I have been harboring a fugitive in my apartment.

Unbeknownst to me, of course.  I’m not the type of person to willingly open up my doors to the criminally insane.  (And if you believe that, I’ve also got a flying pig to sell you.)


Seriously, though.  I let this one specific character in almost a year ago.

We met in the supermarket.  He was one of many (though he doesn’t really like it when I say that) cans of pumpkin sitting on a shelf at Whole Foods, on sale for a dollar a pop.  Maybe it was his green casing that caught my eye.  Maybe it was the allure of the luscious orange puree that he promised to yield when opened.

I can’t remember anymore.  Nor does it really matter.  In the end, he was on sale.  He was organic.  He was “100% pure”.  And thus he made his way into my shopping cart, onto my shelves, and into my life.

Picnik collage

And we really lived peaceably for quite some time.

Then, yesterday, I was musing about what to cook for this next PFB challenge, which is to provided a “how-to” picture tutorial for any dish of your choosing.

I was pretty set on making pizza.  I grew up on homemade pizza, you see, having a father whose grandfather used to own a pizza parlor.  Pizza dough making is in my blood.  In fact, it is highly likely that I am actually comprised of some early twentieth century pizza dough particles.  So really, it’s also in my bones.

So I left for running practice yesterday morning with a plan.  And came back to the image you see above.

Mr. Pumpkin Puree over there had leaped from my bookshelf.  Into my bed.  And was laying there.  With the most seductive look he could muster given that he doesn’t actually have any facial features.  Saying, “Take me, I’m yours.”


Well, there was no way I could cohabitate with him after that.  He obviously had some personality disorder/mental issues and though I am supposedly being taught how to issue a Mental Status Exam and diagnose such things, in reality, I know nothing about anything.  I am not a trained psychiatrist regardless of what my mother seems to think when she calls me at least once a day trying to diagnose everyone in our family with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

So I dealt with this situtation the only way I knew how.  I baked.

Out came the KitchenAid stand mixer, a veritable superhero and champion of all things that are good in this world (specifically red velvet cakes, focaccia, and Italian meringue buttercream), ready and willing to aid me in the fight against deviant cans of pumpkin puree.

And that was how this pumpkin-infused pizza dough was born.  On a wing and a prayer. With a pinch of baker’s yeast.  If you didn’t believe in serendipity, you will now.  Because this was the best pizza dough I’ve ever made.

Let’s get started.

Picnik collage

The key to making dough of any kind is to make sure your yeast is still alive and kicking.  To “proof it” as they say in the professional baking world.  To do this, just mix 1 tbsp dry active yeast or 1 packet with 1/3 cup brown sugar and 3/4 cup of lukewarm water.  I just use the hot water from my tap.  You don’t want it to be TOO hot, however, as that could kill your yeast.  If it’s too hot to stick your finger in for more than five seconds, then it’s too hot.  Rule of thumb.

Swirl it around with a fork.  And then walk away from it so that it can do its thang.  Just as a watched pot never boils, a watched bowl of yeast never proofs.  Trust me.

Picnik collage

While you’re waiting, take 2 tbsp of butter and place them in a small saucepan with 3/4 cup water and 1 tbsp salt.  Melt the butter over low heat.    When this mixture has cooled down enough that you can stick your finger in it (remember the 5 second rule!), go and check on your yeast/water/sugar mixture.

It should look foamy.  Kind of like the bottom left picture above.  This means it’s alive and ready to raise the roof.  And your dough.  Good stuff.

Pour the water/butter/salt mixture into this and mix it all together.

Picnik collage

Now, it’s time to gather your next two ingredients – bread flour and our favorite little sexual deviant, the can of pumpkin puree.

I like to use King Arthur Flour for all of my baking needs.  You can use whatever you want, but King Arthur Flour is good quality stuff.  So if you want your bread to taste good.  I would use this.

