If you need some healthy delicious eats to sustain you from now until Thanksgiving without piling on those extra pounds prematurely, then head on over to Marcus Samuelsson’s blog and check out my post about this Miso Harissa Delicata Squash and White Bean Salad with Swiss Chard Sesame Bulgur!

(I am submitting the Bulgur with Sesame Seeds, Carrot and Chard to this week’s I Heart Cooking Club!)

And for those of you who are interested, I have FINALLY figured out what I’m making for Thanksgiving:
Parker House Rolls
Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon and Maple
Roasted Carrot and Quinoa Salad
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate and Vanilla-Pecan Butter
Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie with Dulce de Leche Walnut Streusel
Deep Dish Caramel Apple Pie
My Grandmother’s (Un)Stuffed Artichoke Hearts
Cranberry Ginger Sauce

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30 Responses to Miso Harissa Delicata Squash and White Bean Salad with Swiss Chard Sesame Bulgur

  1. Um, I think we should merge Thanksgiving dinners… That would be perfection!

  2. Omg … can I come to your house for Thanksgiving dinner? You have a lucky crew to be chowing down on this awesomeness (and I’m very curious about your grandmother’s unstuffed artichoke hearts – are you going to post a recipe??). I’m on my way to check out your delicata squash (one of my favs!) and white bean salad recipe – have a great day, Joanne! Hugs to you!!

  3. Pam says:

    I need to get some Harrisa paste. I feel like I am missing out!

  4. The miso harissa delicata squash looks amazing! Your Thanksgiving meal sounds out of this world. Do you have room for one more? If so, I’m flying over!

  5. Amy says:

    And here I was under the impression you were only assigned ONE item. What was I thinking? HA. Of course your list is sublime…

  6. Gloria says:

    look delicious I love to use bulgur!!

  7. Shannon says:

    sounds like one awesome dinner!! i just saw some sweet potato parker house rolls (on eat the love i think) and i kind of want to make them… just cause 🙂

  8. Pam says:

    What a great combination of flavors & textures Joanne.

  9. Your Thanksgiving menu is impressive. Save some dessert for me 😉

  10. That sounds so good, I have to go check it out. Are you making ALL of that to bring to someones house? Wow, you are rockstar!

  11. Guru Uru says:

    Thank you for the very impressive menu my friend, it sounds fantastic 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. What a fantastic looking bowl of veggies, beans and whole grains. Tons of flavours!

    Btw, your menu looks smokin’ too! I can’t believe you are making so much… are you hosting a football team? 🙂

  13. Hotly Spiced says:

    It’s so good to see your Thanksgiving menu. That’s quite a lot of cooking! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we Aussies will just have to observe from a distance xx

  14. Eileen says:

    That sounds like an amazing mix–spicy squash, rich beans, intense irony (like, iron-y, not irony) chard–hooray! And that Thanksgiving menu sounds fabulous. Multiple pies! I wish enough people were coming to our house to make multiple pies. 🙂 I hope we get to hear how to make those artichoke hearts!

  15. I’ve seriously got to get on this harissa boat. I feel like Sriracha is my one and only but it’s about time to expand my horizons, lol =)

  16. Lovely dish and wonderful Thanksgiving menu, Joanne! I hope you have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving. I know it won’t be the same without your father. Thinking of you.

  17. Debbie says:

    Love your Thanksgiving menu….of course my top picks would HAVE to be the deep dish pumpkin pie and the deep dish apple pie….

  18. elly says:

    I am beyond in love with the sesame bulgur. Going on the menu real quick!

  19. That Girl says:

    I’m sure you already know this, but Thanksgiving is going to be hard for you. I’ll be thinking of you and your family.

  20. Your Thanksgiving meal line up looks great…would love to be feasting on that menu!

  21. Johanna GGG says:

    You have a great sense of humour to post your healthy meal idea alongside your thanksgiving menu – seriously, I love both eating styles and agree lots of vegies can get you through the festivities in better shape

  22. Love your thanksgiving Menu. You have good and unusual taste ….love that

  23. Karis says:

    I was excited when I saw harissa in the title because my mom just brought me back harissa from World Spice Merchants in Seattle…but now I see your recipe calls for paste, shoot!

  24. Kerstin says:

    I love bulgur. This looks great!

    What a meal – Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Reeni Pisano says:

    I need this healthy, delicious nourishment in my fridge! I celebrated a second Thanksgiving today and needless to say my stretchy pants might need to come out of storage tomorrow. Boo.

  26. Both fabulous dishes, Joanne. Packed full of plenty of delicious and healthy vegetables, these dishes would be a great antidote to the seasonal excesses. I would definitely feel happy knowing I had back-up supplies of these in my fridge.

  27. MM says:

    Nice pick! After all the heavy traditional TG foods, I could go for this bulgur salad right now.

  28. Kevin says:

    Now that is a tasty sounding salad!

  29. […] One year ago…Whole Wheat Carrot Gnocchi with Peas, Butternut Squash and Ricotta, Miso Harissa Delicata Squash and White Bean Salad with Swiss Chard Sesame Bulgur […]

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