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Welcome to Wednesday Coffee Talk! A new feature on Eats Well With Others where we talk about nothing/everything. It’s gonna be awesome. I figured we could all use a break in the middle of the week to just take a second for some mindlessness. So pull up a chair and your cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate/gin and let’s get to it. (And definitely let me know whether you love it/hate it/never want me to do it again/want me to do it every day/etc.)

1. Getting paid in Amazon gift cards is good in principle since we buy, like, all of our toiletries and household necessities on there. That is, until I see something shiny and spend it on things I nnneeeeedddd instead of toilet paper. Which we actually do need.

2. Speaking of which, guess who just impulse-bought all three Tartine cookbooks! What should I make first?

3. The.Boy and I are competing against each other in his friends’ NFL playoff bracket. So every weekend, I spend all of Saturday and Sunday ignoring everything that’s happening on the television while he refuses to move from the couch or speak to me because it might be bad luck. And he’s about ten times as superstitious as this during baseball season. He even attempted to watch an old Mets game last night but I put my foot down. #saveme

4. My first Stitch Fix comes next week and I am SO excited. I am terrible at buying new clothes. I think most of what I wear now is either stuff I bought in college (5+ years ago) or stuff my mom has gotten me for Christmas. Wardrobe update=necessary.

5. Speaking of clothing, I bought The Dress! Well, really, my mom bought it for me. It’s a Vera Wang from David’s Bridal. I would link to it, but I have no faith that The.Boy won’t be so overcome by temptation that he’ll take a sneak peak. Now if only we could find a caterer that doesn’t cost MY ENTIRE YEARLY SALARY, I’d be happy. We might end up eating pizza at the wedding and I’m not even joking about that. Sadly, I think that would make at least half of our relatives very happy.

6. I’ve been trying to make at least one soup and/or salad to bring for lunch every week. So I’m slowly but surely cooking my way through these Pinterest boards. Now would be a good time to buy stock in baby spinach and vegetable broth.

7. DOWNTON ABBEY. W.T.F. I have no words.

8. What is this I hear about a second.polar.vortex?? Someone hold me. And bring me a space heater to wear under my puffy hot pink jacket.

9. You guys, I have made it a whole two weeks without turning our bedroom floor into a clothing train wreck! This deserves cookies.

10. Or a Tartine croissant. Hmmm.

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76 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. i love coffee talks..yayy for getting the dress 🙂 my wardrobe in a pretty bad shape too but for some reason I still prefer going to the store and shop, looking forward for you to share how you feel about Stitchfix. My salad a week is going pretty good for some reason but I need to check out pinboard for some inspiration.

  2. Sarah Toasty says:

    I joked with my mother one time that in the far future when I get married I want to cater my own wedding and she almost fell over… Michael Chiarello did it!

    And DOWNTON. I wasn’t paying attention when it started and my sister was like uhhh why viewer discretion tonight? As soon as they were in the kitchen, I was like NO NO go back to bloody war gore for viewer discretion! Sounds terrible, but she looked really pretty all mussed up… Calling it now, illegitimate child. Knew they were too happy in the first episode.

  3. Loooove the new series! Yay, Stitch Fix! I can’t wait to see what’s in your box….I hope you love it and let us know what you get. Also, hate to say it, but I’m not really into this season of Downton so far 🙁

  4. Yay love this new feature since I miss you and this way get to know what is going on in your life:-) Um, so many things to comment on but the DRESS…. eek SO exciting!!!

  5. Yes! We also buy our toiletries on Amazon. Well, not all the time, but we use it to get free shipping. Soap came with a headlamp. Toothbrushes with textbooks. My boo once needed free shipping on some books, so we ordered a huge box of t.p. Which makes me think, shouldn’t t.p. always come with books? If you need to get some reading done…..

  6. I’d only be super stoked if I went to a wedding and there was pizza. I’m not so much for the mushy/lovey dovey part of weddings and go mostly for the open bar. Pizza + open bar + fancy clothes = best party ever. Erm. Wedding.

