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Jamba Juice Cold-Pressed Juices

Confession: Up until a few days ago, I had never had a green beverage.

Crazy for someone who worships kale as much as I do…but true.

And it wasn’t even for lack of trying! Every week when planning out my meals, I would tell myself THIS IS THE WEEK. I would make lists upon lists of kale smoothies, spinach juices, and swiss chard slurpies that I wanted to try…and then I would get bitten by the lazy bug, throw all my greens into a stir fry or bowl of pasta and swear to do better next time.

Eat, rinse, and repeat.

For a while I considered going the juice cleanse route just to say I did it, but they were all fairly pricey and restrictive in what you could eat while on the cleanse, which is so not my jam. I’m more of an everything in moderation kind of eater, as you may have noticed if you’re a regular reader. Bad things happen when you try to take away my daily chocolate. VERY.BAD.THINGS.


I had all but given up hope when it was brought to my attention that Jamba Juice had come out with a line of new Cold Pressed Juices that are ready-to-drink, meaning that you can buy them by the bottle (or case if you’re as obsessed as I am) and then store them in your fridge until YOU are ready to drink them. Made from 100% REAL Fresh Squeezed Juices from fruit and veggies that are at their nutritional peak, these are chock full of good-for-you things and pack a full 3 servings of fruits and veggies into each bottle. Win/win.

Jamba Juice Cold-Pressed Juices

The Cold Pressed Juices come in four flavors – Orange Reviver, Citrus Kick, Tropical Greens, and Veggie Harvest.

Orange Reviver is described as what you want to be drinking when your day feels like it’s 5 days long. It’s made from a blend of oranges, apples, bananas, and beets – a combo that is sure to lift your spirits and energize your taste buds.

Citrus Kick adds a punch of BRIGHTNESS to your day with its blend of oranges, apples, pineapples, and ginger. I think we could all use a dose of this in the mist of this wintry haze.

Veggie Harvest brings together all sorts of comfort in the form of apples, carrots, beets, supergreens, and ginger.

And, last by not least, Tropical Greens, which you KNOW I had to try after my many failed attempts at getting a green beverage into my belly. Made from apples, pineapples, and supergreens, it tastes like a stay on a tropical isle while infusing all sorts of goodness into your body.


So…what was my green juice verdict? LOVED IT. Tropical Greens really didn’t taste, well…green – and that is definitely a good thing! It was fruity and refreshing, and I felt so good knowing that I was getting loads of Vitamin A and Vitamin C in every slurp. I filled up my fridge with a few bottles to tide me over until my next Jamba Juice trip!

Now tell me…which of these flavors would you most want to try? Leave your answer in the comments for a chance to win a Jamba Juice gift card! (Contest will run for 1 week, open only to US residents.)

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67 Responses to Healthy On-The-Go! – #JuiceByJamba #GIVEAWAY

  1. Zainab says:

    OK I had no idea Jamba juice has cold pressed juices to buy and go. Amazing! Fine…maybe I was just a tad obsessed with jamba juice in college and dislike that I live in a city now with only one. These bottles look amazing especially that tropical green juice!

  2. June Burns says:

    What fancy juices! I’d probably like to try the citrus flavor.

  3. debbie says:

    I think I’ll go with the Orange Reviver! That one sounds pretty good!

  4. marpy says:

    But I never win.

  5. Katherine says:

    That veggie harvest looks great! I’m glad it doesn’t have orange (not a fan) and it does have ginger. Yum!

  6. Lauren says:

    I would like to try the Citrus Kick.

  7. Alison H. says:

    I would like to try the Tropical Greens juice.

  8. Terri Gossage says:

    Tropical Greens is the one that looks the best to me! I would really love to try it.

  9. Emily L says:

    Wow…had no idea they have juices! The tropical greens one looks tasty!

  10. SallyBR says:

    I am not a big drinker of juices, although I do juice myself some concoctions every once in a while, so don’t enter me in the giveaway because I doubt I would use the gift card.

    but those are some inspiring flavors – I like smoothies, usually with almond milk, coconut milk and fruits – haven’t yet added greens to my smoothies but I am not close minded about it 😉

  11. Meg says:

    Tropical Greens sounds refreshing! I have had the green smoothies before and they aren’t so scary after all!

  12. Starla B says:

    Thats too funny about your daily chocolate.. I have those same tendencies sometimes as well. I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse. The flavors all sound so good! I would love to try the Citrus Kick!

  13. I’m so amazed you’d never had a green drink! You found a good way to enter the experience though 🙂

  14. Angie Jerde says:

    Tropical Greens looks yummy!

  15. I’ve only had green juice that I did NOT like so I’d love to try Triple Greens… that sounds delish!

  16. Nikki says:

    The Orange Reviver juice sounds delicious!

