What a week. It’s my last full week of a month on inpatient service and I am feeling it. One of these nights I’m going to get more than 6 hours of sleep. I swear it. Today I’m working. Tomorrow I’ll be recovering (and cooking and running around after a toddler and did I mention cooking?). It’s just nonstop.

I start a two week block of outpatient clinic next week and it is going to feel soooooooooooooo good.

Enough small talk. Here’s what we’ve got on this week’s meal plan:

  • swiss chard mushroom enchiladas
  • Thai lentil vegan “meat”loaf
  • baked ziti with roasted red peppers, baby kale, and ricotta
  • taco stuffed sweet potatoes
  • orange ginger zucchini noodles

Happy eating!

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A carrot sheet cake with brown butter cream cheese buttercream that is perfect for all of your spring celebrations!
Carrot Sheet Cake with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Buttercream

Carrot cake and I have a long and loving history together. For the longest time I was absolutely sure it was what I would choose for my wedding cake, but then I met this pistachio cake and the rest is history.

And I’ve been trying to make it up to my beloved carrot cake ever since!!

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A hearty white bean soup topped with wine-braised caramelized leeks.
Wine-Braised Leek and White Bean Soup

I brought a white bean salad (recipe to be shared soon! ish!) for lunch this week and my friend David laughed, saying “you do love your beans”. He’s referring to the insane amount of Instagram stories I’ve posted that are essentially just odes to my Rancho Gordo Bean Club deliveries. I can’t help it! An entire box full of six different varieties of beans just waiting to be made into delicious meals like this.

Heck yes, I DO love my beans.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Sorry for the late post. I woke up yesterday with a bad headache that required me to go back to bed IMMEDIATELY to try to sleep it off. It worked! So hopefully you’ll forgive me.

Here’s what we’ve got on this week’s meal plan:

  • one pot vegan Irish stew (perfect for TODAY, but great any time)
  • 30 minute vegetarian curry (sign me up!)
  • LOADED vegetarian tortilla soup (forever a favorite)
  • instant pot pad thai stir fry (yaaass to more Instant pot recipes!)
  • red beans and cauliflower rice (yuummmm)

Happy eating!

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A light and tender Kentucky bourbon bundt cake that has bourbon both inside the cake and in the glaze that goes on top. If you’re a bourbon lover – and even if you’re not – you are guaranteed to love this.
Kentucky Bourbon Bundt Cake

Let’s celebrate the week by putting bourbon in our cake!

And on our cake.

And probably a few swigs in our mouth as we make it because it’s Friday and WHY NOT. We deserve it.

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A rich and cheesy onion tart topped with a refreshing arugula, pecorino, and walnut salad.
Cheesy Onion Tart with Arugula, Pecorino, and Walnut Salad

You know I’m still trying to eat healthy (ten pounds down since January, what whattt!!), but every once in a while you need some cheesy puff pastry tart indulgence in your life.

Also, making a meal when you’ve got a thawed sheet of puff pastry in your fridge is THE EASIEST and a total lifesaver especially on weeks when I’ve had to work 7 days in a row and on my one day that I’m home Remy insists on attaching herself to my hip/helping in the kitchen. Turns out piling stuff on puff pastry is her calling in life. WHO KNEW!!

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