I am, apparently, late in jumping on the Whoopie pie bandwagon.

According to the New York Times, they were “having their moment” in March of 2009 so in many ways this is kind of an E! True Hollywood Story: Where Are They Now? kind of deal.


And come to think of it.  Why is there no E! True Hollywood Story for baking?  I mean, don’t you all want to hear about whether or not the mincemeat pies of yesteryear have made it out of their drug-induced comas without any permanent brain damage?  Whether the macaroons, behind that refined and delicate exterior, are actually sex-addicted nymphomaniacs as some of us have suspected for years?  (Okay, maybe I’m the only one who thinks about these things.  Don’t judge me.)


Well, better fashionably late than never is what I always say.


And with the tangy sweet hint of chocolatey goodness smothered in cream cheese frosting that anyone with a pulse can’t help but find themselves addicted to.  We all know the party doesn’t start until Miz Velvet arrives anyway.

She’s the life, baby.  Live it up.



Red Velvet Whoopie Pies
Makes about 30 2-inch pies, adapted from Annie’s Eats

4 cups AP flour
4 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups unsalted butter, room temperature
2 cups light brown sugar, packed
2 large eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup buttermilk
2 oz red food coloring
8 oz cream cheese (I used 1/3 less fat)
5 tbsp unsalted butter, room temperature
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups confectioner’s sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 375.  On a piece of parchment paper that is sized to your cookie sheets, trace evenly spaced circles (or whatever shape you want your whoopie pies to be).  I would do this for about four pieces of parchment paper.

2. In a bowl, mix together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt.  In the bowl of a stand mixer, using the paddle attachment, cream together the brown sugar and butter until fluffy, about 2 minutes.  Beat in the eggs until incorporated, scraping down the sides as necessary.  Blend in the vanilla.

3. With the mixer on low speed, add in 1/3 of the flour mixture.  When just incorporated, add in half of the buttermilk, mixing until just incorporated.  Repeat with the remaining flour and buttermilk, until all of the flour has been added.  Do not overbeat.  Blend in the food coloring.

4. Transfer the batter to a pastry bag fitted with a super large plain round tip.  I would venture to say that mine wasn’t large enough, so it really is good to have one of those wide gaping holes of a tip.  Pipe the batter onto the parchment paper using the stencils as a guide.  Bake 7-9 minutes, turning the pan halfway through, until the tops are set.  Allow the cookies to cool on the baking sheet for at least 10 minutes and then move to a cooling rack.  Repeat with the remaining  batter.

5. Once cookies have COMPLETELY COOLED,  make the cream cheese frosting. In the bowl of a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, cream the cream cheese and the butter together until thoroughly blended.  Add in the vanilla.  Gradually beat in the confectioner’s sugar until totally incorporated, then up the speed and beat until smooth.

6. Transfer the frosting to a clean pastry big fitted with a large plain round tip.   Pair the cookies by shape and size.  Pipe the frosting onto the flat side of a cookie, leaving some space around the edges.  Sandwich the cookies together so that the flat sides are facing each other and press gently to allow the filling to spread.  Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

This is my submission to Foodie Fridays hosted by Designs by Gollum.


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106 Responses to Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

  1. Hey, i m in d same boat ,though now dat u have jumped ,im left far behind 🙂
    n aint complaining a bit i tell u…deze r so deliciously good and pretty!!
    hey mus tell ya i love polkas and love this pretty mat ya have!!
    have a wonderfully super day sweety!!!

  2. my kids would love this one…so colourful!

  3. Barbara says:

    What fun, Joanne! And so original…just like you!

  4. My kids would LOVE to make these!! My oldest son especially! I’m saving this recipe for a sleepover so the kids can do it, thanks!

  5. Kim says:

    Wow – now that is one sexy whoopie pie! I can imagine taking a bite right now. Soft little chocolatey pies with fluffy cream cheese filling.
    No way could I control myself around these.

    You know what I was thinking as I read this? Peanut butter and jelly whoopie pies. Evil. Pure evil.

