I am going to live.  In this apartment.  In this room.  For the next four years.

I am going to live.  In New York.  Within a five block radius of exactly where I am now.  For the next seven to eight years.

(Unless I get married.  To a fine gentleman who whisks me away. To Brooklyn. Or the upper west side.  The kids and I will go for walks in Prospect or Central Park.  I will carry things like parasols and wear things like shawls and say things like dahling.  It will be lovely.)


As probable as all that is.

Like I said.  I will be living in this exact room.  For the next four years.

And so after one year of pretending to live here.  Faking it.  Not quite believing that it was real.

I decided it was time to move in.  Fo realz yo.  (As my little sister would say.)

And when people move places, do you know where they go?

I’ll give you a hint.

It’s a dangerous place.  I had to slay a few dragons to get there.  Bargain with a few Norse gods.  Eat a few lingonberries.  Pledge allegiance to the Scandinavian flag.

Yes, the store that strikes fear into the hearts of impulse shoppers worldwide.



Sophie and I went on an expedition there this weekend.  We expeditioned through some Father’s Day traffic en route to Long Island.  And then we expeditioned through the store.  And then we expeditioned our way back to the car with many pounds of bookshelves and pretty plates and a lamp and a wine rack and cake decorating stencils (what!  They were ninety-nine cents.  How could I resist something like that?).  And then we expeditioned our way through dinner and dessert with my family (and by expeditioned, I mean epic journeyed).  And finally we expeditioned our way back to our apartment.

Where we then began carpentering.

Did you know that I could carpenter?  Because I didn’t. In fact, I was pretty sure I didn’t know the difference between a hammer and screwdriver.  (Although last time I checked, there was some intrinsic link between GETTING hammered and DRINKING screwdrivers.)  But guess what.  When you buy bookshelves from IKEA.  You don’t need to know the difference.  Because the instruction booklets use pictures.  Not words.

Boo yah.


After a day of carpentering.  I was on a roll.  So I made this sweet corn and wild mushroom soup.

And using my newfound carpentering strength.  I CRUSHED a strip of bacon over the top.  Seriously.  I pummeled that bacon.  It was satisfying.

Then, to top it all off.  I got around to reviewing Tyler Florence’s California Chardonnay Marinade that I was sent through BloggerAid, a group that tries to raise awareness and money to fight famine worldwide.  I marinated some pork in it.  For hours.  Many hours.  Then I threw it on the George Foreman.  The way that carpenters are inclined to do.

And it was tasty.  Very.  Tasty.  A little bit of citrus and vinegar.  Sweet mixed with tang.  Something to keep on hand for those days when you’re not really sure what you want to marinate your meat in.  But then you open up the cupboard and there it is.  Major kudos to Tyler for supporting such a great cause and making such great products and to BloggerAid for saying, hey, Joanne might like this.  Cause I did.


This soup is a Michael Symon recipe (surprise surprise).  And what is interesting about it is that he has you first cut the kernels off the corn and then make a stock with the stalks.  Then, once you have your corn stock, you simmer that with the corn kernels for almost an hour.  Puree it, mix it up with some sauteed mushrooms (LOCALLY GROWN).  And CRUSH some bacon over the top.  Maybe I just got some especially good ears of corn (also LOCAL), but their sweetness mixed with the saltiness of the bacon.  Was really good.  So good that I am submitting it to Souper Sundays, hosted by Deb of Kahakai Kitchen.  And to the blog hop going on over at Two For Tuesdays.  And Ashlee will post it in her Symon Sundays round up.  In two weeks.  This soup is getting around.  Like yo mama.  Just kidding.

Sweet Corn and Wild Mushroom Soup
Serves 6, adapted from Symon’s Live To Cook

Corn Cob Stock
6 ears of corn
1 red onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, sliced
2 sprigs thyme
1 tbsp coriander seeds, toasted
2 quarts chicken stock or water
1 tsp salt

2 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove, minced
1 tsp fresh thyme
1 cup almond milk (Symon calls for heavy cream)
1 recipe seared wild mushrooms (take 1 lb of mixed wild mushrooms, saute them with olive oil, salt, thyme, shallots and garlic)
1/2 cup crumbled, cooked bacon

1. Cut the kernels from the cobs of corn and set them aside, in a bowl.  Toss the cobs into a large pot with the onion, garlic, thyme, coriander, stock, and salt.  Bring to a boil.  Lower the heat and simmer for 45 minutes.  Strain the liquid through a fine-mesh strainer, discarding the solids.  There should be about 4 cups.  You can store it in the fridge overnight.  (I did.)

