1. Today is the one year anniversary of Wednesday Coffee Talk!! Are you guys totally bored/sick of me yet??

2. Have you guys ever heard of CHILI GRANOLA?! Well, I’m obsessed. It’s spicy with just a hint of sweet and it’s GRANOLA so that means I can eat it all day and it’s, like, zero calories. That’s totally how it works, right?

3. Plus the whole savory granola thing is kind of blowing my mind right now. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES.

4. How are you guys doing with your Oscar movie watching?? We are almost done. Only Gone Girl, Still Alice, The Judge, and Wild left!! Our favorites so far are definitely American Sniper, Selma, and The Theory of Everything, but to be honest…we totally think last year’s movies were better.

5. I had to give a department-wide talk about my research yesterday and I pretty much have still not recovered. Who is going to come to NYC and do tequila shots with me??

6. February is seriously FLYING BY. I’m already starting to work on recipes for MARCH. If there is anything specific you guys want me to make, leave it in the comments!

7. Is anyone else seriously dreading having to do their taxes this year? UGH. Between getting married and the blog becoming an LLC it is really just not going to be the most fun thing ever. Not gonna lie.

8. I’ve gotten about three 1099s. Out of TWENTY (<–exaggeration, but not by much). And I’m surrounded by receipts. Completely disorganized and incomprehensible receipts.

9. Please send help. And alcohol.

10. And then come to NYC to drink with me.

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35 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Chili granola?! i have never heard or seen such a thing before! Very intriguing! I’m not looking forward to doing taxes this year either…. too many things….

  2. Sune Moolman says:

    Hurray for 1 year! Hope to see you here on Wednesdays for the next 100! 🙂
    Also, I really didn’t enjoy Gone Girl, but maybe I expected too much.
    LOVED The Judge.
    American Sniper on my list for various reasons… *blush*
    Savoury granola? I don’t know about that, sounds kind of strange.
    See you on Wednesday then. 😀

  3. Dixya says:

    Not sure about helping you with taxes but NYC and alcohol, I’m down ????

  4. Chili granola?! awh, man will have to check that out. . and I feel you sister on the department-wide talk (I’m sure you did great!). . I hd a great idea to go talk to my daughter’s school about Korean culture. . so now will be presenting in front of the entire 2nd grade . . not nervous but now I have to prepare a presentation! and one that will keep 2nd graders interested. . and taxes. ugh. I’m in the same boat and have been avoiding them. . hate this time of the year.

  5. I liked last years movies better too! I LOVED Theory of Everything…so emotional. And I definitely need to get on American Sniper and Selma!!

  6. Savory granola?! Mind. Blown. Also, doing terrible at the Oscar movie watching. Fail.

  7. Zainab says:

    I’m on my way! I need some shots to get out of my department seminar next month. Urgh they are never fun. Chili granola? Seriously? Love the sound of that!! And dude I am scared of taxes too since I started getting money for blog last year. But I’ve been filing separate even though we are married. He makes way more than my meager student stipend and we were advised to keep them separate until I graduate.

  8. Meg says:

    I would gladly drink with you! We’re paying someone to do our taxes this year because I just cannot even wrap my mind around it. We’re filing together, bought a new house, rented out our old house (which we still own… glergh), took a loss on rent for the vacant property for months, and blah blah blah. My husband and I started talking about it and I was like, Yeah, head exploding, let’s pay an accountant. The end.

    Could never be sick of Wednesday Coffee Talk! Glad to always have this chance to “chat.” And yep, February is going scary fast — though I’m so excited for spring.

  9. My dad’s an accountant — I just throw all of my receipts at him and he throws me my refund. It’s the life 😉 But I’ll still come do tequila shots. A bunch of super higher up fancies at my company are touring my lab today, so I’ll definitely need the alcohol later. Something about being around millionaires just makes me want to cry; if I can’t be a millionaire, too, tequila it is.

  10. I loved Gone Girl and also enjoyed Wild. Still have to catch Theory of Everything! Also, I’m down for drinking alcohol with you.

  11. danielle says:

    I made a savory granola once and love it but chili granola – yes please!!

