Let’s get one thing straight.

If anyone and I mean anyone (law enforcing individuals or otherwise) comes knocking at your door asking about the six storage units that I may or may not have rented under six different aliases…you know nothing.

I know, I know…you have a thing for men in uniform and perjury isn’t really your thing.

But seriously?  For the love of pumpkin, keep it in your pants, okay!?


Oh dear.  I’ve said too much.


Hmmm?  Ummm NO I absolutely did NOT steal abduct law abidingly purchase every single can of pumpkin in the tri-state area thus aiding and abetting Miss Irene in the pumpkin shortage of 2011.  And, well.  Maybe some from New England, too.

Is it warm in here?  Can we maybe turn the A/C up?

And, uh. I’ll be back in a minute.  I need to make a call.

To my, um.  Lawyer.


Maybe we can strike a deal.

You won’t sell me out to any government officials.  And in exchange I’ll provide you with a pumpkin and/or winter squash recipe every week for the next 12 weeks, so help me god.

Pinky swear?  With cream cheese frosting on top?


YES people, it’s totally that time of year again!  For those of you who are new to my blog, every year while other bloggers are writing about their 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies…I write about MY 12 Weeks of Winter Squash!  Because everyone wants to turn orange come December 25th, right?

And to kick it off, we have these honey pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting.  Although, who are we fooling?  These are cupcakes parading around as muffins just so that we can eat them for breakfast without having to feel even a speckle of guilt.  Did I also mention that they are 100% whole wheat without even tasting like they have any whole wheat flour in them at all?  True story.

Don’t believe me (not that I blame you after that little charade I pulled up there)…ask Cate, who was the lucky recipient of these “muffins”.  I know…she totally calls them cupcakes in her post.  But she’s not really into eating sweets for breakfasts so she has no need to lie to herself.

Honey Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting
Makes about 12, adapted from Whole Foods


  • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1/4 cup wheat germ
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 6 tbsp sugar
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 1 1/4 cup canned pumpkin puree
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract
  • cream cheese frosting


  1. Preheat oven to 350.  Line a cupcake tin with cupcake liners.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together flour, wheat germ, spices, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.  In a second large bowl, combine sugar, oil, honey, milk, pumpkin, egg, and vanilla.  Add this mixture to the flour mixture and stir until just combined.
  3. Pour batter into prepared muffin tins, filling 3/4 full.  Bake until cooked through and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, about 20 minutes.  Cool for 15 minutes on a wire rack, then remove from pan to set aside and cool completely.
  4. When cool, top with cream cheese frosting.

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102 Responses to Honey Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting

  1. Give me some extra frosting on mine and you’ve got a deal! Buy all the pumpkin you want! And squash. Love them both, can’t wait to see more recipes.

  2. Barbara says:

    That cupcake looks so moist, Joanne! Like the whole wheat flour AND wheat germ….then I won’t feel quite so bad about chowing down on that frosting!

  3. There is nothing wrong with hoarding pumpkin, in fact, I encourage it…. especially when these muffins are the result!

  4. Mmmmmm! Another pumpkin recipe! I am ALL about the pumpkin these days! These muffins look decadent with all that cream cheese frosting! My kinda snack!

  5. Carol says:

    I want one of those muffins. I pinky swear, no government officials, let me at those muffins!

  6. girlichef says:

    Oh yes, LET THE FUN BEGIN! I actually look forward to your 12 weeks of winter squash every year. Great way to kick it off 😀

  7. Danielle says:

    I have so many pumpkin recipes to make and I am definitely feeling the pumpkin vibe BUT I went to buy pumpkn and they were all out! I was left staring at an empty shelf – now I know where the pumpkin went.

  8. I applaud your hoarding of pumpkin – absolutely! I may or may not have just obtained about 12 cans myself… Love these muffins! Can’t get enough of pumpkin this time of year.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Can I lick the cream cheese frosting off the screen? Because I would like to.

  10. Lyndsey says:

    My lips are sealed…I’ll be expecting my share soon, I’ll email you my address! 😉

    When I first saw the title I said…yay “pumpkin” season is here let the recipes begin….little did I know how true that was!

  11. Julie says:

    I love this time of year! Looking forward to your recipes!

  12. brocstar says:

    Cute cupcake holders!I hastily bought 3 cans of pumpkin the other day. They rang up as, “Libby pmpknpie”, alarming me to the idea that they may actually be cans of sugary, pumpkin pie filling. Thankfully, they weren’t.

