In case you haven’t noticed.

I’ve been looking for men in all the wrong places.


I blame it on my mother.  (Of course.)

Who for years told me I had to marry a doctor.

However.  Being that doctors are highly coveted as far as husbands go.  We plotted.  Connived.  Planned.  And thought.  No.  Best to get them before they’re doctors.  Straight from the source.

Buy locally.  If you will.

And that’s why I went to medical school.

(To think you all thought I wanted to do something ridiculous like get a higher education.  For.  Shame.)

Obviously, somewhere along the way things went awry.

Because, after a year of medical school, not only am I sure that I will probably not ever marry a doctor.  But I also really love medicine.  Which goes against the cardinal rule of schemes like these.  That is.  To not get emotionally involved.  Kiss with your eyes open.  Look both ways before you cross the street.

Good advice.  Not always the easiest to follow.

So now.  Not only will I be spending the next seven to eight years in school.  Followed by a residency.  And a postdoctorate position.  But I will not be doing it with my husband, the doctor, at my side.

Like I said.  Things went awry.


Plan b.

Online dating.

Why restrict yourself to small population of individuals in one tiny corner of one very large city.  When the entire world wide web can be at your fingertips?

And that’s why I started this blog.  Sure, I could have aligned myself with any one of the many dating websites out there.  Made a profile.  Sent messages back and forth.  But that would only have allowed me access to guys who know they want to be in a relationship. Far too many of whom think they want to be in a relationship but actually just want to get laid.

Blogging, on the other hand, allows me to get under the skin of unsuspecting individuals.  Use my wit and charm to lure them in.  Have even the most commitment phobic of them all thinking things like, “God Joanne is awesome.  I wonder what it’s be like to wake up next to her for the rest of my life.  Til death do us part.”


That hasn’t quite panned out either.

And so I was at a loss.  Until I read Erica Bauermeister’s The School of Essential Ingredients for this month’s Cook the Books.  A novel that tells the story of a group of people who find themselves in the same cooking class in the same restaurant at the same time.  The class is run by Lillian, the owner of a small Italian restaurant, who first learns to cook as a way to reach out to her mother in the wake of a soul shattering divorce that leaves her holed up in her own world.  As such, Lillian understands how powerful a good meal can be.

Food, as it were, appeals to the soul.  Our love of it is visceral.  Ingrained.  Unifying.

Which is why it is not surprising that, over the course of the weeks that they spend together, the lives of Lillian’s students become increasingly intertwined.  Everyone falls in love.  In some way. Or another.  With each other.  With themselves.  With the process of creating something from scratch and being able to say.  Here.  Yes.  I did this.

The take home message being, I believe.  That if I want to meet someone.  I need to enroll in a cooking class.



So for this month’s Cook the Books, I decided to make pasta.  And by make pasta, I don’t mean buy a box of pasta from the supermarket, boil it in some water, and call it a day.

I mean.  Make.  Pasta.

From scratch.

Because if ever you’re going to forge a connection, whether it be with food or with a real live person.  You have to get your hands dirty.  That’s just the way it is.

This dish was fantastic.  The homemade linguine, though I struggled with it at first, tasted fabulous.  And the zucchini (locally grown!)/caper/lemon/pine nut sauce.  Made me quite happy.

Homemade Linguine with Zucchini, Capers, Lemon, Pine Nuts and Herbs
Serves 4, adapted from Deborah Madison’s The Greens Cookbook along with Daily Unadventures in Cooking

3 cups AP flour
4 large eggs
1 tbsp water

1. In your brand new KITCHEN AID STAND MIXER that you purchased at a reduced price with your $100 gift certificate from CSN (see picture below.  And yes. It is sitting on a bookshelf.  That I made with my bare hands.) mix together the flour, eggs, and water.

2. Once the dough comes together, cover it with saran wrap and allow it to rest in the fridge for twenty minutes.

3. Get your pasta maker ready.  Give the dough a good knead for a few minutes, then split it into 4 equal-ish balls.  Start feeding it through the pasta maker, going from the thickest to the thinnest setting.  When it is at it’s thinnest (or at the desired thickness if you don’t want it to be super thin), run it through the linguine cutter attachment.  Either freeze or cook.

