A skillet cornbread that is filled with fresh corn and southwestern flavors, then topped with a cheesy mix of cheddar, feta, and jalapeno peppers. Excellent straight from the oven or as a make-ahead dish.
Skillet Cornbread with Cheddar, Feta, and Jalapeno

Somehow despite having more time at home, I feel less and less inspired to cook. It’s the weirdest thing because normally I’d be capitalizing on this time to tackle all of the new baking or cooking projects that I’ve been putting off.

But no, mostly I just stare at Facebook or the New York Times and do Go Noodle “workout” videos with my child.

It doesn’t help that Remy has developed a cough so I’m vaguely terrified that we’re all about to meet our demise because she has literally coughed or sneezed on every surface in our home, including my face multiple times. There’s no such thing as self isolation from your immediate family when you’re three, that’s for sure.

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Fresh pappardelle with asparagus, peas, and saffron cream sauce.
Pappardelle with Asparagus, Peas, and Saffron

You may not be able to tell, what with not being allowed out of the house and all, but….it’s SPRING!!!

Really and truly.

I don’t know whether we’ll get to feel the cool breeze on our skin before it gives way to summer’s sultry heat so I’ll celebrate the new season the best way I can and that’s by eating my way through it.

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An easy weeknight vegetarian chili made that uses up a lot of pantry staples, including beans, canned tomatoes, and vegetable broth.
Weeknight Vegetarian Chili

Let’s talk dried beans!!

Apparently they’re the new hottest quarantine food trend, never mind the fact that 90% of people have never seen (let alone cooked) a dried bean in their lives.

Meanwhile I’ve been over here cooking a pot of dried beans at least once a week for…..well, let’s not date ourselves here. Forever, let’s just say forever.

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These extra large pan-banging chocolate chip cookies are perfectly crispy on the outside with gooey cookie centers. They are the ideal chocolate chip cookie!
Pan-Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I first heard about these cookies, I was convinced that the phrase “pan-banging” in the title referred to the fact that they were so good you would be driven to bang pans around your kitchen while eating them in celebration.

A New Year’s Eve kind of scenario.

Well, yes. And no.

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