Friends with benefits.

Let’s dissect.

Friend noun. A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

Benefit noun. Something that promotes or enhances well-being; an advantage.

Pretty benign so far.  Let’s delve deeper.


Friends with benefits.  (via Urban Dictionary.com.  The world’s most trusted and accredited dictionary written by…apparently…you.  Eyes YOU suspiciously.  Mmmhmmm.

1. Two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment.  A good straightforward definition.  Textbook case.  Verdict: naive and idealistic.

2. Friends by day, sex partners by night.  What would have happened if Superman and Lois Lane ever really got it on.  The superhero version of casual dating.  Minus the spandex leggings. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

3. A safe relationship that mimics a real partnership but is void of or greatly lacking jealousy and other such emotions that come with a serious relationship.  “Other such emotions”?  By which you mean…love, caring, affection… Thanks.  But no thanks.

And, my personal favorite (because of it’s glaring accuracy):
4. A healthy, fun sexual relationship with two people…until one falls for the other, the friendship blows to pieces.  And those two people find themselves worse off than they were before.  Yup.  That sounds about right.


Now.  Before everyone gets all crazy with worry that I’ve been partaking in such a…relationship?  Undertaking?  Arrangement?  Selling of my soul and emotional well-being?

Mom, I’m talking to you.

It is not so.  Rather.  I have been propositioned.

Remember that whole JDate thing.  I did it.  Took the plunge, forked over 30 bucks for a month worth of…being asked for random sex, apparently.  (Quite frankly, I could have gotten that at just about any bar in this damn city.  For free.)

Okay, that’s a little reductionist.  Here’s what really happened.  I signed up, put up a profile picture in which I look super adorable (not to toot my own horn or anything.  But it really is super adorable.) and sat back, waiting for the message to roll in.  And roll in, they did.

Most of them were no-gos.  Some were old.  Some were ugly.  Some were obese.  Some were unemployed.  Some were stupid.  Some wrote “yo hot stuff” in their message to me.  (Guys, really?  “Yo hot stuff” will never get you anywhere.  Ever.)


And then, some were Italian.  Italian and Jewish.  Italian and Jewish and super attractive.  So I thought, damnJackpot.

And did what any normal JDate-er extraodinaire would do.  I messaged him back.  In my usual quippy witty snarky bubbly absolutely endearing manner.

To which he responded.  I hope you’d be into casual sex/friends with benefits.

That was it.  The entire message consisted of that one sentence.

Friends.  (Huh?  Friends?  Maybe.  After the sixth or seventh or twenty first date.) With.  Benefits.  (Benefits?  Really?  Whom exactly is going to benefit?  Because I doubt it will be me.  Anyone with that little game probably has no idea what he’s doing between the sheets.  And I have not the time nor the energy to teach him.  I’m getting too old for that kind of bulls***.  Seriously.) 

Thanks but.  No thanks.

I’d much rather sit at home.  Spending my time on the men who I know will never let me down.  Men like Michael Symon.  Who tell me to spend approximately forty eight hours making only one meal.  And to whom I listen.

Because oh how wonderful that meal is!  Soft, moist, pull-apart meat that is rich with flavor after being braised with a sauce that itself has been allowed to simmer away for hours and hours and hours (times eight) on end.

Friends with benefits?  Maybe. But only in the most endearingly delicious kind of way.


Italian Braised Beef with Root Vegetables
Serves 6, adapted from Symon’s Live To Cook

1.5 lb rump roast
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp olive oil
1 carrot, diced
1 onion, coarsely chopped
1 rutabaga, peeled and cut into 1 inch chunks
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 cup red wine
2 cups Yia Yia’s Sunday Sauce – recipe below (or any tomato sauce)
2 bay leaves

1. Season the roast with salt and pepper.  Heat the oil in a large cast iron pan.  Sear all sides of the meat and place into the slow cooker.

