And somehow, here we are.  Right smack dab in the middle of another holiday season.

Okay, maybe we are not in the middle yet.  But as you walk through the streets in your neighborhood. Or up and down the aisles of a lecture hall (for those of us who have no time to actually see daylight or inhale fresh air).

You can’t help but hear the buzz.  Or smell it in the air.


Maybe that’s just the chili.


Either way.  In case you live in a hole or don’t speak to anybody with a penis ever, I am here to alert you to the fact that in a little over a week we will be celebrating the national holiday traditionally called “Superbowl Sunday”.

I prefer to call it “most boring day of the year ever” or “sushi day” or “day in which I once again get terminally confused as to what exactly it means to reach the endzone” or “day in which I could go to a bar naked and no guy would pay any attention to me at all whatsoever because they are glued to the tv screens”.

(And yes, for the inquiring minds out there, last year my roommates and I spent superbowl Sunday eating sushi.  We thought it would be a good way to meet guys who don’t actually care about football (PLUS!). Unfortunately, such guys don’t exist and even if they do they would never admit it to their friends and so they were most certainly not at the sushi joint across the street from my apartment.  Bummer.)

Hmmm?  What’s that?  Oh yes. I did say holiday season, didn’t I?  Well, in case you have not frequented a single convenience store since approximately the day after Christmas, you may not know that the week after Superbowl Sunday is my other least favorite day of the year.

Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, worst holiday season ever.  Basically.


However, I do recognize the fact that some of you have significant others in your life and thus will not be spending the day of February 14th in a Benadryl-induced stupor that will allow you to sleep through the entire debacle and wake up on the 15th as if the previous day had never existed.

And so I’ve plotted.  Schemed.  Connived.  “Figured out” how you can use Superbowl Sunday to your advantage.

It’s easy, really.

Make this chili.

This chili, which is smoky spicy stick-to-your-ribs-but-not-to-your-thighs delicious.  It will win you brownie points.  And chocolate points.  And take-you-out-to-a-Michelin-starred-dinner on V day points.

Yes, I know. I love you too.


Just for the record, I adulterated this chili.  Originally meant to serve 12 people with 5 pounds of pork shoulder, I cut it down to size.  I quartered the pork (and used a much leaner loin instead), upped the beans, and left the sauce the same.  And what I was left with was sheer deliciousness.  So if you want to see the original recipe, you can find it here.  But I highly recommend sticking with this and doubling it if necessary.  Your tastebuds (and your thighs) will thank me.

Pork and Black-Eyed Pea Chili
Serves 6, adapted from Symon’s Live To Cook

1/2 tbsp ground coriander
1/2 tbsp sweet smoked paprika
1/2 tsp cumin
1 lb pork loin, trimmed and cut into 2-inch chunks
2 tbsp olive oil
1/4 lb bacon, sliced
1 onion, finely chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 jalapeno, seeded and very finely chopped
1 red bell pepper, seeded and very finely diced
12 oz amber ale or porter
2 cups chicken broth
1 28 oz can whole Italian tomatoes, crushed
1 canned chipotle in adobo, minced
3/4 lb black-eyed peas, soaked overnight
1 small cinnamon stick
kosher salt and black pepper
shredded smoked cheddar cheese, cilantro and creme fraiche for serving

1. In a large bowl, combine the coriander, paprika and cumin. Toss with the pork.  Season with salt and pepper.

2. In a large pot, heat 2 tbsp of the oil.  Add the pork and cook over moderately high heat, turning once until browned.  Transfer the pork to a plate.

3. Add the bacon to the pot and cook over moderate heat, stirring occasionally, until browned and slightly crisp, about 7 minutes.  Add the onion, garlic, jalapeno and bell pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, until veggies are softened, about 5 minutes.

