bob's red mill

1. I would like to introduce you to my new BFF. Bob.

2. Of Bob’s Red Mill. Yes, THE BOB.

3. Annnnndddd….he’s just as endearing in real life as you would imagine. Maybe even more so. I went to an event hosted by them last night and not only was it a celebration of flour, desserts, and cocktails, but Bob was the perfect host. So basically a Best Night Out.

4. Oh, and Johnny Iuzzini kept flirting with my friends Audra and Allie (both of whom are married)…so that was pretty fun. To any interested ladies, that guy is ON THE PROWL. This is your chance!

5. FOUR MORE DAYS until my half marathon on Saturday!! I’m getting kind of nervous, but only because the weather is showing thunderstorms. I’ll be grateful for a few drizzles, but anything more than that and I won’t be pleased.

6. Does anyone else feel like May is FLYING. Wasn’t yesterday Easter? And the day before that Christmas? I can’t handle this.

7. Between hockey play-offs and BASEBALL/BASEBALL/andmoreBASEBALL, my life has been taken over by ALL THE SPORTS. I fear I may never get control of our remote control again.

8. Someone save me.

9. How do we feel about the fact that Whole Foods is coming out with a lower priced store targeted more towards “millennials” and “younger people”?! In all honesty, I spend a LOT of money there every week…but also in all honesty, it is the cheapest grocery store within a five mile radius of my apartment. I’m not even joking.

10. Also, the ambiance there just makes me happy…and endorphins >> money. Fact.

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37 Responses to Wednesday Coffee Talk

  1. Nicola says:

    I feel that it’s great that they are coming up with a cheaper store for millennials BUT unclear how there going to do that. Just remove anything expensive and leave the bulk section?? Better for those without self control (-> me) but is it just a marketing ploy? Will they remove the kombucha because that stuff is expensive and I always end up buying it.
    P.S. Bob looks like a swell guy.

  2. Good luck with the half marathon! Hope you have a display cabinet for all the medals. 😀

  3. Erica says:

    You’re gonna kill it on your half marathon!!! And I totally agree about May – it’s going by wayyyy too quickly for my liking. So cool that you met Bob, sounds like you had a great night!

  4. Beth says:

    So fun to meet the “real Bob”! He looks great. And good luck in your half-marathon!

  5. SallyBR says:

    THAT BOB????

    OH, you lucky lucky dog! (I think lucky dog is not a bad expression in ENglish, forgive me if it is…. sometimes I get in trouble)

    I don’t know how 2015 can be going by so fast, it IS scary

    GOod luck this weekend – I am curious to find out if you guys run at the same pace and can do the whole stretch together or not.

  6. I love that picture with bob and I’m so sad I missed the event:( haha so not surprised about the flirting!

  7. Zainab says:

    Booo so sad I missed the event! So cool you met bob! Good luck this weekend!!

  8. Heather says:

    I love that you actually got to meet Bob. I hadn’t heard about Whole Foods, but honestly… while some things are expensive, I can find a lot of things that don’t break the bank. I’m not entirely sure how they’d open new stores that are cheaper if they plan on still carrying the same brands and staying organic??

  9. Allie just shared one of her photos with us. . wahhhhhhh, I wish I lived close to NYC. . so fun!!!!! I wanna meet Bob!!!! and girl, you’re going to kill it this weekend! 13.1 miles ain’t got nothin’ on you!!!

  10. Ahhh, love that pic! Sounds like a Best Night Out indeed. And yes! Where the heck did May go?!

  11. Emily says:

    So crazy you got to meet Bob! And I can’t believe it’s May already… eek! Good luck on your half marathon!!

  12. I just asked my husband how it could possibly already be the middle of May! Life really needs to slow down for awhile!

  13. I know, I seriously have no idea where May is going, but I wish some of it would come back. I still have so much to do this month.

  14. Whoa. Bob? This is crazy talk!
    Also, good luck on your half marathon! Wishing you the best of weather 🙂

  15. My pantry is a mini Bob’s Red Mill warehouse. So jealous!

  16. Ahhh!!! I’m so jealous you met Bob!!!!!

  17. LMAO! I didn’t hear about a new Whole Foods, hope this one is cheaper?! I hardly ever shop there because of the prices. Soooo exciting you got to meet Bob too!

  18. Emma says:

    THE Bob?! Woah, jelly! I just moved a mile away from a whole foods so I may need a second job.

  19. Pam says:

    Bob looks sweet – what a fun night! I can’t imagine Whole Foods being the cheapest grocery store in your vicinity! Wowza!

    Good luck with the marathon!!!

  20. Sues says:

    I can’t handle this year flying ever.

    Also, you and Bob!! So cute together!!!

  21. We’re strong Trader Joe’s people because for the volume of food we buy (for my parents and myself, straddling Indian cuisine and Western foundations means all the specific ethnic produce from the Indian market), we just can’t afford Whole Foods. That being said, when I’m on my own, I definitely plan on shopping there regularly. If you plan, it’s honestly not bank-breaking, especially for one or two. I’m surprised that the low-cost chain is targeted towards younger consumers, because that is the group of people who could probably best afford Whole Foods as it is now. I think that bigger families would actually probably benefit from a cheaper Whole Foods more. But, as a milennial, I say bring on the low prices!

  22. Kate says:

    I’m kind of starstruck you met Bob!

  23. Lynn says:

    Wow! I’m so impressed you got to meet Bob! Love his outfit!

  24. May is definitely flying! And I love WF and will gladly welcome a cheaper version of it 🙂

  25. I can’t believe you met THE BOB!!!

  26. Kelly says:

    Good luck this weekend, you are totally going to rock the half marathon! So cool that you met Bob too! So fun!

  27. Well, how fun is that (to meet THE Bob.)!? And good luck this weekend!!!

  28. Reeni says:

    Aww cute pic! I think I would frame it. Hope the weather works out – you’ll rock it either way!!

  29. Christine says:

    Bob looks like a really sweet person. Good luck with the half marathon! You’ll do great. And yes, May is flying by. It really needs to slow down because it’ll be hotter than heck way too soon! Plus, I still have more asparagus to consume!

  30. He looks so sweet! Good luck in the marathon! Yeah – May is flying by, and we don’t know why- please make it slow down! Also, glad to hear about whole foods decision. Have a great day!

  31. Danguole says:

    I’m interested in cheap Whole Foods! Will they call it Partial Foods? (Ahem. I’ll be here all week.)

  32. Good luck for the half!

    I didn’t know Bob was real but he looks so friendly and a bit like an all year round (and less rounded!) Father Christmas. How cool to meet him.

  33. I wish they’d give me one of those less expensive Whole foods! But…I doubt they’ll come here.

    Also I’m sooo jealous you got to meet Bob!!! I laughed so hard about poor Audra and Allie getting hit on 😛

  34. mira says:

    Love that you met Bob! And good luck this weekend, so exciting!

  35. Hotly Spiced says:

    What a great photo of you with Bob! I wish you well for the half marathon. We have a half marathon in Sydney this week too – but I’m not competing! You are very fortunate to have a Wholefoods so close to where you live! xx

  36. Johanna GGG says:

    sounds like your marathon might have gone past already – hope it went well – and it sounds like fun to meet the Bob! though I couldn’t place him by the photo but once I saw who he was I was excited for you I think I would be excited to be anywhere near a wholefoods too

  37. So beyond cool that you met THE BOB! I’m totally jealous. Also I would looooove to go on a date with Johnny Iuzzini. I mean he’s better than the guys on match … if you see him again, give him my info please! I spend so much money on food … it’s not funny. But I almost always eat at home, so it makes sense.

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