2. Heat oil in a small pot over medium heat.  Add the garlic and sweat it for 2 minutes.  Add the corn kernels and sweat, stirring with a wooden spoon, for 3 minutes.  Add the thyme, stock and milk, and simmer for 45 minutes.

3. Puree with an immersion blender (Symon says to remove have the corn and puree that in a blender.  But I decided I wanted it to all be pureed.).  Divide the soup among six bowls.  Garnish with mushrooms and bacon.

Disclaimer – Although I received the marinade for free, I did not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review. My thoughts and feelings on it are entirely my own.

Send in your recipes to this month’s Regional Recipes: Greece!  E-mail: [email protected].

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89 Responses to Sweet Corn and Wild Mushroom Soup

  1. knk says:

    wow joanna this soup looks awesome , i am so earger to eat this i felt too much hungry great recipe

  2. Simply Life says:

    Oh IKEA, why does it have to be so fun to wonder through your aisles? Soup looks delicious! 🙂

  3. Pam says:

    Wow, that soup looks like it was made by a carpenter!

  4. Glad that you enjoyed the Tyler Florence products Joanne, IKEA and making soup. I am sure you will come up with some delcious recipes in the next 4 years:D

  5. girlichef says:

    Wowza…that looks pretty stinkin’ tasty!! Something about the goodness of corn…it’s so “from the earth”…I know, corny (wink,wink)!! Looks amazing Joanne!! Thanks for bringing it to Two for tuesdays =)

  6. The soup looks wonderful and yumm! I loved reading the post-funny, so many different links between a hammer and screwdrivers.

  7. Pam says:

    Your soup looks delicious, Joanne! Anything with mushrooms has me hooked. It would be lovely to see you walking with a parasol in Central Park! Have a good day!

  8. Kristin says:

    This soup sounds divine! I wish that my store carried the marinade but it doesn’t. I cannot wait to give this soup a try.

  9. Katie says:

    The only soup I can eat in the summer is corn soup… and one with bacon sounds even better. Congrats on surviving an Ikea trip, and I hope I have the same luck when I go next week.

  10. Kim says:

    Sounds like you made for a good carpenter. I can’t put anything together to save my life.
    I love that Symon uses the corn cobs to make a stock. I’m going to have to remember to buy some almond milk so that I can sub it out for cream. Looks delicious.
    Saw a show yesterday where they featured Doughnut Plant (no idea how close that is to you). They actually have a peanut butter and jelly doughnut! I want one so bad! It reminded me of you and made me laugh:)

  11. Ameena says:

    Ikea is almost as scary as Costco on a weekend…almost. I rarely take my life in my hands to visit either store!!

    Your soup looks fantastic! I love anything and everything with corn.

  12. Eliana says:

    What an amazing looking soup. And when you move, come to Brooklyn. I promise you won’t regret it.

  13. Marcia says:

    LOVE Ikea. Glad there isn’t one near me. Whew!

    That soup looks awesome.

  14. Mary says:

    I love the idea of using the cobs to make a soup stock. That is an inspired idea. The soup sounds amazing. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  15. lisa says:

    I love the idea of making stock from the corn cobs. Have to try that! The mushrooms look delicious too.

  16. Sippity Sup says:

    Ok, Ikea is a bold step towards domesticity. Congrats! But oddly I am made a corn soup and will be posting it later today that used corn cobs too. I made my recipe up but had seen that cob trick done by my brother who is a French Culinary Institute grad so I figured it was the right thing to do.

  17. oh what a wonderful soup got to love a trip to Ikea lol

  18. Ashlee says:

    i can’t wait to make this one, i have so much corn at my house right now…. i can’t stop buying it! at first i was like hm…. soup in the summer… but the corn is just too good right now to pass it up.

  19. Look at that froth on top of the soup! Love it! The almond milk is such a nice touch… I’d imagine it adds a lovely earthy flavor.

  20. Mo Diva says:

    i will buy an immersion blender just to make this soup.
    i adore it!

  21. I almost spit my coffee out at the terror of IKEA. I could live in an IKEA until the day I die. Good thing the closest one is 2 hours away. I’m looking at my own living room…how I’d love new bookcase… where was I? The soup. I have to say that I like Michael Symon…must buy a book of his. Here’s I’ve been buying corn, and never though to make a stock with it. Brilliant! You know Tyler and I are tight, right? (as if….)
    Enjoy your IKEA nest.

