Never an uneventful day around here. Remy spiked a fever to almost 103 last night, OF COURSE three days before we’re leaving for vacation. It came down to normal immediately with a little ibuprofen and I honestly would have thought it was a fluke if not for the fact that she went from a lethargic blob laying on my chest to her usual energetic self, running around the apartment singing Moana songs.

It’s 6AM as I’m writing this and she’s slept all night. I can’t tell if that’s good or bad, but I’m thinking rest can only be a good thing and also that if she were spiking high fevers all night she would have woken up crying from not feeling well. Wishful thinking?

I also have to say I am so so thankful that Remy is still breastfeeding. Yes, at almost two years old. She’s addicted and, well, so am I. I’m gone for so many hours a day and it’s so nice to come home and have that special bond and relationship. Plus, when she’s sick it is a godsend and often the only thing that will comfort her. Plus I’m truly convinced that she recovers faster because of it.

Enough about me, and more about the food! This week’s meal plan features a hearty red lentil stew, healthier Indian butter paneer, turmeric quinoa breakfast bowls, thai noodle bowls, and chickpea taco salads. Enjoy and happy eating!

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Stay #TrendingInTheKitchen by finding delicious ways to eat healthier desserts this spring! These simple whipped yogurt almond cream bowls are made with protein-rich Greek yogurt, then topped with fresh figs and sweet-tart balsamic syrup – proof that dessert can be healthier and still taste good. 

[Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pompeian. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep me inspired in the kitchen.]
Whipped Almond Yogurt Cream with Figs and Balsamic Syrup

Back, back, waaayyyyyyyy baaaccckkk when I was a new blogger (so…in the Dark Ages), I was all about making healthier desserts.

You wouldn’t know it by all of the butter I now (sometimes gratuitously) manage to work into my sweet treats, but it’s true!!

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Mega news!

Remy is moving into the TWO YEAR OLD room at daycare on Monday. She actually doesn’t turn two for another two weeks (don’t even get me started on how in denial I am that she’s going to be two so soon), but we are going on vacation the week before her birthday so the daycare wanted to start easing her in this week instead. Their plan is to have her hang out in the new room for a few hours on Monday, then go back to her old room, and increase the number of hours in the new room as the week goes on. In general she’s not the most adaptable kid, but she was one of the youngest kids in her class when we started so all of her friends from when she first started in daycare are already in the two year old room. I expect she’ll be fine since she already knows everyone there. Mike is convinced she’s not going to want to go back to her old room once they have her in the new room for a few hours. I’m not totally sold on that, but we’ll see!

The weather is finally coming around here, so we are hell bent on spending a fair amount of today outside. After I spend the morning doing lots of cooking for the week, of course! Hope you enjoy your weekend and this week’s meal plan. Happy eating!

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A roasted cauliflower and Israeli couscous salad filled with Middle Eastern flavors including harissa-marinated halloumi and a labneh dressing.
Roasted Cauliflower and Israeli Couscous Salad with Harissa-Marinated Halloumi

Not even sure that you can call a bowl full of carbs that’s topped with fried cheese a salad, but here we are!

I mean, there are veggies too. And kale!!

Where there’s kale, there must be salad. That’s pretty much a fundamental truth.

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Fluffy, buttery vanilla cupcakes are topped with a sweet-tart raspberry buttercream made from freeze-dried raspberries.
Buttery Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream

I just felt like we really needed cupcakes today.

These one day weekends can really grate on me, especially when we have stuff to do/places to be/four hours to spend in the car just getting to and from New Jersey. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

(Though I did try to teach Remy to say “Yiayia, you live too far!” on the ride to my inlaws yesterday in lieu of her screaming “GET OUT” for the last fifteen minutes. No dice.)

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