1 lb zucchini
1/2 cup parsley
1 lemon
2 tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup pine nuts
4 shallots, roughly chopped
4 tsp capers
a few sundried tomatoes, cut into narrow strips
salt, pepper, grated parmesan to taste

1. Slice the zucchini into pieces about the same thickness as the pasta you are using, then cut them into narrow matchsticks.  Bring a large pot of water to boil.

2. Chop the parsley.  Remove the peel from the lemon with a vegetable peeler, then cut the peel into thin slivers.

3. Heat 2 Tablespoons of the oil in a small pan and add the pine nuts. Cook them until they begin to color, then add the shallots and cook over medium heat until the shallots are limp and the pine nuts have colored even more. Do not burn the pine nuts.  When done, transfer this to a large bowl, along with the lemon peel, capers, herbs and dried tomato slices.

4. Add salt to the boiling water, drop in the zucchini and fresh pasta.  Cook until the pasta floats. Drain and place in the bowl.  Season with salt and pepper and lemon juice to taste.  Toss until the noodles are coated with the oil and herb mixture.  Serve with the grated cheese, passed separately.

This is my submission to Cook the Books, Two For Tuesday, and Presto Pasta Nights which is being hosted by Helen of Fuss Free Flavors.

Also, the new Regional Recipes location has been posted.  We are heading to ETHIOPIA!  Check the site for ideas about what to make and rules for how to play!


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115 Responses to Homemade Linguine with Zucchini, Capers, Lemon, Pine Nuts, and Herbs – Cook the Books

  1. Katerina says:

    I do agree with you. You should not marry a doctor. It is going to be very boring. You should find someone who does something different from your subject. It will be more interesting and adventurous. The pasta looks great and I appreciate the time spent to make it.

  2. Jen says:

    you rock! I so LOVE your mixer and your cool book shelf! I want that mixer in APPLE RED! ahhhh!

  3. Simply Life says:

    oh I’m so jealous – I drool over kitchen aids! Ha, I’m glad you’re making good use of it though! 🙂

  4. Tasha says:

    Yum! This looks delightful. Fresh pasta is awesome and so are the ingredients you’ve paired it with. Love your choice of color for your KA!

  5. Giovanna says:

    Okay, first off. Doctors are not all they are panned out to be. Yes, the money is good, but let’s just say, they are very fond of their nurses. And their students. And anything else with curvy legs. And they are always gone. Believe me. BELIEVE. ME.

    Second, I found my husband through food. And I was paid to find him. Ha-ha !! We met at the hotel I was working for and he was the Sous Chef for one of the the restaurants in the hotel. As a catering manager I had to have a very close relationship with the kitchen staff. And we had a very close relationship. Everyday for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. I decided I would marry him after he cooked his first meal for me. And he’s been cooking for me ever since! I think people do best with someone who has a common passion, like food. You will find mister right some day and when you do, he will be the whipped cream on your ice cream!!

  6. SE says:

    Fresh pasta…thats awesome !
    Theres a saying, Marriages are made in heaven, but happen on earth !! Good Luck with your search !

  7. Pam says:

    Joanne, thanks for the laugh so early in the morning!

    You keep making your homemade linguine, you’ll catch your future husband in no time. But, I really think a stand-up comedian would be perfect for you, so go to the comedy clubs!

    Just wish my Kitchen Aid mixer looked as fresh and new as yours! Love that green!

  8. Pam says:

    BTW, thanks for the book review! I will be reading Bauermeister’s book!

  9. This looks super delicious!

  10. I’m totally jealous of your stand alone mixer, it’s gorgeous! This pasta looks fantastic, good enough to lure any man in I’m sure! You’ll meet Mr. Joanne in the most unusual of spots when you are not even expecting it. 🙂

  11. Mo says:

    I absolutely loved this post. 🙂 By the way, I never thought marrying a doctor would be all that great, ’cause they’d be pretty busy all the time, you know? 😛

  12. doggybloggy says:

    what a wise purchase – I bought more knives with my gift certificate – maybe not so wise a purchase since I already have way too many knives to begin with….nothing beats fresh pasta – in fact thats my motto!

