spring in NYC


1. I really think it might be spring this time. Sure, after I said that last Wednesday it HAILED. But, THIS TIME. For real.

2. The tulips agree with me.

3. A few weeks ago, our main A/C broke, which really shouldn’t have been a problem since it hasn’t been TOO hot…except that we live on the top floor in our building and ALL of the heat rises to the point that it’s probably 80F in our apartment at any given time. Our super came to check it out, hauled a new unit up FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS TO OUR APARTMENT…only to discover that it was a mislabeled broken fuse this whole time.

4. I would have felt bad, except I’m pretty convinced our super is a drug dealer. So, karma.

5. And yes, that makes me SO comfortable with him having the keys to our apartment. #saidnooneever

6. In case you’ve ever wondered who that person is who actually clicks on the trending articles that Facebook displays on the top right of your feed…that would be my husband. Yesterday’s gem was about why Times New Roman is a terrible font to use on your resume. I’m pretty sure the article suggested Comic Sans as an alternative.

7. #worstadviceever. Fail. Just, FAIL.

8. I’m going to be kind of busy in June honeymooning and going to science conference and trying to tie up loose ends for my thesis, so I’ve been trying to cook ahead for recipes for the blog…and OMG IT IS SO HARD. Mostly to actually write the posts ahead of time. And develop the recipes. And test them. And photograph them.

9. Okay, all of it is hard. If I pull this off, I will have earned my two straight weeks of gelato consumption.

10. To all of my fellow bloggers out there, how do you do blogging on vacation? I really want to do as much as possible beforehand so that I can really unplug while I’m away and not go crazy. ADVICE = WANTED.

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26 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. All I got out of the AC story was that you walk up 5 flights of stairs to your apartment?! I hope your elevator is just broken this week… I usually do a terrible job of blogging while I’m on vacation. I’ve done guest posts (which was honestly the very easiest, if you can let go of total control of your content for the day), scheduled posts a head of time, and typed them up while Josh takes 40 minutes showers in a hotel…. and I’ve also just 100% neglected the blog for several days. If I were going to be gone for two weeks, I’d probably do half guest posts just because I’m lazy 😉

  2. I love #6. How do I do blogging before and during vacation? just like you, I bust out as much work as I can beforehand, kill myself so I can “relax” while on vacation. I’m going on a girls weekend trip this weekend to SF and Napa and am going to unplug, or at least try to. I say just enjoy it, schedule as much as you can and just let it go. I mean, come on, you’re going to be on your honeymoon?!!! I will personally share as much of your posts while you are gone. 🙂 enjoy it girl. you only honeymoon once.

  3. When I was getting ready for “maternity leave” I just really busted my butt… that’s basically it. I wrote most of the posts but left a few done just waiting for prose. I also scheduled all of the FB posts in advance but that’s it. I just didn’t worry too much and tried to enjoy the time. Which you SHOULD!

  4. 1. YAY spring! 2. I laughed out loud at #4. 3. Blogger vacations are SO hard. I’m trying to decide what I want to do for my maternity leave. I go back and forth between guest posts, baking ahead myself, and just saying SCREW IT ALL I’M PEACING OUT FOR TWO MONTHS. I’ll probably end up doing some combination of the three. 🙂

  5. Oh no, top floor in summer is like a prison sentence. Good luck to you my dear!

  6. Louanne says:

    I click those trending articles, too. My husband often refers to me as “Sheldon” due to my tendency to work random facts into our conversation. Helvetica is the font, btw. ?

  7. Do you walk up those 5 flights of stairs? Everyday?? Kudos to you – but you are super fit so…that’s why you look so great and can climb those stairs.

    Karma indeed 🙂

    When I go on vacation I usually plan a few posts and schedule them. I have had a guest blogger one day but that didn’t work out super well. For me. You always make amazing meals so why not delay posting a few, schedule them for you time away?