Picnik collage

Measure out 6 cups of bread flour (720 grams) into a large bowl.  When I am baking, I always measure by weight.  It’s way more accurate than using measuring cups and actually way less messy.  Especially for yeast breads where the ratios are extremely important.  Definitely worth the twenty or so bucks that I paid for it.  In fact, considering all of the therapy visits it’s saved me from by sparing me from the trauma of wet droopy doughs…it’s basically paid for itself.

Mix 1 1/2 cups pumpkin puree into the yeasty mixture.  If you haven’t been doing this in the bowl of your stand mixture already, then pour the whole gloopy mess into it.  Using a dough hook, mix the bread flour into the pumpkin/water/yeast mix 1 cup-ish at a time.  When all of it has been incorporated, let it beat the dough for about 10 minutes on speed 2.  If the dough is seriously sticking to the side of the bowl, then it is too wet.  Add more flour until the dough can be stirred for 2 minutes while staying stuck to the hook and not to the bowl.  I had to add probably around 1 cup more.

Plop the dough into a large bowl.  Cover with a damp towel and let rise in a warm area for one hour.  I like to put it on top of a preheating oven.

Which reminds me, you should start preheating your oven to 500 degrees.  Stat.


Once it has risen, cut the dough into two equal pieces and set one aside.  Take the other one and roll it into a ball.  Cover it and your hands with some extra flour if it is too sticky.

At this point, the clouds may part and the heavens may open up, shining their light down on your ball of dough.  I don’t guarantee it.  But it is certainly possible.


Take a pizza pan and lightly dust it with flour.  Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough until it just about meets the edges of the pan.  If you find that it is resistant, let it sit for a minute or two.  Turn on some light FM.  Drink a glass of white wine.  Dim the lights.  Really foster a relaxing environment.  Then, when it’s got its guard down.  Go at it again.

And voila!  You can now breath a sigh of relief.  Firstly, because the hard part is over – you have just made your first pizza dough!  And secondly because, man you have shown that pumpkin puree.  He will not be trying to jump into your bed anytime soon.  Although that’s more than I can say for your mouth.

Oh, and remember the half of the dough that we set aside a minute ago?  Wrap that baby in plastic wrap and pop it in the freezer.  You’ve just got next week’s dinner in the bag.  Amen to that.


Toppings time!

The beauty of pumpkin pizza dough is that you can really take it in any direction you want.  Mix a little cinnamon and ginger into the dough while adding in the flour, and you have the makings for a dessert pizza.  You can go the traditional route and top it with some cheese and tomato sauce.

Or you can really shake things up, as I did, by piling on the spice.  In the form.  Of curry.

You have doubts, you say?  Well, I did too.  However, the spiciness and heat of the curry is complemented beautifully by the subtle almost-sweetness of the pumpkin.  Trust me on this.  I may not be the millionaire matchmaker but I know my flavor pairings.  Especially when it comes to a certain orange vegetable.

Picnik collage

Slice two onions into thin slices.  Saute in 1 tbsp oil and a pinch of salt for 20 minutes over medium-low heat or until the onion is slightly brown.  Add in 2 tsp curry powder.  Throw in about 7 cups baby spinach.  Saute, continuously stirring all the while, until the spinach is wilted.  Taste for seasoning.  Using a spoon, place the spinach/onion mixture on the pizza, trying to leave as much liquid behind in the pan as possible.

Cut up some fresh mozzarella into thin slices, about 8 oz.  Layer it onto the pizza.

Cook at 500 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until the bottom of the pizza is a light shade of  brown.

Cut into eighths.  And enjoy.

Inspiration for this pizza dough was gotten from What’s Cooking Mexico.  This has been yeastspotted and will be also making an appearance over at Meatless Mondays.  This has been linked to Marla’s Happy Post on Family Fresh Cooking!


