Meal plan day is here!!! This week we’ve got:

  • roasted summer vegetable quinoa salad
  • VEGAN poke bowls with pickled beets and shrooms in place of fish
  • southwestern pesto pasta with crispy crunchy chickpeas
  • feel-good curried cauliflower buddha bowls
  • the summeriest spiced israeli couscous, cherry, and arugula salad

Happy eating!!

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A one pot summer vegetable tortellini minestrone made with summer’s bounteous fresh vegetables, including zucchini, bell peppers, and corn!
One Pot Summer Vegetable Tortellini Minestrone

It was a balmy 78 degrees here over the weekend and we were like, “srsly summer. where’d you go?”

Quickly followed by, “LET’S HAVE SOUP!”

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Here’s what this week’s meal plan has in store for you!!

  • cozy comfort baked spaghetti
  • a Mediterranean salad with chickpea “meat”balls
  • hearty summer veggie chili
  • stuffed poblano peppers with all-the-corn
  • summer veg burrito bowls¬† smothered in the creamiest avocado sauce


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This magical baked raspberry tart has a lovely pate sucree crust and a filling that is rich with brown butter and sweet-tart raspberries.
Baked Brown Butter Raspberry Tart

Getting a little crazypants over here with the fruity desserts.

In the past two weeks I’ve made blueberry crumble bars, a strawberry pandowdy, and this raspberry tart. Not to mention I’ve got my eyes (and heart. and stomach.) set on making a raspberry peach pie in the next 48 hours.

Oh, and I’ve exercised exactly zero percent of the time.


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True life – working days in the ER is actually harder than working nights!! I never would have guessed.

At night there’s usually an hour or two when nothing happens and nobody comes in…but during the day it’s just an endless stream of patients. I’m amazed that people can do this every day for their whole life! They are obviously made of stronger stuff than I am.

I can’t think enough to write anymore because I have to save all my mental energy for the barrage of patients I’m sure to see today. SO.

Enjoy your weekend and happy eating!

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This fresh flavored summer pasta salad with no-cook heirloom tomato sauce could not be easier to prepare! The flavor of the sauce evolves the longer it sits, so be sure to make it ahead of time.
Summer Pasta Salad with No-Cook Heirloom Tomato Sauce

I all of a sudden just realized I have no idea what day of the week it is.

Thursday? Tuesday? I feel like it’s not the weekend because my husband isn’t home, but who knows??? This working nights thing has thrown off my sense of self/time/space completely.

Consider me alert and oriented times one and admit me for delirium.

(Medicine joke.

Too much time in the ED.


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