4. Return the pork to the pot.  Add the ale, chicken stock, tomatoes, chipotles, black-eyed peas, and cinnamon stick and bring to a boil.  Cover and cook over very low heat until the meat and beans are tender, about 2 1/2 hours.  Season with salt and pepper.  Spoon off the fat from the surface and discard the cinnamon stick.  Serve in bowls and top with garnishes, if desired.

This is my submission to Symon Sundays, which is hosted at Veggie By Season and to Souper Sundays, which is hosted at Kahakai Kitchen!


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113 Responses to Pork and Black-Eyed Pea Chili

  1. Simply Life says:

    oooh I’d much rather be paying attention to this than a football game!

  2. This looks like it would definitely win you points!!! I like superbowl mostly for the food, but I actually don’t mind the game if I have someone to cheer for!

  3. Megan says:

    Ah. This looks so perfect to me! But not only does my fiance sit glued to the TV on Superbowl Sunday, he also won’t eat any form of bean or pea. I know… what was I thinking, right? I usually have to make all meat chili.

  4. Those flavors are awesome! You need to send a valentine to Michael Symon– I bet he’s not into football, and would TOTALLY look at you naked in a bar! The Booze Hound is a lost cause, but is much less into it now that his beloved Patriots have been ousted 🙁

  5. daphne says:

    I love how u used lean pork loin! good thinking. Give me that additional spoonful please!

  6. corina says:

    Looks so delicious and healthy. I may have to make this for my own Superbowl Sunday. Here in London very few men are into American football but unfortunately I happen to have married one who is!

  7. Super Bowl? What’s that? Ha! I don’t need some testosterone laden sport to enjoy your lightened up chili Joanne.

  8. polwig says:

    Just for a record I know that if you went naked to the bar all eyes and heads would forget that foodball ever existed, that is how men work. As they say god did not give them enough blood to have too heads working at once 🙂
    Another thing is that even not football/sport watching males (ex. my husabnd) will watch superbowl, world series at least 1 game, sometimes sweet 16 just so they know a part of their Americana or just in case the question pops up in Jeaopardy and they do not want to seem stupid.
    Love this Chili and love the adobe and porter flavors in it.

  9. Don’t hate me but I’m married to a man who hardly gives sports a second glance (except soccer) but can hold his own in sport conversation if he has to do so. Ditto our two boys. They’d all love your chili. Me too.


  10. I think this chili is definitely more interesting than Superbowl. I love the use of blackeye peas here. Looks and sounds very tasty!

  11. Debbie says:

    That is a great chili!! I love the idea of using black eyed peas!

  12. I hate football, too… so I decided to throw a Superbowl Fiesta. I figure at least if I have to watch football, I can have an excuse to drink margartias and eat Mexican food.

    I guess we had similar thoughts, because your chili looks great!

  13. jenna laughs says:

    I love thick chili like that – so perfect. Also love all the spices I see in this recipe, too… plus fresh cilantro on top! Yesssss please!

  14. Candace says:

    I’m not usually a blackeyed pea fan but you’ve converted me. This looks fabulous! I love it that you have made it more healthy too. On the plus side of not having any teams in the Super Bowl that I like this year, I will not be forced to endulge in all the food that I normally do on Super Bowl Sunday.

    Thank you for the recipe! Candace

  15. How do you manage to cook a chili with such a beautiful red colour? Hope it isn’t the meat, because I want to make a vegetarian version of it! It looks amazing!
    And, even with a very significant other, I do not like Valentine’s at all. I actually hate “forced” celebrations!

  16. Looks absolutely delicious. Been a long while since I had chilli.

    By the way air in the lecture theatre could be fresher, depending on ones location:)

    I would change the recipe, at least doubling the amber ale or porter, and introducing red wine to the party. By the way these would be for the chef to drink:)

  17. Yum!!! I could live in that bowl for sure!

    I love the idea of sushi on Super Bowl Day too! I bet the sushi restaurant owners loved it too!

    I say do both!