    I read about Peanut Butter & Co in Greenwich Village the other day and wondered if you had ever been there. Looks like a fun place for pb lovers.

  6. Stella says:

    Pretty cookies, Joanne. I can see that they have the perfect texture and softness to make a great whoopie pie too. That’s nice. Plus, red velvet is wonderful (smile)…

  7. HOW DO YOU DO IT?! These are perfect! Yes I heard months ago the “woopie pie” has replaced the cupcake in “in’ness” <---so not a word. After seeing these I'm sold!

  8. Jen says:

    now we are talking. I will take 4 to go please! 🙂

  9. brandi says:

    wowza – those look amazing!

    Thanks so much for the comment on my post yesterday 🙂

  10. It always takes the new trends longer to reach the Midwest so I have yet to whoopie! Would you believe I’ve never baked a red velvet anything?

    Beautiful creations!

  11. These are so colorful! I really need to make red velvet cake… never done it, never eaten it.:-/ But these look incredible and would be such a fun thing to try!

  12. elra says:

    That look beautiful and the color is so vibrant!

  13. Mary says:

    What a gorgeous interpretation of whoopie pies. They were worth waiting for. They look scrumptious, Joanne. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  14. RamblingTart says:

    Oooee! Those are fabulous, Joanne!! I’m delighted that you did Red Velvet Cake – mm, that’s fantastic. 🙂

  15. What a photo shot! Eat/bake a whoopie pie is on my bucket list. I haven’t had one, can you believe it? Two years ago, I bought a special pan to make them. I think it disappeared with that socks that never come out of the washer. Where is it?
    You’ve inspired me to explore making them. These do look tasty.

  16. I would die if there were an E! True Hollywood Story for baking! Let’s do it. These look amazing and I’m seriously considering jumping on the whoopie pie bandwagon, too. Mostly because I want to make pumpkin whoopie pies!


  17. Monet says:

    You sure know how to kick off the weekend. Colorful, creamy cookies…you have me beat! These look great, and like you, I have got to jump on the whoopie pie band wagon. They are everywhere, but I must say that yours trumps all that I’ve seen.
    You can tell I’m feeling competitive this morning…as if the blogging world was one big competition 🙂

  18. Pam says:

    I’ve never made whoopie pies before… I am so behind the times.

    I am loving this recipe and I know my kids would think I was an extra cool mom if I made these for them.

  19. Katerina says:

    They look so cute. I have never tried them. I think I should give them a try.

  20. Mo Diva says:

    this is brilliant. and simple. WHy havent i thought of this… i freakin LOVE whoppie pies!

  21. Satya says:

    wow what a gorgeous looking pies …never saw such cute n beautiful dish before


  22. Sophie says:

    I haven’t yet been jumping on the whoopie pies wagon!

    Your red whoopie pies look a bit different in shape but I love your shapes,..it makes it a bit more special, I think!

    I am loving these a lot!

  23. Ameena says:

    Whoppie pies already had their moment? I’m confused about when that was because it seems like cupcakes have been having their 15 minutes of fame for so long that nothing else has had a chance??

  24. Mo 'Betta says:

    They look so good! I don’t think they ever go out of style. I’ll send you my address and you can ship them to me, my kids would love them 🙂

  25. Amy says:

    Oh Joanne, Joanne, Joanne. What are you trying to do to me? I had escaped the Whoopie Pie craze, too. Then you have to come along and shove these in my face.

    You know I start my Insanity program on Monday…and I don’t think these are on the list of approved foods. Maybe I can get a batch in this weekend as one last hurrah, ya?

  26. Oh heaven. I saw this recipe on Annie’s Eats too and I’m so glad you made them! I love how you piped them out to look extra special and pretty.

    Yes. Something small/dessert Sunday? I go to bed at 10ish so.. I’m old.

    Text me!

  27. Pam says:

    OMG! Decadent and I need one right now, Joanne! Fantastic idea! Good job!

  28. Good God woman, are you trying to kill me?! It makes me really sad that we don’t live closer otherwise, I’d march right on over to snag one of these awesome looking whoopie pies!