  7. Awww, this is so fun! Congrats on finding your dress 🙂
    Hope you love your first Stitch Fix! I have considered doing it soooo many times but haven’t yet. I know many people who love it though. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

  8. THE DRESS is bought!! YAY!! Oh my gosh, that really makes it all so REAL. I love this new little series!

  9. I love this series – keep it up!

  10. I love this new feature 🙂

    I’m the same way: my entire wardrobe is old or stuff my parents have bought me. Surprisingly, my dad has great taste in shoes.

  11. Caroline says:

    I LOVE coffee talk! You’ve met me…you know how much I love to talk! 😉 I’ve been seeing lots of cute things from Stitch Fix…sounds like a great idea. I am the worst at clothes shopping too…it’s like torture to me! Good luck…I can’t wait to see what you get!

  12. Meg says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on getting The Dress, which is such a big decision. Mine was a Oleg Cassini from David’s Bridal, I believe, and I loved it. I’m sure you are going to look beeeeeautiful!

    Also, my first Stitch Fix is due to arrive any day now! I’m super excited — like, really excited. I keep checking the tracking on my shipment. Since losing weight last year, I have no idea how to dress myself . . . and my closet is just not working for me anymore. I’m hoping to start investing in fewer quality pieces I can combine in new ways to expand my wardrobe without having to shell out serious money for all new duds. Because, yeah.

  13. SallyBR says:

    Are we supposed to talk back in the comments? You better not get me started, you know better!

    Loved the post – now, definitely make the country loaf to start the ball rolling. Hope you don’t mind if I include a link, if not appropriate, delete it, ok?


  14. Yay for getting the dress…so exciting!!!

  15. Yay for Stitch Fix! I can’t wait to hear how you like it. I’ll take a tartine croissant 🙂

  16. gloria says:

    Love this lovely talk Joanne!! (so fun)
    I love Dowton Abbey soo much!!!
    I love Vera Wang and the dress would be georgeous ! Im sure!
    a tartine croissant would be perfect now:))
    Have a lovely day dear!

  17. Love this. And, can’t wait until we all get to see the dress at some point!

  18. Susan says:

    Ooh the dress! That’s when you know things are getting real and the wedding will be here before you know it! Also I don’t think I can take another polar vortex either. Didn’t even realize it was coming our way.

  19. Stephanie says:

    I love your new feature. Keep it!!!! And I hope you comment on your stitch fix box, whether good or bad. We don’t have this service in Canada so I have to live vicariously through American bloggers!

  20. Kristi says:

    I absoutely love this post idea! I would do the same thing with Amazon gift cards. You can’t help but to find something you need when browsing through Amazon, and toilet paper takes a back seat. Yay for finding your dress! I’m thinking about going for Stitch Fix. I’m a member already, but haven’t got any deliveries yet, but my wadrobe needs some updating and I’d rather buy good pieces, then just the clearance pieces I so often pick up.

  21. OMG YAYYY! I can’t wait to see the dress!!! and I’m so jealous about your Stitch Fix, I so want to do it!

  22. You know I really love these updates into your life, especially with a wedding in the works! YAYYYY for the dress! Since it was from David’s bridal must have been a whole lot cheaper than the real thing! YAY! I know ALLLLL about caterers, the wedding industry is a total rip off at times, but you only get married once! Good luck!

  23. I would be happy to never ever hear the phrase “polar vortex” again. I get chills down my spine just reading it!

    Love this feature though! It’s fun to get some non-food related updates and chatter. 🙂

  24. I am loving this new series – I love getting to know you better!
    Congrats on The Dress purchase! And pizza for a wedding sounds like fun – to me at least! I mean was it Julia Roberts who had hot dogs and burgers at hers?
    And I read cookies…yes to cookies ALL the time 🙂

  25. bellini says:

    This was fun Joanne. With my own daughter getting married in 4 weeks, I feel for you:D

  26. Simply Life says:

    Gah, I want to know what the dress looks like!

  27. I am SO down with Wednesday coffee talk! Keep em’ coming. You can’t see my floor. For that feat I definitely deserve a cookie.

  28. sandra says:

    I LOVE Vera Wang!!! If I had the money I would have definitely bought one of her creations – you have such good taste 🙂

  29. Lynn says:

    Love your flowers and that you got a Vera Wang! Awesome.