  13. Fresh pasta looks great. Love the vibrant green shade of your mixer.

  14. You should do a cooking class AND online dating. My old roommate in London used to always get down about not having a boyfriend – so I put her on Match.com. A week later, she met Ross. Two years later, she married him! {Clearly, I’m a believer.} Either route you go, the next worthy date should get this linguini – DELISH!

  15. Amy says:

    Ooooh, I think you’re on the right track. A cooking group. Perfect. What do they say? – “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” – Homemade pasta and he might propose right then and there. And HE’LL be the one bragging about marrying a doctor.

  16. Marisa says:

    How can any guy resist your charms? I vote for the cooking classes – catch ’em in a confined space, that’s the way to go.

  17. Dawn says:

    Wow home made pasta. I have to hand to you girl. I’ll marry ya if you make this for me for dinner. Wait. Dang. I’m already married. Maybe I can get him to make me this pasta.

  18. Mo Diva says:

    im crying becuase i want a pasta maker! no! i want a kitchen aid stand mixer.
    the fresh pasta looks amazing!

  19. Lori says:

    Oh my, I love that mixer! It would not match my kitchen at all, but seeing that cheery green would be worth it. I have to get a pasta maker because I am seriously missing out. I just love your close ups of the food on the fork. I want a bite!

  20. Ty'sMommy says:

    Oh wow! Love it, love it, love it. I simply adored this book, could not put it down. I’be been trying to decide what to make for CTB since finishing it.

    Your pasta looks wonderful! I have to admit, I have rarely made my own pasta. I’m usually in too much of a hurry, but thanks to you and the book, I may just have to give it a shot now! Nicely done!

  21. That mixer is lovely!! I just bought one about a month ago, but it’s just white.
    This meal looks wonderful!!

  22. Pam says:

    I missed your posts! I know you want to be a doctor but you really, REALLY, should be a writer… you rock girl.

    Love this dish… you are inspiring me to make my own pasta. You know, open a box and boil it. Just kidding.

  23. Julie says:

    gah i’ve been so mia. i apologize SINCERELY. i think we should start a food for men blog. we write a post about food and have men bid on us. like the man can say “i’ll cook 5 of joanne’s sweet potato falafal for 1 date in central park..”

  24. Love the dish. Great flavors. Love the addition of sun dried tomato. Presented beautifully.

    As far as blog dating…yikes! Best of luck to you.


  25. Hey… I just hosted a dinner with a single Federal Marshal, lives on St. Croix (one of the other Virgin Isles). He wants to marry someone that can cook as well as me… so you already have that (and that you are a woman going for you).

    I did serve him a chocolate bacon cupcake… he ate two.

    Love the kitchenaid color

    And making pasta.. you really do rock

  26. Rachana says:

    Nothing like home-made pastas! I am hungry now 🙂

  27. sophia says:

    Ew, don’t marry a doctor. They have bad handwriting and probably bad social skills because they spent most of their time holed up studying. Well, except you because you make pasta and are super cool.

  28. Joanne
    Whenever I feel the need to relax I visit you; you crack me up! OK, let me tell you from my experience, my brother is a cardiologist, I would steer you away from doctors; most of them become pompous, condescending, and very boring. Second of all, keep having fun. Having a husband is overrated!
    Love that pasta, the sauce and the color of your mixer!

  29. i love it! my mom said the same thing. you are getting absolute revenge by becoming the doc-now you defnitely do not need to marry one ;)great pasta btw!

  30. Mari says:

    HAHA so THAT’S why you went to Medical school? lol

    congrats on your new mixer…it is so pretty =) and kudos on making that kick ass bookshelf…how can ONE person be so talented? share the wealth lol

  31. I almost said ”i do” @ medical school , ok i did:-)),i thought there was something ,he tot there was none!!!

    ow cud i think,beats me now and it jus happened a bit ago…lol

    Ur pasta is gorgeously delicious …but wait what i am bursting to say is that I.LOVE.UR .SHELF.AND.STAND.MIXER.
    The color co’ordntn is so so cute and so muc Summer…
    Id probably have to pick the one in Red too , to match all the hearty things that happen to me and in my kitchen!!

    i love everything about this post as muc as ur deliciousness and gurl those pics are so so good!!!

