Chickpeas, bell peppers, zucchini, and onions are marinated for a few hours in a fajita dressing and then quickly sauteed to make an easy healthy weeknight meal of vegetarian chickpea fajitas.
chickpea fajitas

So maybe you guys have heard of this newfangled thing called the 30 MINUTE MEAL.

I mean, rumor has it that Rachael Ray made it popular in the mid 2000’s, but that memo obviously went straight to my spam folder as evidenced by the fact that the.boy and I have not eaten dinner before 9PM in the past two and a half years of our relationship.

My cooking style is more “slow food: a healthy mix of lethargy combined with overcomplication”.

Not to mention having to constantly pause mid-chop to take process photos.



But, guys. FAJITAS.

Consider me a changed woman.

And to think, all it took was a quick chop of some bell peppers, zucchini, and onions, a dash of marinade whisking, and then a good hearty shake to bring it all together (to my voyeuristic neighbors who were undoubtedly watching me do this bra-less at 6 in the morning #sorrynotsorry).

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. I may never take over an hour to make a meal again.

Because when you’ve got fajita fixins marinating in the fridge, and all they require is 10 minutes over a hot stove before they can make their way onto a warm tortilla, drizzled with pickled jalapenos and extra hot sauce, and then into your belly, why is anything else even considered a viable option?!



If there’s one word of advice I can give you about these, it is DON’T SKIP THE MARINATING. Veggies and chickpeas don’t seem like they will benefit much from a multi-hour stint in a bath of beer, lime juice, soy sauce, garlic, and hot sauce…but one bite of these and your taste buds will tell you otherwise. The flavors somehow get infused into every nook and cranny of these veggies, so every bite is actually oozing with them.

It’s a good thing.

Chickpea Fajitas
Chickpeas, bell peppers, zucchini, and onions are marinated for a few hours in a fajita dressing and then quickly sauteed to make an easy healthy weeknight meal of vegetarian chickpea fajitas.
Yield: 4 servings
  • ¾ cup dark beer or stout
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp hot sauce
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 3 cups cooked chickpeas
  • 1 onion, thinly sliced
  • 3 bell peppers, seeded and sliced
  • 1 zucchini, quartered and sliced
  • salt and black pepper, to taste
  • 8 (6-inch) flour tortillas
  • pickled jalapenos and hot sauce, for serving
  1. In a large bowl, combine the beer, soy sauce, lime juice, oil, hot sauce, and garlic. Pour into a large ziploc bag, along with the chickpeas, onion, bell peppers, and zucchini. Seal firmly and marinate in the fridge for at least an hour.
  2. Heat a large wok or nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Pour the entire contents of the bag, including the marinade, into the pan. Cook for 10-12 minutes, or until veggies are heated through and tender.
  3. Toast the tortillas in a large skillet. Serve tortillas with the fajita filling, as well as pickled jalapenos and hot sauce to garnish.
Adapted from Cooking Light
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ¼ of recipe

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75 Responses to Chickpea Fajitas

  1. Krista says:

    What a clever way to make a vegetarian version. Chickpeas would be so good in this. 🙂

  2. Monica says:

    The marinating is such an interesting/good idea! We shouldn’t only think of that for meat! These fajitas look like a great dinner and quick is totally my jam. : )

  3. Sune Moolman says:

    I love how you use beer as an ingredient lately.
    Also, I’m going through a chickpea thing… I add it to just about everything.
    Thanks for this, it really looks great!

  4. I love that this really is a fast and easy meal. I’m all about that since I’m usually in bed by 9pm:-)

  5. Beth says:

    I think I get morel meal ideas from you than anyone else! Consider this one on my list.

  6. haha, I’m a quick meal kind of gal! This suits me perfectly.

  7. Sues says:

    I’m always up for fajitas! These make such a pretty meal 🙂

  8. Great tip on the marinating! Sounds like a necessary step. Looks like the perfect weeknight meal to me!

  9. I love bean fajitas! I’m all about Mexican food, and this is such a light option! Can’t wait to try it.

  10. Min says:

    For some reason, I thought marinating with beer was viable only with land-grazing 4-legged creatures. Sorry veggies for my narrow-mindedness. I can’t wait to make this! And wow! you certainly do eat dinner pretty late. By 9, I’m getting ready to go to bed haha.

  11. A great veggie twist on fajitas. I am so drooling over all those jalapeños. I could eat them just by themselves.

    I am new to your blog, but I have bookmarked it to come back 🙂

  12. Julia says:

    MARINATING VEGETABLES?!?! UUUGH Why can’t I have your braaaaain?! I feel like my veggie fajitas have been sub-par all these years because I didn’t even realize you could marinate a vegetable. Tail between legs.

    Thank you for changing my life.

