Sweet and spicy is the name of the game in these maple-chipotle roasted sweet potato and plantain burrito bowls that are topped with a citrus and garlic-infused mojo sauce.

Maple-Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potato and Plantain Burrito Bowls with Mojo Sauce

A wise woman once told me that my baby would someday roll over, sit up, and crawl — away from me.

And guys, I get that. I can deal with that.


Mostly by squishing it all between her fingers, running her fingers through her hair and then hoping some of it drips down from her scalp into her mouth.

Totally reasonable self-feeding method.

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This drunken red wine risotto is made for cold winter nights that require a bowl of something warm to cozy up to. Filled with roasted cauliflower and mounds of goat cheese, there’s a whole lot of good in every bite.

Drunken Red Wine Risotto with Roasted Cauliflower and Goat Cheese

A new season of Top Chef is starting up again and that always gets me thinking about risotto.

I’m sure Padma and Tom would roll their eyes at my technique, which advocates for “frequent” rather than “constant” stirring.

But guys, this is real life.

With a child. And the internet. And facebook. And distractions!

And things that just don’t permit us to stand in front of our stove for thirty minutes.

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If you have leftover champagne from New Year’s (or if you just like champagne), these cranberry ginger mimosas will make for excellent brunch accompaniments this weekend! Plus the leftover homemade ginger simple syrup can be combined with seltzer to make ginger ale!

Cranberry Ginger Mimosas with Homemade Ginger Simple Syrup

Ay carumba.

Momma needs a drink.

Preferably with something stronger than champagne (tequila!!! Please Please Please!!), but I’ll take what I can get.

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This good for you sweet and spicy roasted vegetable and tofu hippie bowl is filled with so many favorite things – sauteed greens, spiced sunflower seeds, caramelized carrots, and crispy tofu all served on a bed of millet and then topped with a tahini citrus miso dressing.

Sweet and Spicy Roasted Vegetable and Tofu Hippie Bowl


I felt like I lost my blog mojo somewhere out there in 2016.

Returning to medical school + being pregnant + having a newborn + moving + residency interviewing does not make for a particularly fostering environment for recipe development and if we’re being totally frank, any time I had a spare minute, I really just wanted to lay on the couch and/or watch mindless television. But mostly I couldn’t do either because I had a baby napping on top of me and she cries any time I move and my boob falls out of her mouth. So mostly I just sat very still and did crossword puzzles on my phone.


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Healthy Winter Vegetarian Meal Plans


What. A. Year.

It was the year of Remy. The year our lives got turned upside down and inside out and will never be the same again. And that’s totally fine by me.

The year our country got turned upside down and inside out and can hopefully only rise up from here.

If you’re like me, then you’ve been spending your last week of 2016 frantically eating all of the pie/cake/pastry/cookies in your fridge to prepare yourself for a clean start in 2017. This week’s meal plan is all about eating healthy but deliciously to make sure we all start off this year on the right foot. With the promise of vegetarian chili, enchiladas, Indian fare, a winter veggie grain bowl, and the ULTIMATE vegetarian sandwich, I really feel like we have the tools to do just that.

Here’s to an even better year in 2017 than we had in 2016. I think we can.

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