  8. 6&7 – nobody should be using comic sans. Ever. EVER.
    10 – vacation??? What’s that? *cries*

  9. Haha – I didn’t even know there were trending news articles on FB – now I am gonna pay more attention!
    Not sure you want my advice, but I am a part-time blogger, so, it isn’t too hard to have 1 or 2 recipes scheduled – not sure I could do a whole week or two of posts though – yes, that would definitely justify 2 weeks of gelato consumption! 🙂

  10. Girl I do NOT know how you work FT, blog FT and do extra blogging for your honeymoon! Basically you are a super hero disguised as a blogger…

  11. Marina says:

    Hmm, blogging on vacation….obviously I would post something about it before I leave for vacation and then maybe do a huge recap after your time away. You’re clearly not a machine, and it’s your honeymoon!!! 🙂 You’re going to be needing some serious husband and wife time, and readers understand, trust me. They’ll be so happy when you come back! Especially me! 🙂

  12. Pam says:

    I do round-ups when I vacation. It gives my old recipes a chance to shine again and it gives me a real vacation. Bloggers need breaks too!!!

    I hope you guys are going somewhere amazing for your honeymoon and I really hope you share pictures. 🙂

  13. Kathleen Kennedy says:

    Since I’m not a blogger, just an avid fan of this blog, I really have no business giving you advice, but I’m going to anyway. I’m a mom, so I’m allowed, right? I say just go through the years of previous posts you’ve already done, and line up “classics” for us to read while you’re gone. How does that sound?

  14. For the first time in years I’m just going to not worry about the blog on my honeymoon. No guest posts, no anything. It’s just gonna sit and probably be ok. lol

  15. Heather says:

    I think you should fully enjoy your vacation and not stress too much about your blog. Maybe cut back a day or two so there isn’t as much pressure to prep posts for your time away? Or, some of the other great advice above and do some past favorite posts! Most importantly you should have ridiculous amounts of fun. 🙂

  16. Kelster says:

    I like that idea of filling in with round ups.

  17. Reeni says:

    I went on vacation and no one knew! I prepped my posts ahead of time and it WAS hard. The writing was the worst and it probably showed. I did some on the 6 hour car ride since I wasn’t driving. Maybe while you’re traveling since it’s such a long trip. . .

  18. Your tulips are lovely – between that and your 80’F apartment it sure sounds like spring 😀

    As for blogging on vacation, it’s a bit easier for me because my blog is smaller, but over the years I’ve grown more comfortable with just doing a post a week or similar while I’m away – either scheduled or sharing some images of where we are on our travels. In the scheme of things, being a few posts down won’t hurt you and if it prevents the next few months being super stressful it might be worth it!

  19. Yay tulips and yay spring! Also I totally click on those trending things on FB way too often… oops 🙂 And I’m definitely no expert, but a lot of people ask fellow bloggers to guest post, post less regular;y over vacay, do lifestyle posts/restaurant reviews, or just stock up!

  20. I am totally in the same June boat! I am going on a honeymoon and then 2 weeks later my kitchen is going to be ripped out (to be replaced, but that takes forever) (never buy a fixer upper!). Good luck! If you end up posting a little less while you’re gone, well, NO ONE would blame you. Enjoying your honeymoon is the most important thing!!

  21. Kelly says:

    Yay for spring! As for while you’re on vacation, you can either stock up posts, have guest posts or round-ups like other people suggested and just schedule everything land social media posts beforehand if you have time. I really hope you are able to unplug (at least mostly ) while you’re gone too – it’s your honeymoon so I say enjoy girl:)

  22. Do some “from the archives” type posts – that’s what I did when I had Ian. I scheduled out a few weeks worth of favorite recipes to post (mostly done between the time my water broke and the time we actually had to go to the hospital – ha!). Worked out great and eased the stress of putting together ALL new material.

  23. Katie says:

    yay for spring, and tulips and honeymooning. Boo for the ac, and the thesis, and the blogging preparation. I’m sure you could just step back on the blogging and enjoy your holiday!! No point putting yourself under so much pressure before you go that you spend the whole time recovering! x

  24. I am happy that we finally have spring, I love the colors that are coming out. It is hard to keep blogging when you are vacation, but I am sure there has to be a way to do it.

  25. Johanna GGG says:

    I’ve done a little of the writing blogs ahead of time and it is hard to get the enthusiasm when you are not posting immediately – is it because there is a lack of connection with readers? So I sympathise but am not sure of the answer. Perhaps if you write it in comic sans it will work better 🙂

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