If you’re looking for a skinny jeans friendly recipe to help you subsist from now until New Year’s, then check out my recipe for Lentil, Potato, and Pumpkin Curry over at Marcus Samuelsson’s blog!

And now…I bring you…

…YOUR top ten favorite recipes of 2011!


10. Carrot Cake Cookies!  These are one of my most requested cookies, and with the flavors of carrot and ginger in the cookies combined with a dreamy cream cheese frosting filling…I definitely understand why.


9. Pumpkin Biscuits with Cranberry Curd I made these for my Eggland’s Best Pink Party in support of breast cancer research and they were a huge hit.  Perfect for any holiday morning breakfast…or just because.


8. Peanut Butter Honeycomb Pie  My father declared this the best dessert I’ve ever made. He’s probably right.  At least for us peanut butter addicts out there.


7. Chickpea Pot Pie with a Cornbread Crust  This vegetarian version of a winter classic tastes just like the frozen pot pies we all remember and love…but healthier!


6. Pad See Ew  Thai food is probably my favorite cuisine because of it’s perfect balance of flavors…sweet salty spicy sour…it has them all in every bite.  And pad see ew is one of my favorite dishes to order! However, it’s not figure friendly at all…but this at-home version is!


5. Maida Heatter’s Johnny Appleseed Bars Part cake, part pie, these bars give you the best of both apple worlds.


4. Pecan Pie Bars Perfect to satiate those pecan pie cravings…even when they occur at seasonably inappropriate times. (Plus they’re made with honey instead of corn syrup – major PLUS!)


3. Sweet and Salty Brownies These are far and above the fudgiest most delicious brownies I have ever had.  And once you make them, you will never need another brownie recipe again. Yup, the Baked boys have done it again!


2. Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables Essentially baked ziti but chock full of loads of veggies instead of meat.  Comfort food at it’s best.


1. Pumpkin Swirl Brownies  With over 85,000 hits (and counting), these are far and above your favorite recipe of 2011!  I made them for a Halloween party and unfortunately only got to try one…but it was one heavenly pumpkin/fudgy brownie, that’s for sure.

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63 Responses to Lentil, Potato and Pumpkin Curry…and Top Ten Reader Favorite Recipes of 2011!

  1. A great collection of recipes! That curry looks delicious.

    Happy Holidays!



  2. Great choices from the readers:) It would have been a good laugh if your chicken dish made it in the top 10:)

  3. I’ve got 4 I’m definitely making. I hope you had a great Christmas!

  4. Awesome round-up! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful recipes with us in 2011, and congrats on such a successful blog 🙂

  5. Johanna GGG says:

    Oh I am hungry just looking at this top 10 – so many great recipes and I feel a little ahead that I have tried one of them (the pad see ew)

  6. Great round up of the year. I’m adding the Pad See Ew dish to my list! The curry looks delicious.
    Have a very happy New year!

  7. That Girl says:

    The pumpkin swirl brownies are definitely my favorite!

  8. daphne says:

    awesome round up!! and i agree with all of them!!

  9. Joanne these recipes are truly amazing! I have to try your pumpkin swirl brownies! Genius! 🙂

  10. Everything looks so good!! The Peanut Butter and Honeycomb pie looks out of this world!!

  11. The sweet and salty brownies would be my top favorite! Hope you had a nice holiday!

  12. oh wow I d love that curry now. interessting recipes u v got there. Carrot cake cookies sounds very tempting!

  13. Norma Chang says:

    Beautiful photos. All the dishes looks delicious will be trying a number of them. Thanks for the round up.

  14. Well. I can certainly see why those pumpkin swirl brownies are #1…how have I never seen those before? A MUST make!

  15. Kalyn says:

    I love these best of the year lists! I’m not sure what I would pick, but maybe Pad See Ew because I’m in a Thai food mood lately!

  16. Just those recipes alone would keep me going for several weeks! Most of those we’re my favorites from the last year too. I hope you had a great Christmas and that your family didn’t sneak in any vegetarian “chicken dishes” on you:)
    We’re doing a little round up of healthy appy on December the 30th. Please come by Joanne, so we can highlight one or many of your healthy recipes, by leaving the link in the comment section of any of the recent posts or upcoming posts leading up to it. Have a great week.

  17. Cara says:

    wowza, 85K is way more hits than I’ve ever got in a whole month! You’re rockin’ it, girl. I was thinking of doing a similar post but I wasn’t sure whether to tally on most comments or most hits.

  18. Amy says:

    Your readers have great taste. And those Carrot Cake Cookies are one of my reader’s favorites, too. So apparently they have great taste also 😀

  19. Love the top ten…and how most of ’em are desserts ;P

  20. ~Bee says:

    The honeycomb pie looked fantastic, I need to up my skillz in the candy making department. These are all great, what a wonderful year!

  21. Miriam says:

    I actually made that pot pie for Christmas Eve dinner and I thought I had died and gone to pot pie heaven! I would like to blog about it in the next month or so, is that alright with you?
    Happy Holidays :), [email protected]Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  22. This is a great balance of sweets and veggies – balances living at it’s best!

  23. Jeanette says:

    I can see why all of these are favorites – would love to try all of them!

  24. Julie says:

    i’m SHOCKED rainbow cookies aren’t on there! well actually i’m not because they’re probably so insanely hard to make and we just leave that to professionals like yourself 😉

  25. Natalie says:

    You, my dear, are such a blessing to the food blogging world!! I love all your recipes and am certain 2012 will have tons more beautiful food to come =)

  26. Your curry looks wonderful! Interesting that your top ten are mostly desserts 🙂 That peanut butter honeycomb pie does look wonderful!

