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1. MOUSE UPDATE: I think we might be mouse free. It’s hard to say and we still have twelve dozen traps out (not an exaggeration) but an exterminator came on Monday and sealed up all the holes in the radiators. I’m pretty sure everyone within a 20 block radius breathed a sigh of relief because they were tired of hearing my shrieks.

2. To celebrate the eviction, the.boy got us tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra! Okay, really he won them from a local radio show, but still. It’s the thought that counts.

3. He’s a keeper.

4. We still have a little over a week to go before the wedding, but with everything we do this week we’re like “Oh, this might be the last time we do this as a non-married couple!”. Yes, we lead very exciting lives.

5. For the record, this is my second to last Wednesday Coffee Talk as a non-married person. For those of you who are keeping track.

6. So far this week, none of my experiments are working. I think this is a sign that I should phone it in until after the wedding. Now, who is going to explain this to my boss….

7. Speaking of work, we are having a Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow and I still have no idea what to bring. Ideas??

8. I also have no idea what to make for regular Thanksgiving, but that’s a whole other can of family drama. Another story for another day.

9. This season of Parenthood. RIGHT?! How are they going to tie up all these loose ends in ONE SEASON. I can’t even.

10. I had to break out my hot pink fluff monster of a winter jacket yesterday. Not pleased. Is it spring yet?

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40 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Lynn says:

    I love Parenthood, too. I’m mourning the ending of it already (as I did when they folded the tents of The West Wing.)

    So exciting about your wedding day being almost here!

    I’m taking crockpot green bean casserole to my office Thanksgiving gathering. They are a hard to please crowd, but they eat this every year. It’s the only time I make anything with canned soup in it (I know – bad.) And I secretly like those Durkee Fried Onion Rings that I toast and put on top at the end. 🙂

  2. ekkkkk the wedding is almost here…do I have to address you as Mrs after two weeks? I did a recipe roundup on my blog ( not sure if any of these will work for your office potluck, the salad maybe? or cake or pie.

  3. Johanna GGG says:

    yay for mouse free because you seem to have enough on your plate (not literally of course because who would want a mouse on their plate). Good luck with the lead up to the wedding. Cranberry pecan quinoa for thanksgiving potluck? (I think that is what I saw on pinterest)

  4. You’re going to be married SO SOON! Totally need to phone it in at work now. And you need to bring something squash to Thanksgiving, because, well…you’re you!!

  5. Barbara says:

    Can’t believe you’re still blogging with a week to go! I’m impressed. I’d be bed ridden.
    I’ve been through that mouse experience, in more than one home. It’s not that I’m afraid of them, but I just want them to stay outside. Had one get in the engine of my car last fall..popped his head out when I was driving, ran across the hood and took a dive off the side. Nearly ran off the road.

  6. Kind of jealous that your work is a normal place where you have things like a Thanksgiving potluck. We have a soup potluck today. How many kinds of soup do you need for one lunch?!

  7. I keep hearing that Parenthood is good, but I haven’t watched yet. I’ll have to investigate…

  8. Christina says:

    Woohoo to the mouse eviction! And one week, how exciting!

  9. Louanne says:

    Wedding countdown – so exciting! For our potluck, which was yesterday, I made a spicy curried pumpkin soup and kept it warm in the slow cooker. Leftovers today, for which I am grateful, as I left home with no lunch.

  10. awh, the.boy is so cute!! and who still wins tickets from the radio?! How cool is that?!! love it!! ah, I’m so happy for you. . and dude that fact that you’re still blogging, cooking and writing a week before your wedding?! you are amazing! for the potluck, I have some great pumpkin pie cookie cups (wink wink). . haha. I’m sure anything you bring/make will be winning. . and thank God all the mice are gone. Happy day!

  11. I just started Parenthood a few weeks ago!!! I’m a few episodes into Season 2 and love it. Every episode makes me cry, but I’m hooked!!!

  12. Ohhemmgee – next Wednesday is gonna be your very last Wednesday Coffee Talk as a non-married! Yay on the eviction of the.mouse!

  13. Pam says:

    Parenthood is the BEST and I am so bummed it’s ending. So excited for you – just over a week & you will be a married woman! Can’t wait for pictures. Hint, hint, hint, hint.

  14. I’m so glad the exterminator actually came out to check the apartment. Finger cross was the last stand with the mice! I can’t believe your wedding is coming up so soon. I feel like it was only yesterday when I first read about the engagement! Have fun at your Thanksgiving potluck!!