  18. Dawn says:

    Yeah I’m with you on the super bowl stuff. I hate to say, I really could care less. (I don’t think I could tell my hubby or our friends that though). If I were there I’d be eating sushi too. As for valentines day…we don’t usually do much anyway.
    I love that use used pork loin in the chili. It looks so amazing.

  19. I love beans in chili, but I’ve never used black eyed peas. Time to correct that! And, I’m not sure how I’ll pass the day of the Super Bowl this year, sushi sounds like a great idea!

  20. Amy says:

    God, I know. Football….ugh. It’s almost as bad as boxing. Zzzzzzzz. The only great thing about the Superbowl for us is an excuse to have our friends over. Who, naturally, like to eat. And I’m hoping I can convince them all at some point to turn that dumb game off and play Wii Bowling. It’s unlikely.

    As for Valentine’s Day? THE DUMBEST holiday. EVER. And I’m happily married. So there.

    Love black-eyed peas, Joanne. This looks awesome – for Superbowl Sunday or any day. Printing it!

  21. Big Dude says:

    Great looking dish Joanne. I’m always looking for recipes that use field peas.

  22. Danielle says:

    This looks great! I love chili in all variations. I’ll be bookmarking this one.

  23. Eden says:

    O god yes! I hate this holiday! Football confuses me and I dont know if that means I’m a complete dumb ass or a genius.
    I just made black eyed peas (minus and fergie) with bacon and maple syrup.but I think I’ll give this chili a whirl. I mean, for the sake of the holiday…

  24. regardless of that sports spectacle happening soon, this looks amazing! Once again, pork just needs to crook its little finger at me and I’m there in a snap!

  25. Ada says:

    I had no idea super bowl Sunday was coming up so soon. Eating sushi that day to scour non-football-fanatic men sounds like a great plan!

  26. That close up photo almost had me jumping out of the my seat. YUM!!!
    Hilarious about eating sushi on Superbowl Day – the guys you would want to meet in a Sushi place on Super Bowl Day would either be the wrong sexual orientation – or the best catch of the century. Too bad he didn’t show up.

  27. I’m proud to have me a man who doesn’t care about sports. He will occasionally check the news to see who won something, but never watches the games. Thank goodness. So I don’t even know which Sunday the SuperBowl is on. But I am into Valentines Day! You know, for me. 😉 Definitely a girls day, so do something with your girl friends.
    Love the chili! Great changes, I thought he had a lot of pork to begin with to. Definitely a guy-pleaser.

  28. i have a man in my life who doesn’t watch football, or any sports for that matter. we’re more like competitive eaters, to be honest. i’m not sure if this is sexy, fun, or makes me want to crawl into a benadryl-induced sleepy ball. my point: the grass is always greener. chin up, friend – superbowl sunday and v-day monday with this bangin’ pea ‘n’ pork dish won’t be half bad.

  29. I know that guys who aren’t all into football exist, because I married one. =) Of course, we found each other in the dorms on the Honors Community floor, which was full of dorks and nerds (a.k.a. ‘my favorite kind of people’). =) Good luck finding a man who chooses sushi over football!

  30. vanillasugar says:

    oh yeah baby! now this is kicked up chili with all kinds of good schtufff in it. nice.

  31. Marcia says:

    I love chili. And I managed to find a man who doesn’t watch sports. I am so lucky. But we’re both engineering geeks, so there you are.

    But I am, in fact, a big Steelers fan. I don’t much care to spend 3 hours watching football games all weekend, but will probably watch parts of the Superbowl. While cooking. Or doing something useful.

  32. Nelly says:

    This looks great! I have yet to cook pork in my Epic Meat Quest, but this looks like a good, not-too-scary way to start.

    I have to admit, though – I’m one of those lucky girls whose significant other really, really doesn’t care about sports…but he’s also 600 miles away, so my ladies and I will hopefully be celebrating “Singles, Go F$%# Yourselves” Day with lots of sushi and fancy coffee drinks (spiked or not)…or maybe just this dish and lots of wine 😀

  33. Shauna says:

    I have heard so much about this amazing chili lately, I am going to have to try it soon! Gorgeous photos.