  30. Anita D'Souza says:

    Love the coffee chat! I’m in Michigan and not a huge fan of the cold (as in not leaving the house for a few days) but Emerald Ash borers are a big problem in our area and I was happy to hear that the deep freeze likely killed some of the larvae.

    How many people are you having at your wedding?

  31. I have coffee every morning so this is fine to take a break from recipes!

  32. Eating pizza in a Vera Wang dress – epic. Send me a picture!

  33. Love this new series!! And so pumped to see this dress! Best part of getting married. I haven’t watched the second episode of Downton yet, and I am scared. Pass the gin.

  34. Love this new coffee chitchat
    The flower looks lovely!

  35. andrea Thompson says:

    I love the idea of pizza too! Why not? Everyone loves it!

  36. Christina says:

    Great new feature 🙂 My second Stitchfix box comes today, excited! and now I am very happy to know that I am not the only one who creates “bedroom floor train wrecks” 🙂

    Congrats on finding THE dress, exciting!

  37. Eileen says:

    Okay, pizza sounds like the BEST wedding food ever! I just picture a big banquet table full of cake stands filled with whole pizzas lined up in a delicious row. And then a separate table with two gigantic vats of different salads. 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with going simple!

  38. Congrats on the dress, i wouldn’t post it, you don’t want copycats man.
    Love this post.. great idea.

  39. Tammy says:

    I totally dig it, Joanne! And how fabulous…I’ve got my coffee cup right next to me 😀

    Oooh I cannot wait for the day when you can post a pic of your dress! Vera Wang *swoon* what a dream come true. I mean seriously. I blame Vera Wang and Zac Posen for all those wedding day reveries that keep me distracted most of the time xP

    I did hear about the second polar vortex but so far there has been nothing but a heavy fog…maybe they’re wrong *fingers crossed*

    Oh and I’ve gotta say pizza isn’t a totally bad idea LOL…yeah you but be sitting thinking what the heck is wrong with these pizza…but pizza never fails…have a gourmet pizza party. It could rock…just sayin….anyway I am so looking forward to next week’s talk!


  40. Kate says:

    I love this new coffee talk Wednesday!

  41. Jacqueline says:

    Let me know how your stitch thing goes. I signed up but haven’t ordered a set yet. What a fun idea. And we REALLY WANT to see the dress!!

  42. Monet says:

    If only you could cater your own wedding. Haha. NOT. Don’t do it! You’ll find the perfect someone to make lots of delicious eats. And I love this new addition to the weekly blog line-up! Thanks for sharing Joanne!

  43. Cindie says:

    Yes, keep this going, I love cawfee tawk!

    A friend of mine who got married last year had the wedding reception at Roberta’s. She said it was fantastic and people were so thrilled to be eating pizza. So, maybe not such a bad idea :). So excited that you got your dress! I’m sort of holding out hope that the one I want from last year’s line comes up on EBay in my size, will be stalking daily until then.

  44. I love the new series and life updates!! So fun. Don’t worry about caterer…You will find someone. Maybe try adjusting other aspects of the budget? Like I saved a ton on flowers and centerpieces by doing ourselves to afford my dream shoes :p

  45. I actually have a cup of coffee in hand when I started reading your blog today so this post is super fitting…I feel like you’re really chatting with me. It’s definitely nice to talk some thoughts out and get to know the person behind the awesome pics and recipes. Congrats on buying THE dress…so exciting. 🙂
    I’m a Patriots fan and I just realized that I’m really into the games because I just asked him when they’re playing this weekend (in order to make sure we catch it). Hu, learn something new about me every day. 😉

  46. Trisha says:

    Love this! Three things:
    1. Congrats on the dress! Eeeek!
    2. Catering is usually the single most expensive thing. WHY? I don’t know. Those service fees are high too. People will remember the good food though.
    3. Downton Abbey. WTF. Still crying.

  47. Congrats on getting the dress! Are you keeping it at your moms house so he doesn’t see it?

  48. Beth says:

    All of my friends except me watch Downton Abbey, and I’m the only one I know who watches Sherlock. Wish I had someone to talk about it with!

    Love the Tartine impulse purchase.

    And love the feature, want it every week.

