Roasted butternut squash ravioli with sage brown butter and toasted pecans is an indulgent fall dish that is as perfect for weeknight eating as it is for special occasions!
Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter and Toasted Pecans

If there’s a meal that I will always always always order when I see it on a restaurant menu, it’s butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sauce.

Doesn’t matter the time of year, the time of day – I’m not picky.

Butternut ravioli for breakfast in the heat of summer? Done it. 10/10 would recommend.

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What To Cook This Week - 12-4-21

News! News! News!

We’re having a(nother) baby!! If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this but after casually alluding to it in another post this week and getting some surprised messages I realized I never mentioned it here. I blame it on pregnancy brain.

The baby is a BOY and due in April! I’m 20 weeks right now, so halfway through. We just had our anatomy scan this week and he is looking good with all of his vital organs (at least as much as we can see) where they should be. For that I am very grateful. We are all very excited, especially Remy!

If things have seemed a little slow here, now you know why. I had a fair amount of nausea in the first trimester (and still a few times a week even now), which has made dealing with food a bit difficult. We ate a lot of pasta with jarred sauce (sometimes multiple times a week) because I just couldn’t cook anything else. The sad truth is that this is pretty much Remy’s favorite food on earth so it’s very unclear why I’ve ever bothered to make anything else. KIDS – eternally humbling.

Let’s talk meal plans!

Here’s what we’re cooking:

  • Starting off the week with spinach, feta, and leek hand pies. These look so much more intimidating than they are, so don’t be scared. They have all the flavors of spanakopita in a fun shape. Love them.
  • Next up – brussels sprouts pasta with parmesan cream sauce. Comfort food at its best.
  • On Tuesday we’re warming up with some Indian-spiced paneer and bean chili! It’s a fun fusion meal that will warm you from the inside out.
  • Butternut squash and rosemary risotto to brighten up the middle of the week!
  • Finally, roasted sweet potato and caramelized onion pizza. YES.
  • For dessert we’re CLASSIC soft batch snickerdoodle cookies. Can’t go wrong with these babies!

Happy eating!

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A rich dark chocolate cream pie with a buttery, cookie-like crust, a rich chocolate cream filling, and piles of homemade whipped cream on top.
Dark Chocolate Cream Pie

The frenzy that is Thanksgiving pie season may be over but the good news is that one does not need a reason to make dark chocolate cream pie!

However, in case you needed some, I have (at least) three.

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Masala smashed potatoes are the ultimate side dish with a crispy potato skin exterior that is smothered in the perfect balance of spices and topped with a cooling cilantro yogurt sauce.
Masala Smashed Potatoes

Crispy masala smashed potatoes are my absolute favorite way to potato!!

I may love them even more than fries. No, seriously.

They are everything a potato should be – crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside with a salty savory spicy exterior that keeps you coming back for more. No vats of hot oil required.

What a dreamboat.

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What To Cook This Week - 11-27-21

Officially in Christmas mode!

Remy gets her second vaccine today and right after we are going to pick out our Christmas tree. If that doesn’t bring out the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will. I know I say “pick out our Christmas tree” like it’s a major activity, but we’re actually just going to Whole Foods. They have a Christmas tree sale the weekend after Thanksgiving every year and will deliver the tree to your house. This is a MAJOR win in NYC when you don’t have a car and don’t want to have to drag a tree ten blocks from the nearest sidewalk street vendor to your apartment.

Remy also FINALLY pared down her Christmas list from the entire Amazon toy catalog to just five things – just in time for everything she wants to be sold out everywhere. Now I need to hide the catalog so she forgets what she wanted and will be happy with whatever we can scramble to get her.

We are taking it easy again on the food front this week with some low stress but high yield meals. I’m excited.

Here’s what we’re cooking:

  • Starting off the week with an Italian flag baked ziti because there is no better feeling than kicking off Monday with a casserole of cheesy pasta deliciousness in your fridge.
  • Next up – spicy bebere ratatouille. This is an Ottolenghi favorite that is big on flavor but not on effort. I’m into it.
  • Celebrating Taco Tuesday with roasted sweet potato and chickpea tacos! The spicy mayo makes these babies, so don’t skimp on it.
  • Moroccan chickpea and butternut squash soup is such an easy and comforting middle of the week meal.
  • Finally, linguine with chickpeas and zucchini to close out the week. The chickpeas actually make the sauce for this dish and it truly couldn’t be simpler.
  • For dessert we’re making nutella-swirled banana bread! Classic.

Happy eating!

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A simple shaved brussels sprout salad made with a creamy creme fraiche dressing and topped with crispy shallots.
Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Crispy Shallots

Maybe asking you to get excited about a brussels sprout salad with there is pie and green bean casserole and marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes (and – be honest – MORE PIE) to be eaten sounds like a lot but hear me out.

This is the perfect (easy! make ahead!) addition to your Thanksgiving table. It brings a clean refreshing bite to an otherwise insanely decadent meal and is such a nice pop of green on the table.

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