This crispy roasted tofu and curried peanut soup takes fall’s best veggies and combines them with rich Thai spice to make a big pot of comfort.
crispy roasted tofu and curried peanut soup

When you haven’t seen the sunlight in a week and walk around your apartment like a sleep-deprived zombie during the few (specifically, two) hours you are home and not somewhere in-between REM cycles….this soup.

It will save you.


It should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever gone through an OB/GYN rotation that those six weeks of your life are just not compatible either with (a) making dinner every night or (b) remembering to eat your veggies. It’s sort of more of a “shove whatever edible substance you can find into your mouth when you can” situation. Sometimes that means we eat potato chips and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner…but sometimes I find the energy to make a big pot of soup on the weekend so that we actually ingest some nutrients for once.

I am endlessly obsessed with all things Thai flavored and this soup is rich in spicy flavor with a creamy peanut buttery backdrop. It has lots of orange veggies and roasted tofu as well, and makes enough to feed a veritable starving med student army. Cook once, eat six times? I like the sound of that.

To get the recipe, check out my post on the Nasoya website!

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14 Responses to Crispy Roasted Tofu and Curried Peanut Soup

  1. Lynn says:

    Looks wonderful, Joanne. Take good care of yourself. Hugs.

  2. I know my sister and sister-in-law had some rough times during those first weeks. I’m sorry you’re going through that. Definitely sounds like keeping it easy is the best thing.

    Love everything about this Thai soup. I’m with you on the Thai love… bright, bold flavors are my jam.

  3. Oh boy do I need this soup in my life! I never have enough Thai flavors…heading over now!

  4. That looks super duper delicious, Joanne.

  5. This soup looks like a big bowl of comfort.

  6. Erica says:

    GIRL I had pretzels with hummus for like 2 weeks straight when on OB… I totally feel ya. This soup sounds so cozy! Hope you manage to find time to eat all the good things on the weekends!!! 🙂

  7. Joanne, this sounds absolutely delicious – love that curried peanut soup with butternut squash, swet potatoes and that plethora of spices!

  8. Eva R. says:

    Haha, after about day 3 of OB I completely gave up on carrying my lunchbox, so no judgement! Hope you have a blast despite the long hours! This soup looks phenomenal– I’ve never tried to roast tofu, but I love love love the idea!

    P.s. The lighting In this photo is STUNNING.

  9. I love making a big batch of soup and eating it throughout the week. This looks perfect!

  10. Lori Rice says:

    I am all over the cook once, eat six times. I could go for a bowl of this now!

  11. I think you need someone to make this soup for you! Now you’ve shared the (delicious) recipe maybe you can drop hints 🙂

  12. I miss you and hope you are surviving! This looks like the right solution when in need of healthy comfort food.

  13. Eek! Joanne, I hope you do manage to get some rest soon! This comforting soup is probably what we all need right now!

  14. Mmmm tofu and warm soup sounds perfect right about now!

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