  22. Sarah S. says:

    Extra sassy! 🙂 I am in love with this technique of using the bare cobs for the stock. Must try!

  23. Joanna this soup looks fantastic! Love the sweet mixed with tang…my kind of soup!

  24. What a great idea to use corn stalks to make stock! Love this comforting soup! I can finish the entire bowl now. 😉

  25. Suman Singh says:

    ahh..such a comforting soup..looks yummie!

  26. sra says:

    I visited Ikea for the first time last year. I remember when we were getting our apartment done 10 years ago, I showed the carpenter (we are not at all DIY in India) some Ikea catalogues and asked for wardrobes like those, and he smiled like he was talking to a child and said, it’s not practical to make everything you see in books. 🙂
    I think the bacon’s colour really lifts the soup.

  27. I read and then i re-read this post…why…coz my heart skipped a few beats and my knees wobbled…i was donuts:-))
    i double checked to make sure…what was it….it wasnt any gentleman whisking me away to love that lives for eternity….or…..well its the IKEA factor====shopping====compulsive shopping….thats what am up too these days online and well super excited for the 1st box to roll in , click pcis and put up a post….
    Shopping and all with it, all the carpentry and woodwork..[excitn] u top it with this delicious soup….ahh bacon sounds so good [specially for some1 who has skipped dinner:-))), ok i did have fruit despite no carbs after 7p…lol]

  28. RamblingTart says:

    Good for you, Joanne!! I am settling into my place for longer than expected too, and am having such fun making it my own, finding spots for my creative ventures, making it so comfy and cozy. 🙂 You’ll have to post pictures of your newly adorned digs. 🙂

  29. Ikea can be overwhelming but you’ve reminded me I want to take a trip there soon. Are you going to show photos of your carpentering skills? Your cooking skills are obvious from the wonderful soup you created.

  30. OMG… CORN COB STOCK… You rock!

    Sigh, I am missing the first batch of Kansas Sweet Corn right now… Ah well, I am off to the beach to drown my sorrows.

    Oh, and if you jog with a tray of bacon cupcakes, those Brooklyn dreams would be closer… but I digress

  31. i love that bowl! and, of course, the yumminess inside!

    xo Alison

  32. Lovely soup in a lovely bowl. One of your Ikea Loot? Glad to know that you had a great time!

  33. Hi Joanne! I’ve bought bunk beds from IKEA, bookshelves, and why are their no words for their directions! It is insane!

    Love that you are decorating your place up, that’s fun!! And that soup looks absolutely yummy and I’m not even a huge fan of mushrooms, but I would eat that for sure!

  34. Lori Lynn says:

    I was looking for a good base for a corn soup for our next supper club dinner. I think I just found it! Thanks!

    Wishing you much happiness in your new-found home 🙂

  35. polwig says:

    Love Ikea and the good thing is those shelves will last you about 3-4 years so you will not feel bad throwing them out when you move to the upper east side penthouse. This recipe is wonderful but I am so pre programmed in adding a little red pepper to corn soup… what is wrong with me?

  36. Faith says:

    I’m glad you’ll be in your place for a while — that really makes it feel more like home, you know? And you’re a carpenter too — OMG, is there anything that you aren’t amazing at?! 😉

    LOVE the soup — corn is one of my favorite summer eats.

  37. Kelsey says:

    hey thats how i put together my bookshelf- haha ikea is great!.. just like jesus ur one fantastic carpenter right? lol…

    its been awhile since i had a good corn chowder. im suprised at how urs has a frothy consistency ontop! and id never even think of pairing it with wild mushrooms.. but then again, im more of a baker than a chef 😉

    xoxo <3

  38. There’s nothing you can’t do, girl! I love the idea of using the cobs to make the stock. A little trick I will store up for future use. I bet the soup is incredibly delicious! Tyler’s marinade sounds like a winner too.

  39. ahhh IKEA! the mecca! 😀 i’ll try my best to stay away 😀 your soup sounds heavenly!

  40. Stella says:

    Hey Joanne, this soup is beautiful. I love the look of it. So much that I’m going to look for corn this week at the store (amongst other items)…

  41. My mouth is watering! Congrats on the Ikea trip! That’s how you know you’ve both settled and made it in the world. Do you ever watch Real Housewives of NY (I’m hooked.. to the entire Bravo network)? “You’re a mean girl in high school and I’m- I’m in Brooklyn!” I really hope you watch that show or else this makes no sense whatsoever. Anyway.. this soup looks delicious and I’ll be at Cornell in less than 2 weeks! WOOP WOOP!