  13. Pam says:

    The twelve weeks of winter squash! I look forward to it all year long.

  14. These look great and is healthy for you! No guilt here!

  15. Adrienne says:

    I desperately need to go buy 100 cans of pumpkin so I can start drowning in anything and everything pumpkin. I love autumn 😀 Buh bye zucchini and summer squash and hello pumpkin and butternut squash!

  16. Megan says:

    Muffins or cupcakes… they look fabulous to me!

  17. Allison says:

    Gorgeous and unbelievably clear pictures…I am obsessed! I kept trying to swipe off the vanilla bean flecks on the screen 🙂 These muffins look amazing. I may have to start hoarding pumpkin too, because if everyone gets wind of these yummy creations I wont be finding it anywhere.

  18. Tasha says:

    Yay for 12 weeks of winter squash. I haven’t purchased my first can of pumpkin as of yet, but I think I’m already trying to OD my family on winter squashes. When there are so many varieties available, how can I just buy 1 or 2?

  19. Catherine says:

    Dear Joanne, It is that time of year!! These little darlings look moist and delicious! I bet you can’t eat just one!! Pumpkin is so good for you too. Excellent. Blessings for a beautiful day. Catherine xo

  20. Nice reminder that Xmas is coming

  21. Oh Joanne, I am SO in the mood for autumn-flavor recipes right now. It has FINALLY cooled down to the low 80s down here! I love this recipe, it has got to smell outrageous when baking too! Thank you for sharing this and Happy Fall (y’all)!

  22. This looks incredible. I won’t call any government officials as long as there is pumpkin at my TJ’s this weekend, deal? 😉
    Pumpkin muffins + cupcakes with cream cheese frosting is seriously my favorite thing about fall. That’s all I’ve been craving for days. Must.make.these this weekend!!

  23. Ranjani says:

    um…I think…maybe muffins don’t usually have frosting on them? But that’s ok! I will take your word for it and if you gave me one I would eat it for breakfast. Also, bring on the winter squash recipes! I could definitely use some new ideas

  24. The fact that the 12 weeks of ANYTHING is starting now frightens me. HOW CAN CHRISTMAS BE SO CLOSE?!!?!

  25. Mo 'Betta says:

    I see these in my immediate future. Like tomorrow! I’ll have to sub out the egg, so we’ll see, but they look delicious! I’m in love with pumpkin and have quite the stash 😉 I’m just sad that I can not find whole wheat pastry flour anywhere!

  26. That Girl says:

    Lol, I got the last can of pumpkin at my store last week. But in my defense, it’s definitely time for pumpkin pancakes.

  27. Mary says:

    These look fantastic, Joanne. I’m totally going to copy you with 12 weeks of pumpkin, if you don’t mind. I saw the cookie links, but I really do not need 12 weeks of Christmas cookies in the house! Pumpkin on the other hand, I could get very happy about more excuses for pumpkin!

  28. I still have some pumpkin from stockpiling before the last shortage. I feel a little guilty about it because I know because of me, somebody didn’t get to make their famous pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. A little guilty until I realize I had pumpkin on hand to make recipes like this, that is.

  29. kickpleat says:

    Love that these are healthy (well, relatively!). I’ll give them a try this weekend – sounds like perfect brunch snacking 🙂

  30. Miriam says:

    I am officially in love with these and I am going to make them for my mother-in-law when she comes to visit next week.
    And I don’t blame you one bit for hoarding all the pumpkin you could get your hands on. :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  31. Shannon says:

    omg i need these in my life. when are you coming to visit? 🙂

  32. You’re funny. The muffins do look very tempting. I love that half the sweetener is honey. THese look ridonculous(not a typo) and moist

  33. Karen says:

    You write the cutest posts 🙂

  34. I won’t tell but you’re going to have to send me some muffins 🙂

  35. Completely reasonable thing to do. for the love of pumpkin I would risk it all. Dear Lord these look amazing!

  36. sally says:

    I like the sound of 12 Weeks of Winter Squash! Please keep the squash recipes coming!

  37. Geni says:

    Those pumpkin “muffins” are literally dripping with goodness. That cream cheese frosting is making my mouth water and that’s totally inappropriate at my office. Have a great weekend Joanne! 🙂

  38. Oh wow, Joanne!!! What a perfect fall recipe! These muffins look totally scrummy with that beautiful frosting…yum!


  39. tigerfish says:

    This must be an easy recipe using ready pumpkin puree! Looks soft fluffy and moist.