  17. Judith says:

    I’d love to try Tropical Greens!

  18. Eileen says:

    Juice! I want to try them all, but the tropical greens sounds most intriguing. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  19. Tierney says:

    I would like to try the topical greens flavor.

  20. Katie says:

    these sound really refreshing, and some great flavour combinations! don’t count this as an entry as I am not USA based! x

  21. cori says:

    Veggie Harvest!

  22. Tropical greens looks interesting

  23. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to try the Tropical Greens! I’ve had my share of Smoothies & Juices, but have never had a Green one 🙂 This Juice by Jamba sounds delicious!

  24. Calli says:

    I’d love to try the veggie harvest!

  25. Marina D says:

    The Orange Reviver sounds amazing!! I would love to have that on days where I’m going for 12 hours straight!

  26. CakePants says:

    I had no idea Jamba Juice made bottled juices! The citrus kick one sounds like it would probably be my favorite.

  27. JenniferAnne says:

    The Veggie Harvest looks good!

  28. Madelin says:

    The Orange Reviver or Citrus Kick!!

  29. Liz says:

    With all this snow we’ve had, the Citrus Kick needs to be in my life!

  30. Jessie C. says:

    I would like to try Tropical Greens.

  31. Kate says:

    Loving everything with ginger this pregnancy so I’m all about the Citrus Kick.

  32. mintpearls says:

    I would love to try the Veggie Harvest. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  33. Tina says:

    I would be all over that Citrus Kick! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts when I was freaky g bout my health last week ????. I really appreciate it. Getting over a cold now and ready to take on the World!,

  34. I had no idea that Jamba Juice had come out with a line of new Cold Pressed Juices!! very smart for them to get into this category. . totally makes sense!!! I wanna try Citrus Kick or Tropical Greens!!

  35. Jamie says:

    They all sound delicious I want to try them all!

  36. I’m just over here stuttering and stammering, all confused about how it took you so long! Tropical greens sounds awesome!

  37. Rachel Tilly says:

    They all sound wonderful, but I would really like to try the Citrus Kick and Tropical Greens. Yummy!

  38. Kristen says:

    Would love to try veggie harvest.. or all of them would be just fine too.

  39. Kelly says:

    I love green smoothies and had no idea Jamba Juice came out with their own ready to drink cold pressed juices. The tropical greens sounds delicious!

  40. Kelster says:

    I love anything with ginger so that Citrus Kick sounds great. I’ve never had a green juice either.

  41. Ancilla says:

    I’d try the Tropical Greens, sounds delish

  42. They all sound wonderful!! If I had to choose one now I definitely would love to try the “Citrus Kick” because it has the ginger in it and I am hooked on anything juice with the refreshing taste if ginger in it. It leaves me feeling clean! 😉 Anna

  43. karen says:

    The citrus kick sounds wonderful!

  44. alexandra robertson says:

    Citrus kick sounds like my jam 😉 love pineapple and ginger!

  45. Ann says:

    citrus kick sounds amazing.

  46. Hellen Araujo says:

    I would love to try all of them but mostly tropical greens!

  47. I have a juice maker so will use these flavours as inspiration 🙂

  48. Hotly Spiced says:

    I did a juice fast last year and loved it. They weren’t all green juices but a lot of them were and I felt so good after the three days. I’m thinking of doing the 5-day fast xx

  49. Laura W. says:

    Citrus kick! I love juices with ginger.

  50. Ray says:

    Veggie Harvest-hopefully ginger overpowers everything else since I love ginger like chocolate!

  51. David says:

    I am most interested in the Citrus Kick variety.

  52. sarah k says:

    I would definitely like to try the Citrus Kick first.

  53. Christina says:

    I am most excited to try the Veggie Harvest because I looooove beets!

  54. Kristen says:

    I’d like to try the Citrus Kick.

  55. JenniferAnne says:

    I would like to try the Veggie Harvest

  56. shelly peterson says:

    I want to try the Orange Reviver.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  57. Lisa A. says:

    I’d love to try Citrus Kick (although they all sound pretty amazing!).

  58. Mel says:

    Definitely the Veggie Harvest–always trying to make my own at home with more greens, but I just can’t make them taste good:)

  59. Erin M. says:

    The tropical greens sounds good!

  60. Kari M says:

    The Tropical Greens look delicious!

  61. shaunie says:

    I would love the Tropical Greens

  62. Ally says:

    Tropical greens sounds best to me (but they all sound great)!

  63. Treva A. says:

    I’d really want to try the Citrus Kick. Sounds divine! 🙂

  64. Carolsue says:

    I’d like to try the Tropical Greens!

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