Happy Saturday!

This week was packed with SO MUCH Corona Craziness. All of the hospitals in NYC banned any work-related travel for the next 60 days at least and also put some restrictions on personal travel as well. Basically, you can go but at the peril of potentially having to self quarantine for 14 days¬†without pay after you return. They’ve also canceled any meeting or conference with more than 25 people in attendance, and any outside speakers (even if they’re coming from another institution in NYC) cannot come. Meanwhile, the majority of our staff is taking public transportation to work every day, so……not sure any of this makes much sense.

Even getting groceries was an ordeal this week. Normally I order from Whole Foods via Amazon Prime Now but when I checked they had no delivery slots available!! So instead I had to order from Fresh Direct, which was probably $100 more expensive. Womp womp. First world problem, for sure.

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Here’s what we’re cooking up on this week’s meal plan:

  • mediterranean pasta salad – all my favorite things!
  • quinoa veggie stir fry with peanut sauce – yum
  • fiery vegetarian mapo tofu – so spicy, but SO GOOD
  • 30 minute vegetarian curry – easy peasy meal
  • healing moroccan lentil soup – yup, need this

Happy eating!


Mediterranean Pasta Salad from She Likes Food

Prep Ahead Tip: Recipe only takes about 15 minutes to prepare

Vegan/Gluten-free Substitutions: Use gluten free pasta to make gluten free.



Quinoa Veggie Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce from Hummusapien

Prep Ahead Tip: Recipe is ready in just 30 minutes so no need to prep ahead.

Vegan/Gluten-free Substitutions: Recipe is vegan, sub tamari to make gluten-free.



Fiery Vegetarian Mapo Tofu from Eats Will With Others

Prep Ahead Tip: This recipe comes together quickly, no need to prep ahead.

Vegan/Gluten-free Substitutions: This recipe is already vegan and gluten free

Fiery Vegetarian Mapo Tofu with Spicy Twice-Cooked Chard



30 Minute Vegetarian Curry from The Roasted Root

Prep Ahead Tip: Recipe comes together quickly, no advance prep necessary

Vegan/Gluten-free Substitutions: Recipe is GF and vegan!



Healing Moroccan Lentil Soup from Making Thyme For Health

Prep Ahead Tip: Lentils should be soaked in advance. Vegetables can be chopped up to 2 days in advance.

Vegan/Gluten-free Substitutions: Recipe is already vegan and gluten free.

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One Response to Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plan – 3.7.20

  1. Kate says:

    Stay heathy!

    I totally get the limiting travel, but you’re right – public transportation is such a thing there that it’s impossible to avoid contact with other people!

    Now the stockpiling of supplies so that everyone doesn’t have access to food/ products? That I don’t get.

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