2. Throw the carrot and the onion into the pan. Saute until starting to brown.  Add in the garlic for about 30 seconds.  Add them to the slow cooker along with the rutabaga chunks.

3. With the pan off the heat, deglaze with the wine.  Pour into the slow cooker.  Add the tomato sauce and the bay leaves.  Mix as best you can, then cook on low for 7-8 hours.  Serve over pasta, polenta, mashed potatoes, winter squash, etc.

Yia Yia’s Sunday Sauce
Makes about 2 quarts, adapted from Symon’s Live To Cook

1/4 cup olive oil
1 large spanish onion, finely diced
6 garlic cloves, sliced
2 (28 oz) cans San Marzano tomatoes (I used diced)
1 cup dry white wine
1 package sliced white mushrooms
1 bay leaf
1 tbsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp crushed red pepper flakes

**NOTE – rather than the mushrooms, Symon instructs you to simmer the sauce with some small beef bones to impart a meaty flavor to the sauce.  Given the difficulty that Kim had with some pork bones for another Symon recipe (and also the fact that I have no idea where to find small beef bones), I decided to add mushrooms instead to give off that umami flavor.  Natashya added beef bouillion cubes while Kim added beef broth, both of which are great ideas.

1. Heat the oil in a saute pan over medium heat.  Add in the onion and cook until translucent, about 2 minutes.  Add the minced garlic and cook for another 30 seconds.

2. Place onion and garlic into the slow cooker.  Add all the other ingredients.  Stir well.  Cook on low for at least 8 hours.  I ended up letting mine go for way more than that…about 12…because I wanted it to thicken a bit.   I can tell you, it was no worse for the wear.  This would make a great pasta sauce or pizza sauce and is a good thing to have stocked away in your freezer.

This is my submission to this weeks’ Symon Sundays hosted at Veggie By Season and also to Presto Pasta Nights which is being hosted this week by Rachel of The Crispy Cook.


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101 Responses to Italian Braised Beef with Root Vegetables and Yia Yia’s Sunday Sauce

  1. Simply Life says:

    Oh my gosh, you are too funny! I’m sure your mom is pleased to know you don’t go for those lines 🙂

  2. wow! I still hang around peeking in on you regularly…

    But had to say something here…YUM!!!

    I will be copying you on this one…have a couple of beef roasts in the freezer now…one will do it…

    Love your story…I have to say I’m glad I don’t have to deal with dating anymore…it appears nothing has changed…

    good luck!


  3. Here’s my advice: You are way too young to date! If you insist on dating, open your kitchen window and let the aromas waft out to the handsome gentlemen (and I stress “gentlemen”) who pass by. The one who has the best excuse for knocking on your door (i.e., “do you cater?”, “is this one of those expensive little no-name restaurants?”, –o.k., you get the idea) is the one to snatch up. Now, as a thank you, box up the braised beef and overnight it to me. I’ll provide the pasta.


  4. Pam says:

    LOL! You are one funny gal! Love this dish and it’s perfect for the cold snowy weather here! Good luck with that dating thing!

  5. Big Dude says:

    I have a rump roast is the freezer that I’ve been wanting to cook and this looks like the recipe – would have never thought of pot roast over pasta – I love it. Being young and having to go though your trials is tough – being old and not able to is worse – enjoy it while you can.

  6. Jessica B. says:

    Of all the food blogs that I read on a regular basis, yours is by far my favorite. This was a great post (well, all are great, but having been on jdate I can more closely relate to this one)!

    In step 3 of the directions for the roast it says to cook on low for 7-8 minutes, but I assume that should be hours?

    Thanks for the great humor and food that you continue to provide. I’m always inspired by your work.

  7. Joanne says:

    Jessica – Thanks so much! You’ve absolutely made my day. (And you are so totally right about the “minutes”. This is what happens when I become too preoccupied with the thought of guys who are bad in bed. 😛

  8. Paula says:

    this looks so delicious!

    have a nice time,

  9. This dish screams winter. The vegetables the slow cooked beef. The pasta…. I bet everyone in your building was salivating from the smell of this stew.