This is my entry for Project Food Blog Challenge #4.  If you like what you see, I would really appreciate it if you would head on over tomorrow (Monday, October 11) after 9AM and vote for me!
Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me in last week’s challenge.  I cannot and will not be able to do this without your support!  And I am eternally grateful to those who have propelled me along thus far.  It’s been a crazy fun four challenges…so please help me to stick around for more!


Today is your last day to enter into my challenge over at MarxFoods!  So please go check it out.  There are some FUN prizes!

Also, please send me your entries to Regional Recipes: GERMANY by October 31st!


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118 Responses to Spinach and Onion Curry Pizza on a Pumpkin Pizza Dough Crust – Project Food Blog Challenge #4

  1. Big Dude says:

    Great instructions and your pizza looks phenominal.

  2. Tasha says:

    Congratulations on making it to the next round, Joanne! I loved this post- besides the fact that your pumpkin pizza crust sounds awesome- but it was rather informative too(never heard of the rule of thumb for water temperature & measuring out flour makes so much more sense and way less messy!)And also because it was cute and funny with fantastic pictures. You’ll have my vote! Good luck!

  3. wow! I am often speechless when I come over here to check on you; would LOVE to try this as I am a BIG pumpkin fan; I imagine it tastes very good, with a hint of sweetness, like a roll would. Oh my! You are really letting your inner child out in the kitchen J.!

  4. Martha (MM) says:

    Yes, definitely speechless! This looks so good Joanne! Another one for my must make list. By the way, how much for the flying pig? I’ve always wanted one of those 😉

  5. LimeCake says:

    cool! i’ve never seen pizza made this way before! this looks like an awesome combination.

  6. Hannah says:

    Okay, so I don’t make much pizza at home, but next time I do, I want to make this one! That combination of veggies and seasonings just can’t be beat, and with a little vegan mozz, it sounds like a slice of heaven. 😉

  7. Excellent! The crust looks perfectly perfect! And I love the curry topping alot!
    Good Luck with the round 4!

  8. Simply Life says:

    Oh I’m so happy you made it to the next round and want to eat my computer screen – nice work, once again! Congrats!

  9. Sippity Sup says:

    Curry is an incredible ingredient and so creative to bring it to a pizza. Great entry! GREG

  10. Congrats on the next round! WOO HOO!

    Okay, the photo of the can in bed has me rolling! What a wonderful step by step post and this pizza is amazing!Love it!

  11. girlichef says:

    Looks amazing! This dough definitely needs to make its way into my life. With toppings in tow… Ha! Love it and u know you’ve got my vote 😀

  12. Astra Libris says:

    Joanne, you are a winner for sure!! You made me swoon with delight over the pizza and giggle with delight over the story of your pumpkin, all in one post! You rock! 🙂

  13. Faith says:

    I will never look at pumpkin puree the same way again, lol! This pizza is everything a girl could want in life…it looks phenomenal, Joanne!

  14. Amy says:

    Your grandfather owned a pizza parlor? My grandfather owned a dress shop. Yawn.

    I find it only fitting that you, the bread-baking queen, would choose something along those lines. Bet your grandfather never made pizza crust like this though…brown sugar, butter, and pumpkin? Um, I don’t even need any toppings, girl. That sounds so heavenly.

    Great tutorial. Can you say Round 5?

  15. I was so excited to see you make it through! I’ll so be voting!

    I am planning to make a pumpkin cake today and I’m not sure I’ll be able to look at the pumpkin without thinking of this! Too funny!

    I will be voting and SO be trying this pizza crust!

  16. First of all, congrats to be on the 4th round of Food blog challenge, it is well-deserved!!
    I had such a good laugh reading the adventures of the deviant pumpkin can! And I am so happy of the ending in such a fantastic-looking pizza!

  17. Kristin says:

    What a crazy combination of flavors. I love it! This looks and sounds like the weirdest but most delicious pizza out there. I am going to have to give this a try.

  18. Katerina says:

    I am always a sucker for pizza you know that. I wouldn’t say no to such a masterpiece.