  34. That Girl says:

    Man it is totally black eyed peas week on the interwebs!

  35. I just can’t resist chili. I grew up eating spicy stuff. The black-eyed peas look superb pairing with the chili! Simply amazing!

  36. teresa says:

    crazy delicious! especially for these huge snow storms we’re getting right now, yowza!

  37. Katerina says:

    I hate all these manly sports, they are so boring and I think that Valentine’s day is a bit overrated. Your pork and beans looks perfect for me. The weather here is very cold, not snowy, but cold. This would warm me up.

  38. Fortunately for me, the man in my life doesn’t like football (Oh Canada …), and neither of us likes Valentine’s Day in terms of a holiday … but we do love chili!

  39. Kim says:

    The pictures of your chili are amazing! It looks just like Symon’s in the book 🙂 I tackled the recipe in much the same way, quartering the meat, etc. and we just loved it. So glad to hear you loved it too.

    Have hope. There are men out there who don’t care for sports, my husband is one of them. We just ignore the superbowl when it comes around.

  40. Bridgett says:

    Good lord, woman, this chili is awesome! I think I should make this for superbowl, then take it to a friends house to enjoy the day and act like the superbowl isn’t even happening. Sounds like a plan! Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. Sippity Sup says:

    Between you and Chris at Nibble Me This, I have decided to stew up some pork tonight. GREG

  42. Pam says:

    I don’t care about the super bowl but I do care about this chili… I want a big bowl right now!!!

  43. Kristen says:

    That is one gorgeous bowl of chili. I love the black eyed pea addition.

  44. Monet says:

    I don’t care much about the Super Bowl, and Ryan and I like to keep V-Day low key…but I do know that this chili is going to be making an amazing appearance in our life very soon! Thanks for sharing such a delicious meal. I hope you are having a great hump-day!

  45. This is crazy height of comfort food.I love love black eyed beans.Thanks for your wishes Joanne.appreciate it.

  46. The other guys in my control room are in a Fantasy Football League, which I once mistakenly referred to as their “Magic Football Camp” and they have never let me forget it. I will be baking a cake on Sunday listening to Sinatra, and singing to my cat. Great looking chili.

    I’m seriously beginning to consider this whole “marriage” business between us. You and I can cook together and have cocktails and laugh, and freely date whomever we choose. I like Sinatra, you like Sinatra (or at least your dad does). You run. I run. You have brown hair. I have brown hair. If were ever addicted to Dallas and Knots Landing in your younger years, this is total kismet!

  47. Mary says:

    This is a lovely chili and would be perfect for Superbowl Sunday. It also would be perfect any day of the week and I suspect it will be moving from your kitchen to many others in over the course of the next few weeks. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  48. Victoria says:

    I’m so in the same boat as you with both those icky holidays, haha. Chili sounds like a great way to win some hearts, and fill my stomach with deliciousness 🙂 And my thighs do thank you.

  49. Swathi says:

    I am going to try this chili for super bowl without pork though. Looks awesome.

  50. Shari says:

    I really enjoy your post each morning before I start the daily grind. Today is my birthday and i’m not feeling very ‘happy’ or birthday-ie’…

    I, although in a relationship, am not looking forward to Valentine’s Day – it’s a day of disappointment. To mark the fact that everyone is just pretending to be totally head over heals in love…when they wouldn’t dream of buying their partners flowers if every other guy wasn’t going it!

    My partner and I have been dating for over 7 years and even though EVERY SINGLE couple we know is getting engaged…we are not. My younger sister is now engaged and planning her wedding and even though I am so happy for her – I’m not enjoying it as much as I could be because I am angry at my partner that he doesn’t understand that this is important to me…

    I’m sorry for my verbal diahorrea on your blog

  51. I can’t even begin to tell you how warming and delicious this looks. Bravo. You always make me CRAVE whatever you’ve just made- YUM!

