I’m working the weekend again, which means no cooking for me, but hopefully you guys will have time to do some meal planning and eat something fun!! There’s so much comfort food on this week’s plan in the form of one of my favorite Indian dishes, a fun twist on shepherd’s pie, TACOS, chowder, and a super cozy soup.

Hope you enjoy it!!

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Peanut rice noodle bowls dressed in a spicy curried peanut sauce are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat! They are filled with healthy ingredients like quick-pickled carrots, edamame, and red cabbage.
Spicy Peanut Rice Noodle Bowls with Curried Peanut Sauce
Consider this my feeble attempt at trying to capitalize on (or manipulate) the constant toddler requests for “PEANUT BUTTER ON BREAD” at dinner time when whatever I’ve made doesn’t quite whet her palate.

Never mind that pasta and bread, though both beloved members of the carb family, are not identical enough to fool my very very very perceptive daughter’s eyes/taste buds.

But a worthy try nonetheless!! Maybe you’ll have more success?

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A decadent triple layer dark chocolate cake filled with a light whipped peanut butter frosting.
Decadent Triple Layer Dark Chocolate Cake with Whipped Peanut Butter Frosting

Hands down, the most shocking thing of 2017 to me (and, let’s be honest…there is a lot to be shocked about in these times we live in) is that I never shared this cake with you.

I know.


Better rectify that ASAP before the food blogger police come calling.

(Anyway, you guys weren’t serious about those healthy new year’s resolutions, were you??)

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As of this weekend I’ll be halfway done with this ICU rotation, so if you need me I’ll basically be over here doing cartwheels.

Bad, wobbly, pretty much just me falling over cartwheels. But cartwheels, nonetheless.

In a blessing-in-disguise kind of moment, Remy got sick all over her bed around midnight on my last night shift so she had to stay home from daycare the next day with Mike, meaning that once I woke up around 2pm, we got to spend the rest of the day together. No idea why she got sick, because she was totally fine immediately afterward and all day. If she were older, I’d be pretty sure she did it just to get to stay home with me, but I guess she’s probably too little to really consciously do anything like that.

I’ll be working again all weekend, but I hope you all have a good one and enjoy this week’s meal plan! Happy eating!

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This light and refreshing lemony greek salad is loaded with whole grains, chickpeas, and lots of veggies, all with a sprinkle of feta on top!
Loaded Lemony Greek Salad with Bulgur, Chickpeas, and Feta Cheese

It’s hump day and what I have to offer as we forge on through this workweek, rife with the aftermath of Snow Bomb Cyclones (???, what happened to a good old fashioned blizzard, eh?) and visions of Oprah For President posters dancing in all our heads (can 2020 be tomorrow?? please??) is a bar of dark chocolate, the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat, and the biggest bowl of this loaded lemony greek salad.

It’s tart, it’s sassy, and it’s hell bent on showing our resolutions who’s boss.

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