15 Summertime Sweet Corn Recipes

More than warm weather, poolside margaritas, and (necessary) mid-week ice cream runs, the thing I love most about summer is……CORN.

It’s at its sweetest, juiciest, most perfect, and I can pretty much get the.boy to eat anything if it has corn on it. (Even cabbage. FTW.) My devotion runs so deep that I’ve even devoted an entire Pinterest board to it, which, in this day and age, pretty much signifies real, true love.

I grew up eating plain steamed or grilled corn, and though there’s nothing wrong with either of those, there is really so much more that you can do with it, from soups to sandwiches to sweets! Here are 15 summertime sweet corn recipes that are perfect for using up this summer’s bounty and expanding our ever-loving corn horizons.

Sweet Corn Gazpacho

Sweet Corn Gazpacho from Spoon Fork Bacon

Farmer's Market Cornbread

A Farmer’s Market Cornbread with Sweet Corn, Cherry Tomatoes, and Sheep’s Cheese from The Bojon Gourmet

corn and cherry tomato quiche

Corn and Cherry Tomato Quiche from Eats Well With Others

Blueberry and Sweet Corn Flaugnarde

Blueberry and Sweet Corn Flaugnarde from Reclaiming Provincial

Grilled Corn and Poblano Guacamole

Grilled Corn and Poblano Guacamole from Blogging Over Thyme

Mexican Street Corn Grilled Polenta Bites

Mexican Street Corn Grilled Polenta Bites from Snixy Kitchen

Creamy Corn Pudding with Crispy Onions & Herbs

Creamy Corn Pudding with Crispy Onions and Herbs from Pinch of Yum

Corn and Zucchini Galette

Corn and Zucchini Galette from Oh My Veggies

summer vegetable corn chowder with chive ricotta

Summer Vegetable Corn Chowder with Chive Ricotta from Eats Well With Others

Charred Corn with Pistachio Cilantro Lime Rub

Charred Corn with Pistachio Cilantro Lime Rub from Joy the Baker

Burrata & Jalapeno Corn Grilled Cheese

Burrata Jalapeno Corn Grilled Cheese from Climbing Grier Mountain

Charred Corn with Rosemary Grilled Pizza

Charred Corn with Rosemary Grilled Pizza from Foodiecrush

Fresh Corn Ravioli with Herb Cream Sauce

Fresh Corn Ravioli with Herb Cream Sauce from Love and Olive Oil

cajun sweet potato salad with cornmeal-crusted okra, corn and bell peppers

Cajun Sweet Potato Salad with Cornmeal-Crusted Okra, Corn, and Bell Peppers from Eats Well With Others

Enfrijoladas with Zucchini and Corn

Enfrijoladas with Zucchini and Corn from A Cozy Kitchen

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15 Responses to 15 Summertime Sweet Corn Recipes

  1. We grew up with just boiled corn but these recipes you listed look fantastic! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. cheri says:

    Corn is one of my summer favorites too, great line-up!!

  3. I surely don’t eat enough of corn this summer. Must get some more to try before it’s OVER. A GREAT roundup, Joanne.

  4. I’m so excited for corn season! These are some killer recipes to get me started.

  5. OMG- Joanne! I LOVE this recipe round up of corn-tastic yummies!!! There is a town, where im from that is known for its corn, so I grew up on the stuff… there were even fairs dedicated to Zellwood corn. So I apprechiate your admiration of all things cob related!! Give me ALL the corn everyday all day! 🙂 totally eating my way through this list! Cheers Girlfriend!!! X

  6. These are wonderfully creative, perfect!!! I just picked up more corn than I know what to do w because it’s such a good deal right now. Only problem is I don’t know which of these to pick first!

  7. Mira says:

    This is a wonderful roundup Joanne! I just realized I haven’t cooked with corn that much this summer! Would love to try some of these recipes!

  8. I love sweet corn too. I will have to try some of these yummy recipes from your round up, they all look so yummy.

  9. mjskit says:

    Fabulous collection of sweet corn recipes! Thanks for putting it together! I think it’s the summer for sweet corn.

  10. Kate says:

    I do love summer corn. I don’t know if it would win me over on cabbage though.

  11. This is pretty much the Ultimate Ode To Corn! All of them look a-mazing, but that pizza? Fainting with love.

  12. OMG! What an incredible collection of summertime corn recipes! I so want to try each and every recipe! Thanks for this lovely collection! 🙂

  13. I am always promising myself that I will make more corn recipes. This year though…

  14. Emily says:

    Oh my…that guacamole…

  15. Oh gosh, this is such an amazing round up. Thank you!

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