First full week of virtual school IN THE BOOKS.

Honestly? Remy loved it. At her age it’s only a total of about 30 minutes per day in two divided sessions. I think she would love real school more, but I’m really happy that she’s engaged…for now.

Today we are going apple and pumpkin picking. Its the first kind of “normal” activity we’ve done since the pandemic started. I’m excited. Especially for all the pie I plan to bake tomorrow.

This week’s meal plan has some of my favorite comfort foods – pumpkin chili, roasted buffalo chickpea salad (swooning), butternut and lentil bolognese, broccoli tacos, stuffed shells, and black bean burgers. Happy eating!

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Warmly spiced pumpkin scones that are topped with a sweet maple syrup glaze.
Maple-Glazed Pumpkin Scones

I’m going to need you to forget everything you thought you knew about scones.

Every dry, flavorless, rock hard scone brick you’ve ever had – throw that memory in the garbage.

Or better yet erase it, Men In Black-style.

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The world lost a hero yesterday. A champion of women, and a role model for all of us.

Rest in peace, RBG. We won’t let the world forget you and your mission.

I’m not feeling much in the way of small talk today, so I’m just going to let today’s meal plan speak for itself. Happy eating!
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Whole grain pull-apart rolls make for the perfect accompaniment to just about any fall or winter meal. Eat them warm with a pat of butter or dip them into your favorite soups and stews.
Whole Grain Pull-Apart Rolls

They have arrived.

Buttery, fluffy, WHOLE WHEAT rolls.

Making weekends and soup bowls and sweater weather better everywhere.

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