  32. Shannon says:

    that is one sexsi kitchen aid 🙂 lurve mine, even if it is in black! and this homemade pasta? guys should be standing in line. if you figure out where to find the single ones… let me know, i’m also looking 🙂

  33. this is why we’re friends. and you’ll find someone. i’m STILL LOOKING! GAH! guys should be after you for your cooking skillz! man!

    i’m supposed to marry a tall, handsome, asian doctor..BUT NOT A MED STUDENT. as told by my mom.

  34. Ameena says:

    I loved reading this…it was so cute! I believe that husbands are totally overrated and doctors are underappreciated. I admire you for doing what you love, no matter your reasons for going into medicine in the first place. 🙂

    My parents always wanted me to marry a doctor too…I think it’s a problem with the older generation.

    Anyway, since you can make pasta from scratch AND are going to be a doctor, any guy would be lucky to have you!!

  35. Cindy says:

    first, i am making this pasta. now. (or when i’m home from work and i don’t get food all over my desk.)

    second, i don’t see you with a doctor anyway. i peg you more for the college professor intellectual with a funky side … maybe he has a garage punk band on weekends.

    hope you’re well and enjoying the summer!

  36. Dear Joanne,
    Well, where to start??
    1- As you noted my husband is really great and it’s not a once in a while thing it’s consistantly.
    2- I met him on eharmony in 04 and we’ve been married since 06. Strange but true. I thought internet dating was for losers. So, “internet or devine intervention”, I choose devine intervention. Give it a try.
    3- Fantastic photos of that delicious sounding pasta, I’d give anything if my photos rocked like that. My dad is photographer. It’s embarrasing :/
    4- I always love your blog and you’re right. any guy would be lucky to have you!! Hold out for the very best, you’re worth it!!

  37. girlichef says:

    omg, it’s sooooo pretty!!! The happy little lime 😉 And YES, you’re soooo right. Cooking class. That way hubby can have food waiting on the table when you get home from a looooong day of work. Or better yet, he can be waiting for you and you can cook together! Great post, Joanne…and thanks for sharing it w/ Two for Tuesdays, too =) Your pasta looks kiiiiillllleeeeeeer!

  38. Danielle says:

    wow!! homemade pasta AND a kitchen aid? I’m so jealous! And yes…enroll in a cooking class quick! not cuz you need to learn to cook, of course 🙂

  39. wow wow looks amazing and homemade pasta your a such a great cook and i love your blog its inspiring

  40. Alisa says:

    Homemade pasta will definitely lure them in … the Italians at least 🙂

  41. RV says:

    So when are you joining Cooking class Joanne 😉 LOL Home made pasta makes me feel nostalgic..

  42. Anonymous says:

    wow, did the finding-mate-through-blog thing not work out because ONLY girls ever read your blog? (based on quick scan of comments)
    or do you edit out the sultry comments that hot men leave about your glistening photos of linguine?

  43. Pasta looks great…and I love your green mixer!!

  44. Joanne says:

    Anonymous – There are a handful of guys who read the blog…but the vast majority are happily married. I yearn for sultry comments. Especially those from hot men who live in the Tri-State area. Any takers?

  45. I LOVE this post! I remember having a friend in law school who told anyone and everyone that she was there to find her husband. And indeed, she found him, married him, and had three of his adorable babies. They couldn’t be happier. Fingers crossed for ya! 🙂

  46. LunaCafe says:

    I agree that you will fall in love with at least several people over a 12-week cooking class. I owned the Northwest Culinary Academy and saw this happen again and again, year after year. Now, I’m not talking romantic love particularly. But the life long friendships that were formed in those classes were truly amazing. There is something about doing what you love in the company of others doing the same. Wonderful post! 🙂 Best …Susan

  47. Lea Ann says:

    Great post. I wish (like you had time) fly to Denver and make me make pasta! My mom used to make it all the time…have I?? Ever??

    I think you should not marry a doctor, wait until you’re doing your residency, and when Justin Timberlake gets hurt in New York, ends up in the hospital, charm and nab his ass… or else one of those guys from Twilight if they’re still famous and really rich.

