A super simple south Indian-ish summer squash recipe that is full of savory, spicy, tangy, and sour flavors.
South Indian-ish Summer Squash

The thing about compiling squash recipes for the zucchini-pocalypse that comes around every summer is that you really can never have too many in your corner.

Squash is just so versatile! And cheap.

It’s impossible not to buy pounds of it at a time. Just try. I dare you.

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Carbonara meets primavera in this vegetarian pasta all’ortolana which is filled with zucchini and tossed with an egg-based sauce that is thick, creamy, and completely indulgent.
Pasta all'Ortolana

When I woke up this morning my blog was in some sort of WordPress update limbo, showing the dreaded “White Screen of Death”, so that pretty much took years off my life.

I have no idea how/what/why fixed it (or if it’s even fixed?!?! may just be an illusion), but now it seems to be working so let’s just cross our fingers and hope it was some sort of short-lived glitch.

For a long time my blogging mantra has been “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix (or update) it” resulting in a total backlog of wordpress updates that I (reluctantly) allowed my host to do this weekend. Why that resulted in my site white-screening and then randomly working again, WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

Oh how I hate the technical side of blogging. It’s like some sort of coding black hole that I know nothing about.

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