These cheddar scallion scones are perfect for those of us (and I use the term “us” loosely, by the way) who prefer not to have cake for breakfast.  Check out the recipe and my post on Marcus Samuelsson’s blog!

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45 Responses to Cheddar Scallion Scones

  1. Mmmm, savory scones… What’s not to love about these? I love how you can see the melted cheddar cheese in there…

  2. You know how I love my scones! These look marvelous!

  3. Joanne says:

    Those scones could definitely make a delish meal for me! Breakfast, lunch or dinner 🙂

  4. That Girl says:

    I definitely prefer a savory breakfast.

  5. daphne says:

    yum! scones are anytime for me 😉 I love how you paired it with savory cheese as well. Oh joanne, why are you so far away?!

  6. MM says:

    Yum! I like the combo of cheese and scallions. You may as well know right now that I’m horribly addicted to scallions and would eat this any time of the day.

  7. elly says:

    I LOVE savory scones so, so much. These look perfect.

  8. Aww, I miss the days of foisting baked goods on the students that I TA’ed for – such a great way of ensuring that I did not eat them all myself. Plus it made them love me and I always got great evaluations. These look great!

  9. Big Dude says:

    Looks like a delicious breakfast meal Joanne.

  10. Mmm, I can almost smell them from here!

  11. Karen says:

    Oh yum… going to take a look.

  12. Jessica says:

    Holy yum! That is seriously all I can think of to say! I want these right now for breakfast!

  13. Pam says:

    You know…I’ve never made scones.

  14. Adrienne says:

    I think I’m going to make these tonight 😀 Maybe they’ll snap my cooking rut/purgatory

  15. Hannah says:

    A savory treat! Sounds like a nice change of pace, since my scones are almost always sweet. Just need to scrounge up some Daiya… They recently came out with a faux- pepper jack, which I think might be a fun alternative here.

  16. Swathi says:

    Cheddar and scallions my favorite, but never tried them in scones, looks awesome.

  17. Julie says:

    My only question is can I have these scones AND cake too? Yum!

  18. Nicole, RD says:

    Savory scones? Yes, please! Jetting off for the recipe!

  19. Oh yes. Haven’t even read the recipe yet but I know I will be making these.

  20. Rachel says:

    I always forget that things like scones don’t have to be sweet. Thanks for reminding me!

  21. ohhhh these look like perfection. Savory scones and popovers can be such a nice change from the sweet stuff!

  22. Raina says:

    Wow…great flavors! Perfect for any meal. They sound delicious:)

  23. Well… I must admit that I do like sweet things for breakfast. My scones are usually topped with honey or jam. But these do look enticing. And who says I can’t serve them for dinner?

  24. sophia says:

    Scones are my favorite baked good, Joanne. I seriously should just camp in your kitchen.

  25. Pam says:

    I have one word for you. YUM!

  26. Perfection. They are the perfect color and I am totally lusting for one.

  27. heaven…cheddar, scallions and in a scone??

  28. Sook says:

    Sounds like my style! Looks soooo yummy!!

  29. Cheddar and scallions are such a great combination. I want to pick a slice from my screen to savor it.

  30. Carolyn Jung says:

    I bet those would be fabulous with some nice butternut squash soup, too. Mmm!

  31. Just give me some scones (and a glass of wine)…I am in heaven!

  32. bellini says:

    I prefer savoury over sweet any day!

  33. Just sinful, perfect, delish and I love the scallions added to it! YUM!

  34. Gloria says:

    Joanne these cookies look absolutely awesome!!! gloria

  35. Surely this would be a perfect breakfast starter to cake no?

  36. Have you ever read the Hungry Running Girl’s blog? I think you’d like it.

  37. Catherine says:

    I would love this for breakfast or anytime of day. Blessings, Catherine ox

  38. I’m browsing through all of the recipes that I missed while I was gone and this one jumped off my monitor. Oh my gosh, they sound good!

  39. Kerstin says:

    I definitely prefer savory breakfast options so these are right up my alley – yum!

  40. Chris says:

    Haven’t hopped over to that post yet but those looks sooooooo more exciting than the usual boring scones I see posted.

  41. Eliana says:

    Well, I still prefer to have cake for breakfast. But these beauties look like a great substitute.

  42. Mover Packer says:

    You may as well know right now that I’m horribly addicted to scallions and would eat this any time of the day.

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