  48. Nadji says:

    Un plat de pâtes maison comme je les aime.
    See soon

  49. Raina says:

    You are so funny. You will meet someone when you least expect it and he will be a very lucky guy. I did not meet my husband until I was 25, sort of a blind date. Most of my friends were already married. You will know when he is the right one. I think a doctor is still highly possible in you future:) Don’t rule out dentists either (my brother is a dentist so I am partial..lol).

    Your homemade pasta dish sounds super delicious, very impressive. Thanks for sharing it.

    The book you read sounds interesting. I will have to pick it up. I am looking for some summer reading:)

  50. sweetlife says:

    too funny and great color choice of mixer…marry a doc, dear you are the future doc, let the men come running to you…


  51. Faith says:

    I love the color of your new Kitchenaid! Gorgeous. Your pasta looks incredible, I have yet to make my own from scratch. (I have no excuse…I need to make this! 🙂 )

  52. Little Inbox says:

    I have a new noodle maker lying in my kitchen cabinet for months. It’s time to get it works. 🙂

  53. Congratulations on your new mixer! It’s a beaut! I love making homemade pasta with mine and this recipe sounds delicious for when my zucchini are ready to use – which will be any day now and then I’ll be overrun.

    Hopefully, you’ll be overrun with proposals by handsome doctors in the next year or two 😉

  54. Bridgett says:

    I needed the laugh and I always love your lighthearted, sweet posts. Your pasta looks incredible and I am going to go out on a limb and say ‘healthy’ with the veg in there, lol.
    Good luck with men in the medical profession. They do make for interesting husbands, I’ve learned. 😉

  55. Jess says:

    Oh man, I’ve actually told my perpetually-single friend (who reeeeally doesn’t want to be perpetually single) that she should meet people through cooking classes. That was until I went to a cooking class — almost this time last year actually, since it was a French pastry class run on Bastille Day. The class was full of two kinds of groups of people: parent/child duos (lots of mums or dads with their teenage daughters) or raucous groups of women in their late 20s or early 30s who seemed to just want to drink wine, shriek and squeal excitedly over absolutely nothing, and make a lot of sexual innuendos. And then there was my boyfriend and me. So yeah… probably not any good of me to make a generalisation from n=1, but that certainly wasn’t a cooking class that anyone could have met a life-partner at.

    (Then again, I wonder if those groups of shrieking women were all single and they had all gotten together to go to the class to meet men… men who possibly knew to avoid such classes because they were full of groups of shrieking women. Who knows!)

    BTW you asked whether I’m in research: why yes I am! Heh. I’m about a third of the way through my PhD in cognitive neuroscience at the moment, investigating the neuropharmacology and physiology of higher-order prefrontal cortex functions, using mainly EEG. Fun! I love stumbling across other food bloggers who have a science background. We should all get together in some sort of online group so that I can post pictures of the chocolate truffles I arranged with toothpicks to look like dopamine molecules and get feedback other than the usual “Are you insane?” 😉

    P.S. Your Kitchen Aid is stunning!

  56. Yay for the beautiful new mixer! And the matching bookshelf! The pasta sounds so delicious – you can’t beat homemade. And the sauce is utterly divine! They say food is the way to a man’s heart…maybe you could find a Dr. with a true appreciation for good food and the one cooking it. This is my wish for you.

  57. Sook says:

    Just love all the ingredients in the recipe! Looks fabulous!

  58. Bonnie says:

    I have no advice on finding a man for you. But I do love the green mixer. I have it in red and white but I love my red one the best. This pasta looks amazing. Some guy is really missing out somewhere in the tri-state area. You do it all. Smart and you still can find the time to cook. And someone could be marrying himself a doctor. You are a catch!

  59. Mary says:

    Did I detect a bit of food porn? I could have sworn I saw two embracing noodles. It’s a terrific post and I love your pasta. Have a great night. Blessings…Mary

  60. That green stand mixer is gorgeous! Did you enroll in your cooking class yet? Not sure how you would have extra time in your day for that. There is nothing like home made pasta…..go you!! xo

  61. s says:

    OOOhhh lucky u..I would die, kill,, anything for a kitchenaid!!!!