  19. elra says:

    Goodness me, what a challenge Joanne. Your pizza sounds so original, and unique. Good luck!

  20. That Girl says:

    1) I firmly believe pumpkin makes just about everything better, and pizza dough is already fairly awesome, so I can just imagine how amazing pumpkin pizza dough would be.

    2) Sometimes I play “guess the ingredients” using only the first picture. I was sure the white stuff was poached eggs, not mozzarella. And now I’m DYING for some spinach and poached egg pizza!

  21. sra says:

    I think this is the first time I came across such a mix of pumpkin and pizza crust. And of course, in India, we’re used to curry on pizza!

  22. Lisa says:

    This is an excellent looking pizza. Never thought to add pumpkin into pizza crust. You’ve got my vote.

  23. This looks delish! of course you are getting my vote chica!

  24. Your post reads like a Tom Robbins novel. Love it!

  25. Ameena says:

    I love Indian-inspired pizza and this one looks fabulous! Yeast and I do not have a good history together though so when I make this I will be purchasing my dough from TJ’s. That way, I know it’s edible!

  26. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you Joanne! Lovely recipe, looks fantastic!

  27. Kate says:

    DANG! Curry pizza? I love it! I had Mole pizza in mexico (dough, mole sauce, chicken and onions) but this looks amazing. I am going to have to try it out!

  28. Swathi says:

    Curry Pizza looks delicious. I like it as you put pumpkin puree into the dough.

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    good gracious this looks GOOD!!!!

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    Congratulations on making it to the next round!! This pizza looks amazing!

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    oh man, I just got back from the store with pizza ingredients and now I wish I was making THIS pizza! Looks delicious! Good luck in challenge #4!

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    Wow this looks awesome and mouth watering! A very detailed and descriptive blog.
    Thanks for sharing!

  35. Lea Ann says:

    What a delicious and incredibly clever recipe. Great instructions!

  36. Satya says:

    pizza looks super delicious with curry topping n that beautiful crust ..got to learn a new type of crust for pizza ..thankq for sharing


  37. Mo 'Betta says:

    Pumpkin pizza dough? You are brilliant! I’m so in love with this idea, maybe I’ll attempt it soon!

  38. Chris says:

    “If it’s too hot to stick your finger in for more than five seconds, then it’s too hot. Rule of thumb.”

    Is that a “finger tip” or “rule of thumb”, ha ha?

    Am I the only one that missed the hilarity of those two lines? I’m giving you my vote for sneaking that in there.

  39. Catherine says:

    Very nice post Joanne. This pizza left me literally speechless (so its a good thing I’m typing this comment)!
    The homemade pizza dough, the spinach and the curry, especially made this recipe a definate must-try!
    I know my kids will flip over this!
    Hugs & Blessings honey~

  40. Louanne says:

    Congratulations! This is an amazing pizza, Joanne, really, I love the crust and the toppings are just beyond creative and delicious!

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    You’ve done a good job! Will vote for you too!

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    Will be voting again. Duh. Crazy, wonderful girl, you. See you in round 5, I’m 100% positive you’ll breeze by to the top!

    p.s. Did you know the next challenge is to make pizza too?

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  45. Amazing Joanne!!!

    I’m going to vote for you tomorrow!!! Best of luck!

  46. Jess says:

    Oh man my mother has tried to diagnose everyone in my family with schizophrenia too. “But your brother hasn’t cut his hair for at least 2 years! Isn’t self-neglect a symptom of schizophrenia??”.

    Random fact: you know you can’t buy tinned pumpkin in Australia? Well maybe there are specialty stores that stock it somewhere, but otherwise, it doesn’t exist. No puree, no anything. But pumpkins are always in season (somehow) so it’s just a matter of cooking and pureeing it. But seriously, I was baffled when I started encountering tinned pumpkin on food blogs.

    I shall have to roast and puree some pumpkin then because this pizza is basically straight out of my most fantastic dreams.

