When it comes to holiday dinners, I tend to make allowances. You know…in terms of butter consumption.

I pinky-swear-with-a-cherry-on-top that if you come over for dinner on a random Tuesday, you will never ever find me just throwing a stick of butter into whatever it is I’m making. But on a high holy day like Thanksgiving or Christmas or my birthday…you should be concerned for your arteries.  Really.  I take no prisoners.


The way I see it, is that it’s one day.  ONE.  So how much damage can you really do?

(Especially when you are utterly convinced that pie crust taste testing calories don’t count.  SHHHH.  Just go with it.)

And, well, let’s be honest.  Most people are not psycho-vegetable-freaks like you are.  They are not going to moan in a guttural, almost animalistic, borderline-perverse way when digging into a salad, no matter how good it is.  But hand them a bowl of maple-bourbon-espresso glazed sweet potatoes?  I can’t even tell you the words and sounds that will come out of their mouths because they are just totally inappropriate for this here blog.  And given some of the things I write…that’s saying something.

Then, of course, along came these brussels sprouts, which threw a wrench in all of my best-laid predictions when my sister popped one into her mouth before dinner and proceeded to walk around the kitchen professing her deep-seated affection for them.  It was totally a #cardworthy moment, that’s for damn sure.

(Especially when you ignore the fact that my brother, in counterpoint, kept bemoaning the fate of the poor pomegranate arils that had been “defiled” by their proximity to the mini cabbages. Eh, you can’t win ’em all.)


The holidays are absolutely chock full of moments like this…moments that you want to capture on film to be remembered fifty years from now when you are absolutely convinced that your brother will have finally come around to this whole green vegetable thing.

This weekend, I went to a Food Bloggers’ Thanksgiving, hosted by the lovely and adorable Cate to learn how Shutterfly can help you memorialize moments like these.  On their site, they have awesome photography tips, holiday card tips, and family photo ideas which are perfect for those of us who need a little push in the right direction this holiday season.  They are also hosting a CardWorthy Photo Contest on their facebook page from now until December 9th. You can upload a photo into one of their (adorable) 2012 holiday cards to enter, and there is a new theme every week. The grand prize is a dream trip for a family of four (the winner chooses the destination!).  The first place winner will receive $500 in Shutterfly credit, second place will receive $250 in Shutterfly credit, and third place will receive $150 in Shutterfly credit.

The folks over at Shutterfly have also been kind enough to offer up a $50 Shutterfly promotional code to one of YOU!!  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment sharing your favorite Shutterfly product. For more entries, you can tweet this post with the hashtag #Cardworthy or pin this post and comment that you’ve done so. Or follow me on Twitter or Pinterest (username = joanneeatswell) and tell me that you’ve done so. OR follow Shutterfly on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, or their blog and leave a comment telling me that you’ve done so.  The giveaway ends next Monday, December 3rd!


Also, I want to get things rolling for this week’s 12 Weeks of Winter Squash, cohosted with the lovely Heather of Girlichef!!  I won’t have a winter squash post until the end of the week but I wanted you guys to have the chance to link up whatever you’ve made!


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranates
Serves 6-8, adapted from Tyler Florence


  • 2 lb brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved (I didn’t halve mine, but think they would be better this way)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 3 tbsp pomegranate molasses
  • seeds from 1 pomegranate
  • 1 lime, finely zested
  • 1 tbsp finely grated orange zest


  1. Preheat the oven to 375.
  2. Place the brussels sprouts in a medium roasting pan. Toss with the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast for 20 minutes. Toss the brussels sprouts with the pomegranate molasses. Roast for another 10 minutes or until tender.
  3. Transfer the sprouts to a large bowl. Toss with the pomegranate seeds, lime zest, and orange zest.


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76 Responses to Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranates {GIVEAWAY}

  1. Pam says:

    What a gorgeous combination of colors. I have loved seeing all the Brussels sprouts on their stalks at the stores this past week.

  2. If I ever had the patience to open up a pomegranate , I’d definitely make this:-) Love the gorgeous colors.

  3. Karis says:

    I made a very similar dish on Thanksgiving, except I drizzled pomegranate balsamic on toward the end of the roasting instead of using pomegranate molasses. Did you know pomegranate molasses is Chris Kimball (of America’s Test Kitchen) secret ingredient? Just heard that on a podcast 🙂

  4. That sounds like it was a lot of fun! And these here little mini cabbages look so tasty. Love the contrast of the green and red – looks like it should make an appearance on a Christmas table, too!

