a starter going every weekend. Since March.)

2021 – going to be all about the banana bread SCONES.

Seriously. I’m calling it now.

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Smoky poblano peppers stuffed with a cheesy pinto bean and corn mixture.
Cheesy Pinto Bean Stuffed Poblano Peppers

I can’t tell if it’s Inauguration Day or Christmas!!!

Feels like both.

So I’m gifting myself the present of cheesy beany hearty smoky spicy stuffed poblano peppers. I have a feeling you’re gonna want one too.

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Sorry guys, missed a post yesterday because I was dealing with a sniffly kid who had to stay home from home school (ironically). She’s still a little stuffy but is otherwise feeling completely better today, thank goodness. So this morning we are celebrating with pancakes for breakfast!! There’s just nothing better.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to tackle making eclairs, cook a lot from the new Ottolenghi cookbook, and make some headway on the book I’m currently reading (you can follow me on GoodReads!).

We’ve got some great recipes in today’s meal plan!

  • apple, pear, and walnut spinach salad – eat the rainbow!
  • pinto bean soup – looks so hearty
  • persimmon and pomegranate salad – some of my winter favorites!
  • creamy vegan tomato basil pasta – hi. yum.
  • pizza skillet casserole – SO FUN

Happy eating!

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Restaurant-style Mexican rice flavored with tomato paste, carrots, onion, and garlic. Perfect for serving alongside enchiladas, tacos, or beans.
Restaurant-Style Mexican Rice

In case you’re wondering how old I was when I learned to make rice……now. It was now.

Rice is tricky, you guys!!!!

Add too much water or cook too long and it’s like mush. Do the opposite and it’s like eating tiny grains of small rocks. I even tried using my Instant Pot for a while and it’s really good for stickier kinds of rice, but not so great if you want a drier fluffy rice.

So now, at the age of 33, I’m finally tackling learning to make rice on the stovetop. Ahem. It’s about time.

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