  62. Julie says:

    LOVE the new kitchen aid, what a fabulous color! The recipe title is just a list of things that make me go “squee!” or something like that. Top secret thing for your ears only..I met my beloved spouse on line. Many years ago, 13 I think. I’m not sure if they had dating sites back then. It was accidental. Then I accidentally hopped a jet to meet him, and here we are. All married and stuff.

  63. Cool kitchen Aid!
    Love your zucchini pasta too. Simply a summer delight!

  64. I loved this post! My kind of reading! If I were not married I think I would take cooking classes in hopes of finding Mr. Right! That pasta is perfect too, they way I like pasta – rustic, local, from scratch! YUM!

  65. Rachel says:

    I like your take on the Ms. Bauermeister’s book. Thanks for sending this over to Cook the Books this month.

    I am sweltering upstate with no AC, (we never usually have 5 days in a row of 90 degree heat, pant, pant), so this is slowing me down in the kitchen, but I hope to have my own Cook the Books post up soon.

  66. What a post!!
    The mixie with matching paper is super cute!
    Ethiopia is a great choice and I look forward to explore this country’s recipes.
    The pasta sauce looks delicious and your home-made pasta are awesome!
    Regarding men, it always happens when you are not expecting it (and I am talking of personal experience!!) With your cooking skills and wit, he will be a lucky guy 😀

  67. Barbara says:

    That was a good book, Joanne, I really enjoyed reading it. And yes, enrolling in a cooking class just might be the answer! (must remind myself to tell my daughter this!)
    Hope you are making it through the heat up there!

    Great recipe, BTW!

  68. abigail says:

    My first date with my husband he cooked for me and that pretty much sealed the deal.

    that recipe looks delicious- especially because I’ve been looking for something to do with all my zucchini.

  69. RamblingTart says:

    Dear, dear Joanne, your post is both funny and beautiful and I love it. 🙂 You are such a treasure and it would make me so happy to see you with a man you adore and who adores you back. That’s my hope for you. 🙂 In the meantime you are a TREASURE to all of us, and bring us much joy every single day. Selfishly I’m glad your plan went awry so we could learn to live life beautifully from you. 🙂

  70. Lele says:

    I feel like I will not be able to really call myself a good cook until I tackle homemade pasta. But I’m not gonna lie, I’m intimidated… but I do have a kitchenaid on my side.

  71. Just found your blog through 5 Star Foodie and I LOVE IT!!! I’ve been wanting to make my own pasta forever now, and I’ve bookmarked this recipe to make sure it’s one of my first attempted dishes.

    Also, LOVE the color of your KitchenAid mixer. Perfect!


  72. polwig says:

    My brother has a tshirt that says “real men marry doctors ;)”… personally I do not recomend marrying a doctor, marry an architect instead. They are artists with a brain plus they are always very well portrait in the movies.

  73. Karen says:

    Never say never, Joanne! Haha… someday when you’re blogging about making baby food for the little one that you and your doctor-husband produced, remember this post! I love the sound of this pasta… so lemony. I’m putting it in my stack of recipes and when our zucchini is ready in the garden, I’m making it!

  74. Eliana says:

    I have been to some wonderful cooking classes and can attest to how they are a great place to meet people. Even future husbands 🙂

  75. I love your green mixer!! I have never tried to make pasta myself… one of these days i need to.

  76. Stella says:

    Hey Joanne, you know, I have to be honest here and say I’m not with all of the mothers who push their daughters into marrying doctors and lawyers. Not good! I happen to know these schools are full of egomaniacs and social climbers (that is not a slight towards you, my lovely!) and any normal individual that attends them notices this! No, a life full of money and stress is not necessarily a life worth having. Not that it always turns out this way, but it most certainly can. Let me tell you, my Cauldron Boy is Prime Beef Jewish Attorney and the drama around here is out of control!
    Pasta and romance sounds awesome though. And your homemade stuff looks great.
    p.s. you are very young and will find a good husband who loves you soon enough. And, yes, he might be a doctor or a mechanic. Who cares? Your’e gonna be a doctor anyway (smile)!