  13. I loooove bean fajitas! I totally love Mexican food, and fajitas are my fav! Your recipe looks so tasty and healthy!

  14. 30 minute meals? Say what? When I was putting together my gluten-free meals in under 30 mins round-up, I had like two from my own blog that actually made the cut. I hear 30 minute meals can be life-changing, but I’ve yet to experience it. Perhaps you may take my virginity.

  15. I make these all the time and just love them! Totally no need for meat!

  16. Tahnycooks says:

    This made my mouth water! i love chickpeas!

  17. This looks great ans I ADORE easy recipes!!

  18. I wouldn’t miss meat at all if I could have this! What’s difference between fajita and taco? They look very similar to me.

  19. Jessie says:

    I’m not sure if your “slow food” tagline rolls off the tongue as well as “30 minute meals” 🙂 These fajitas are fast and delicious! I’m 100% with you on the marinade – it’s a totally underused step in a lot of recipes.

  20. I want to eat the screen!!! GORGEOUS!

  21. Having three mexican friends, I’ve been told that the american take on mexican food is not good. However, I love fajitas and these look so delicious I am really sad I can’t jump into the screen of my laptop to devour one!
    Have a nice week Joanne!

  22. Marinating vegetables – soo genius ! Im going to try that. and love the marinade – beer? soy sauce? what? awesome..

  23. You don’t eat dinner untli 9 pm?! I wake up at 6, so occasionally (uhhh, often) I’m accidentally asleep on the couch before 9 pm. You needed these fajitas in your life! And for us normal (old) people who eat promptly at 530, these sound perfect. I might put on a bra when I’m shaking everything together in the morning, though 😉

  24. Vegetables wrapped in a tortilla make me very, very happy. And, why have I never done a fajita marinade for vegetables before? That’s going to change!

  25. L.O.V.E. this veggie version of fajitas!

  26. Pam says:

    They look tasty! Quick and easy is great, especially on hot summer nights.

  27. cheri says:

    Hi Joanne, love that you marinated the vegetables, sounds delicious!

  28. Alissa says:

    I love that you put beer in the marinade! Cooking with beer is becoming my new thing. These look amazing 🙂

  29. Kathryn says:

    We eat a lot of fajitas so I’m always looking for new filling inspiration – love the chick peas in this; can’t wait to try them!

  30. Kelly says:

    Marinating veggies? What a fantastic idea especially in a beer lime soy bath! These fajitas look incredible!

  31. Deena kakaya says:

    I’m enjoying the simplicity with this dish and the utterly inviting flavours you’ve used. It looks so deep and filling too! X

  32. Simple, healthy, quick, tasty, colorful, zippy—–what other adjectives can I come up
    with. All of this is underscoring a very good recipe to have in your list of dinner choices.

  33. Hotly Spiced says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever marinated vegetables! I do love the look of your fajitas. They must have quite a bit of heat with the hot sauce and those jalepenos. Fiery! xx

  34. Our cooking style is more of finding things to make on the weekend that we can eat the rest of the week. I’m not so much into weeknight cooking beyond Whole Foods’ frozen ravioli and a quick red sauce. But, this could alter my ways!

  35. Kelster says:

    I can’t wait to try this. looks so good.

  36. HA! Oh the joys of living in a city.

    Even a simple pasta dish or a salad will take me longer than 30 minutes to assemble. Which is why I’m always impressed by the Top Chef quick fire challenges. To make a complete dish in that amount of time is just mind-boggling.

  37. Eileen says:

    Yay, fajitas! For some reason I never make them at home — probably because I am usually already stuffing my face with tacos by the time I think of that variation. 🙂 I wonder how this would be with the traditional pinto beans? There’s only one way to find out!

  38. Zainab says:

    Uhmm did you say marinate with beer? I’m so in love with these veggies! Can’t seriously wait to enjoy every single bite!!

  39. Johanna GGG says:

    Hey I missed that memo about 30 minute meals too. But having a small child who needs to eat early does help me get dinner ready a lot earlier than I used to. My faovurite way to get dinner ready early is to have leftovers I can heat up. Love this recipe – sounds like just my sort of thing and I love your tex mex meals

  40. Reeni says:

    I never think of marinating chickpeas! Or veggies. Duh. This looks and sounds totally delicious! The marinade is super flavor filled. It’s been way too long since I had a fajita.

  41. Looks delicious:-) yummy fajitas

  42. Danguole says:

    I love that you gave veggies such marinatin’ love. They sure do deserve it, and dammit, I deserve to shove the delicious-looking babies into my face soon.

  43. i just found your blog (re: jicama squash salad – which i’m making for lunch!) and i’m in love! you have awesome recipes… including this one. it looks so good!