  42. Jessica says:

    What an AWESOME photo! This looks delicious!

  43. Amy says:

    IKEA. Oh my, yes. They opened up a ginormous one in Minneapolis a few years back, about 10 minutes from our house. I had to show some serious restraint at not going there…every day. So, we’re back in Cali, and what do you know? There’s a brand new, ginormous IKEA about 10 minutes from us. It’s a sign I tell ya.

  44. Bo says:

    That looks so delicious…I have those same place mats on the table right now.

  45. theUngourmet says:

    Ikea is such a dangerous place! There about 1,237 things that I absolutely have to have…sooner or later. 🙂 Your soup looks fantastic! I love the bowls!

  46. tigerfish says:

    Must be quite pain-staking to make the corn soup out of fresh corn of the cobs. I cannot stand removing the kernels from the cob even if it just means slicing them off the cob. :O

  47. elra says:

    Oh I love corn very much. This soup sounds like a winner joanne.

  48. Marisa says:

    Your mad crushing/carpenter skills paid off – this looks fantastic! YUM.

  49. Soup looks lovely & delicious

  50. Barbara says:

    Aren’t you the clever one? Becoming a carpenter as well as a doctor. (Somewhat connected aren’t they?)

    Anyway, the soup looks delish. Of course bacon helps, but I love the idea of simmering the corn cobs.

  51. This soup loos wonderful. I have often made corn soup/chowder but have never made a corn cob stock. I bet it adds a ton of flavor. I’m going to have to try that!

  52. Naomi says:

    I love it! Nice review. Your Ikea adventures- I totally agree, the kinda place that appeals to people who lack some impulse control(including myself in that bunch), but you know what….I LOVE that store.

  53. Stella says:

    Hey Joanne, thanks for that tidbit of agricultural info on corn. It made me feel a lot better actually. I’m going to look for organic corn masa to try and relieve all psychological stress (smile). Thanks Again, Stella

  54. Giovanna says:

    Love the soup, it’s divine dahling! Bacon and corn, who could go wrong with that!!
    I always get sucked into the IKEA abyss, all of my kids furniture comes from there, it’s so bright and free, I love it. : )
    The first time I heard Michael Symon laugh though, I kept looking around for the dead carcasses, I swear that man is part hyena.

  55. bacon crumbling…next you’ll be CAN CRUSHING! =D with your muscles from strength training!!!


    hmm. i’ve never been a big fan of soup, but mushrooms..i like dem ‘shrooms. =D

  56. Lo says:

    I LOVE… LOVE!… making stock with corn cobs. In fact, I often save the cobs in the freezer so that I can make soup with local corn in autumn when the air is chilly and we’re longing for soup.

    Corn and mushrooms were made for one another, so I’m positive this is phenomenal.

  57. Shannon says:

    i’m drooling right now, and totally want a bowl of this 🙂

    good corn already? seems early, but i’m in!

  58. ann0987 says:

    This is really a comprehensive cooking blog! I can’t help wonder how you do all the cooking, blogbing, plus studying and research. That’s so incredible!

  59. Bethany says:

    yet again I found myself giggling through your whole post. Thanks for making me smile and for adding this great recipe to our Two for Tuesday blog hop! It looks seriously amazing! i love the idea for using the corn stalks to make stock – I’ll definitely going to try that 🙂

  60. Margot says:

    Oh, that looks delicious and colours are amazing! 🙂

  61. I have never heard nor tasted corn stock but it sounds fab for a major corn lover like myself; the good news is we have some fresh corn outside the kitchen which will be ready in a few weeks for our enraptured consumption, so this soup will come to mind first: love the idea of adding mushrooms (earthy, intense) to the mix!
    I have never been to Ikea; I hate huge stores, they give me a headache and a stomache.

  62. Julie says:

    hahahaha oh good sweet lord IKEA is so addicting. it just screams either ‘i”m going to college’ or “i just moved in with my friend” or “newlyweds!”

    hahaha but i like that yours is “i’m going to live in ny forever”

    hopefully someday you’ll be at bergdoffs picking out china for your “i met my mr. big and i’m living across from central park” mode

  63. Looks really good and wow, never heard of making stock from corn cobs. Neat!

  64. welcome to your apartment girl! love that you went to ikea-that is what i knew you would say. and love that soup-how wonderful!