  52. This looks like a gourmet bowl of pork and beans! I would make your version over the original in a heartbeat (no reference to V-Day intended).

  53. Claudie says:

    This is looking really good with the black-eyed peas! I think it will keep me busy while some individuals are busy with the Sunday game 😀 will you believe if I told you I had never known about the superbowl before coming to the US? The first year I came, around the time of the superbowl, I started hearing everyone (at least the guys) talking about it, and I was like: “what’s that super ball thing?” … And then I got to watch it. With three other guys (I was the only girl) and couldn’t understand anything of what was happening. And then when I understood, I couldn’t understand why they loved it so much… No offense to anyone, but I still don’t get it 😀

  54. CH says:

    Oh Dear God Joanne, you have made me salivate over the computer screen again. I can’t contain myself. I’m in an anemia-induced high-red-meat-cravings state right now (thankfully, I have a steak in my fridge), and that giant bowl of protein just looks like it’s calling my name. I want it. Now.

  55. Claudia says:

    What a scrumptious take on chili. I could do that and it will get me through the whole Super Bowl thing. The other holiday I don’t mind. Getting chocolates, YES.

  56. Catherine says:

    The chili sounds great!..(couldn’t agree with you more about the “holidays”)…blessings, Catherine

  57. yummm and my thighs would totally thank you 😉

  58. Lori says:

    That looks so good and I cant even imagine how good it tastes.

    My first child was born on Super Bowl night.My husband didnt watch it. I was so glad he didnt. But I think that really was an exceptional night. Ha. Could you imagine some dork watching the game saying, “ahhh honey… yeah… be right there….”

  59. Reeni says:

    That is one thick and hearty bowl of chili – totally delicious and super warming! I like to go shopping during the Super Bowl – the stores are so empty!

  60. Velva says:

    I never quite got Super Bowl fever. My husband with no alliance to either team, this year will be squarely planted in front of the TV, with platters of junk food, like a pig in mud.

    Black eye chili? Are you sure you are not from the south? It looks fabulous.


  61. Chris says:

    A naked rabbi, priest and shaman walk into a bar…..

    This dish looks spectacular, great photography and I just love black eyed peas.

  62. I will be taking a cooking class on Superbowl Sunday at Stonewall Kitchen in Maine (where football doesn’t exist, right??). My fiance is pretty livid I scheduled plans on this day- I mean, I should be at home preparing snacks for him and his friends, yes?! Pshhh. I do like Valentine’s Day and have to say I did even when I was single. I just love pink and red and hearts and yes, I’m super cheesy 🙂 Also, please send this chili to my apartment so I can be fully excused from Super Bowl cooking related activities 🙂


  63. Delishhh says:

    YUM! Wow that is a good chili, that 3rd picture with the full spoon of chili, should go right to me 🙂 Love that picture. Love that you put hot peppers in here and some tasty meat. This is my kind of chili.

  64. That's Ron says:

    mmm… that looks so delicious

  65. Lori says:

    Love this chili! I’m drawn to all the fun variations of the traditional. I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day even when I wasn’t dating anyone in high school. I used to make a big deal about it with my good friends. I try to convince everyone that it is the holiday of love and friendship and not always significant others. 😉 Either way, I’ll celebrate both V-day and the big game with a chili like this!

  66. OohLookBel says:

    Oh, yum, you had me at ‘stick to the ribs but not to the thighs’! It doesn’t look too difficult to make this chili, which is what I like. And speaking of unpatriotic, yesterday was Australia Day and I made and ate Thai prawn salad. I did think of kangaroos and stuff though 🙂

  67. Emily says:

    Beautiful photos. I love beans and this looks delicious!