  44. Isadora says:

    30 minute meals are the best and I’m always looking for new recipes! I’m a huge snacker so if I don’t have a fast cook dinner I will usually eat a ton of snacks before dinner and then I’m too full to eat. These fajitas look like the perfect remedy to my problems!

  45. Oh my this looks so good and we love all the ingredients in this one. Your photos are stunning Joanne! I think we ‘ll have to make this for dinner tomorrow. Thanks for the idea and recipe!

  46. this marinade sounds delicious and I have something in mind that will be perfect for it!

  47. Great meal! O bought last week some corn tortillas and since I have sooo many zucchini in the fridge at the moment, this is a great recipe for me to try out during the week.
    I love 30 min. meals for dinner on weekdays 🙂

  48. Karyn says:

    I am so making these! I’m excited about the chickpeas. :o)
    I’ve made other veggie fajitas and I was too hungry to wait to cook them after all the hours of marinating, so I had a raw one… and it was just as amazing due to the marinade! It really does make a huge difference!
    Glad I found you. I’ll be visiting regularly.

  49. I’m definitely a fan of 30 minute meals. To be in the kitchen for over an hour on a weeknight is rare for me (unless you count putting something in the oven and going away for an hour), but sometimes 30 minutes makes for dull flavours if you don’t get organised in advance. Clealry, these fajitas are a perfect example of getting organised in advance! They look fantastic.

  50. Yum! I can’t remember the last time I made a meal and no pictures were involved. The husband has definitely grown used to it.

  51. YM says:

    This looks so great! But I hate the taste of beer! Any thoughts on a substitution for beer? White wine?

  52. Ahhh YES!! Fajitas are one of my favorite quick dinners to whip up. Unfortunately mine are usually SO dang boring I could cry. NEVER again will they be dull when I have this recipe now! Love that you marinated the veggies—I’ll bet that adds an AMAZING flavor!

  53. These look so good! Perfect summer food.

  54. I love recipes that can be whipped within 30 minutes, especially during summer. I love fajitas!! this is such a fab recipe.. marinating veggies in beer and lime sounds incredible!! 🙂

  55. One of my favorite recipes! It looks absolutely delicious! We don’t have beer in my house since we don’t drink – but I would love to try this. I usually take pre-made sauce and dump it over veggies and marinade them in fridge…then cook. You’re right – super easy and super delicious! Now, hubby will be happy when I ask him for a beer run 🙂

  56. I used to laugh at Rachel Ray and her 30 minutes. Um, sure, if you have someone to prep the food for you beforehand…and clean up for you afterward! But it can happen. My whole mission in life is cooking 30 minute meals – and many of them include chickpeas. I’ll just add these fajitas to my list!

  57. Kate says:

    A couple weeks ago we did chickpea tacos, which were little more labor intensive because it involved roasting the chickpeas. This seems like a much faster and easier method.

  58. Kate says:

    You are so creative, Joanne! I’m so sold on your 30 minute meal here. Looks like totally satisfying comfort food!

  59. I have a huge thing for chickpeas. Just had some last night in fact. I think the 30 minute meal is a myth, though. I can’t make anything in 30 minutes I feel like.

  60. Oh my goodness. I laughed out loud at “overcomplication and lethargy!” I feel you. I am the slowest cook ever, especially with prep. But I love it when I can get a good 30 minute recipe. This looks fab! And thanks for linking to my post as well!

  61. YUMMMM I love fajitas and chickpeas, so put together, it is the ultimate meal for me 😀
    Delicious recipe as always (but a special favourite of mine!)

    Choc Chip Uru

  62. This sounds so good, Joanne. Super comfort food. Pinned!

  63. Fajitas in 30 minutes you said? And they look this awesome?? Mind = blown. I SO need to try this!

  64. Emma says:

    Ah yes, pausing every few minutes to “capture the magic”, it is tedious! These look marvelous, promise I won’t skip the marinating!!

  65. Foram says:

    I’m very new to your blog, but this recipe sounded too great to pass up! Made some for dinner tonight and these might’ve been the best roasted vegetables I’ve ever eaten! The marinade is fabulous!! Thanks for the great recipe! =)

  66. grace says:

    i used to say that the black bean was my favorite bean, but i think i’ve moved on to the garbanzo. great use for them, very creative!

  67. This marinade sounds wonderful. I love fajitas and so I really need to try this.

  68. Oooh – I love me some fajitas! I’ve never had ones quite like this though. They look fantastic!

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  70. Fi says:

    Love. Love. Love! We just had this for dinner and I prefer it to the meat version we’ve been eating.

  71. Craig Lewin says:

    This recipe looks awesome! If we did not want to include beer in the recipe (under-age athletes cooking for themselves), is there a non-alcoholic substitution that you would recommend?

  72. Erica says:

    These look so good! I really want to try them but my husband is gluten free so he can’t have beer! : ( Any suggestions on a substitute?

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