  65. Raina says:

    Women Power!:) We can do what ever we put our minds too…at least, you

    You did all that and then still made homemade soup? Impressive! The soup sounds incredible.

    I have never been to Ikea but have heard good things about it. Glad to hear you finally moved

  66. Jen says:

    whoah, your pictures are looking awesome and your recipes are so interesting!

  67. Julie says:

    I love Ikea, not that I’ve ever bought any furniture there. But I sure love looking at it then eating their meatballs. Your soup looks scrumptious!

  68. Carolyn Jung says:

    You crack me up! Ikea! I tell ya, whenever my hubby and I visit NY, we are left just scratching our heads about how people there deal with shopping at places like Ikea or Home Depot or Trader Joe’s. Here, we just pull up and park our car in the lot and then load it up with our purchases to take home. In NY, where you have to rely mostly on cabs and the subway, do you have to lug all this stuff home by yourself? I mean, what if you needed lumber to build a bookcase? How does one take that on a subway train?? Amazing!

  69. Great soup. Fantastic use of bacon.

    Be well.

  70. Great summer soup! Sun dried tomatoes and tarragon are the 2 top faves to pair with corn, but earthy mushrooms work too. As for Ikea…you have to be full of gusto to hit that place! It’s a doozy.

  71. Cristie says:

    IKEA is really one place I just get the hives when I go in . . . too much. Your soup looks fabulous, excellant!

  72. Debinhawaii says:

    I love IKEA–wish we had one here. The soup looks amazing. Corn cobs make the best stock–whenever I cut corn off of them, I throw them into a Ziploc and toss them in the freezer to make stock with later. Loving the bacon on top. Thanks for sending it to Souper Sundays. 😉

  73. Luigi says:

    Yes, I made the stupid mistake of coming here just before lunch. OMG your food looks so good. Another excellent, beautifully photographed recipe.

  74. Luigi says:

    Your blog-post previous to this one, another OMG! I think I have found my second sister, Mari doesn’t cook so good. lol.

  75. sweetlife says:

    like yo mama…too funny , me and hubby say that to each other when the mamas irrate us, love ikea oh man..and your soup, stock from the ears awesome and you go girls..crush that bacon


  76. Ms. Meanie says:

    Ikea is a fun place! People are always raving about their breakfasts, but I’ve never tried it. This soup looks awesome, btw. Love the use of the local ingredients, and with wild mushrooms, I don’t think you could ever go wrong!

  77. Chris says:

    You and Greg of SippitySup rocked out the sweet corn and seafood soups! Nicely done, Joanne!

  78. I always leave your posts with a smile! That soup looks amazing! I just chose a corn soup for our gourmet group that we are hosting on the 4th from Stir by Barbara Lynch. She recommends throwing the cobs into the stock also.

  79. Katy ~ says:

    Ooooh ya! Does that look good. Love corn soups, this one looks amazing!

  80. Ooooo! This recipe looks so good! Totally gourmet! I’m going to bookmark this one!

  81. giz says:

    I can’t even think that anything that comes from either Michael Symon or Tyler Florence could be anything but incredible. I love the ease of the marinade and thank heaven for George and all the little Georges.

  82. Kerstin says:

    IKEA is just such a destination – I always find things I didn’t know I needed too!

    I love all the layers of flavor in this soup! And A is a huge wild mushroom fan so I have to save the recipe 🙂

  83. Cynthia says:

    I’ve been seeing so many fresh corn soups around and this one looks amazing too! I have to admit that I love going to Ikea if only for the cheap and delicious frozen yogourts 😉

  84. vialentino says:

    hi hi there…love ur recipe and ur food post…thanks for sharing…will visit here often

  85. Shirley says:

    Ok I think I got it- Chef, Doctor, carpenter, priest.
    Love the soup. The wild mushrooms must have kicked up the flavour.

  86. Lovely flavours! I wish I can cook corn more (my husband is not a huge fan). and I have to agree, Ikea is indeed dangerous!

  87. Ooo that marinade sounds yummy and the soup too! I made a Thai corn stew not that long ago and you just reminded me about it – I think the photos got lost or forgotten! I’ll have to find them and post about it soon. I loooove corn soups.

  88. Lucy says:

    Thanks for a great recipe. I didn’t bother to strain the stock, just added in the corn. It could have had a bit more liquid … but it was absolutely delicious! I’ll make this again!

  89. Joanne says:

    Lucy – I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by!

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