  40. newlywed says:

    Wow — these look incredible. Fall seasonal foods are my favs!

  41. kankana says:

    uuuuu such neatly decorated. I love muffins and with pumpkins .. yummy!

  42. Picadillo says:

    I can’t wait to make these. They look yummy!

  43. Amy says:

    I wonder how long canned pumpkin stays good? ‘Cause I, as usual, went over board last year and still have some.

    And wait. Is it really time for 12 weeks of squash again? Is tomorrow really October? How the Hell did that happen???

  44. Dawn says:

    Wow drooling. Cream cheese frosting is my fav kind.

  45. MS2 says:

    This post is making me drool

  46. Claudie says:

    Joanne, you seriously better call that lawyer! It must be totally unlawful to tempt us with such delicious looking muffins just before the weekend when we all have time to bake!!! 😛
    Alright, I guess I’ll have to spend an extra hour (or two) in the gym this weekend…

  47. Ha! I remember that pumpkin shortage…

  48. Claire says:

    Wow! That looks great. I have SO many pumpkin recipes tagged and this going to be one of them. 🙂 Right now my first pumpkin recipe is in the oven…pumpkin snickerdoodles! Perfect combo.

  49. betty says:

    They look incredibly good, but the cream cheese seems really delicious with those vanilla seeds

  50. So pretty, especially the flecks of vanilla in the frosting! Funny how the lines between cupcakes and muffins blur when frosting is involved 🙂

  51. Jeanette says:

    I have noticed the shortage in pumpkin – wonder what’s going to happen come Thanksgiving! We all might be making our own pumpkin puree from whole pumpkins. These muffins (or cupcakes) look incredible – can’t wait to see what you come up over the next 12 weeks.

  52. I’m stealing that line– cupcakes parading around as muffins. LOL! I’ve hoarded canned pumpkin on the West Coast. I have a good stash to get me through the winter. I think. Love pumpkin. Sweet. Savory. Sweet & Savory. I never tire of it. These look exquisite. I see vanilla bean, too!

  53. Wow!! the muffin looks so sooo moist! Scrumptious!

  54. debbie says:

    I saw these on Sweetnicks and she did call them cupcakes!…whatever they are they look delicious Joanne. A keeper recipe and perfect for this time of year!

  55. Yayayaya! Bring on the pumpkin! I need to get some more canned pumpkin – I don’t think I have any.. but I do have 6lbs of butternut squash in the basement. 😉

    You need to really do a round-up of your favourite squash recipes at some point. 🙂

  56. Rachel says:

    You’d better have filled all those storage units with pumpkin! I am so so scared about the shortage. next year I might just have to plant my own pumpkins!
    Muffins/cupcakes – whatever – they look fantastic! Winter squash and honey have to be great together!

  57. joanne this is one fabulous bake- sometime back I baked a pumpkin loaf – it tasted good but lacked in texture & consistency- ur pics sorts of tempts me in venturing for a try again !

  58. Maria says:

    They sound so tasty! I love pumpkin in cakes and muffins 🙂

  59. Lori says:

    Bring it! I’m all over winter squash right now. Can’t wait to see all the posts. These are gorgeous. Just look at the flecks of vanilla in the frosting! Yum!

  60. Kristen says:

    I love 12 weeks of squash time. You are so creative. It will be fun to see what you make this year. I wish I could find just 1 can of pumpkin!!

  61. This classic flavor combo is always welcome. Nicel muffins.

  62. Reeni says:

    These are my idea of heaven! And yay! I love the 12 weeks of pumpkin! I can’t believe there’s going to be a shortage of pumpkin again this year – isn’t that like 3 years in a row? I feel sad for pumpkin lovers everywhere.

  63. Oh now this is just right up my alley!! I love pumpkin muffins and they are so awesome with cream cheese frosting!!

  64. Carolyn Jung says:

    That cream cheese frosting looks sinfully good. I just want to eat it off a big spoon. 😉

  65. Love the pictures of that fat, moist muffin! Now I crave a pumpkin muffin…

  66. Can’t wait to see what all you come up with for this year’s 12 weeks. These look delicious–that frosting makes my mouth water. 😉

  67. Yasmeen says:

    Marry me?