  10. Faith says:

    Stick with Symon and you won’t go wrong…at least not from the looks of this meal! It’s gorgeous, Joanne! And for some reason I’ve been dying for shortribs…but now that I see this, my craving has been replaced! 😉

  11. Wonderful, comforting and reliable recipe!
    As far as the dating goes, use it to amuse us on your blog! Love all the juicy stories, keep them coming!

  12. Victoria says:

    Oh Joanne, that is so typical. Guys can be sooooo single-minded sometimes, and really, I’m not at all surprised. You hold out for something better, lol! This pasta looks so good! Michael Symon really offers a better benefit with his yummy recipes. I could totally go for a huge bowlful of this right now 🙂

  13. Another wonderful creation of yours. It’s so hearty and perfect for a chilly day.

  14. Stella says:

    I like your preferred definition of friends with benefits, as it really is the most realistic. Almost no one can ever maintain this type of relationship without something going sour, and that’s b/c, well, I won’t go into it:). I was too glad to hear you would not/have not sold yourself short though. Phew;)!!!
    Oh, and this dish looks amazing, Joanne. Your photos really capture its richness. Nice!

  15. Shanon says:

    haha, these chefs always make the longest, most complicated recipes, but they are always amazing. never thought of putting braised meat and veggies over pasta…looks delicious!

  16. elra says:

    succulent meat and glass or two or good red wine, I am coming to your place now 🙂

  17. Sara says:

    You’re funny. Friends with benefits but only in a delicious kind of way…I like it.

    This recipe for Sunday sauce sounds great. I made a mushroom sauce last night and already want to make more.

  18. Julie says:

    HI, Joanne: Another great post! I so enjoy your blog!!! I met my husband on Match.com. You just have to weed out the bad ones to find the good ones :).

    I love Michael Symon!!! This looks so delicious for a cold winter night. With a glass of a lovely red wine, YUM!

  19. As a mom my heart says you will find the right person when the time comes, but as someone who was married for 27 years I say run as fast as you can…wink…run into the kitchen and cook for friends without benefits.

  20. girlichef says:

    LMAO!! Are you kidding me!? From which planet do you hail asshole!? On the other hand…I’m glad to see you’re sticking with Michael. He’s so comforting and dependable… and delicious! YUMMMMM! Want some. Braised beef, not Michael. Well….

  21. Katerina says:

    I was always a monogamic person who could not have casual just for sex relationships. When I get intimate with someone he must be worth it and I start creating bonds with him. This attitude has never betrayed me so hang in there, he will come. In the meantime, cooking is the best therapy for everything. I bet this beef after so many hours of cooking would melt in your mouth.

  22. Swathi says:

    This is fabulous, what else can I say.

  23. Eden says:

    I was on Jdate for like a year (although I am a jew). I have some funny date stories although I was never successful. My roommate on the other hand is not jewish and fond most of her former boyfriends through Jdate! I will say this, from browsing the NY area on Jdate, you guy’s have a better selection than here on the left coast!

  24. nico. says:

    oh, so yummy! I haven’t eaten breakfast yet today but I know what I want for dinner tomorrow!

  25. teresa says:

    oh joanne, you should really consider writing, you’d be the BEST columnist! i’d read your stuff everyday!

    i can’t believe this guy, what was he thinking! thank goodness for sweet symon!

    this looks like a great comforting meal, my family would gobble this up!

  26. Lea Ann says:

    This looks fabulous and right up my alley! Another bookmarked Joanne!

  27. jenna laughs says:

    Oh my gosh Joanne. YUM! I love any kind of beef that has been simmmering away for hours. So tender and flavorful.

    Your “friends with benefits thing” was hysterical! Seriously, what guy would say that? Ridiculous. Like… Not worth the effort to even email him back.

    Thanks for commenting on my last post! I’m excited about my birthday, except for the fact that it’s on a Wednesday and I have to work, then I have a doctor’s appointment… LOL! But hopefully lots of ice cream will solve my crappy day. You understand.

