This brown sugar cheesecake is studded with caramelized brown butter apples and topped with a maple cinnamon apple compote.
Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake with Maple Cinnamon Apple Compote

You guys, I’m realizing I gave birth to a COMPLETE STRANGER.

Like, I thought I had a kid who was utterly devoted to me, didn’t want anyone else if I was around, cried whenever I left the room even when it was just to have five seconds of bathroom privacy (heck, ESPECIALLY when I wanted to have five seconds of bathroom privacy).

Apparently, I have been misled.

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A toothsome Moroccan spiced chickpea and carrot ragout served over a light and pillowy couscous pilaf.
Moroccan Spiced Chickpea and Carrot Ragout with Couscous Pilaf

It only took all weekend, but I finally got Remy to concede that she’s going to school “next week” (this week).

I would say there’s about a 5% chance that she actually has any comprehension of what I’m talking about, but I’ve somehow convinced myself that the more I talk about it and desensitize her to the idea, the better she’ll do tomorrow when we leave her in a new place surrounded by strangers for ten hours.

(There’s no truth to that, is there?)

(Wait, don’t tell me. Leave me to my blissful ignorance.)

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Is it too early to put in a request for a weekend from my weekend?

As some of you might have seen on Instagram, Remy is starting daycare next week!! Which is obviously terrifying all on its own, but to top it off we had to let our nanny go yesterday and she took it probably a thousand times worse than I thought she would. Some not so nice things were said and it was overall just an emotionally exhausting experience. I feel terrible that we couldn’t keep her around forever because Remy really loves her, but we will save a lot of much needed money going the daycare route and I honestly believe that Remy will thrive from being around other kids so much. It just sucks that it had to end on such a sour note. I was really hoping it wouldn’t.

ANYWAYS. They say that food heals all wounds, so here’s this week’s meal plan!!

Enjoy and happy eating.

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Silk chocolate cream pie encased in a salty buttery pecan crust and topped with a whipped cream cloud.
Silk Chocolate Cream Pie with Salty Pecan Crust

I was hit with the stark realization yesterday that Thanksgiving is in TWO WEEKS.

That’s 14 days. 336 hours. Basically no time at all.

And here I am with like 12 pie recipes in my draft folder, apparently twiddling my thumbs instead of sharing them with you.

Denial chocolate cream pie, anyone?

It’s a good one.

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Eggplant meatball parm heroes are a vegetarian twist on a comfort food classic.
Eggplant Meatball Parm Heroes

Because I officially put all of Remy’s summer clothes away yesterday and restocked her dresser with 50 shades of corduroy, denim, and flannel, now I am legit in fall mode.

Just in time for winter!!!


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This week was an EXACT reminder of why I thrive on meal planning and meal prep. Our flight home last weekend was delayed by three hours, which means there was no time for me to cook anything ahead of time. Let me tell you, winging it during the week at 8PM when we’re all tired and hungry and just want to eat is not ideal. I don’t know how all of you non-planners do it!! Teach me your spontaneous cooking ways.

I’m so excited to get back into my groove this week. I’ve already made list upon list upon list to keep myself organized and to make sure that everything gets cooked. Some might call it neurotic, but I don’t think so. It’s just necessity.

We are having a little belated Halloween get-together this week as an excuse to dress Remy up one more time and to actually get to wear our family costume. Obviously I’m hosting, which is INSANE, but it’s also kind of an excuse to bake an absurdly decadent cake. It’s gonna be good!

Happy eating!

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