Let me introduce you to your favorite drink of the summer – boozy rosemary watermelon lemonade! It is fabulous in all of its hot pink glory, totally refreshing and perfect to cool off with.
Boozy Rosemary Watermelon Lemonade



Can I just call it now?

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Pro tip: put lots of negative feelings about apartment hunting into the universe and everything will fall into place.

Yes that meeeaaannnnsss….WE SIGNED A LEASE!!!

It’s actually on an apartment that I saw a little less than two weeks ago and loved at first sight. I dragged the.boy to it the next day and we put it in an application, which took for.e.ver to be approved. So we kept looking. And I just kind of assumed with each passing day that we probably weren’t getting it.


It really is a great apartment, you guys. It’s BIG for an NYC apartment, with an actual room for a kitchen. (If you’ve ever seen the 2×2 alcoves that are marketed as kitchens here, then you know how amazing that is.) And there are windows in the kitchen!! WINDOWS!! Actually, it’s a corner apartment so every room has windows. Amazing.

Every apartment is a bit of a compromise, though, and for this one is that it’s not across the street from the hospital where I’ll be starting residency, like we’d hoped. BUT it’s only 13 blocks away. Totally walkable or bus-able. We can do this.

I’m actually super glad that apartment hunting over, because now I can focus more on cooking!!! And getting a backlog of recipes so that I’ll actually have something to post once the craziness of intern year starts. I’m basically done with all of my May recipes and have planned out what I want to post from now through September. Now, to actually execute some of it. It would also be really great to get some meals in the freezer (which probably means donating more breast milk to make space….) so that when crazy nights inevitably happen we won’t have to survive off of PB&Js.

I know Mother’s Day is this weekend, which means I shouldn’t have to cook AT ALL (hint hint husband), but realistically means that I’ll probably make tons of dessert to celebrate with. And some healthier things so we can start the week off on the right track. If you’re looking to do the same, this week’s meal plan can help you get there! It features a crunchy thai salad with a to-die-for creamy peanut dressing, a lovely veggie frittata that looks like spring on a plate, cozy Thai chickpea “meat”balls, a one pot pasta primavera, and the most loaded avocado toast that you ever did see. Happy eating!

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This EXTRA LARGE funfetti sheet cake is perfect for a children’s birthday party! It serves a large crowd (about 50 people) and is fluffy, delicious, and so festive.

Funfetti Sheet Cake

Remember when I promised you AN ENTIRE POST dedicated to Remy’s first birthday?!?


Kind of.

It’s at least a post about her cake! And by “her” cake, I mean the cake that I made for everyone but her and not the cake she actually ate.

Hmm. That’s a mind-twister, isn’t it.

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The summery flavor of elote gets baked into the coziest Mexican street corn and zucchini baked macaroni and cheese. It is super cheesy with the perfect amount of heat.
Mexican Street Corn and Zucchini Baked Macaroni and Cheese

I’m never going to learn from my mistakes.

Like, today, I spent the whole day apartment hunting.


My day would have been much more enjoyable had I gotten to take a shot every time the overenthusiastic looked-like-he-was-18 broker I was with said the phrase “spacious flexed 1 bedroom”.

Just saying.

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Blueberry macarons flavored with freeze-dried blueberry powder and filled with a barely sweet blueberry mascarpone filling.

Blueberry Macarons with Blueberry Mascarpone Cream

There’s no better time than the afternoon before your daughter’s first birthday party to figure out whether your ELECTRIC (<–GROAN) oven can handle macaron baking.

I mean, it’s not like you have an 18-inch sheet cake and a sugar free triple layer smash cake and DINNER still to make, or anything like that.

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“Apartment hunting” and “drinking game”.

Two phrases. One google search. In my search history.

I would take a shot for every time someone showed me a one bedroom that was marketed as a two bedroom and told me I could have the pleasure of installing a wall to convert it into a two bedroom myself….


BY 10AM.

On a good day.

Typical NYC housing market, you guys. Just typical.

We actually did submit an application for an apartment and now we’re just waiting to see if it goes through while kind of half-heartedly continuing to look at places. I really hope we get it because I feel more and more dejected with each broker I meet with. It’s really at the upper limit of our price range, though, so things are going to have to get pretty frugal around here once we move in.

Like pasta and beans, all day every day.

But until then…..

KIDDING. This week’s meal plan is actually filled with just that – pasta and beans! There’s a chickpea-ful thai green curry, cabbage rice fajita bowls, a crazy comforting pizza skillet casserole, curried chickpea buddha bowls, and a 5-ingredient ravioli salad. Just another instance of meal planning helping you stay on track with your budget. Happy eating!

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