Happy meal planning day!!!

I’m traveling this weekend for work, hence the lack of a post yesterday. I was so busy packing/getting ready/stressing about leaving Remy for 4 days that I just couldn’t get myself together. Hopefully next week will be better because I have so many great recipes packed away to share with you guys!

But for now let’s dive into this weeks meal plan. Here’s what we’re cooking:

  • butternut squash mac and cheese – hi, yes please!
  • baked spaghetti with pumpkin tofu ricotta – whoa sounds good
  • roasted chickpea taco salad – a fiesta in a bowl
  • all the good veggies detox salad – what I’m going to need after this work trip!
  • BEST EVER quinoa chili – looks so insanely hearty and delicious

Happy eating!
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A comforting meal of rigatoni with spiced tomato sauce. It is easy enough for a weeknight with the spices in the tomato sauce giving it a fun flavor spin.
Rigatoni with Spiced Tomato Sauce

Sorry for the mini break but it took me a hot minute to feel back to normal after my flu run-in.

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Happy Saturday! If you’re following along with the flu saga of 2020 then you should that I was febrile all day yesterday but it broke somewhere in the late afternoon and hasn’t come back since. I felt pretty crappy when I had the fever and have a very mild runny nose, but otherwise I’m okay. Was it really the flu? Was it some other non-specific viral illness? WE WILL NEVER KNOW. What I can say for sure is that if it was the flu, then tamiflu is magic especially if you take it before you’re symptomatic.

Onto more exciting things, like FOOD! Here’s what we’re cooking this week:

  • teriyaki tofu bowls – love these for easy dinner and meal prep
  • vegan meatball subs – mega comfort here!
  • roasted vegetable fajita lettuce wraps – so cute and colorful
  • immunity boosting turmeric soup – yep, that’s what I need
  • vegan mushroom bourguignon – fancy!

Happy eating!
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Rich and gooey caramel canvas blondies made with a base of brown butter and brown sugar to lend a luscious butterscotch flavor. These are the perfect blank canvas for all of your favorite cookie mix-ins, though here we used chocolate chips and pecans.
Caramel Canvas Blondies

OF COURSE I had to go and have an accidental flu exposure the exact most inopportune week of all time!!!!

Maybe I mentioned this, but my SIL is getting married this weekend. We are all in the wedding, Remy included (get ready for some majorly cute flower girl pictures), and so the flu is really just not going to work for us.

Not. At. All.

If you’re wondering whether I went and got myself an emergent tamiflu prescription for prophylaxis…..yes. Yes I did.

Not proud of it, but it was clearly necessary. Mostly for my peace of mind.

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Super green kale polenta made with a kale puree, handfuls of parmesan cheese, and dollops of mascarpone cheese.

Super Green Kale Polenta

It’s my birthday month!!

That means I get to eat all the cake (<– it’s calorie free in your birthday month, obvs) along with all of my favorite green food and my family CAN’T EVEN COMPLAIN.

Well, they can. And do. But I just don’t listen.

Like the night we had this kale polenta and you should have seen all the eye rolls and heard all the emphatic sighs of disbelief coming from the peanut gallery. But then ALL THE SILENCE as they shoveled all the spoonfuls into their mouth.

Total mom win.

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Vegetarian black bean and cheese enchiladas made with a homemade ancho pepper enchilada sauce.
Vegetarian Black Bean and Cheese Ancho-ladas

These ancho-ladas are a day late to make an appearance at your Superbowl party but RIGHT ON TIME for Taco Tuesday and the rest of your life!!

And really you will be making them for the rest of your life because they are insanely delicious and insanely easy.

What a catch.

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