  47. Johanna GGG says:

    Would it sound weird to hear how gorgeously exotic your can of pumpkin puree and king arthur packaging looks – something I hear about so much on blogs but never encounter in our shops! I am sure I would fall in love with your little pumpkin fellow but would also draw the line at the bed.

    They make the pizza seem all the more enticing – though I need little to convince me of the greatness of combining pumpkin, pizza and cheese – have bookmarked and must bake it!

  48. This looks sooooo good, and a really new and unique way to use canned pumpkin! I’m obsessed with homemade pizza, too, and I’m just waiting to make all my different variations so I can put them in one big post. Well-done with all your pictures and instructions! You write so well and clearly have a greta fan base– hope you win 🙂

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    As always…entertaining writing, innovative recipes and a delight from start to finish. You have my vote sweet woman! I am still amazed you have the time to do all of this. You are one talented beautiful person!

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    Baking does the soul good! Love it : )

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    Wow. Fabulous. I love that flavor combo and I could certainly learn a thing or two from your pizza expertise. I make a tasty but very ugly pizza. I always end fall with random cans of pumpkin in my pantry too.

  53. Pumpkin in a pizza crust is something I’d have never thought of, but it sounds delicious! Love your photos!

  54. Foodjunkie says:

    How do you come up with all those cool recipes?! I have a pumpkin focaccia that I make often and the sweetness of the pumpkin really makes a wonderful addition.

  55. Sanjeeta kk says:

    Pumpkin, pizza Oh, I would love to make this goody soon. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Sanem says:

    This looks so delicious, I’ve got to go get a pumpkin and make it right away. I absolutely loved the photos.

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    Very creative to put the pumpkin in the pizza dough and great step by step post too. Your photos as usual are excellent–a great entry for PFB Round #4! Best of luck in this round–I’ll be voting for you of course! 😉

  58. Sophie says:

    Waw, Joanna!!
    This home made pizza & the pizza dough looks the best!! I so much love the step by step guide as well!

    Lovely toppings too!

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM,…Kisses from Brussels to you!

  59. Barbara says:

    This is one of those “never would have thought of it” pizzas! And what a great idea,too. Good luck on this round, Joanne!

  60. Mary says:

    What a creative approach to this leg of the contest. Your pie sounds wonderful and demands to be tried. I’m rootin’ for you. I hope all is well. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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    Homemade pizza was a great choice for this round of the challenge! Of all the things I make in my kitchen, homemade pizza always fills me with awe. It’s really is amazing how such simple ingredients combine to make such a work of art.

    Love that you were able to combine your love of pizza with your love of squash. The pizza looks amazing!

    P.S. I’m eyeballing that cute green mixer!

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    Thanks for linking up to My Meatless Mondays.

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    I love this recipe!!! But I think it would be more helpful if you listed the ingredients and their amounts too.

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    As always, Joanne, you make me smile. Everything you write and everything you make is simply phenomenal. And I was with you the whole way until you said that some people (certainly not me!) might doubt the pumpkin and curry combination. It sounds perfectly natural to me! The pizza dough sounds amazing and if my home were just a little more welcoming to carbs, I’d be all over it, stat!

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    This would be a great post to link to Midnight Maniac Meatless Mondays.

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    ? Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

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    jen @ http://www.passion4food.ca

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    THis looks amazing I definitely want to try it out! Great pictures!!!!

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    Lick My Spoon

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  104. Natalie says:

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    WOW OH WOW! That looks seriously phenomenal! I am so going to try this pumpkin crust thing. You think I can pull it off with some whole wheat flour? And on another note…did I read “running practice correctly?!!?” I know I have been MIA for a while, but you’re running again now?!?! That is awesome! I’m so happy for you. 🙂

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  113. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I tried this recipe for last christmas with my family. It was absolutely horrendous. Curry and pizza dough are an absolute forbidden pair.

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