  77. spamwise says:

    Great recipe and it looks good as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  78. Debinhawaii says:

    Great post–so glad you liked the book. Your pasta turned out beautifully–all of my favorite flavors too! 😉

  79. grace says:

    all i can say is kudos to you for making fresh pasta. i’m impressed.
    i love your neon kitchen aid. i’m jealous.
    i hope you get lots of offers from attractive, available men through your blog. i’m dreaming. 🙂

  80. Kristen says:

    I love the School of Essential Ingredients, too. I think it speaks to foodies on a totally different level than regular folks.

    I love the new Kitchenaid. I am still trying to figure out what to do with my CSN $100. I feel another giveaway coming. I like to spread the love.

  81. Carolyn Jung says:

    Too cute! I think great food always leads to great loves. Yours, no doubt, will come any day now, what with the likes of this luscious pasta to tempt him with. 😉

  82. Yosha says:

    Home made pasta?! Seriously! Wow you are a star!

  83. That mixer is the most beautiful color possible. And I can’t believe you make pasta AND go to med school AND read stuff on the side. So ridiculous. This looks so delicious!! Nice try on the not dating a doctor. We talked about it last night but if it isn’t the case already your social circle may be reduced to doctors only. Just saying 😉 I’d definitely recommend dating a non-doctor though if you can swing it!!

  84. AHAHAHA! Congrats on getting the Kitchen Aide mixer… definitely a life changer. I’m obsessed with homemade pasta… I did stop making it for a while because I could really eat it all the time. You’ve basically included all of my favorite pasta toppers into one dish… especially the pine nuts and lemon. YUM!

  85. Velva says:

    Food…the way to all of souls. You might as well connect to your prince charming via food because he is not going to make it with you, if he does not enjoy food or at least eating it.

    Love that Kitchen Aid mixer. I can see why you are rocking with the pasta.

  86. Nicole, RD says:

    Haha, who ever you find…is very lucky 🙂 And for what it’s worth, I recommend online dating. I’m pretty happy (and married)…7 years later 🙂

    This dish looks AMAZING!! LOVE capers!

  87. Your brand new kitchen aid stand mixer is just about the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since my boss had her baby ten months ago. Yep, it’s on par with a newborn in terms of gloriousness.

    I have always wanted to do homemade pasta. I am afraid I’ll fail at it. And then I get mad at myself for not trying simply because I think I might fail. Silly of me, really. It is the FUN that counts, obviously. Especially with somehting like linguine.

    I would LOVE to try momofuku. They have a milk bar too, I have heard, with delicious dessert items….

  88. By all means enrol in a cooking class Joanne!!!!

  89. Ruth Daniels says:

    Great post and gorgeous pasta. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pata Night.j

    Note to Joanne’s mom…I DID marry the medical student, who dumped me for the OR nurse 8 years later and his parting words…”I really will miss your cooking”. Fortunately, a wonderful man found me and we’ve been together for 20 years. So, my advice…stop looking and love will find you.

  90. Oh Joanne, I honestly think it’s impossible not to fall in love at least a little bit with you every time you make a post. Your writing is often so smart, witty, and touching all at once. Way to go making your own pasta and falling in love with medicine ;p. Your linguine looks and sounds delicious.

  91. saveur says:

    You had me hooked that you had fallen for a reader! I love you and your blog the more I read it – and I don’t even know you – and I don’t even swing that way. 🙂 When you find that special someone, they will be very lucky. 🙂

  92. Woah that pasta looks like it was made for me. And you made homemade pasta again?! Goodness. Also, I am completely in love with your green kitchenaid on your green and white shelf!! So cute.

  93. Dana says:

    Green! I’ve never seen a green one. Love it. I still (STILL!) have yet to make homemade pasta. Next week I swear. Looks delish. I met my husband on kiss.com which got bought by match.com. We met way back in 2000. Don’t knock it ’til you tried it.

  94. Johanna GGG says:

    fantastic post – men are contrary beasts but any that don’t fall in love with this pasta and creator needs their head read – and if that fails who wouldn’t want to spend their lives with you and that beautiful green mix master

  95. I loved the way you described food and our connection to it, quite deep and precise. Don’t worry, I have all the confidence in the world that you will meet your match.

