In case you ever wondered how vegetarians manage to get all the protein they need, check out my Summer Vegetable Stir Fry with Quinoa over at Marcus Samuelsson’s blog!

I was recently contacted by the awesome folks at Buitoni letting me know about a contest they’re hosting and as soon as they did, I knew I had to let you guys in on the details.  Buitoni is the official pasta sponsor for the New York City Wine and Food Festival.  I got to go to one of the tastings at the festival last year…let’s just say I should have worn stretch pants and not skinny jeans.

Anyway, to celebrate, they are giving away two tickets to the festival as well as a trip to NYC for two, including travel and accomodations to one lucky grand prize winner!  In addition, 5 first prize winners will win a prize pack of 5 Buitoni VIP coupons!

So now I know you’re asking…how is this possible and how can I make this happen for me.  For a chance to win, Twitter followers just have to tweet @Buitoni, tag #NYCWFF #BuitoniTonight and tell or show with a picture how they beautify their meal time.  (I’ve seen your posts…I know you all have beautifying skills.)  Anyone who does so will have a chance to win!  The contest runs from now through August 26th and winners will be announced on September 5th, so get tweeting!  You can read and link to the official rules here:

DISCLOSURE: I was not compensated in any way for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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45 Responses to Summer Vegetable Stir Fry with Quinoa and an Opportunity From Buitoni!

  1. Oh the NYC Food and Wine Festival is a lot of fun! What a great opportunity!

  2. Lori Lynn says:

    That sounds so fun, but being a teacher, isn’t too feasible for me to go to! The recipe looks really good too.

  3. You are going to have so much fun!!!

  4. Candace says:

    omygosh! I would LOVE to go to that. Thanks for passing on the opportunity. I am off to see your beautiful stir-fry now. Love quinoa!

  5. MM says:

    I have some quinoa in my pantry and have been looking for something new to do with it. This is going on next week’s meal plan!

  6. YUM! Quinoa is a favorite of mine! Love love love it. And with all those tasty summer veggies? Even better!

  7. I adore quinoa, ever since I traveled to Peru in 2005. So good!

    Camila Faria

  8. Kelly says:

    What a vegetarian delight! Love this salad with its nutrient soaked quinoa, veggies and pine nuts. As a bonus, it also happens to look beautiful. Very nice Joanne.

  9. Sanjeeta kk says: after many lovely treats you keep posting, Joanne! I am not able to keep up with all your lovely posts. Love and salute the passion for food and blogging in you. You are the best. And what a wonderful treat for all vegetarians.

  10. Claudie says:

    I love, love, love your stir fry with quinoa — such a great idea! And it looks delicious too.

  11. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    I’m going to be at the tasting on Saturday…are you going this year?

  12. What a great contest. So much fun!

  13. This stirfry looks AWESOME! I love all kinds of veggies, and am so sad to think that many of them won’t be available all winter. I’ll have to get this in while I can!

  14. daphne says:

    oh another idea! I’m such a big fan of this little seed!!!

  15. Yaaay! I am so excited for you. Hope that it works out awesome for you 🙂 Let us know! This vegetable stir fry sounds so refreshing- I ate quinoa for the first time lately & fell in love with it. This stir fry looks super healthy!

  16. What a great recipe. I was just looking at a box of Quinoa that we had and wondering what I could make with it. Now I know!! Wow that is awesome that you lost 50 pounds!! Thant is just amazing. I wish I had done my post before I donated all of the clothes that had gotten to big. That was such a great tip.

  17. Yum 🙂 Quinoa is so much fun. Good job.

  18. Definitely entered this contest! Lucky you to have been at a tasting. Delicious food no doubt.

  19. bellini says:

    The salad looks healthy and delicious Joanne. I know this is any thing but an original comment, but what is true is true.

  20. that salad looks simply awesome and wow, buitoni, sounds superb !!!

  21. Swathi says:

    This healthy and delicious salad innovative one. you made it clear that being healthy doesn’t need to sacrifice on the taste.

  22. Hannah says:

    I spy my favorite summer squash! Looks like such a satisfying dish- I’m off to take a peek at the recipe now.

  23. Geni says:

    Looks summery, healthy and satisfying. I loved your post on Samuelson’s blog! Your mom is a kick. My friend who’s a vegetarian always has to tell her mom, “I dont eat anything with a face.” That helps her. 😉

  24. Lyndsey says:

    I do like using quinoa, usually in a salad for my lunch! Or I will add it with some whole grains. It is so nice getting new ways to use it.

  25. That a beautiful meatless dish! Love all the summer goodness packed into it.

  26. Catherine says:

    Dear Joanne, Beautiful, tasty and healthy dish!! Blessings, Catherine xo

  27. No traveling for me for a little while. I don’t know how people tote kids around like that – the playground is about as far as we get!

  28. Jeanette says:

    Love this pretty meatless dish full of fresh summer vegetables, nice and light and super healthy!

  29. Audrey Ellen says:

    That picture legitimately looks like art, the colors are incredible. My mom always told me that healthy plates are colorful plates. Indeed indeed.

  30. I have had such rotten luck with quinoa. It always gives me a stomach ache, no matter how much I rinse it! Very sad. This looks lovely.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    As a vegetarian myself, quinoa is pretty baller.

  32. Great contest! NYC Food & Wine Festival is a really fun event

  33. tigerfish says:

    I try to eat quinoa at least once a week because I currently don’t eat meat as often as I used.

  34. Awesome recipe, and awesome opportunity to go to the Food & Wine Festival.

  35. What a lovely quinoa dish. I must try it soon.

  36. Katie says:

    I just ate…but I want to eat this right. now. And it’s so pretty!

  37. Pam says:

    What a tasty and pretty looking stir fry… I love quinoa. The Food & Wine Festival would be so much fun!

  38. Eliana says:

    Hmmm – now I’m racking my brain about what I can tweet. In the meantime, running over to check out the recipe for this beautiful dish.

  39. What a great dish and a great opportunity 🙂 I love quinoa – so filling and great for you

  40. That Girl says:

    Sounds like a great tasting!

  41. This is a pretty dish. Quinoa has a way of looking pretty. All your dishes are pretty, actually.

  42. I’m sorry I don’t tweet! This quinoa dish looks great- you might make a vegetarian out of me yet. 🙂

  43. Mmm, I love quinoa so very much. I can’t wait to be in my own kitchen again so I can cook to my heart’s content. 🙂

  44. Can you travel to NYC if you are 9 months prego and about to pop? LOL! Great contest and I will tweet about it later although not sure I could even go if I did win, which I won’t win because I never win anything:) This quiona dish looks amazing with all the stir fry veggies! YUM!

  45. Chris says:

    I get all of my protein by eating vegetarians 😉

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