Crispy Thai fried fish is paired with a sour green mango salad that is a flavor explosion of tangy, salty, and sweet in every bite.
Crispy Thai Fried Fish and Green Mango Salad

Look, I love a sticky sweet juice-dripping-down-your-chin mango as much as the next gal, but you truly haven’t lived until you’ve had a sour mango eating experience.

Now this is not at all the same as eating an almost-but-not-quite-ripe mango, which I have done many a time either when I’ve misjudged a mango’s ripeness or had my hand forced by a toddler who insisted on mango NOW despite my warnings that they weren’t quite ready yet. It is disappointing at best and unpalatable at worst.

This is different. It is a celebration of the sour mango in its own right! Embracing its mouth-puckeringly tart qualities and letting them shine by layering them with flavors that will truly make them sing. 

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Happy Saturday!! 

For some reason this week I saw a ton of posts about Mother’s Day and had this moment of panic that maybe it was this weekend and I had totally forgotten. Nope – it’s May 9th! People are just getting a really early start, I guess? The other sobering realization I had was that I’m on call that weekend, so no breakfast in bed or  sleeping in for me womp womp. Maybe the pager gods will grace me with no 3AM emergencies that weekend.

Let’s talk food! This week’s healthy vegetarian meal plan is ALL SPRING and I am here for it. Here’s what we’re cooking this week:

  • asparagus soup with pistachio cream – so excited about this!!
  • vegan caesar salad with crispy chickpeas – love
  • thai tofu zoodle soup – eat the rainbow
  • creamy spring vegetable pasta primavera – making a version of this today!!
  • honey garlic chickpeas and veggies – can’t go wrong with an easy stir fry
  • cheesecake stuffed strawberries for dessert! – simple and genius

Happy eating!

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Pan-banging funfetti sugar cookies – to satisfy the inner child in all of us!! These are crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and filled with fun rainbow sprinkles.
Pan-Banging Funfetti Sugar Cookies

I could blame these cookies on Remy, but let’s be honest – I love funfetti as much as the next five-year-old-stuck-in-a-thirty-something’s body!!

We rainbow sprinkle a lot of things in this house that were never meant to be rainbow sprinkled. It’s my secret trick for getting Remy to eat anything (and I mean ANYTHING). You can just categorize that as something I very judgmentally said I would never do before actually having a kid, and yet here we are. To all the other sprinkle-bribing parents out there – I see you, I AM you, let’s form a support group mmkay??

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Stuffed eggplant like you’ve never had it before – filled with a paneer and mango pickle mixture and served atop a bed of creamy coconut dal.
Stuffed Eggplant in Curry and Coconut Dal

Oh eggplant, such a polarizing ingredient.

Some may wonder why I keep making it when my husband proclaims to hate it so much, but the reason is here! This! Exactly!

His actual words after eating this, “I know you don’t usually like to make the same recipes twice, but you could make this again.”

I mean, that’s basically a standing ovation in man terms, am I right?

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Sheet pan gnocchi with spring vegetables is a quick and easy weeknight dinner! It’s loaded with roasted vegetables, a homemade pea pesto, and is a simple family favorite.
Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi with Spring Vegetables and Pea Pesto

I could write a whole book on my feelings on gnocchi but, let’s be honest, no one would read it except for maybe my mother and even then, probably not. 

My mixed and complicated thoughts on it stem from the fact that the gnocchi eating experience can be so so variable – they’re either pillowy little dreams or dense gluey rocks; in my experience, there is rarely an in-between. 

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Happy Saturday!!!

I just spent an excessive amount of time purchasing fancy sprinkles, so you know we are kicking off a crazy Saturday over here! The thing is that Remy’s going to be five in three weeks (HOW?!?!) and she still hasn’t decided on a birthday theme yet, so I just got all the sprinkle combos to cover all my bases. Now no matter what she chooses, I’ll have the sprinkles covered. I can only control what I can control, ya know?

It’s supposed to be a pretty rainy weekend over here, so we are hunkering down, probably watching Trolls for the gazillionth time. Baking some sourdough and hopefully not ending up with dough puddles like last week. The usual.

Now, what you really came for – here’s what we’re cooking on this week’s meal plan!

  • broccoli cheddar quesadillas – easy, family-approved, YUM.
  • broccoli lemon pasta – simple and satisfying
  • feta, tomato, and chickpea israeli couscous casserole – so many fresh flavors!
  • corn chowder with quinoa – SO excited for corn season
  • Korean-inspired tofu bowls – yes, definitely in.

Happy eating!

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