  5. Two of my favorite ingredients in one dish! Love it!

  6. Marcia says:


    I love shutterfly. I am making a calendar right now, and their photo books are awesome.

  7. Amy says:

    Brussels and pomegranate seeds! Now, that’s a combo I wouldn’t have thought of…but no doubt I would enjoy. We have much video footage from the Thanksgiving festivities. Nana and Haley having a “Just Dance Kids” XBOX dance off challenge is my favorite. Nana, at 70, gave everyone a run for their money. Priceless.

  8. Yes yes yes! These look fabulous! I’ve asparagus with pomegranate and lime so this must be incredible as well… it is people like you, Joanne, who tempt me even without desserts!! Looks delicious!

  9. I love brussels sprouts but I know so many people who don’t… Sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with them. 🙂 But that means there are more for me I guess!
    I love Shutterfly’s photo books!

  10. Danielle says:

    This sounds delicious – I love brussel sprouts.

  11. I guess our arteries and liver need a good workout once in a while, it probably strengthens them:) Thats the best justification I could come up with.
    Nice vege meatballs:)
    BTW your family still considers chicken as vegetarian – and you accepted their views?

  12. Jessica says:

    thanks for the giveaway! i love the photobooks on shutterfly

  13. Jessica says:

    entry #2: i pinned this post on pinterest

  14. Jessica says:

    entry #3: i follow you on pinterest

  15. Jessica says:

    entry #4: i follow shutterfly on pinterest

  16. I love Shutterfy’s photo books. And I also love this recipe, pomegranates and brussels, yummy.
    [email protected]

  17. I follow Shutterfly on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook,and their blog.
    [email protected]

  18. Katerina says:

    Beautiful brussels sprouts Joanne and pomegranate looks very vivid!

  19. Sara says:

    Totally gorgeous dish – the pop of the red against the green sprouts looks amazing!

    My fav shutterfly product is their 8×8 photo book

  20. Kari says:

    I just ordered birth announcements from Shutterfly. They turned out great!

  21. Sara says:

    followed shutterfly on pinterest!

  22. Sara says:

    followed shutterfly on facebook!

  23. Sara says:

    i followed you on pinterest!

  24. Pam says:

    I think it looks like a lovely side dish.

  25. marie says:

    I am going to Costco later and will be getting their big bag of brussel sprouts, I can usually polish them off in a few days.

    I’ve only used Shutterfly once to order Christmas cards, I really liked them, they did a great job.

  26. Nicole says:

    I love their photo books!

  27. Nicole says:

    Followed shutterfly on twitter

  28. Nicole says:

    Followed shutterfly on instagram

  29. Gloria says:

    I always love your pictures, I love brussels but amazed me always look beuatiful!!Well I following you in all LOL haha but sure this is only for USA blowers didn’T??

  30. Lynn says:

    Yum. I made brussels sprouts in the oven yesterday – so good. I’ll have to try them with pomagranites.

  31. Dining Alone says:

    What a strange combo but I am sure I would love it, and I know my niece would as well. I will be making these for sure.

  32. leave a comment sharing your favorite Shutterfly product = I’ve used them in past years for holiday cards and am always thrilled with the results!

  33. Eileen says:

    Hooray for brussels sprouts! We normally do the classic roasted sprouts, and occasionally shred them up and fricassee them with bacon. I love the idea of combining roasty sprouts with tart pomegranate and lime! 🙂

  34. Guru Uru says:

    What a tasty and unique flavours combo this is 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  35. Shannon says:

    delicious! i also threw brussels and pomegranates into my thanksgiving side and everyone seemed to enjoy–win 🙂

  36. Beth says:

    I think I’d moan if I ate these too. And yes, I follow you on twitter!

  37. A Food Blogger Thanksgiving sounds like fun! Hope your holiday was as good as can be with everyone going on Joanne. xoxo

  38. All that talk of butter, I expected the brussel sprouts to be coated with them. I know the first holiday must have been hard for you and your family. Hope you’re holding up.