  28. Amy says:

    My sister did online dating for about 2 years. She’s got some stories, too. She can only laugh about it now…years later. And married (but not from anyone she ever met through JDate.)

    Just keep swimming…maybe Michael will come around. Hey, stranger things have happened!

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Oh yum. That looks perfect for the type of weather we are having here.

    I’ve got some stories from on-line dating, too. But, I can’t complain because I did meet my husband online. 🙂

  30. Shannon says:

    I signed up for a free dating site once. For about a minute. I remember getting messages like, “you look kinky… are you?” I had to take a second to recover from the shock, after all, the picture I had posted was of me, in a church, at a wedding looking so un-kinky. How does one even look kinky anyway? I suppose if I was dangling handcuffs or something but certainly not in front of an alter with light streaming in from stained glass windows. Unless that’s kinky to some.

    Love what you did with the rump.

  31. i laughed throughout this entire post. SO hilarious, doll!

    and that last photo…beautiful!

    xo Alison

  32. That Girl says:

    Dying. Seriously. Only a man would begin a relationship asking for sex. A woman would at least wait till after dinner.

  33. Shannon says:

    oh man, that’s guy’s a keeper, what are you talking about?? lol. at least he told u straight up what he was looking for 🙂 that way you don’t waste your time! i have yet to delve into the online scene… maybe the new year?

  34. LOL! I have actually been wondering how the JDate thing was going with you and WAITING for an update! He sounds like a real winner…ugh!

    Food’s hot though!!! 🙂

  35. Beth says:

    Really sorry to hear about your experience. What was he thinking? (Of course your photo was super-adorable! What else could it be?) If it’s any consolation, your beef looks super-delicious.

  36. LOL! You crack me up Joanne.. but the good thing about your date not working out is that you were able to cook and to share this recipe with us… hehe! Imagine if that went ok… hmm JOANNE may be MIA this time haha!

  37. Kim says:

    Men are certainly getting more and more brazen, aren’t they? Guess you’re safe sticking with Symon for now. At least he writes some seductively delicious recipes, right? Your braised beef over rigatoni looks amazing! Your idea of adding mushrooms instead of the beef bones is brilliant – love that!

  38. ann says:

    Oh Joanne, you are way too cool to settle for anyone less than wonderful. Men with lines are below you, girl.

  39. The Mom Chef says:

    Wow, that’s unbelievable. Aside from a few (my husband being one of them), men are pigs. At first I thought you were going down the road where you were sick and a friend brought you that gorgeous meal. Friend with benefits.

    I’m sorry that experience was so bad. It can turn out ok, but that’s rare (like me meeting my husband on AOL 12 years ago). Oh crap. You were only 11. Can I say I was too? Or 15?

    Ok, I’m going to give up and go look at those pictures of the braised beef again. It really looks amazing.

  40. What is wrong with these guys? Idiots!

    This looks absolutely delicious! If they only knew!

  41. Reeni says:

    Some men are such pigs! I’m glad he was upfront about it and didn’t wait until you were out on a date! EWWW. I’d rather stay home and slow-cook with Michael Symon any day! This is the perfect hearty and comforting meal for a Sunday dinner at my house.

  42. Johanna GGG says:

    I prefer your definition of friends with benefits – and I am sure if Mr Friends With Benefits had seen this meal he would realise what a serious mistake he had made in losing the chance to have you cook it for him

  43. Haha, friends with benefits– I think I remember doing that… 🙂 Stick with Michael Symon until your dream Jewish-Italian man comes along 🙂 If he gave you this recipe, he’s a keeper!!