  15. Seriously I have my Friendsgiving dinner next week and I have nooooo idea what I am making, a rough idea. But damn I put a lot of pressure on myself! It huuuuurts! It hurrrrrrts! LOL! Okay maybe I should take a chill pill and enjoy?

    OMG your wedding is soooo soooooo close and I am soooo excited for you and to see pictures! YAYYYYY! If you need any guest posts I would be happy to help out!

  16. So much excitement going on here!!! You must be getting super excited about the wedding!!

    And can I say that I don’t have at least half my Thanksgiving menu planned yet either? Let me know when you plan yours b/c I need some inspiration! 🙂

  17. Zainab says:

    He is a keeper!! And YAY for mouse free!! It’s time to call it quits on the lab. I say end this week and peace out to wedding relaxing whole of next week. Experiments will still be there after the wedding bliss! OK also, so freaking excited for you! It’s almost here. Do not be alarmed if I proceed to text you emojis all next week 🙂

  18. Rachel says:

    this is terrible, but I haven’t even started watching this season of parenthood yet! it is one of my favorite shows, but so emotionally draining that i just haven’t been prepared for hours of crying!

  19. For the record, this is my second to last comment on your Wednesday Coffee Talk as a friend of a non-married person. In case you’re keeping track. HA. So excited for you.

  20. 1 – 63 degrees on Monday!
    2 – I may not survive this season of Parenthood and, by the looks of things, next week’s episode.

  21. Sarah says:

    Thank goodness for being mouse free! Good for you! I think you should bring the pumpkin mousse cruller black-bottomed tart to the potluck. That was a beautiful dessert and I’m sure everyone there will be very impressed.

  22. Yay for being mouse free!!!!
    How exciting that you are getting married so soon 🙂

  23. Enjoy you last week as a single woman – however, married life is pretty good – we celebrate 27 years tomorrow! It is a life journey.

  24. Trisha says:

    He’s adorable. You’re lucky you’ve already got him off the market. 😉

    As much fun as it is to be engaged, I like being married even more.

  25. ugh I hate miiiice-I hope they’re gone! I’m so jealous you got to go see TSO!!

    (Parenthood is so insane. omg)

    aaaand eeeeee WEDDING IS ALMOST HERE!

  26. Sues says:

    omg your wedding is sooooo soon!!!!!!! And, YES. Parenthood. I don’t even know how they’ll do it…

  27. You must be soooo excited about your wedding! just enjoy every second of the exciting preludes and the day itself. Great time of year to get married, too … maybe you’ll even end up with some snowy photos!

  28. So exciting that THE day is almost here!!!
    I hate mice.
    I love Trans Siberian Orchestra!
    Definitely need a vacay until after the wedding and honeymoon.
    Can’t wait to see wedding pics!

  29. Tina says:

    I am very excited about the wedding! I know you’ll share some great photos and yes, he is a keeper. Very happy for you. Great news about the mice being gone – yuck!!

  30. cheri says:

    So much is going on, good for you for staying on top of everything!

  31. Monica says:

    You and “the.boy” will make a beautiful couple on your wedding day. Coming up so so soon! Don’t those mice know you don’t have time to deal with them!? Here’s hoping they are gone for good. And here’s to a smooth week before your big day!

  32. Christine says:

    Love Wed. Coffee Talk! Eeuww…rodents. So happy they haven’t returned after a 3 year absence. Glad you got rid of yours. Wow, the wedding is suddenly here!!

  33. I saw all the snow on the news yesterday. Stay warm and have a super day 🙂

  34. Krista says:

    Hooray for being mouse-free!!! We had a rat infestation this Spring and it was dreadful. So glad those beasties are gone. 🙂

  35. You should definitely be off work! After the potluck though, of course 🙂

  36. Kelly says:

    Aaaw yay for mouse free 🙂 Aaw, the boy is so sweet. Gaah and can’t believe it’s coming up so soon! Super excited for both of you. Enjoy every second 🙂

  37. Reeni says:

    Hooray for being mouse free! And your wedding! OMG so close! That would have me shrieking and walking on cloud nine. I’d be a hot mess. 🙂

  38. Kate says:

    I’m just jealous because I never win anything from the radio!

  39. P says:

    I can’t believe you are gonna be a married woman soon—ahh so excited for you 😀 !

  40. Emily says:

    i can’t believe you’re getting married so soon! Ahhh! That’s crazy!

    I know what you mean about Parenthood. I’m going to be so sad when it’s over! Whyyy.

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