  39. I just adore the burst of sweet pomegranate arils in savory dishes. And I also agree 120% that calories don’t count on the holidays 🙂

  40. Hotly Spiced says:

    That’s the best looking Brussels sprouts dish I’ve seen. The colours are fabulous. I’m a big fan of butter! That Thanksgiving weekend sounds like it would have been lots of fun. I like shutterfly’s photo books xx

  41. I love how you prepare brussel sprouts—next year, this is definitely how I’ll be making them!!

  42. i am sure- in fact I know- it tastes amazing but I am just in awe over the color palette! Its gorgeous!

  43. Great idea to pair the pom seeds with brussels! I’m ALWAYS looking for new brussels sprout recipes…I basically buy them in bulk these days.

  44. This recipe looks great! My husband and I love to get Shutterfly photo books.

  45. daphne says:

    I would have never thought of mixing sweet and buttery with brussel sprouts! lovely idea.

  46. Big Dude says:

    Looks delicious – I would never have thought to put these two together.

  47. Erica says:

    Beautiful dish,Joanne! Love the colors and textures!!!Perfect holiday dish!

  48. My 3-year-old nephew saw my mom preparing brussels sprouts and was curious, so she gave him a raw one, and he peeled it leaf by leaf and then asked for some yogurt to put it in. I was so proud of him! Ha.

    This recipe looks absolutely mouthwatering!

  49. I agree that butter on a holiday or birthday doesn’t count? How can it 😉 This recipe sounds good even though I have never had brussel sprouts, I would try this dish. Your pictures are great too 🙂

  50. Oh this dish looks awesome! This one is high on my list to try!

  51. OohLookBel says:

    Your lovely brussels sprouts and pomegranate seeds look like Christmas baubles. But a lot more delicious =)

  52. Kari says:

    I am giggling at the contrast between your sister and brother’s reactions 🙂

  53. Jenn Kendall says:

    i am in love with this dish – it looks and sounds absolutely fantastic!

  54. These look super yummy! I just posted a similar sort of side dish I made for Thanksgiving that uses brussel sprouts and pomegranates. It was very good. I think this looks great for Christmas.

  55. I am so thankful that my husband enjoys Brussels sprouts as much as I do! What a beautiful, beautiful bowl of red and green. This would look amazing on a Christmas dinner table.

    I love Shutterfly. I actually received a photo book as a gift very recently and it was beautiful done by them.

  56. First, the Brussels sprouts with pomegranates look amazing! I’ve gotten obsessed with that particular vegetable recently and am always looking for new ways to prepare it . . . thanks for another great suggestion!

    Next, I love Shutterfly — and drop some serious coin on their products, especially at the holidays! I love the personalized calendars and 8×8 photo books, which are quickly becoming a library at my house. I rarely print pictures anymore . . . everything goes in a Shutterfly book. I’m actually working on a “year in review” book now — and it’s already at 112 pages, which I think is the max they can print! 🙂

  57. I also follow Shutterfly on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! (Just didn’t want to inundate your comments with my tons of posts, haha.) Thanks for hosting the giveaway! 🙂

  58. Hi – me again 🙂 I just Liked Shutterfly on Facebook.

  59. And, I am now following you on Pinterest!

  60. Chris says:

    Not entering the giveaway but I have to side with your brother. I recently was at a meal prepared for a bunch of foodies and they raved about the brussels sprouts and how great they were. I hated them (the brussels sprouts, not the bloggers, lol). I had always thought I just hadn’t had sprouts made good enough, now I know differently, ha ha.

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  61. so gorgeous. The red really makes things pop and not only visually I’m sure. I should have tried this with my pomegranate instead of the salad. I guess there’s always next year…

  62. Reeni Pisano says:

    I am really appreciating brussels sprouts lately! This is so gorgeous with the pomegranate! It screams of the season. I’d love it for Christmas.

  63. That Girl says:

    I still need to make my shutterfly calendars for gifts this year!

  64. This sounds great. I can imagine the pomegranate working really well with the roasted sprouts.

  65. What a pretty dish! I love Brussels sprouts and pomegranate! My favorite shutterfly product is the photo books. I’ve actually made several from Shutterfly and loved them!

  66. Kristen says:

    I like the card called Triple Furry Wishes.

  67. Kevin says:

    I like the sound of the brussels sprouts, pomegranate and lime combo!

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  69. […] this awesome orange bourbon cranberry sauce (of course I added way more bourbon!), these tasty roasted pomegranate brussels sprouts made by my mama, my nut and seed bread, and this delicious chocolate chip banana bread that I […]

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