  29. Cara says:

    I’m always late on the trends too. Like last year I thought ankle booties were the ugliest things – now I can’t wait to get a pair!

  30. omg YUM.

    loooooove red velvet cake ^_^

  31. janet says:

    Delicious food never goes out of style. 🙂
    I love going through blogger archives for new favourites. 🙂

  32. Kelsey says:

    i wanna hug the whoopie pies- thats how cutsie they are!!! and who doesnt love a good red velvet cake! the clean bold color contrast of white and red make these visibly appealing- uno these would be great to hand out at a wedding for guests if they didnt want to go the whole cake route 😉


  33. Julie says:

    They look just scrumptious…and make me want to say “whoopie!”

  34. girlichef says:

    Definitely nothing wrong with fashionably late in this case! They look whoopie-licious! ha. don’t judge 😉

  35. Kristen says:

    I have been reading about whoopie pies all week! Considering that they are supposed to be passe, they are mighty popular. Perhaps it’s a resurgence. You are lucky to be on the bandwagon.

  36. aipi says:

    Wow..that looks beyond amazing..fun n cute!!

    US Masala

  37. My eyes just opened VERY wide looking at these whoopie pies. Now I am drooling Thanks for posting sweets that are not in my reach. Want. Them. Now! Have a great weekend with these beauties! xo

  38. Check out those bright red beauties, they positively glow! Looks like a dessert made for Valentine’s Day, but I’m sure they’re delicious for any occasion of coure. Whoopie pies are always a hit when I bake them, that’s for sure!

  39. theUngourmet says:

    Whoopie! I love these pies! ;D One day I’m going to break down and try making some myself.

  40. I’ve never understood what makes them whoopee pies… whatever you call them this combination is fabu… and the color is wonderful!

  41. Alisa says:

    I want that frosting!!!

    You amaze.

  42. These are so pretty – love the color!

  43. Lea Ann says:

    Joanne – beautiful! I’ve never made, understood whoopee pies. But these are tempting me.

  44. Eliana says:

    It’s all about the red velvet baby! These looks super delish. And cream cheese frosting could make cardboard taste good. Rock on!

  45. Julie says:

    These look so beautiful. I love whoppie pies!! Anxious to see you Regional Japan recipes. My step son is spending a year there.

  46. Reeni says:

    What gorgeous little pies! Cream cheese frosting makes them all the more irresistible. I like that they’re piped out – it gives them that cute swirl on top – unusual for a whoopie pie.

  47. Chris says:

    Inserting phrases like “sex addicted nymphomaniacs” will drive up your site traffic 😉

    These cute little suckers look tasty. I guess I’m behind the trends, I’ve never had one in March 2009 or since.

  48. Goregous little whoopie pies. Beautiful color and artfully presented.

  49. whoopie… in my day, inserting words like whoopie would drive up your site numbers

  50. OH…my goodness!! These look AMAZING!!!

  51. This is nothing less than an evil attempt to get me into a bigger size of pants…and it is working. oh WHY is tomorrow Yom Kippur??? I want to make these immediately!

  52. Danielle says:

    beautiful whoopie pies!!! maybe it’s time I make whoopie….pies haha!

  53. That Girl says:

    I still haven’t moved on from “the age of cupcakes” to the new whoopie pie era. But this looks like a great transition.

  54. I’ve not embarked into whoopie territory yet- I’m just too afraid I’ll eat all of them that I make. And after seeing yours, I’m pretty sure that it’s a fairly accurate prediction- they look yummy!

  55. sweetlife says:

    beautiful whoppies, love the color and hey better late than never…


  56. Marisa says:

    Aaaaah now I get your whoopie pie tweet of yesterday. Sorry, things are a bit slow here in the African jungles… 😉

    Love that you made a red velvet version – the colour is gorgeous!

    PS: I’m also a closet E! True Hollywood Stories! fan.

  57. Indie.Tea says:

    Those look perfectly delicious…and rather creative for a red velvet dessert….

  58. MaryMoh says:

    I have wanted to make whoopie pies but have not got down to making them. Yours look so pretty and delicious. Love the colour.

