An Indian version of tortilla soup meets chili that is rich with spice and flavor. Serve with toasted naan strips in place of tortillas.
Indian Curry Chili with Toasted Naan Croutons
More soup! More soup!!

This was part of my personal mission to make every tortilla soup known to man (really, I CANNOT pass up a tortilla soup recipe in a cookbook without immediately running to the kitchen and getting a batch simmering). I’m just constantly in search of the perfect recipe. You know, a soup that’s intensely savory, rich with spice, stuffed with all of my favorite soup mix-ins, topped with all of my favorite soup toppings, and just the ideal version of itself in every way.

I’m not picky.

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An apple and endive salad topped with parsley, mint, and salted almonds. It is the perfect mix of flavors and textures and so quick to throw together.
apple and endive salad with parsley, mint, and salted almonds

After almost five years of marriage you really think you know someone.

Then there’s that eventual fateful day when you innocently set a salad in front of them and a MINOR FREAKOUT ensues because they didn’t know that one of the ingredients (endive, in this case) was an entity that even existed in this world. Ten minutes of consoling and fifteen minutes of frantic googling later and I *think* Mike was finally convinced that, not only does endive actually exist, but it is actually edible.

What can I say? Life, and marriage, can be full of surprises.

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Hi friends! We are finally gathering up the strength and energy (and a car rental) to go apple picking this weekend. So now I’m basically feeling all the fall feels and just want to eat soup and drink apple cider until eternity. This week’s meal plan totally has that vibe. Here’s what we’re making:

  • butternut squash quinoa chili – just give me a vat of this and I’ll be set for life
  • vegan broccoli cheddar stuffed sweet potatoes – so cozy!
  • vegetarian lentil minestrone – comfort in a bowl
  • pumpkin quesadillas with black beans – squash + black beans are the ULTIMATE power couple
  • tempeh butternut squash noodle bake – ooohhhh yeeeaahhh

Happy eating!

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A cozy apple bake with warm spices and a double ginger cookie crumble on top. Perfect with a scoop of ice cream or dollop of whipped cream.
cozy apple bake with double ginger cookie crumble

The way I see it there are two kinds of people in this world:

those who obsessively bake apple crumbles just to ensure the perpetual smell of just-from-the-oven apple spice permeating their living space at all times.

and those who buy Yankee candles. Lots of Yankee candles.

I’ll let you guess which one I am.

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A hearty easy weeknight kidney bean curry.
Easy Weeknight Kidney Bean Curry (Junjaro)

I mean, I’m pretty sure my husband and family think I’m joking when I REPEATEDLY and NOT ANNOYINGLY AT ALL tell them that I could eat Indian food every day, every meal of my life and not be mad about it.

And because my Indian food cravings are more of an all day every day, weeknights-not-excluded phenomenon I *had* to go and find a curry that can be made in 30 minutes out of mostly pantry ingredients.

It’s real. It’s here. We’re doing it!!!!

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