Light and fluffy zucchini chocolate chip muffins made with a mix of whole wheat and all purpose flour. Great to have on hand for a grab-and-go breakfast!
Whole Wheat Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins

Alternatively titled: How To Get Your Kid Who Ate Mac and Cheese and Mickey Waffles for Seven Straight Days to Eat A Vegetable.

(Yes friends. #TheStruggleIsReal)

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We’re hoooommmmmmeeeee!!!! It only took 8 hours of travel with one very tired threenager, but WE DID IT.

And it was a blast. I mean, I may never speak to either of our mothers for at least a month (for the sake of their well-being and mine), but other than that it was definitely a success. Remy is a Disney Queen and absolutely loved meeting all of her favorite princesses, as well as her favorite characters from Cars, Wreck It Ralph, and Monsters Inc. I actually don’t think there is a Disney movie she doesn’t like, so all in all it was a dream come true for her.

But now it’s back to real life and healthy eating. I’m pretty sure my child thinks a french fry is now a food group, so we will need to rectify that ASAP.

Here’s what we’ve got for you in this week’s meal plan!

  • white bean zucchini burgers – perfect veg option for Father’s Day!
  • kale, cherry, and bulgur with savory granola – a celebration of seasonal ingredients
  • healthy pasta salad – yes, it’s a thing.
  • farmer’s market forbidden rice bowls – eat the rainbow!!!
  • easy coconut curry with tofu – SO craving these flavors.

Happy eating!

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So, I’m probably eating a lot of NOT healthy (but totally vegetarian!!) things at Disney world right now. Awkward. But you’ll forgive me just this once.

Here’s what we’ve got!

  • one pot tomato basil quinoa
  • the best pepper and paneer curry
  • vegan stuffed shells
  • spring green pasta with basil-mint pesto
  • vegan black bean tacos with summer vegetables

Happy eating!

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A Persian zucchini frittata that is rich with spices, tart barberries, and floral orange zest. It is truly an explosion of flavor.
Persian Zucchini Frittata (kookoo kadoo)

Probably one of the best things about knowing how to cook (or at least how to follow a recipe) is that it saves a lot of money I would otherwise spend on travel.

Like, HELL YEAH, I would love to go to the Middle East and shack up with an Iranian grandmother for a few weeks and learn all of her secrets/eat her out of house and home, but it’s just not feasible at this point in time for a whole slew of reasons.

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