    I’m making this for Thanksgiving this year, for sure. It’ll be my 2nd annual Thanksgiving in Australia and I’m on a mission to show these folks how damn amazing pumpkins are!

  68. Ali says:

    Looks marvelously delicious… so in love with your muffin, can’t believe summer is finally over, need to go grab some pumpkins and off to make your deliciously looking muffin

  69. Love these! They look lovely.

  70. Johanna GGG says:

    pumpkin and honey – oh yes – bring on the 12 weeks of winter squash – who needs cookies – unless they are filled with pumpkin of course 🙂

  71. Cara says:

    I may have enough pumpkin to rival your stash, but not nearly enough creativity and talent to rival what I expect to come from your 12 weeks of squash. So excited!

  72. To die for! Looking forward to the remaining 11 weeks!

  73. Chris says:

    The cream cheese topping is the clincher.

  74. Beth says:

    It’s a deal! But I’m a bit nervous thinking about the probability of eating this entire batch by myself. The muffins are brilliant on their own, but with cream cheese frosting? I’m completely overmatched!

  75. It’s a good thing we don’t live close by…there would have been a “perfect wedding dress”-esque struggle over the last can of pumpkin I sneakily stole off the shelf at the grocery store yesterday! I pretended like I was so excited to have found the last one when in all reality I had actually purchased 10 of them the day before leaving only 2 behind and came back for more 🙂 *insert evil laugh.

    These look amazing and I am going to make them oh like, now!

  76. Kerstin says:

    Yay for pumpkin and the 12 days of squash! And these have whole wheat flour in them – perfect for breakfast.. 🙂

  77. Kelsey says:

    Holy crap that is the most luscious frosting ever! a muffin with frosting, dude that is just amazing. the vanilla specs remind me so much of creamy vanilla bean ice cream <3

  78. Natalie says:

    i am ALL about the 12 weeks of winter squash! bring it 🙂

  79. Kim says:

    Hooray, it’s time for the 12 weeks of winter squash again! Where did the time go?

    These muffins are seriously wooing me away from my weight loss plan. As in I may have to make them and eat them all. Love the pumpkin and cream cheese combo. It really doesn’t get any better!

  80. I love every part of this muffins! Looks truly tempting with the cheese frosting.

  81. So tempting and I what my share now!

  82. Just irresistible! They look so moist and divine.



  83. Sinful, decadent, rich, yummy, moist, flavorful, beautiful and I GOT TO HAVE ONE RIGHT NOW!

  84. Kelly says:

    ok, so it’s about the cream cheese icing, wow. Love the photo of the muffin tray – beauty. Succulent, moist and delicious looking muffins – and… I have to come back to revisit the ‘keep it in your pants’ reference – sounds too good to pass up on a Monday 🙂

  85. Emily says:

    I am making these as I type and it smells soo good in my kitchen. I don’t think I can wait for the frosting haha

  86. Yeah lets go with muffins. Now pass me the leftover frosting!

  87. Dana says:

    I was just feeling nervous that I only have one can of pumpkin in my pantry (albeit a large can) and now you go and do this. I bet I could convince my kids these were cupcakes and get them some veggies!

  88. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to make these this season. I recognize the cupcake liners too-joanns? 🙂 By the way, that is amazing photography!

  89. Sweet Side says:

    I love your blog! And these muffins were so good! I brought them into work and they were devoured. I didn’t have cream cheese so I made a cinnamon vanilla glaze to drizzle on top! Yummm

  90. grace says:

    mahvelous, joanne! even someone anti-pumpkin like myself can appreciate the moistness and texture of these beauts. the luscious frosting doesn’t hurt, either. 🙂

  91. Eliana says:

    A girl after my own sweet heart. These muffins look delightful Joanne.

  92. Yummmmmm that cream cheese frosting looks absolutely perfect.

  93. Kevin says:

    Those pumpkin muffins look so good! I am really liking all of the pumpkin around these days!

  94. Anonymous says:

    normal milk would work too?

  95. Joanne says:

    Anonymous – Yup, definitely! The original recipe called for normal milk but I just always have almond milk on hand.

  96. […] Two years ago…Nutty Sweet Potato Soup with Harissa and Spinach, Honey Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting […]

  97. Jen Y says:

    Can someone email me & tell me how many muffins this recipe makes?

  98. Joy says:

    Oh man, these look heavenly! Unfortunately, I don’t have any wheat germ on hand….so do you know of any substitutions not including wheat bran? (oops, I don’t have that one either)

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