  44. Juliana says:

    Joanne, you are SO funny…enjoyed reading your post…the beef looks so yummie, tender and tasty…perfect for this kind of weather…very comforting 🙂

  45. Christy says:

    Joanne – I seriously had got on the computer to google “how to cook a rump roast in the slow cooker” but decided to visit here first – and VOILA!!! You had the very recipe I wanted!!! When I think of friends with benefits I think of people with pick up trucks or extra tables and chairs, possibly someone with kids the sam e age as mine and we could swap babysitting, but hey I am an old married woman – LOL

  46. Kristen says:

    That is one delicious looking plate of food. I am sorry that you had to deal with that obnoxious man. I think I have been married almost as long as you have been alive, so to say that I am a little out of touch with the whole dating scene is an overstatement, but really I like old fashioned love and dating, roses and holding hands.

  47. OohLookBel says:

    I was cracking up on reading this! ‘Yo, hot stuff’ – indeed! Mind you, if someone offered to cook me dinner every night (including this Italian braised beef), then they can call me whatever they want (including ‘hot stuff’).

  48. Julie says:

    That Michael sure knows how to show a girl a good time. You just continually crack me up! And the beef is leaving me a little slack-jawed.

  49. claire says:

    what a creep! you are way to cute for that rubbish… but really though- “yo hotstuff”!?!?

    on a brighter note, this looks unreal!

  50. Monet says:

    Wow! What a sad guy! You are going to find an amazing guy who is going to be completely smitten with you and your witty humor, your gorgeous looks and your cooking. And then we will laugh even harder about this character. Thank you for sharing, sweet girl. This braised beef looks heavenly. I hope you have a beautiful week!

  51. I cant stop smiling after reading ur post 🙂 I would love to try this recipe with lamb coz its KILLING me..too good!

  52. Debinhawaii says:

    Well at least he got his stupidity out in the open before you wasted any more time and a date on him. This dinner looks delicious–I have been drooling over it on Natashya and Kim’s posts too, 😉

  53. LOL, seriously, what’s wrong with guys these days?! Do be careful!

  54. it looks very yummy, gorgeous pictures too
    bises from France

  55. You had me in stitches… what are they thinking??? I mean the best thing you could say about the guy was that he was honest. Michael Symon is the best choice hands down. WHo gets that kind of satisfaction out of a bad date with a mis-match. UGH! And on top of it they take you to a pricey joint, order too expensive drinks and expect you to pay half for the privilege… a girl like you deserves the date equivalent of this dish that takes its time, is complex and delicious!

  56. pajamachef says:

    oh goodness. men are ridiculous. these guys don’t sound like men though… just boys. 🙂 this looks delicious!

  57. polwig says:

    You had me laughing so hard on the begining then to say Yuck when it comes to JDate. Most people I know that participated in that online dating service had only these experiences to talk about. Nastly I tell ya… the roast however far far far from it.

  58. Meesh says:

    obviously I LOVE pasta with meat… and now im starving at 10am even though I already ate breakfast. Damn you!

  59. Ashlee says:

    my husband was mad i made the veg version when he saw this in my GR 😉 looks delicious!

  60. Dawn says:

    Boo…I just posted a comment and it errored out. Was just going to say I thought your story was hilarious. I had heard that but didn’t know it was actually true. And that the dish looks so amazing, as usual.

  61. Hannah says:

    Jeez, what a ridiculous jerk! I can’t believe anyone would actually say that… And in email, where it can be referred back to, no less! Bah, he doesn’t deserve you anyway.

    Or this pasta dish, which looks perfectly rib-sticking for a cold winter day. Perhaps I could try making it with seitan…

  62. Mo Diva says:

    You know what? I am SICK of this dating game as well. You know these men that want these casual relationships, its because they suck at life. They cant commit to anything and you know who suck even more? the women that accept this thinking they can CHANGE a man by giving him what he wants. Chivalry is dead. And I refuse to succumb to what is alarmingly becoming the norm. I have had to say adios to several potential bachelors who propositioned me for casual sex. UGH!

    On a happier note. I love thsi dish (and some Mr. Symon for that matter).
    Lots of love!

  63. Pam says:

    Definition number 4 is right on. I can’t believe what a dork that guy is and that he had actually said that to you… UGH!