  27. peachkins says:

    I so love that peanutbutter honeycomb pie!

  28. Nicole, RD says:

    I can attest to that Peanut Butter Honeycomb Pie being outta this world phenomenal. As for everything else, it’s on the to-do list. It all looks amazing!

  29. Candace says:

    Great choices here! We absolutely loooooooved the carrot cake cookies and your Cherry Cornmeal Upside Down Cake which isn’t listed here was also ah-mazing. The Spicy Honey Chipotle Chicken, which I think was in this year (?) is another that we absolutely loooooved. Thanks for the reminder about the chicken pie. That’s going on the menu for next week! I’m off to check out your curry. It looks delicious!

  30. What a wonderful round-up, Joanne… but we need a healthy recipe round-up if I say so myself!! 🙂 The curry looks great, though. 🙂

  31. Claudia says:

    Fabulous, now I can try all the ones I somehow missed earlier. Hard to pick a favorite.

  32. Mary says:

    Joanne, the curry looks wonderful and the sweet treats in your round-up have set my stomach growling. My dieting brain, of course, jumped right to your apple bars. Have a wonderful evening. Blessings…Mary

  33. sophia says:

    Ha!! I’m not even surprised that most of the popular recipes are desserts. But Joanne, you already know I drool at every single dish you present!

  34. Astra Libris says:

    LOVE the top ten hits!! Especially love how I’ve already bookmarked most of them… 😉 Thank you for bringing the rest to my attention, because they are all an INCREDIBLE accomplishment!! Wowwwwwww! *hand clapping, dancing enthusiasm* 🙂

  35. Julie says:

    I love all of your recipes! I think I tend towards the non dessert ones because they tend towards healthy and I can sure use those!!

    Happy New Year!

  36. Oh Joanne I almost peed my pants when I saw your recipe on Marcus Samuleson’s blog…I am sure it is not your first but I just watched him compete on Next Iron Chef and I am so excited for you!!! Plus it sounds amazing…and your recap I agree with all 🙂

  37. Reeni says:

    What a tempting round-up! I can’t pick a favorite – they all look so good! I NEED all of them in my life.

  38. Healthy combo and looks so yum! Great collection of 2011, both sweet and savory from your fantastic kitchen…

  39. betty says:

    omg my mouth is watering, everything looks delicious specially the apple bars, so moist and delicious!

  40. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been thinking about making that peanut butter honeycomb pie ever since I saw it in Bon Appetit, and Pad See Ew is my favorite food but I’ve never been able to make it right! I will most definitely try your recipe. My brother loves chicken pot pie, too. Thanks for sharing!

  41. SnoWhite says:

    I can see why these are reader favs! Yum.

    I’d love it for you to share these with us this week in our best recipes of 2011 series.

  42. Ha! Desserts rule. The apple bar/pies are kicking up my sweet tooth cravings. I still like healthy, though. The Thai food has my vote. Love it. Happy New Year!

  43. Veronica says:

    I’m glad you made this list, it reminded me to make your chickpea pot pie! I’m not surprised to see a lot of baked goods/treats made the top ten-I’m always impressed by the sweets that come out of your kitchen!

  44. Yosha says:

    Fantastic collection of recipes. THank you for the list! I can’t wait to try the carrot cookies no no the peanut butter…nô no the sweet and salty browning…

    so much deliciousnes! Some thing to look fwd to heading home!

    Happy New Year Joanne!

  45. i forgot about those pumpkin bizzzzkits until now. I’d happily make those just for the curd man.

  46. I must try the peanut butter pie! Looks delicious! Thanks for posting your top 10! Now how about a picture of the sweater?

    Good luck with your return to running…I haven’t set a date yet, but I’m thinking about January 1…seems like a good day to start!

  47. Everything looks amazing, and both of these brownies are killing me…I need a sweet now 🙂

  48. Elizabeth says:

    Those carrot cake cookies? Seriously SERIOUSLY need to make those.

  49. i think i somehow missed a few of these over the year. thanks for the virtual buffet! deelish!

  50. Deborah says:

    I love seeing everyone’s top lists. Yours looks so good. I’d like to try every. single. one!

  51. Chris says:

    I am surprised that the peanut butter pie was only in at #8, it would be in my top 2 at least. Love that pie.

  52. Bridget says:

    All of those recipes look amazing – but I am totally itching to make that chickpea potpie.

  53. The only thing that includes my name and “85,000 hits” is marijuana. Happy New Year!!

  54. Oh and by the way, I made the chickpea pot pie. Post to come in 2012. I’m off the grid til Bachelor Season 16 premieres on Jan 2.

  55. Kerstin says:

    Mmm, what fantastic eats – my mouth is watering now! Pad see ew is my favorite too and you’ve reminded me that I’ve been meaning to try this 🙂

  56. Every single thing looks incredible! Adorable puppy!

  57. What a great collection of recipes! I am craving the Pad See Ew right now…

  58. wow I love each of them. Carrot cake cookies are really awesome.

  59. There’s a reason these recipes were the most popular–they all look amazing. Still drooling over the sweet & salty brownies. 😉

  60. I wish you could cook for me all the time. 😀 I need to find some vegetarian oyster sauce then plan to make your pad see ew! Everything looks delicious. I also think I need to try the baked penne soon, but that honeycomb pie is also amazing.

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