What a week!

Yesterday was Match Day (the day when all of the 4th year medical students find out where they are going to do their residency) and three of my best friends matched into their top choices!!! I am so excited for them. At that point in the year, I just wanted SO BADLY to be done with being a medical student and just get on with being a real doctor already. Now I’m like…remember the days when I was a medical student and had someone telling me to leave early every day because I was so not important for anything…that was nice.

Remy and I ended up briefly joining them and a whole bunch of other people from our MD-PhD program for dinner, and I was so impressed with how well behaved Remy was. She actually ate all of her food (well….all of MY food) and the only things that ended up on the floor were her dinner roll and all of her crayons. And she only wanted to breastfeed three times instead of her usual once every five minutes. So…success?? I’ll take it. I also left as soon as I could see she was starting to get a little bit antsy, so I’m sure that contributed.

We are gearing up for a low-key weekend over here. It’s Mike’s birthday on Sunday so I’m sure we’ll do a little something to celebrate…maybe go out to dinner, though I’m not sure I want to test Remy’s patience in a restaurant twice in one weekend, so we’ll see.  What are you all up to? Any St. Patrick’s Day plans??

Enjoy the weekend and happy eating!

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An easy weeknight dinner – pesto and goat cheese pasta tossed with wilted baby swiss chard.
Pesto and Goat Cheese Gigli Pasta with Swiss Chard

But HOW CUTE are these pasta shapes?!

(Really I’m just trying to distract you from the fact that this recipe is embarrassingly easy and barely a recipe at all with pasta eye candy.)


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The EASIEST chickpea and vegetable stir fry you’ll ever make! So perfect for weeknight dinners when time is at a premium.

30 Minute Weeknight Chickpea and Vegetable Stirfry

So, this whole weeknight dinner SITUATION.

Every night I’m like, wait didn’t we just feed you last night? And you just threw it on the floor and didn’t eat anything?


We all know how this is going to end.

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Hellooooooo and happy weekend!!

Today I’m working but tomorrow we’re celebrating my sister’s birthday (the big 2-1).  Though she’s probably already had alcohol more times than I have, so not sure there’s anything truly novel there. Maybe being able to actually order a beer at a bar?

What that really means is that I’ve got CAKE on the brain. In true ME fashion, I still haven’t fully committed to anything yet, but I’m thinking this cinnamon swirl layer cake is in our future.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend and find some inspiration from this week’s meal plan!

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The darkest dark chocolate cake perfectly paired with a sweet and fruity strawberry meringue buttercream made with fresh strawberries!
Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Layer Cake

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Three weeks late. Errr….49 weeks early???

WHATEVER. Whether we’re talking loving yourself or loving your significant other, that should be a daily celebration!!

And daily celebrations obviously necessitate daily cake.

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Caramelized shallots, swiss chard, and loads of gruyere cheese make this quiche rich and delicious. So perfect for any brunch occasion.
Caramelized Shallot and Swiss Chard Quiche

The quiche JACKPOT.

Kind of like winning HQ on Sunday night when the prize is greater than $50,000 dollars and there’s complete savagery at question 3 that results in upwards of 2 million people being knocked out of the game. (Not that I know what that feels like, being one of the 2 million who did not actually think that anyone would make a soup out of ACTUAL BIRDS NESTS. Pretty sure birds poop in those ya know, so….)

Whatever, I’d rather have a really good quiche recipe than a twentieth of a million dollars anyway.

You too??? Yeah, that’s why we’re friends.

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