    I am loving, loving, loving this one. That Michael Symon is amazing!

  64. Mary says:

    I’m sure your mom was holding her breath there for a while. Hang in there. There are still great guys out there. When things slow down for you – if that ever happens – teach a cooking course for single guys at the Y. With recipes like the one you shared today, you’d have to beat them off with a stick. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  65. Wow. I can’t believe that JDate guy. Seriously, what could have been going through his brain!?!?! Maybe that’s his standard message to women and he’s hoping that after sending it out 1,000 times and offending/disgusting 999 of the women in question, 1 actually goes for it? I don’t know, man.
    Anyway, your food looks scrumptious.

  66. hehehe…I really have to laugh out laud for a while…you are so funny!
    The braised beef looks totally out of this world.

  67. sos sorry about the jdate thing i meet my hubby in the hospital !! maybe u will have a romance there and this looks delicious as ever

  68. Wow, I am so glad not to be dating! If C dies, I’ll just throw myself into the pit after him. No way could I go through that again!
    You are too funny. ?
    Great meal! I hope MS is reading your posts. ?

  69. That sauce sounds SO good! But sorry to hear about the date… :-/

  70. I love this story – ha! The perils of online dating.

    Also, this makes me hungry for meat and tomato sauce. YUM!


  71. sweetlife says:

    really he said that? oh god, I bet he thinks he’s worht it..thanks god I’m married, girl I wish you the best, but then again with your meals,,,they would be crazy not to marry you!!


  72. Joanne says:

    What an exciting experience that was! It’s my first visit to your blog and I was reading along wondering “wow! what’s this gal all about?!” I kept reading.
    I think your idea of the men who won’t let you down is the best. OR..have you tried the gym. That way you know what you’re getting into well before that sixth, or seventh or twenty first date. 🙂
    Great recipe. My husband would be drooling.

  73. Karen says:

    I’d stick with Michael if I were you 😉 Really, I say go for it; you never know what really nice guy (Jewish or not!) is out there until you put yourself out there. Good luck and the beef dish looks wonderful!

  74. Sorry about that jdate response, wow. The braised beef sounds very good, with the flavorful sauce, and i like the addition of rutabaga to the dish.

  75. tigerfish says:

    I am actually intrigued by the name Yia Yia of that sauce. Hmmm….

  76. Louanne says:

    Firstly, what a schmuck! And, I’m sure you’ve heard this millions of time, but your guy is out there.
    Secondly, that is a delicious pasta bowl, seriously, I love the shredded beef, and the sauce is perfection.

  77. Friends with benefits…I was wondering what that meant. That guy is such a jerk!!

    Now, this food is definitely beneficial especially in this cold, cold weather we are now in. Looks reallu delish and comforting.

  78. Such a comforting pasta dish for this cold weather! The Yia Yia sauce looks and sounds great!

  79. “yo hot stuff” can i have a bowl of that? hehehe guess not eh? LOLssss

  80. My advice? Stick with Michael Symon until those guys grow up. Trust me, it’s worth the wait! That beef looks amazing- so delicious!

  81. Lynn says:

    The food looks yummy, Joanne, but I just had to say YIKES about that man. Yikes, he sounds awful. Yikes, so glad you’re not going there. Just, plain, yikes. May you meet a man worthy of the name gentleman 🙂

  82. Raina says:

    Wow! What a creep! I cannot believe the nerve of that guy. Totally his loss.

    This dish looks amazingly delicious, even the tomato sauce alone sounds great. I think my kids might even go for this one. Thanks!

  83. i apologize on behalf of my people. ew, ew, there are so many losers out there

  84. Marcia says:

    Well Joanne. That looks delicious. And it *doesn’t* look like it took 48 hours to make, liar liar pants on fire.