  68. here in France it’s very difficult to find black eyes peas but I will try with other ones because I love this recipe

    have a nice day

  69. Johanna GGG says:

    oh dear I must live in a hole as I was unaware of superbowl sunday – but I did spend one of our footy grand finals playing chess – just for a stir! we’ve been able to avoid valentine’s day because the shops were all about australia day but I think it will be hard to avoid now – hot cross buns in the stores already

  70. Joanne says:

    Oh No! I LOVE Superbowl Sunday. It’s just too much fun whether my team is playing or not. Love it! As for V-Day, another wonderful day of the year. Any reason to celebrate makes me happy.
    As for being happy, that Black Eyed Pea Chili (no pork please) makes me VERY HAPPY! 🙂

  71. Lea Ann says:

    Your description of Superbowl is halarious. Great looking soup

  72. Love love love pork!

    I also couldn’t care any less to Superbowl (or soccer, our brazilian version), so I hear you!

    Camila f.

  73. Beth says:

    I can’t say too much about the Superbowl, because in about six weeks I’ll be doing the same thing for the Oscars. (Which I watch with my girlfriends so we can ooh and aah over the clothes and the stars with no interference.)
    When I was single, I didn’t care for Valentine’s day either. Hope this one is okay for you.

  74. omg Joanne, I wish I could reach out and grab it just right out of the screen. This looks so darn good and comforting!

  75. Shannon says:

    i’m with you on v-day, but i’m a football fan, so you can eat sushi with your other friends 🙂 gotta love chili!!

  76. Maria says:

    I must admit I don’t cook pork often, but that chilli looks scrumptious!

  77. I married a man who, just like me, has no idea when the superbowl is and doesn’t care. I suggest you do the same 🙂

  78. Cathy says:

    Wow-that looks fantastic! Fortunately, I do talk to people with penises and we are looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday – 1/2 for the game and 1/2 for the eats! I will absolutely include this! Thanks for sharing!

  79. Allison says:

    Dying! I just cut out several black eyed pea recipes from southern living last night because I love them but this looks SO much better then any of them. So excited.

  80. Nadji says:

    Un plat délicieux et bien chaud pour le climat de ces jours-ci.
    See soon.

  81. Your chili looks spectacular! It’s such a gorgeous photo too!

  82. camille says:

    This looks like the best food ever invented. I’m making it.

    My husband, p.s., doesn’t care for football or the Super Bowl, but unfortunately he doesn’t care for sushi either. So you wouldn’t have met him in the sushi restaurant. Which is probably good, because he’s married and all that.

    I do, however, know when the Super Bowl is, because it’s the same day as I’m doing a Polar Plunge charity thing, and NO ONE IS COMING TO SUPPORT ME. Jerks.

  83. I have to admit — I am a woman who actually sometimes enjoys super bowl. I don’t think it’s because of the football playing, though. It’s just a good excuse to have people over and make lots of party food.

  84. I can never understand sports. But if there’s this kind of comfort food, I’m happy!

  85. La Liz says:

    Black-eyed peas in chili, I love it! There can’t be a more perfect dish on this wintry day. I’m putting on my snowshoes to find chipotle with adobo …

  86. Lizzy says:

    Making this… I’ve always wanted to try pork shoulder and black eyed peas. This looks like a winning combination. Your meals are seriously always so impressive! I’ve been going through a bunch of your old recipes and cant wait to make them : )

  87. Peggy says:

    My team went out in the first round of the playoffs, and I hate the remaining teams, so I don’t think I’ll be watching the Superbowl this year. But I do know, if all goes well… I will be eating this chili! =)

  88. Cynthia says:

    Oh Joanne, I think I know what I want to eat this weekend. Stunning presentation.

  89. Julie says:

    hahahaha i KNEW you were talking about valentines day before i even read it! ugh i’m okay with valentines day though because atleast one person in my life gets me jelly beans 🙂

  90. Deborah Dowd says:

    Not a Valentine’s Day fan either but since I grew up with three brothers, I learned to like football so Super Sunday is a big deal to us! This chili sounds like a great way to put a spin on the traditional and it will definitely be part of out Super Sunday menu!