  59. Jessie says:

    Ooh, yum! I’ve actually never had a whoopie pie before – does that make me irrelevant? And doesn’t everyone anthropomorphize their food? The fact that the pies are red make them that much better 😀

    Great recipe with beautiful pictures, as always. Have a great weekend, Joanne!

  60. Faith says:

    I really and truly love your idea of an E! True Hollywood Story for baking. Food trends fascinate me to no end. (Really. I guess I’m a nerd like that. 🙂 ) I will always have a place in my heart for whoopie pies…yours look fantastic!

  61. These red velvet pies look fascinating!

  62. Victoria K. says:

    You had me at red velvet 🙂 These looks scrumptious! We will have our date soon, just shoot me an email or text and we’ll figure it out, haha.

  63. Foodjunkie says:

    These look like a kid’s dream. I’ve never tried a whoopie pie, but anything with cream cheese is a friend of mine…

  64. Biren says:

    Joanne, these look so striking it makes me want to have a bite. Love the cream cheese frosting.

  65. Megan says:

    How much would it take to convince you to send some of these to me? They look delicious!! They look great!

  66. So cute, Joanne! You’re still earlier than me, but I admit I’m often hesitant to make something when everyone else is. I prefer to move at my own pace hehe.

  67. I haven’t had a whoopie pie in forever! I think I’ve only ever had plain old chocolate or chocolate mint. Red velvet sounds like a very tasty variation! And your filling looks mad delish!

    I think you could write a book called “The Secret Life of Baked Goods.” I would buy it! 🙂

  68. Elizabeth says:

    I saw Paula Deen make these a couple of months ago and was really inspired to make them for like a day. Then I decided to make chocolate chip cookies instead. I still think they look great. Maybe I’ll force myself to remember to buy red food coloring tomorrow so I can make them!

  69. I have noticed a lot of whoopie pie action lately! But red velvet? Very cool. You could add beets instead of food coloring if you wanted!

  70. Carolyn Jung says:

    There’s even a place in San Francisco now that does Red Velvet fried chicken. Yup, fried chicken that’s actually red in color from being soaked in Red Velvet batter. How quirky is that!

  71. Martha (MM) says:

    Well now don’t these just look yummy! I made your red velvet cake – don’t remember if I ever posted it but major yums. I think I could definitely get addicted to these in a hurry!

  72. Gorgeous colour and it looks really fab

  73. sophia says:

    Joanne. Darling. You have the most genius ideas. an E! True Hollywood Story for baking? Pitch the idea,will you? And be the enchanting host.

  74. I have never heard of a red velvet Whoopie Pie. Whoever thought of that is a genius. Are you a genius?

    These look like beauties.

    Yes, Japan. Who eats Japanese on the Jewish holidays? OK, my family will eat Japanese, if I find a good recipe.

  75. OK, I haven;t yet jumped on the whoopie pie bandwagon, but these look amazing. The idea of a red velvet whoppie pie might just make me chnage my mind!

  76. Dana says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat comment – I had a lot of trouble with your site yesterday. What I wanted to say is that, while I am not the healthiest person in the world, I just can’t put that much food coloring in my body. The whoopie pie part, sure. But not the red velvet part. And I think classic recipes are classic (whoopie pies, NYT chocolate chip cookies, no-knead bread) and it doesn’t matter when you get to them or write about them!

  77. i’ve yet to have a whoopie pie but i just KNOW i would love them.

  78. tigerfish says:

    Whoopie…yippee..yippee! Love the colors 🙂

  79. Chef Dennis says:

    I tried to jump on the whoppie pie band wagon, but then they told I had to make some, not just eat them all…..sigh….your red velvet beauties look wonderful! How could you not love something called a whoppie pie!

  80. Nelly says:

    Those look delicious, adorable, and SO not like the kale & eggs I was planning to have for dinner. Joanne, when I have to buy new pants from chowing down on too many of your recipes, I am sending you the bill ;P

  81. Katy ~ says:

    So beautiful! And boy do they look GOOD!! Will have to bring these to the grands when we next see them. Their little eyes will be as big as saucers for these beauties.