    Boy. Do you make me glad that I am decades out of the dating world. I have to say that I have a good friend who entered the on-line dating world a few years ago. The stories she told me…sheesh. I have to say the silver lining is that she ended up falling for, marrying, and having a baby with a guy at work (whom she’d just never gotten to know before, which is funny in a company with only 30 people).

    Boy, friends with benefits? Not my style. Now, there may have been a guy in college who was a junior when I was a senior, and we may have had no intention of continuing our relationship after I graduated. But, it was at least manogamous. And fun.

  85. Marcia says:

    Oh, and if some of you younger ladies are wondering what is UP with guys these days? They are this way because they can be. There are enough women out there who tolerate this (or flat out give them what they want, all in the name of “equality” and “freedom”) that they don’t really need to commit. Even past a first date apparently.

  86. It is a good thing, you are not my daughter. You would be writing, MOM, a lot more times. Does your mother really read this?

    I get so involved in your stories (note the word, stories) that I forget the recipe and if I remember correctly, this looked like a really good one. I have to up to the top again but I am afraid, I will get caught up in your sex life. No, I meant story. You are great, Joanne.

  87. This looks absolutely incredible. I had a pasta meal that looked very similar at Christmas in November at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. This recipe is on my list. I love short ribs…I am so glad I found you!!!

  88. What was he thinking? So sorry to hear about your experience.

    This dish looks like a comforting meal, I know my family would lick the plate clean!

  89. theUngourmet says:

    Yikes! It’s a wild and crazy dating world out there! I’d stick with Micheal Symon as well! 🙂

  90. Vivienne says:

    ohh what a let down that dude is! 🙁
    i prefer this alternative version of friends with benefit too. yummmmmy. but oh man…8 hours!!! would you like to air mail it to me please? in return…i will look thru the streets of australia to find you a nice boy…haha who am i kidding. i think cooking this dish myself might be an easier job!

  91. grace says:

    brave of you to take the plunge, joanne–i truly hope you get some better results and soon!
    awesome dish, obviously–it’s a perfect meal for a nippy day.

  92. Deborah says:

    I am dying – I remember all to well the days of internet dating and the interesting people you find. And I’m with you – I’d stick with MS any day – especially with a dish like this one!!

  93. Ms. Meanie says:

    You are hilarious!! It’s amazing what guys will say these days. Wait, did I say “amazing”? I meant sad. Sad and pathetic.

    Don’t you worry though, I’m sure there are some good ones out there just waiting for you to snatch em up. 🙂

  94. Kevin says:

    Just look at all of that braised beefy goodness!

  95. Marisa says:

    Yeah, not convinced about the whole friends with benefits either – if you ask me, it’s just a disaster waiting to happen. But damn! Your braised beef looks good! In fact, screw the beef, I’d eat that sauce on its own by the spoonful. Wait, did I say that out loud?

  96. Rachel says:

    Thanks for sending this sexy dish over to Presto Pasta Nights this week.

  97. Ann says:

    Oh no – I read your previous j-date post and I though “Noooooo. Nooooo, Joanne – don’t do it!!!” and see what happened, in a super- missive-telepathic-blogger-comment-form kind of way.
    But, as with all silver linings, you get a helluva recipe despite the ordeal. Amen.

  98. Ruth Daniels says:

    Great post and takes me back to about a million years ago, when my best friend… MARRIED best friend used to fix me up (where she found these guys, I have no idea), I think just to have comedic value at our Sunday brunches.

    I ended up finding my husband through work and haven’t looked back since. My advice… just live your life, feed your friends and the best man in the world will make his way to your door. Lucky him – lucky you!

    In the meantime, that pasta has me drooling. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  99. janet says:

    Damn, that terrible Joanne. You’ll find someone who is as awesome as you. Keep persisting.. sometimes the lucky guy will show up when you’re not looking.

  100. Claudia says:

    You are a scream. Hold on to your ideals, and keep up with the cooking, studying and blogging. Mr. Right will sort himself out.

  101. Eliana says:

    Ah yes – Good ‘ol Symon. He never disappoints!

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