  96. 2 doctors? You won’t have time for each other!

  97. elra says:

    Impressive Joanne! I never made my own.

  98. the twins says:

    that looks so good! i made my own pasta once but it didn’t turn out so well. i love your bookshelf too!

  99. wow that looks so lovely..

  100. I met my significant other through my blog (not my food blog, but my earlier “all about my” style blog).

    He found it, read it, loved it, sent me a complimentary e-mail, and from there we communicated on line for about three months before we met up. In February, we will have been together six years, so I give a big thumbs up to the online thing.

    Don’t marry a doctor. He’ll ask you if you feel ok, and when you say that yes, you feel fine, he’ll stare at you, turn his head to the side, and examine your face with squinted eyes before saying, “really??”

    That’s what doctors do. You’ll be a hypochondriac for the rest of your life.

  101. Kerstin says:

    Yay for your new mixer – it’s gorgeous! Your pasta looks so yummy too!

    I read that book last year and can’t remember what I thought about it, so it obvious wasn’t too memorable, haha. I bet you’ll meet someone when you least expect it – it just always works that way!

  102. That is a seriously green mixer and I’m seriously green with jealousy over it! Mine is boring white and getting pretty old, but it does still work so I can’t really justify replacing it yet.
    Your pasta is gorgeous and sounds delicious. A warning though- don’t buy pine nuts that are from China. I got some this spring (Melissa brand) and they caused a horrible taste in my mouth for over a week. Blech! Thanks for sharing!

  103. Deborah says:

    You are too funny! And I’m amazed – making pasta from scratch while in medical school? Awesome!

  104. Um yum… I can still remember my great grandmother making homemade noodles when I was a little girl. She’d drape them all over the dining room to dry. 🙂

  105. Cynthia says:

    That is one sexy sexy looking kitchen aid mixer…I’m so envious! Of the pasta too! 😉

  106. Ms. Meanie says:

    OK, I have so much to say about this post! First, AWESOME kitchen aid! I LOVE the color. Very retro!! Second, you are hilarious (buy locally)! Third, I think you need to give the online dating thing another try. OK, I’ll admit I’ve never tried it, but more and more I am meeting couples who have met online! You could be the next Molly Wizenberg and meet your future husband through your blog! How awesome would that be? Finally, homemade linguine??!?! Dang girl, I will never figure out how you have the time to make all these awesome meals!

  107. Shannalee says:

    Ha! Awesome post. I just made homemade pasta for the first time last weekend and I have to say: this stuff is powerful. Who knows what it can accomplish?

  108. Andreas says:

    Well done on the homemade pasta.

    Even though I’m rooting for the other team, I second what Jess said above about cooking classes being less than optimal for meeting a future partner. In my experience, the male-female ratio of cooking classes is about the same as the female-male ratio of, say, chess clubs. At the end of the day you are left with the impression “So that’s what it must be like for a girl who wants to become an auto mechanic.” 😉

  109. Foodycat says:

    Don’t marry a doctor, your schedules will never coincide for long enough to have dinner together! This is a lovely-looking dish and I am totally jealous of the kitchen aid. I want one!

  110. WendyGK says:

    With that wicked sense of humor, those lovely noodles and that alluring mixer, he doesn’t stand a chance–Get thee to a cooking class!

  111. Finding a man in a cooking class – What a great idea! If I wasn’t already very happily married, you could, definitely, sign me up for that! Your pasta looks wonderful. Kelly

  112. Claudia says:

    Great job on the pasta making. I’ve been telling myself to do that for ages now. And, I will, I will. Maybe after I get one of those nifty green Kitchen Aids! Have you signed up for your cooking class yet? I want to do one in Italy.

  113. Foodjunkie says:

    Well even if you don’t find a husband you will always have your Kitchenaid!!! 🙂 Try using ‘OO’ flour for the pasta next time (the type Italians use for their pasta, a very fine soft flour, for perfect results, especially as far as the texture is concerned.

  114. Simona says:

    I am glad you love medicine. That’s important. And I am glad you enjoyed making pasta. That’s important too. The rest can be put into perspective, even things that seem to have gone awry.

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