  82. Beth says:

    Those are so pretty! And I love the “Where are they now?” angle!

  83. Jess says:

    Ok well this is another incarnation of red velvet that I will have to attempt at some stage. After I’ve attempted the red velvet brownie concept that’s been floating around in my head for a while…

    If whoopie pies are an old trend, I guess we’ll be seeing them here in Australia in, like, 2 years’ time. Actually, no, I don’t think they’ll make it here at all. Cupcakes are still at their forte (we’ve got a fair few cupcake shops now boasting “New York style cupcakes!”, haha) and macarons are bringing up the rear, so it’ll still be a crowded market for “nifty sweet baked goods” for a good long while. Plus “whoopie pie” as a term probably wouldn’t catch on here (“But… they’re not pies… they’re biscuits with stuff in between, aren’t they?”). I had no idea the name even existed until I saw a whoopie pie kit at Williams & Sonoma when I was in NYC in April.

    I’m going to predict the next baking trend is: MADELEINES. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking because I make way too many madeleines and I assume everyone else would share my love of them if only they tried them…

  84. Raina says:

    I love whoopie pies. Yours look delicious. I could eat the whole lot!

  85. Beth says:

    I’ve been obsessing about whoopie pies since I saw these in February http://annies-eats.com/2010/02/08/red-velvet-whoopie-pies/. I never made them but DESPERATELY want to and yours look just as delicious!!

  86. Esi says:

    I love whoopie pies. So many flavors to play with

  87. OohLookBel says:

    You’ve combined the best of all worlds (red velvet, cake, cookie, whoopie!) in this creation!

  88. Debinhawaii says:

    Fun post & OK, YUM!–These look incredible. 😉

  89. Debbie says:

    One of my favorites! They look so good Joanne! I’m afraid I would eat way too many!

  90. Paul Wynn says:

    You have my vote Joanne. Your pictures are outstanding!

  91. Deborah says:

    I have fallen to the red velvet trend – and have even made red velvet whoopie pies before!

  92. Nirmala says:

    Congrats on your weight loss! Amazing that you blog as often as you do given your school commitment.

  93. Those whoopie pies look so good! The cream cheese filling sounds yummy!

  94. These are adorable. I haven’t had a whoopie pie in years!

  95. the twins says:

    these look ridiculously delicious! i’ve only had a whoopie pie once and they were vegan and gluten free, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but these ones were rock hard. i ate one anyway =)
    i love the idea of e true hollywood stories for baking.

  96. Oh man yours turned out so well. I tried these the other day and they were not as easy as they seemed. Yours look so yummy!

  97. Kerstin says:

    I totally need to get on the bandwagon – these look amazing!! Just voted for you too 🙂

  98. Vivienne says:

    Man how embarrassing…I’ve never had whoopie pies before…altho seen so many recipes for it in cookbooks…mb its an American thing aye! 😉

  99. grace says:

    my favorite thing about red velvet cake is the cream cheese frosting (which doesn’t make sense at all). that said, i’d have the filling squishing out from between the cookies like nobody’s business. 🙂

  100. You know I have yet to make a whoopie pie! Crazy ~ but bandwagons are my fave, so like you I’ll be jumping on 😉

  101. Jo jo dude, finally came in for some good food porn and you know I have this recipe on my list to make…but past their peak in 2009? I have been having and making whoopie pies since 1973~ They are an OLD concept that has kind of a cult following–up north, they call them moon pies and little debbies has been making whoopies for years! Peaked? I think NOT! my only question to you–2 oz of WHAT red food coloring? my color is wilton in a tiny little jar and i would need 4 containers of it to make 2 oz…just sayin…I might make this using cherry juice, just to see if it would come out right…I also think macaroons are sex addicted, and also deviant! Love you and love your stuff…alex

  102. I’ve yet to make whoopie pies and actually just tried my first one a few months ago! I love the sound of a red velvet whoopie pie. Anything with cream cheese icing is delicious mmm.

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