Salty and sweet fleur de sel shortbread cookie sandwiches filled with a nutty halvah buttercream.
Fleur de Sel Shortbread with Halvah Buttercream

Well, I have six night shifts in-between now and Christmas vacation, which is basically akin to TORTURE. My sleep schedule is a total disaster, especially since I’ve had every-other-day days off and so I’ve just been flip flopping from nights to days and basically staying awake for 24 hours at a stretch on nights when I have to work. I’m sure there is a better way to do this, and maybe if I didn’t have a kid I would just flip entirely to nights and stay there for the duration. But instead I’m just an eternal zombie.

And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relying on excessive cookie consumption to get me through.

(And coffee. So. Much. Coffee.)

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This ravioli alla vodka contains an entire cup of vodka and has you cook down the tomatoes in the oven until they have an incredibly rich and concentrated flavor. It is the ultimate in comfort food and perfect at a time when nostalgia is #TrendingInTheKitchen.

[Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pompeian. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep me inspired in the kitchen.]

Ravioli Alla Vodka

Allow me to introduce you to the meal you’re going to be making all. holiday. season. long.

For your family,

for your friends,

for yourself (because it’s basically too good to share with anyone else). IT’S THE MEAL OF THE PEOPLE. Hear you me, there is no one who won’t love this.

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Saturday again?! I’m all topsy turvy from working nights so I’m not really sure where up is anymore. I had off last night so I slept during the day yesterday and then all night last night. Am I going to regret this during my night shift tonight? Uhhhhhh YEAH. But I’ll get to spend the day with Remy, so clearly having to stay up for 24 hours straight will be worth it.


Let’s talk meal planning! This week we’ve got:

  • VEGAN spaghetti squash lasagna bowls
  • jackfruit and pinto bean taquitos
  • weeknight linguine with chickpeas and zucchini
  • VEGAN meatball subs
  • guacamole black bean LOADED sweet potatoes

Happy eating!

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This roasted squash with yogurt, walnuts, and spiced green sauce makes for a stunning side dish. Add chickpeas to make it a main course!
Roasted Squash with Yogurt, Walnuts, and Spiced Green Sauce

Side dishes are not my forté. I suspect that has something to do with the fact that vegetarian meals don’t often require them, or at least the ones that I make don’t. This is in part intentional because during the week I barely have time to get one course on the table, let alone multiple meal components. BUT it also means that on holidays or special occasions that require one main dish and a bunch of sides or appetizers, I am generally at a loss on what to make.

Knowing that I’m hosting both Christmas and Christmas Eve in a few weeks, I’ve started auditioning dishes for the big days. There have been hits, there have been misses, and then there was this roasted squash with yogurt, walnuts, and spiced green sauce.


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