  49. Yay! Love this new feature! I’ve been thinking about adding one to my blog but my life is preeeeettty dull haha.

  50. I love this new feature and you should definitely keep it up! Congrats on finding your dress already!! That’s super exciting, I already can’t wait to see pictures of your wedding! 🙂

  51. Glad you got your dress sorted! I would do the pizza thing and spend the money on more important things 🙂

  52. I am all about coffee talks! I’m so excited to see what your dress looks like. Your gonna be in gorgeous in it.

  53. I came for the recipes but stayed for the stories. Looks great, Joanne. So exciting about the dress. 🙂

  54. Danielle says:

    Love the coffee talk! I hope you continue it! Congrats on the dress!! Exciting! And I’m totally with you about Downton Abbey…WTH! I’m completely addicted to all of it! Also, let us know how you do with Stitch Fix. I’ve always wanted to try it but have been too scared!

  55. Love this new addition to your posts, and CONGRATULATIONS on finding the dress! Very exciting – I’ll look forward to seeing it in time 🙂

  56. Pizza at wedding sound frickin’ awesome – seriously you could do some fun gourmet pies – just saying 🙂 I got my first StitchFix this week – I’m addicted -so fun! And I watched the entire season of DA online a few months ago and what happened this past Sunday is the main reason I’m just not thrilled with it right now – boo.
    Anyway, clearly I’m enjoying your new Wednesday coffee talk 🙂 (Oh and congrats on the dress!!)

  57. Sam says:

    My parents definitely had sheet pizzas at their wedding. In the pictures it looked like a lot of fun, so you should totally go for it. Or see how much it costs to get the pizza people from the Flea to bring their mobile pizza oven to your reception. My mother has already come to terms with the fact that if I ever do get married, she’ll hear about it 6 months later, but if I ever do get married and decide to invite other people, that’s what I’d do.

  58. LOVE these coffee talks with a capital L. And the suspense of not being able to see the dress is killing me!

  59. Teffy says:

    Yeey!! So cool you now have the dress. One of the hardest parts done. Now the food. Hmm maybe gourmet pizza??

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  60. Love this post! Can’t wait to see your dress! I’m sure it’s amazing. Another polar vortex? Nooooo i can’t take it. I may have just have a break down because it’s snowing and I have plans today.

  61. Margarita says:

    i love this!!! although i am as much of a fan of food as you are, it is nice to have a good glimpse of the lovely person that you are, behind the veggies, i mean COOKIES! i wanted to get that tartine bread book but i opted for ken forkish’s flour, water, salt, yeast instead and love it. congrats on finding the dress, one wedding stress down! downtown abbey… i am addicted.

    I’m not watching it right now because I’m too busy with exams and I’d proabably fail all the exams if I had to catch up on the whole series… but my mum is watching it and she told me everything and ok it made me cry for a whole day oh damn. I need to watch it very soon.
    I love these kind of posts hehehe. And I love the stitch fix service as well. If only I could get it here :—(

  63. p.s: can’t wait to see the dress ahhhhhhhhh!

  64. Shannon says:

    yay on finding the dress! and… good luck with the caterer! so.much.money.

  65. Love this coffee talk. So glad you found your dress. I think you are talking me into buying toiletries at amazon!

  66. Johanna GGG says:

    pizza at the wedding sounds ok to me – it would have to be your sort of interesting pizza – not some limp boring one! And can I please swap your polar vortex for a heat wave – please!

    quite like this post – will be interested to see how they develop

  67. Reeni says:

    Love this coffee talk! Such a cute idea. I’m very excited for you – I can’t wait to see the dress!

  68. Roz says:

    What a great idea Joanne! The best thing that you mentioned in the list is your Vera Wang dress! I’m sure it is absolutely beautiful and that you are stunning wearing it. the boy may weep when he sees you in it!

  69. Love these posts! Omg–your mention of the dress and catering is stressing me out. I have done NOTHING. And just the idea of starting gives me anxiety.

    And yesss!!! Downton. WTF! So horrible to watch.

  70. Melissa says:

    Love this series idea! Congrats on finding The Dress! Your Pinterest boards are amazing – I could spend hours there.

  71. I like this. I am happy for you that you found your dress!!

  72. Love your coffee talk feature! I’ve seen it on some other blogs and think it totally works for you 🙂
    So excited you’re getting stitch fix! I hope you’ll share it when you get it.

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