  91. Nicole, RD says:

    I like food to stick to my ribs vs. my thighs 🙂 LOL! I love Valentine’s Day! I know I’m probably the only one, but I’m especially looking forward to it this year…I’m making a red velvet cake that looks OUT of this world! Now I just have to make it right!

    This chili looks delicious! I’m still a bit chilied-out from my chili contest, but the cravings have started to creep back some. I love the stuff too much to omit it for the rest of the cold months!

  92. Megan says:

    Luckily, I married a non-football drooling guy & anti-Valentine’s type. So, I am in the clear. Plus, our anniversary is actually on Super Bowl Sunday…and we are not watching the game…at all…which is awesome. Instead, I will probably have to cook this, b/c this sounds amazing and I am always a sucker for a good chili.

  93. Miriam says:

    Joanne, I am happy to tell you that there are indeed great men out there who are not sports fanatics. I married one and we pass every Super Bowl Sunday blissfully ignorant of the score, and even who’s playing for that matter. Keep being your beautiful self and you’ll find your perfect match someday :). [email protected]Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  94. grace says:

    two things i always include in chili are meat and beans. that said, i don’t think my meat has ever been pork and i don’t think my beans have ever been black-eyed peas! joanne, you’ve wowed me! 🙂

  95. One thing is soo totally love about ur site is the wonderful response u get here!
    OFcourse ur adaption of the recipe is much better and the response here is proof to that!
    My mom does the same too ,cuts down the meats , ups the veg and keep the favor intact!

    Well my thighs arent gng to thank anything anyway coz there is so muc else i eat inbetween!

  96. Faith says:

    Your alterations to this yummy chili sound pretty perfect to me! And I am so with you on Superbowl Sunday being the most boring day of the year…sushi sounds like the perfect answer to that! Lucky girl, I’ll be stuck watching the boring old game! (Or at least I’ll be stuck home making Superbowl foods and watching the commercials, lol!)

  97. Ashlee says:

    Beautiful looking chili! Can’t wait to make this one on Sunday!

  98. Beth says:

    This looks out of control delicious! Going to the Chelsea Market Chilifest this weekend but might have to make this next week if the hankering persists (it will). I’ll be at the NYRR Gridiron race on SuperBowl Sunday dressed in STEELERS paraphanelia! HERE WE GO!

  99. A football is the ball that is brown and pointy, right?

    I suggest we henceforth call it “Delicious Chili Day.”


  100. That chili looks amazing–love the double pork! Thanks for sending it to Souper Sundays. 😉

  101. janet says:

    I have been seeing so many recipes for black eye peas and greens… love your twist with the black eye peas! Can’t say I have ever tried them but I will see whether I can track them down. 🙂

  102. Karen says:

    That is one delicious looking bowl of chili! I agree with you… next Sunday is the most boring day of the year.

  103. This looks so hearty and toothsome! I like how there are big chunks of meat among the savory beans.

  104. Esi says:

    I’m sort of obsessed with chili right now. Just made more yesterday

  105. This looks “Get in My Belly” good!

  106. Eliana says:

    Your boy Symon does not let you down. This chili looks amazing.

  107. Maria says:

    Everything you cook from this cookbook looks and sounds so darn good! You have officially pursuaded me to buy the almighty Symon’s book. Oh, and the chili looks outstanding … love that it’s black-eyed peas.

  108. Kevin says:

    That is one tasty looking chili and it would certainly hit the spot on these cold days.

  109. Deborah says:

    I could care less about the football. But the food? I love superbowl sunday just for the food!!

  110. Made this a few days ago and it’s one of the best new recipes I’ve tried in the past month. Absolutely packed with flavor. Thanks for sharing!

  111. Lovely. I like the idea of using beer for some of the liquid. I do something similar in the slow cooker but also add fresh corn to the mix:

  112. […] smitten kitchen’s totally pancetta-y spaghetti with chickpeas, Joanne’s incredible pork and black-eyed-pea chili, and this chowder. (Notice a theme here?  Not too many […]

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