  12. I haven’t filed taxes before but I’m going to have to starting next year and it’s going to be…interesting. Numbers and I don’t mesh to well (that’s why I’m in law school!) so, we’ll see! lol

  13. Boooooo to taxes!! Becomes complicated when you freelance\blog. The chilli granola sounds AMAZING!

  14. Mira says:

    I really enjoy the Wednesday coffee talk! Love the idea of chill granola, can’t wait to try it!

  15. Sues says:

    I’ll totally come to New York and drink with you! This is horrible, but since getting married, my husband does the taxes and I do not miss it one bit!! Mine are pretty rough, but his are even more complicated. I voted for accountant, but he wants to do it on his own, so power to him!

    MUST try chili granola!!

  16. Wild and American Sniper are awesome! Gone Girl should be gone for good! That movie completely blew it for me. I guess I was expecting a different ending.

  17. I have had a similar week and hereby volunteer to come be your drinking buddy!

  18. So I’ve seen everything you haven’t, except Still Alice (hasn’t made its way here yet), and looking forward to seeing the others. Loved Wild! Loved The Judge! Loved Gone Girl, the book, better!

  19. Rachel says:

    Love Wednesday coffee talk! Have you seen the savory KIND bars? We have some in the office, but I haven’t tried them yet! Interesting flavors though!
    The only Oscar movie I’ve seen is Grand Budapest Hotel —>eh. Hoping to get to some more before next weekend!

  20. Love your Wednesday Coffee Talk! Makes me wish we could schedule one for realsies. 😉

    And, I need to try savory granola!!!

  21. At least you’ve found a solution for decompressing. We have faith in you, girl!

  22. Definitely not sick of you! 🙂 Yay tequila + yuck on taxes…totally dreading them this year (that’s a lie, I’m pretending that I don’t have to do them lalalala)

  23. chili granola/ Are you serious? I have got to try that- more importantly my husband has to try it!

  24. Kelster says:

    I’ve only seen Gone Girl. Way behind on Oscar movie viewing. Still behind on last year’s. Savoury granola? I need some.

  25. I am with you on the taxes — its driving us nuts! No, I am not bored with your coffee talk, at all. And I need savory granola too. Chili?! Bring it on 😀

  26. Kelly says:

    Chili granola? Wow!! Love it! Boo to taxes, bring on the shots!

  27. In moving from Australia to the UK last year, I managed to lodge my Australian tax return but then forget to pay the extra tax I owed. It was quite startling to get a letter last week from the Australian tax office saying they were about to start legal proceedings against me!! Serious panic…and I think from now on I will not be forgetting tax payments 😛

    Good luck with sorting yours out this year!

  28. Hey, I’m coming to NYC to drink with you, girl! (if you can hold off till March, that is…) And taxes, yes. I feel you. Yuck.

  29. Cailee says:

    Whoa! I’ve never heard of chili granola!! That’s such an interesting combo! haha…I have seen those KIND bars that combine sweet and savory flavors! Glad to know the combo works!!

  30. Kate says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a year. I feel like you started these toward the end of last year, not the beginning!

  31. Hotly Spiced says:

    I don’t think I’ve watched any of the Oscar-nominated movies yet but we’re a bit disadvantaged as a lot aren’t released until well after a US release. My sister did go to NYC for the premiere of Gone Girl as it was produced by a friend of hers. I’m yet to see it. I haven’t tried chilli granola – another thing to do and yes, about those taxes! I’m so behind I’m overwhelmed xx

  32. Teffy says:

    I looove savoury granola! It’s such a deliciously crunchy addition to salads, and I imagine that chilli one if perfect with some cooling yoghurt!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  33. Johanna GGG says:

    I think your wednesday coffee talks are rather sweet and interesting – I have had a savoury granola recipe bookmarked for a long time that I must try (from the taste space) – and I remember when we used to see lots of oscar movies – these days it is a triumph if we see any of the movies – though I did love the imitation game!

  34. Roz says:

    Oh yes, giving those research presentations are stressful at first, but you’ll be great at it and will be giving those presentations with your eyes closed in no time. Yup, tax time with a new LLC will be challenging for me too. Alcohol . . . plum out. Drank the last drop last night, but I’ll tip one with you the next time I’m in your neck of the woods! Stay warm and send some of that snow down here . . . I’m praying for some snow days for some relief from stupidity in the classroom!
    Keep up with those Wednesday chats; love ’em!

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